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Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Star Wars: Squadrons

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Star Wars: Squadrons is a third-person action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe and covers a key campaign near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. Take control of different classes of starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets and climb the ranks in order to unlock new components like weapons, hulls, engines, shields, and cosmetic items. The plot centers on Captains Lindon Javes and Terisa Kerrill and their competing squadrons as yoy play a pilot in either Captain Terisa Kerrill's New Republic's Vanguard Squadron or Captain Lindon Javes Empire Titan Squadron's team and complete tactical objectives across known and never-before-seen battlefields, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan. Star Wars: Squadrons has a multiplayer and single-player mode and is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Take a look at our tips to get some help in the game.

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Complete the Tutorials

Before jumping into online gameplay it is recommended that you first go through all the tutorials as they will introduce you to the different mechanics and features that are available in Star Wars: Squadrons and also teach you tactics that will help keep you alive when you engage in combat with the enemy.

First Story Mission:
When you first boot up Star Wars: Squadrons this will automatically load. Make sure you complete both sides of the mission.

Fleet Battles Tutorial:
This feature can be found in the multiplayer menu and will teach you effective tactics against heavier ships like Star Destroyers.

Practice Mode:
Also found in the multiplayer menu this feature is helpful for learning how to fly around and shoot down enemies and enable you to get acquainted with four different ships.

Stay Together

Although it is tempting to leave your respective squadron and embark on a solo flight it is something you should never do as you will just be wandering away to an easy death.

Star Wars: Squadrons is all about teamwork and it is essential that you communicate with your teammates in order to get through the missions. It is therefore recommended that you stay with your squadron and assist teammates whenever possible.

Star Wars: Squadrons Tips and Tricks

How to Change the Mission Difficulty
In Star Wars: Squadrons you can change the difficulty of the mission at any time by going to the 'Options' menu, after dying, or failing a checkpoint, by selecting the 'Change Difficulty' option that appears on screen.

How to Get More Maneuverability
Only fly at full speed when you need to escape or get somewhere fast. If you have a path that is fraught with danger you need to fly at about half throttle which is the most optimised speed for your starship when you require maneuverability and flexibility for dodging obstacles and taking sharp turns. An X-Wing's half throttle is about 37, a TIE-Fighter's is about 64, while an A-Wing's is about 69.

How to Increase your Survivability in Missions
If you are struggling to survive a mission you may want to consider customising your loadout to include self-repair or a reinforced hull that gives your ship stronger shields and more health.

How to Recover Faster
When your starship is taking heavy damage and you need some time to repair your hull you can divert engine power to your shields so you recover faster by pressing right on your d-pad. To rebalance your ship's power at any time you just need to press down on your d-pad.

How to Repair your Hull
If you hull has taken damage you can request a supply droid from your support starfighter. A supply droid will attach to your ship and not only repair your hull but also restock your armaments'.

Pay attention to your ammunition count when you are switching between rockets and missiles in your loadout and hold fire with your lasers until you have a target in your sights. The later is essentials as many ships won't allow you to fire for long so you need to maximise your laser efficiency by firing only when your shots are guaranteed to hit.

Lead your Target
When your aiming reticle turns from white to red, your shot will hit your target. Watch how the enemy is moving and lead your target to land a perfect shot

How to Increase Laser Firepower
In order to have your lasers firing at their maximum potential you need to divert power to your lasers by pressing up on the d-pad. Doing this will not only enable the lasers to hit harder but also recharge faster.

How to Deplete an X-Wing's Shields
In order to deal any real damage to starfighters with regenerating shields like X-Wings you will first need to deplete their regenerating shields. A great way to disable the regenerating shields of an X-Wing is to use Ion missiles.

Don't Use Missiles against TIE Bombers
Don't waste your missiles against TIE bombers a they have countermeasures to deflect and evade missiles.

Make use of the Drift

This is a very useful mechanic to use in combat as this maneuver gives you the ability to face an enemy head on or shoot down an incoming missile that is tailing you.

To perform a drift you must prioritise the power output of your starship towards it's engine and then boost your speed until your vessel's maximum has been reached. You then need to make a sharp turn in any direction while powering your engine down. When you do this your ship will continue on it's current heading but you will have a brief period of directional control that will allow you to spin your starship 180 degrees. If you still have charge in the boost meter and you trigger another boost it will enable you to perform a sharp 90 degree turn.

Make sure you master how to drift as it is very effective in combat, you will learn how to perform it while playing in the Campaign mode.

Keep Moving

Resist the temptation to slow down or even stop to line up your shots in order to destroy an enemy ship or attack a space station as doing so will make you an easy target. You are a more elusive target if you keep moving, weaving, and turning to avoid laser fire.

If for whatever reason it is necessary to slow down to get a precise shot off you need to make sure you return to moving quickly as fast as possible.

Use the Targeting System

Make sure you take advantage of the targeting system in Star Wars: Squadrons as doing so will enable you to prioritise a specific group in combat. If your ship is a starfighter you can target enemies or if you are playing the role of a support you will be able to target allies to provide them assistance. In Campaign mode the target system can also be used to target the mission objective. Regardless of your class of starship you can use the targeting system to immediately target an attacker if you are being engaged by double-pressing the cycle target button on your controller (press X on PlayStation 4 or A on Xbox One).


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