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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chapter 04 - The Egg Hunt (Hillside)

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 04 - The Egg Hunt (Hillside)

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Read all the new World Times articles before you disembark. At the the Watering Through, tap the planter hanging off the left house for the Safety Hammer collection item. Check the Wood-Chopping Axe and Cheerful Weathervane for two mystery items.

For hint coins: the center of the windmill to the right, the center of the windmill to the left and the small bell. Examine the brown bunny at the bottom right corner for a puzzle.

Puzzle 072 - Bemused Bunnies
Heavy rains messed up the routes these bunnies usually take when they go home. Can you rearrange the paths so that the black and white rabbits can go from their current positions to their respective homes? The paths are divided into four panels. It's up to you to arrange them correctly.
Solution - Swap the upper left panel with the lower right panel, and lower left panel with the upper right panel.

Speak with Joachim and head east to the Windy Way. Tap the Floral Arch and Golden Ocarina for two mystery items. For hint coins: eat the ham, the smoking chimney, the bush to Piet's left, the bell at top right corner. Speak with Piet for a puzzle.

Puzzle 073 - Counting Sheep
This farmer has a flock of about 400 sheep. Keen to find out the exact number, he started counting. He counted them in batches, hoping to save time but lost track at the end anyway. All he remembers is that when he counted them three at a time, he had one left over! When he counted them four at a time, he had two left over. When he counted them five at a time, he had four left over. And when he counted them seven at a time, he had two left over. Can you work out how many sheep he has?
Solution - The farmer has 394 sheep in all.

Go on north to the Chapel Knoll. Tap the Hole-Ridden Windmill for a mystery item. Hint coins: on the stone path, the bush on the left, one of dark green patch on the right. Talk to Sheppard. Return to the Windy Way and talk to Beatrix for a puzzle.

Puzzle 074 - Pampering Your Pets
You decided to give some treats to your pets who all like different things, but you've forgotten what each animal likes. You're sure that A likes either ice cream or chocolate and that B likes pie or ice cream. You're also certain that C likes either pie or chocolate, and that it's either A or D that is the ice cream fan. Unfortunately, you've no idea which pet likes cake. Using the information you do remember, give each pet their favorite treat.

Dress Up: Beatrix’s Request unlocked after solving Puzzle 074. Head east to Miller's Square. Tap the Swaying Signpost and the Cuddly Corgi for two mystery items. Check the small "ledge" attached to the left side of the windmill for the Tremendous Trumpet collection item.

Hint coins: the gold bell, the smoking chimney, the white flower on the lower left. Examine the small blue butterfly on the left for a puzzle.

Puzzle 075 - Golden Butterfly
Here are three fruity syrups that each have a different level of sweetness. When mixed together correctly, they make a special concoction that can lure a golden butterfly. Making the concoction is somthing of a delicate art, though. If it's too sweet it'll attract bees, if it's not sweet enough, the only insect that'll be interested is the green beetle. Using at least one measure of each syrup, see if you can get just the right balance to lure the elusive golden butterfly.
Solution - Mix 2 parts pineapple syrup, 1 part apple syrup, and 2 parts blueberry syrup.

Speak with Julien then Joachim (at the Windy Way). Go back to the chapel to chat with Sheppard then head to the Watering Through to speak with Piet. Finally, return to Miller's Square and talk to Julien again then enter the windmill. Tap the Milstone and the Massive Cogwheel for two mystery items. Hint coins: the light hanging from the ceiling, the wood pile, the bottom the oven, and the bucket of water. Examine the radio on the left side for hidden a puzzle.

Puzzle 076 - Troubled Waters
The bridge across this river has been destroyed in a storm, leaving villagers stranded! Can you help them create a makeshift bridge out of scrap materials? Move and rotate the various pieces of scrap and get the makeshift bridge completed as quickly as possible. Be aware that pieces of the old bridge are blocking the river , so you won't be able to dump the scrap materials in some places.

Speak with Julien then go outside and talk to Julien again for a puzzle.

Puzzle 077 - Fruits and Fungi
Our love-struck hero Julien must everyone through this forest and into the chapel. One wrong turn though, and they'll all be hopelessly lost. Luckily, Layton and the others know a trick to making it through. "pick two mushrooms then one strawberry and repeat until you reach the other side. And don't walk down any path twice!" Can you help Julien find the secret path through the forest and make it to the other side in one piece?

You'll receive the Fluffy Bag for solving Puzzle 077. Tap the Bottle Gourd for a mystery item. Hint coins: carve into the pumpkin, the branches at lower right corner, the green fruit at top left corner. Push all the rocks away and enter the cave. Tap the rock to your left for the Quickest Hourglass collection item. The carving in front of the altar has hint coin. Talk to Romilda and check the altar.

Puzzle 078 - All Under Control
The control panel for the device has nine buttons, one for each cylinder. Pressing a button activates a total of seven cylinders, starting with the one corresponding to the button pressed and then followed by every second cylinder in a clockwise direction. To fix the device, Layton must make all nine cylinders visible by pressing a single button. Can you help him choose? You have only three chances. Good luck!
Solution - The third button from the top in a clockwise direction (3 o'clock).

You'll get another Egg after solving the puzzle. Board the Bostonius and fly to the Walled City.
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Wow this walkthrough really is one of the best ones I've seen yet!!!
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