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Chapter 06 - The Azran Sanctuary

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 06 - The Azran Sanctuary

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Leave the airship and enter the cave all the way to the Sanctuary Outer Gate. Tap the spire on the left for the Essence of Everything collection item. Search for three coins then speak with Descole twice. At the ravine, search for two hint coins and speak to Luke. Tap the tablet to your left next.

Puzzle 144 - Medal Match-Up
This Azran device can be used to create a walkway across the ravine. To activate it, you need to move each of the large inner medals next to the smaller outer medal with the same color and pattern. The number on each medal indicates how many spaces it can be moved at a time Move the medals to the correct positions and help Layton and Descole cross the ravine!
Solution - Follow these steps to activate the Azran device:

1. Place the purple medal in the hole.
2. Place the yellow one-dot medal in the hole.
3. Place the yellow two-dot medal in the hole.
4. Place the yellow one-dot medal in the hole.
5. Place the yellow three-dot medal in the hole.
6. Place the yellow one-dot medal in the hole.

Cross the bridge to the Inner Gate. Tap the Ceiling Fossil and the Mammoth Bones for two mystery items. Tap the icicle to your left next for The Repenter collection item. Scour the area for three hint coins then examine the door for a puzzle.

Puzzle 145 - Riddle-Me-Key
"When one shines above, six burn below. When three face the sun, four look to the earth. When two swim to the surface, five dive to the depths. Solve my riddle and prove your worth!" Answer the doorkeeper's riddle by sliding stones into the correct slots in the tablet below. Only then will the door open.

Onward to the Chamber of Water. Examine the torch to your left for the Captivating Cube collection item. Search the place for three hint coins then tap the archway.

Puzzle 146 - Sprint and Switch
The water level of the canal is controlled by switches on the walkways overhead. If Luke can press all the switches, the water will rise to its normal level. However, this being the Azran sanctuary, the system has been designed with a devilish twist. Most of the light walkway panels will fall almost as soon as he steps on them. It's only safe for him to wait on the ones at junctions and corners. Help Luke raise the water by guiding him across the walkways to the exit, activating every switch on the way.
Solution - Follow these steps to get Luke to the exit:

1. Go south toward the switch.
2. Go east thrice and north twice.
3. Go east toward the switch then go south twice.
4. Go west toward the switch then north to the next switch.
5. Go north again to the switch then west to another switch.
6. Go west thrice then go south to the switch.
7. Go east twice to activate both switches.
8. Go south and press the final switch.

Onward to the Chamber of Fire. Examine the head of left statue for the Thirteenth Eye collection item. Tap the Gatekeeper's Lamp for a mystery item, then search the place for a total of four hint coins. Check the swords in the middle for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 147 - Room of Doom
This room is full of Azran guardians that can reduce intruders to ash with a mere glance. Luckily for Descole, they can only see straight ahead, so as long as he stays out of their field of vision, he'll be safe. On top of that, if he approaches the statues from the side or from behind, he can take them out with his sword! Get Descole to the exit on the other side of the room, making sure he doesn't get fried by the statues' beams on the way!
Solution - Follow these steps to reach the exit:

01. Go east five spaces and north two spaces.
02. Destroy the statue on the left.
03. Go west one space and destroy the statue.
04. Go west two spaces and north three spaces.
05. Destroy the statue and go south to the corner.
06. Go east six spaces and destroy the statue.
07. Go east to the corner.
08. Go north four spaces and west one space.
09. Destroy the statue, go east two spaces and south to the corner.
10. Go west five spaces, then north, then east two spaces.
11. Destroy the statue and go east to the exit.

Watch the events and continue to the Round Chamber. Seek out three hint coins and check the circular object on the ground for a puzzle.

Puzzle 148 - A Groovy Lever
Luke and Layton don't know it yet, but they have just found a hidden lift. Activating this lift is a matter of pulling the lever from the top of the grid down to the bottom, but there's a complication. The groove the lever slides down is rotated out of alignment. Can you help put the groove back into place, so our heroes can pull the lever and activate the lift? Touching a yellow circle rotates the squares surrounding it 90 degrees clockwise, but you can only do this six times.
Solution - Follow these steps to activate the lift:

1. Press the upper right button two times.
2. Press the upper left button two times.
3. Press the middle left button once.
4. Press the upper right button once.

Zoom in on the lift to ride it up to the next floor. This concludes the sixth chapter of the story.
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