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Follow the dark path or use the light

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 03 - A Day Out in London

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This chapter starts in Layton's Office where there are four hint coins: the pile of books on the floor, the kettle on the stove, one of the top drawers, the red rock on the top shelf. Check one of the boxes on top of the bookshelf in the back for the Miniature Laytonmobile collection item. Tap the apple on the table for the Green Apple mystery item. Examine the display case next for a puzzle.

Puzzle 022 - Hose Help
An archeologist has just dug up an ancient statue, and a collection of reporters and nosy members of the public have descended on the university campus where he works in order to have a look. Everyone is keen to clean the mud off the statue and see what lies beneath. However, even though the tap's been switched on, there's no water coming out of the hose. You'll need someone to help you get the hose spraying again, but whose the best person for the job?
Solution - Man B is the one you need.

Leave the office and search for hint coins anew: one of the building's chimneys, the red bus stop sign, the bushes in the middle. Talk to Dean Delmona for a puzzle.

Puzzle 023 - Choc-Full
It's treat time! These five people all want a a specific combination of chocolates, in a specific order. Your task is to find a set of chocolates that matches the boxes in front of every person. Each set must be made up of three adjacent chocolates and must be selected in the order shown on the boxes, from left to right. Divide this box of chocolates in a way that will make everyone happy.

Divide the chocolates as shown in the image. Just highlight the final set yellow to complete this one.

New Nutty Roller course: Roly-Poly Bridges after solving Puzzle 023. Take the bus to Kensington High Street. Hint coins: the green trash bin, the smoking chimney. Tap the phone booth for Red Telephone Box mystery item and the Barber Pole for another mystery item. Talk to Brenda next.

Puzzle 024 - Mutual Meeting Place
Four friends are going to the theater and plan to meet at the bus stop outside.

A: "Ugh, for the shortest journey, there's just one option and it has two changes!"
B: "Fantastic! I can get a direct bus!"
C: "So I change at the second stop I come to, then I get off two stops after that?
D: "Hmm, it looks as though I have two possibilities and thwy both have the same number of stops. Which do I choose?"

Based on these statements, can you work out which stop they're meeting at?

You'll receive Brenda's Dress Up Request after solving Puzzle 024. Proceed to the Museum Grounds. Hint coins: the red toolbox, top window of the right house, small chimney next to pine tree on the left. Check the bench on the right for the Worn Bracelet collection item. Talk to Aurora then to the Policeman for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 025 - Cracking Combinations
The police have received a warning from a legendary safe-cracker about his next crime: "Tonight I plan to break into the bank and take the treasure from one of the safes numbered 1 to 60. I will steal from the one safe whose number cannot be made by adding together any combination of these: 0, 1, 2, 4, 7, 15, 31 (Using each one no more than once per combination that is)" Which safe should the police keep an extra close eye on tonight?
Solution - The number you're looking for is 30.

You'll receive a new garden for Bloom Burst: Lily Lake after solving Puzzle 025. Return to the High Street and enter the botique. Watch the scene then follow Grosky to Raven's Way. Hint coins: the center window with a cat on it, the object atop the pipe high up on the building. Tap the fan for the Greasy Ventilator Fan mystery item. Talk to the black cat for a puzzle.

Puzzle 026 - Copy Cat
These kitties are such good friends, they always act in exactly the same way. Today, they've just been for a saunter around the town and are on their way home. Can you get them both back home at the same time so that neither gets upset? It's fine for them to use different entrances. Keep in mind that if a cat stops on a space that's one move away from a fish, it will immediately pounce on the fish with great delight. Also make sure the cats don't bump into each other or fall into any manholes.

Go south three times, north two times and east three times. Note that a turn does not count as one movement, the cat must actually move towards that direction for it to count.

Go back to High Street and ride the bus to the Aerodrome. Hint coins: the big yellow sign, the head of the hose, the lamp post. Tap the weathervane at top right corner for Weathervane Witch mystery item. Examine the yellow vehicle for the Blissful Boot collection item. Try to board the Bostonius then speak to Granny R. Board the airship abn speak to Raymond then Sycamore. Return to the Aerodrome to chat with Grosky and Amelie for a puzzle.

Puzzle 027 - A Tile of Hearts
The heart image shown on the top screen is made of small red and white tiles. You want to make a heart that looks exactly the same but you have any small tiles, just a limited number of 3x3 tiles. Can you layer these tiles in the grid and create a heart that looks just like the one on the top screen?
Solution - Follow these steps to make a heart out of the tiles provided:

01. Place a white tile on the top-left corner of the grid.
02. Place a red tile so that it overlaps the latter two columns of the white tile.
03. Place a white tile on the top-right corner of the grid.
04. Place a red tile on the top right white tile so that only its third column is visible.
05. Place a white tile on the very center of the two red tiles.
06. Place a red tile on the bottom center part of the grid.
07. Place a white tile on the bottom left and bottom right parts of the grid.
08. Place a red tile on the left so its bottom row covers the space at the center of the grid.
09. Place a red tile so its top left edge overlaps centermost square of red tile in step 8.
10. Place a red tile so its top left edge overlaps centermost square of red tile in step 9.
11. Place a red tile so its top right edge overlaps with the last square of red strip above.
12. Place a red tile so its bottom right edge covers the remaining blank square on the grid.

Solving Puzzle 027 unlocks a new course (Winding Way) for Nutty Roller. Ride the bus back to the University, head to Layton's Office and speak to Dean Delmona for a puzzle.

Puzzle 028 - Directing a Delivery
A little girl is eagerly awaiting a delivery of flowers from this ball-riding clown, and it's up to you to guide him to her. Assign the four commands (jump a square, go forwards, turn right and turn left) to the four animal symbols to plot the clown's route. Can you help the clown deliver the flowers without falling off the platform?

Return to Raven's Way (east from Kensington High Street). Speak to the cop there for a puzzle.

Puzzle 029 - Carriages of Justice
"We had this case a while back where three fugitives were trying to escape on board a train. They each got into different carriages, but none of them hid in the first or last one. When we boarded the train in pursuit, the plan was to trap them by having a man in each carriage where a fugitive was hiding, as well as in the carriages on either side. In the end, the team we needed was the smallest it could possibly have been." How many officers were in the team?
Solution - There were 5 officers in the team.

Ride the bus to Scotland Yard. Ride the bus back to the London Aerodrome, board the Bostonius and talk to Raymond for a puzzle.

Puzzle 030 - Airship’s Destination 2
The Bostonius will soon be on the move again, and you'll need to work out its course and objective from here. Every stop the airship will make on the way is marked on the map, and all you need to do is indicate the route from its current location to its next destination... wherever that is. You can only move the airship to adjacent squares and remember to stop regularly at refueling stations, or you'll be in real trouble.

Move the airship to its final destination as shown in the image above or by following the steps below:

1. Move east two squares and south two squares.
2. Move west one square, north one square, west one square, south one square.
3. Move south one square and east two squares.
4. Move east two squares and north two squares.
5. Move north one square, west one square, and south two squares.

Ride the bus to Scotland Yard. Hint coins: the brick chimney next to the Big Ben, the pool of water, the green dome. Tap the Big Ben for the British Clock Tower mystery item then tap the Fire Hydrant for another Mystery item. Talk to Hanna for a puzzle.

Puzzle 031 - For the Heart
A girl receives a letter and a box from her mischievous but oh so heroic boyfriend: "My dearest darling Hanna Bee. Apprehending scoundrels keeps me from you, but here is a token of my love. I know you'll unlock it before I see you tomorrow! A star of ten lights bright as fire. Reveals my heart's truest desire. All my love, Clampy." Press ten buttons and unlock the box.

A new Bloom Burst garden: Wonderland will be unlocked after solving Puzzle 031. Enter the station's Reception area. Hint coins: the car flyer on the wall, the clock on the archway, one of the flyers on the board to the right. Tap the bench on the left for the Waiting Room Bench mystery item. Talk to the cop then enter Bloom's Office. Check for hint coins: cabinet below the bookshelf to the right, the right shuttered window, Tap the phone for the Detective's Phone mystery item. Talk to Detective Bloom.

Go to the Archives next. Hint coins: the grey blue object on the floor, the lamp above the ladder, the bottom row of the shelf on the lower left. Look at the cardboard box for the Confusing Stamp collection item then tap the Camera mystery item. Check the books on the floor for a puzzle.

Puzzle 032 - Bibliofiling
This library has such a confusing system for arranging books, even the librarians often give up and leave them in a trolley. The numbers next to and above each shelf indicate how many books should be in that row or column. Some books are part of a series, so they're bundled together to make them easier for people to find. You can rotate these bundles if you need to. Can you shelve the books so that every row and column has the right number?

Talk to Emmy and Luke then zoom in on the ladder. Check the pack of papers on the floor in front for a hint coin. Examine the large cardboard box in the back then ride the bus back to the University. Speak to Luke's mom (Brenda) again for another puzzle.

Puzzle 033 - Shopping Spree
After saving up her pennies for a whole year, this woman went on an enormous shopping spree starting at the supermarket entrance, she made her way around the shelves, picking up 14 items in total and spent every last penny of the 5000 she had brought with her. She didn't visit any shelf more than once, and she didn't buy any fish or mushrooms. What route did she take around the supermarket? Prices are shown in pennies to make things easier for you!

Plot the route as follows: 240, 180, 330, 190, 180, 520, 290, 870, 220, 440, 340, 570, 320, 310.

New Dress Up item: Chic Loafers unlocked after solving Puzzle 033. Ride the bus to Kensington High Street. Dariya will add the World Times item to your trunk. Speak to Hanna for a puzzle.

Puzzle 034 - The Future Awaits
After visiting the florist on the first floor of a hotel, this man can be found by the lift sporting a massive bunch of roses and an agitated expression. He is planning to propose to his girlfriend who is waiting for him on the 25th floor. To calm his nerves, he starts thinking about the lift he's about to take. If the lift takes 15 seconds to go from the first floor to the fifth floor, how many seconds will it take for him to reach the 25th floor?
Solution - It takes 90 seconds for the elevator to reach the 25th floor.

Go to the Museum Grounds, speak to the Constable and head inside. Hint coins: the plaque in front of the T-Rex, the railings on the upper balcony, the small arrow symbol on the right wall. Tap the plane for the Prototype Airplane mystery item. Talk to both constables and zoom into the left room and check the two statues in the room for two hint coins. Speak to Clark for a puzzle.

Puzzle 035 - Fake Fragments
he police managed to recover this ancient artefact after it was stolen from the museum. Unfortunately it has been broken. While examining the pieces to see if the artefact could be repaired, the curator noticed that some fake pieces were mixed in with the real ones. You have a photo of the artefact from the museum's catalog. Use it to identify the real pieces then place them in the boxes for safekeeping.
Solution - Move the the 5th (last) tile on the top row to the box above, and move the second tile in the bottom row to the box above.

New Dress Up item: Angel Wings unlocked after solving Puzzle 035. Talk to Clark again for some dialogue and there will be some questions to be answered. The answers are: choice 1, choice 2, choice 3. Ride the bus to Scotland Yard next, talk to the guard near the door (he'll let you through if you've solved 25 puzzles). Talk to Grosky and visit Detective Bloom's office. Talk to Roland and Lucille and board the Bostonius. That will be all for the game's third chapter.

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