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Metro Exodus Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus walkthrough and guide
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Metro Exodus, released in 2019 is the third game in the Metro series and follows on from the events of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Scroll down for our Metro Exodus cheats and tips for this first person survival horror game.

While there are no tap in cheat codes for the game, we can offer you a number of tips and a Metro Exodus Walkthrough Guide which can help with topics such as How to Dismantle Weapons , How to Improve Your Weapons , Where are the Workbenches and more.

Metro Exodus

Keep reading below for more tips which include information on how to craft the compass which is an important item int he game as it will always point to the current primary objective making it a useful item to have at your disposal when you are out exploring.

It's also really important to know about the map markers and this page which explains map markers tells you all about each of the map markers.

More Metro Exodus Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Metro Exodus please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

You can also ask your question on our Metro Exodus Questions & Answers page.

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Where to Find the Helsing Crossbow

The Helsing Crossbow in Metro Exodus has a one bolt ammo capacity that must be reloaded and cocked after every shot. You can upgrade the weapon to various magazines which allow 3, 6, or 8 shots respectively before reloading. It still has to be cocked after every shot. The Helsing Crossbow can be found on a statue at the start of The Taiga level in plain sight. If you use it to kill any 30 mutant/human enemies you will earn the Robin Hood trophy.
Helsing Crossbow in Metro Exodus

Trophy Guide

Easy Brakeman Trophy
To get this trophy you need to detach all train cars on the Moscow level. The time to do this is when you board the train near the end of Moscow and you are given the option of detaching train cars as you progress. This will be indicated by the red lever on the left of the 2 car doors that you can use to detach. To make Artyom detach the car all you have to do is press the Square button on your controller when when propted.
How to get the Friend the Crew Trophy
In order to get this trophy you need to find the guitar and teddy bear on the Volga level. The time to unlock this trophy is after you have spoken to Miller about the passenger car. Once this conversation has taken place go and speak to the little girl called Nastya and she will ask you to find her teddy bear, the location of which will be marked on the map. The guitar can be found in a bandit camp that is in the lower part of the center area of the map, the exact location will be marked on your map as you leave the passenger car.
How to get the Kill the Catfish Trophy
You get this trophy when you kill the large mutated catfish that stalks you whenever you use boats around Volga. Guns will not kill this sea monster, and it must be done in a specific location. In order to do this you have to make your way to the end of the depot where the catfish will attack you multiple times. Here you will find the small area with the lever you use to re-position the tracks. To begin with you need to lure the catfish using the bell that is nearby into the water that is ahead. If you then cut down one of the bodies hanging above and quickly pull the lever on the left to rotate the track you will kill the creature by
Dropping debris on it.
Metro Exodus Trophy Guide

How to get the Righteous Vengeance Trophy
This trophy is awarded when you kill 90 cannibals. The time to acquire the trophy is at the start of Yamantau, immediately after the cutscene where you are freed from captivity by the crew and are ambushed by infinitely spawning cannibals. At this point you can choose to either ignore the others and keep killing in order to get the required cannibal kills for the trophy or continue with the others and try to unlock it naturally by progressing through the level. If you decide to stay and kill canibals you will find dozens you can kill as you are on the trolley driving away at the end. A good way to rack up the kills is to throw grenades and molotovs at them.
Easy Carmaheddon Trophy
To get this trophy you need to make 50 kills with the Bukhanka. In order to do so you should start working on the requirement for this trophy as soon as you acquire the Bukhanka vehicle in The Caspian by using it to run over the enemes that spawn in roads or in the desert in groups of 4-6 as you travel from objectives or other locations. If you don't have the required amount before getting the oil just drive around and kill enemies until the trophy unlocks.
How to get the Professional Trophy
In order to get this trophy you must make at least one kill with all 10 weapons in the game. This means getting a kill with the following weapons.
- A..

Upgrade the Tihkar Rifle

The best weapon in Metro Exodus when all things are considered is the Tihkar rifle, a multi-stroke pneumatic air gun that was created from scrap by the Metro dwellers. The Tihkar is the only weapon that you can craft ammo for on the go, and the steel balls it shoots are relatively cheap to make, making it highly economical. Once you start adding upgrades to this weapon it will become incredibly effective. You will be able to take down most mutants and bandits with one fully charged headshot and the noise it makes is minimal compared to a shotgun or sniper rifle. The only downside to thee Tihkar is you have to constantly keep both it's pump and ammo topped off.

Use Silenced Weapons

Unless you want to attract the attention of every mutant and bandit in earshot it is advised that whenever possible you use a supressor on your weapon to silence it when fired. Most weapons, including shotguns, can be fitted with a silencer, so always check to see if there is one available at your crafting bench. If you are about to undergo an objective that requires stealth having a supressor attached to your weapon is essential. The Revolver is one of the best candidates for a suppressor in Metro Exodus as it's higher-level barrels don't add that much damage and accuracy over it's suppressor.

How to Craft the Compass

When you enter the Volga you will meet an engineer named Krest who is holed up in a crane overlooking a mutant infested warehouse. The crane which Krest calls home has plenty of materials and machinery, as well as a crafting bench. It is this crafting bench that will allow you to craft and install the compass attachment to Artyom's Bracer, the wrist guard he wears on his left wrist that is outfitted with various useful gadgets. The thin red needle on this compass will always point to the current primary objective making it a useful item to have at your disposal when you are out exploring.

Choose the Time of Day for Objectives

In Metro Exodus you can jump between day and night by sleeping at the beds found in various safehouses. Make sure you take advantage of this by picking a time of day that suits your next objective. If your objective involves treking through some open territory then it makes sense to attempt the journey during the day when mutants are less active and you can see what is around you. If on the other hand your objective requires stealth, like infiltrating a bandit camp for example you should rest until nightfall so the darkness makes you more difficult to spot.

Know your Map Markers

It is important that you know what the different types of markers indicate when you are examining a location.
White Cross
This icon indicates the next place you should visit to progress along the storyline.
Question Mark
This icon indicates an interesting place that you have not visited but have already learned about it (for example, from your comrades or by using your binoculars).
Red Skull
This icon indicates that the place where you have already been is occupied by enemies – bandits or mutants (you will find resources there, possibly an upgrade).
Green House or a Green Fire (in Taiga)
This icon indicates a safe shelter with a sleeping place or a workbench.
Lower Right Screen Numbers
The numbers that appear in the lower right corner of the screen during saving or loading a game indicates the distance that separates the Artyom and his friends from Moscow. The distance is shown in kilometers. It is the distance covered by the Aurora.

How to Use the Binoculars

When you find Krest he will give you a pair of binoculars. These binoculars are particularly useful as they allow you to scope out what lies ahead, confirm enemy locations, and mark it all to your map. When you scan using the binoculars you will hear clicks indicating that they are aimed at some interesting place. Holding the binoculars in that position will automatically make a question mark appear on your map. You then need to zoom in and find the required object.

Always Check your Journal

When you first exit the Aurora you will recieve a map from Colonel Miller. This map will automatically update your primary objectives and some optional ones. The most imnportant part of this journal though is the back which is also updated regularly with entries and gives specific details as to what you need to do next, it is important that you study this as some journal entries will advise you to avoid killing, approach stealthily, or watch for specific sub-goals.

Metro Exodus Trophies
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