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Miracle Tier List

Shin Megami Tensei V Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Shin Megami Tensei V Miracle Tier List

Miracles are a gameplay mechanic in Shin Megami Tensei V. They are powerful abilities that alter the laws of nature. As you progress through Shin Megami Tensei destroying Abscesses, the number of Miracles that become unlocked to buy with Glory increases. There are four categories of Miracles - Supremacy, Doctrine, Awakening, and Cosmos, and some are better than others. Miracles can be costly, so you will want to avoid wasting your Glory on ones that give you hardly any benefits. You can acquire Miracles from Sophia in the World of Shadows by exchanging Glory you have obtained throughout the game. Take a look at our Miracle Tier List to get help deciding which ones to invest your Glory in.


Almighty Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Almighty skill potential.

Art of Essences
Allows skills to be selected from essences.

Deathly Aura I
Cornered demons may beg for their lives.

Deathly Aura II
Demand Macca from cornered demons.

Deathly Aura III
Demand Essence from cornered demons.

Demon Proficiency
Increases demon ally's skill slots by 1.

Divine Amalgamation
Unlocks the ability to bestow defensive elemental affinities to the Nahobino when fusing Essences in the World
of Shadows.

Divine Eminence
Demons above the Nahobino's level can be recruited through negotiation.

Divine Garrison
Increases demon stock.

Divine Persuasion
Demons will sometimes join you unconditionally.

Divine Proficiency
Increases the Nahobino’s skill slots by 1.

All enemies will have a random stat lowered by 1 rank at the start of a battle.

Raises the amount added to Magatsuhi Gauge each turn.

Enhanced Summon
Demon allies summoned in battle will have a random stat raised by 1 rank.

Knowledge of Tools
Allows your demons to use items during battle.

Race Transcendence
The Nahobino will become able to use race-specific Magatsuhi Skills held by other party members.

Rank Violation
Level limitation for demon fusion is lifted.


Hand of God
Rare chance to acquire on extra relic.

Inheritance Violation
A demon's starting skills can be overwritten during skill inheritance.

Inspiring Covenant
Recruiting demons in battle will cause them to immediately level up.

Invigorating Defense
An ally's MP will recover when guarding.

Magatsuhi Dispersion
Enemy Omogataki:Critical effect will end when an ally guards, evades, Nulls, Repels, or Drains an Enemy attack.

Magatsuhi Wellspring
If the Magatsuhi gauge is full at the start of the turn, allies will recover a small amount of HP and MP.

Merchant's Hospitality
Item prices at the Cadaver's Hollow are reduced.

Physical Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Physical skill potential.

Prayer of Magic
Additional +1 increase to a demon ally’s Magic when the demon levels up (Only applies up to a certain level).

Prayer of Strength
Additional +1 increase to a demon ally's Strength when the demon levels up (Only applies up to a certain level).

Skillful Conversation
Very slightly decreases the amount of Magatsuhi consumed when using Magatsuhi skills.

Summoner's Hospitality
The cost of summoning demons from the Demon Compendium is reduced.

Warrior's Conception
Newly fused demons will gain EXP based on the stats of the demons fused.


Ailment Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Ailment skill potential.

Counter Incentive: Null
If an ally is struck by an attack of an element they can nullify, absorb, or repel, slightly fills the Magatsuhi

Counter Incentive: Resist
If an ally is struck by an attack of an element they are resistant to, slightly fills the Magatsuhi

Dark Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Dark skill potential.

Electric Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Electric skill potential.

Fell Swoop
Dealing damage to an enemy's weakness or landing a critical hit will fill the Magatsuhi gauge slightly.

Fire Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Fire skill potential.

Force Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Force skill potential.

Ice Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Ice skill potential.

Light Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Light skill potential.

Recover Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Healing skill potential.

Skill Manifestation
A demon ally may awaken to a new skill when leveling up.

Support Mastery
Increases the Nahobino's Support skill potential.

Unforgotten Memories
Newly fused demons will gain EXP based on the stats of the demon fused.

Unyielding Will
When a guarding ally is attacked, the Magatsuhi Gauge increases a little.


Art of Intervention
Use a demon ally's action to speak with a demon.

Articulate Discourse
Talking with a demon uses 1/2 of a Press Turn Icon.

Constant Vigilance
The Magatsuhi Gauge increases a little at the start of a battle.

Demonic Discipline
Increases the amount of EXP earned by demons in your stock after a battle.

Empowering Cheer
Recovers HP and MP after leveling up.

Slashing an enemy in the field without being noticed will greatly increase the Magatsuhi Gauge at the start of a battle.

Healer's Hospitality
The healing cost at leyline founts is reduced.

Kindred Favor
Talking with a demon while having that same demon in your party will prompt them to occasionally heal you in battle.

If a demon's mood sours mid-negotiation, they may forgive you.

Prayer of Agility
Additional +1 increase to a demon ally's Agility when the demon levels up (Only applies up to a certain level)

Prayer of Luck
Additional +1 increase to a demon ally's Luck when the demon levels up (Only applies up to a certain level)

Prayer of Vitality
Additional +1 increase to a demon ally's Vitality when the demon levels up (Only applies up to a certain level)

The Magatsuhi Gauge greatly increases anytime an ally dies.

Vengeful Opportunist
Magatsuhi gauge will be filled slightly when choosing Guard.

Take a look at our How to Farm Glory guide to find out how you can farm this currency in Shin Megami Tensei.

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