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Follow the dark path or use the light

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 04 - The Egg Hunt (Jungle)

Last Updated:

Several new items will be added to World Times and Episodes in the trunk. You'll be able to freely travel around the world on the airship now too, covering five different locations (which has been split accordingly in this guide for convenience). Anyway, speak to Professor Sycamore in the Bostonius.

Puzzle 036 - Fuel’s Errand
Oh no! Something's gone wrong with the Bostonius's engine! It seems the pipe that supplies it with fuel has shattered into little pieces. The emergency fuel supply will keep the airship afloat for a while, but the broken pipe needs to be fixed before that supply runs out. Use the pieces of pipe on the Touch Screen to reconnect the engine to the fuel supply. Bear in mind that together, those pieces make up one long pipe , so you'll need to link up every last one of them.

Speak to Professor Sycamore one more time and he'll have another puzzle for you.

Puzzle 037 - Fuel’s Errand 2
Oh no! Professor Sycamore has been a bit too creative in the engine room, and it's all gone horribly wrong! The pipe that supplies it with fuel has shattered into little pieces. The emergency fuel supply will keep the airship afloat for now, but the broken pipe needs to be fixed, and soon. Use the pieces of pipe on the Touch Screen to reconnect the engine to the fuel supply. Bear in mind that you have to link up every last piece, nut you can't place any on the white square at the top left!

New Dress Up item: Belted Bell Bottoms unlocked after solving Puzzle 037. Fly to Froenborg South Gate and zoom in on the lodge, and check the wooden box for the Still-Warm Scarf collection item. Speak to Donna for your next puzzle.

Puzzle 038 - A Royal Burden
"One of jewels in my royal collection is so colossal and precious. I thought the only place for it would be upon my regal head. Alas, the blasted stone is both ludicrously large and ridiculously heavy that it has now rendered my crown totally unwearable. I'll gladly give this piece of royal headwear to anyone who can accurately ascertain how many jewels it contains." Are you able to solve the king's challenge?
Solution - The crown contains 18 gems in all.

Note that if you missed Puzzle 038 here, you'll get another chance to solve it on the Bostonius at the start of Chapter 5. Go to the Snow Coach Stop and talk to Prima for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 039 - Strawberry Sharer
Time for dessert! You have a huge mound of strawberries to share between four children, A to D. You'd think it would be easy. but each of these picky children is very specific about the number of strawberries they'd like:

A: "I want one fewer than B."
B: "I want three times what C gets!"
C: "I want five fewer than A."
D: "I want half as many as A."

Bear in mind that the plates hold up to 9 strawberries. Can you dish out the fruit and satisfy all four children's demands?
Solution - A: 8, B: 9, C: 3, D: 4.

Note that if you missed Puzzle 039 here, you'll get another chance to solve it on the Bostonius at the start of Chapter 5. New Dress Up item: Lightweight Helmet unlocked after solving Puzzle 039. Read the World Times: Snowman Seen Dancing at Night. Visit the hot springs and talk to Mascha. Next fly to Kohd and visit the Lakeside Forest. Talk to Hazel there for a puzzle.

Puzzle 040 - Acorn Allocation
These three squirrels are on their way home, picking up acorns along the way. The forest is dotted with clearings that contain piles of acorns, and every time a squirrel passes through one, it takes all the acorns it finds. The number on each clearing indicates how many acorns it contains. The squirrels set off one after the other, starting from the top and by the time they each get home, they all have the same number of acorns. Which route does each squirrel take?

Top Squirrel: 4 4 2 4 8. Center Squirrel: 6 4 7 2 7. Bottom Squirrel: 8 6 2 2 8

Head over to Kodh Station and speak to Moos for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 041 - Shunting into Sidings
One of your rookie train drivers got confused about where to leave his train's railcars at the end of his shift, so he just dumped them at the far side of the depot and went home. You'll have pick up the slack and put them where they need to be: alongside the train on the top track, and with the railcars in the exact same order, of course. Take control of the train engine and sort out this mess!
Solution - Follow these steps to move the train to its proper place:

1. Couple the locomotive with the blue side of the railcars on the west side.
2. Move the the whole thing to the top track, stopping just before the orange junction.
3. Uncouple the locomotive and drag it around clockwise connecting with the red car.
4. Flip the switch and drag the thing clockwise around the track into the left siding.
5. Drag the train back onto the top track.

Head over to the Fish Market next and speak to Karpin for another puzzle.

Puzzle 042 - A Boatload of Hassle
A boatbuilder has six orders of rowing boats, and each of them require ten logs to build. He goes to see the timber merchant and finds they have just the right amount of wood. However, he must buy it four adjacent pallets at a time, and the pallets don't have a set number of logs. To make life even harder, the salesman has no idea how many logs one of the pallets has, only that it doesn't have more than five. Help the builder by dividing the timber into six four-pallet loads, each having ten logs.

Divide the logs as shown in the image. Just highlight the remaining batch to complete the solution.

Continue to the Level Crossing, chat with Boris (after reading World Times : A Prehistoric Visitor?) then enter the hut. Hint coins: the bottom drwer on the right, the red lure on the ceiling, eat the entire fish, the broken section of the ceiling, Tap the boot for the Boris Boots mystery item, and the dolphin for the Dolphin Ornament mystery item. The wheel on the back wall gives you the Useless Submarine collection item. Talk to Boris again.

Fly to London now and visit the Scotland Yard. Talk to the cop at the Reception area for a puzzle.

Puzzle 043 - A String of Jewels
"Here lads, would you listen to this! Some would-be thieves have chosen tonight to break in and steal the jewels. Proper lemons, eh? I reckon I can catch them all with just a single coil of rope. And I won't let them put their grubby paws on any of the jewels, neither." using every post in the exhibition room, trap all the thieves with a single loop of rope. Just make sure that all the jewels are on the outside. Note that some of the rope loop is already marked.

Enter what was once Bloom's office and speak to Carmichael for yet another puzzle.

Puzzle 044 - Staged Silhouettes
You're taking some instant film silhouettes for a concert program and accidentally kick one of the test shots into your pile of final shots - oops! Luckily. the performers are still in place from the final shot, so you should be able to work out which photo is the test. Touch the light bulbs to change the light conditions and compare the silhouettes to your photos. Note that all the photos were taken with the light shining directly towards you.
Solution - Photo C is the test photo.

Fly to the Jungle and proceed to the Village Square. Hint coins: the jar on the left, the biggest structure to the right, the summit in the distance. Tap the mushroom at the lower left corner for the Purple Mushroom mystery item. Speak to Amanita for a puzzle.

Puzzle 045 - Piglet Racing
These adorable little piglets are about to take part in a race, but they won't be able to start until they're lined up in the correct traps, as indicated by the numbers on their backs. These piggies are scared of being moved on their own, so you'll need to pick them up two at a time. Do you think you can move them all to the correct place in time for the starter's gun?
Solution - Follow these steps to deposit the piglets into the correct traps:

1. Deposit pigs 2 and 4 to the right.
2. Deposit pigs 1 and 2 to the left.
3. Deposit pigs 5 and 3 to the right.
4. Deposit pigs 3 and 4 to the left.

Amanita's Dress Up Request will be unlocked after solving Puzzle 045. Tap the flowers in the lower left corner next for another puzzle.

Puzzle 046 - Blooming Flowers 2
The family's pet goats have eaten all the flowers in the garden, and it's a real thorn in thw side! They need to replant the garden but they don't want two flowers of the same color next to each other. With this in mind, use the various pieces to fill the garden with flowers. Bear in mind that the blocks of flowers can be rotated and that flowers can't be planted in the square that contains the house.

Plant the flowers around the house as shown in the image. Put the last piece in the remaining spot to complete the solution.

Head to the Grand Stage. Hint coins: one of the torches to the right, the twig to the left. the blue decor on the left, tree near top right corner. Talk to Chestnut then to Blewitt, before returning to the Village Square to speak with Amanita. Go west to the Village Path next. Hint coins: the jar to the right, the trees in the distance to the left, the upper balcony of the hut. Tap the Venus Flytrap for a mystery item. Tap the insect on the top right corner for the Leaf Insect mystery item. Check the pot next to the Venus Fytrap for the Unbelievable Boomerang collection item. Speak to Button.

Puzzle 047 - Fowl Food
This tropical bird has a terribly unbalanced diet, eating only one kind of fruit per day: either apples or oranges. each day the birdkeeper places fruit into each of the four colored bird boxes according to his chart. The bird decides which kind of fruit he would that day, and then eats every piece of it. Last week the birdkeeper noted that the bird took fruit from the blue box five times, the red box four times, the green box five times, and the yellow box three times. Which fruit did the bird eat on each day?
Solution - Mon: Apple, Tue/Wed/Thu: Orange, Fri/Sat/Sun: Apple.

New Nutty Roller course: Tumble Forest unlocked after solving Puzzle 047. Head west to the Tree Trunk Bridge. Hint coins: the odd bridge has two coins and the red flower. Tap the Atlas Beetle at the top-left corner for a mystery item. Turn back and enter the Chief's House. Hint coins: the bird ornament in the back, the bowl in the left corner, the banana bunch, one of the bird boxes. Check yellow fruits hanging on the left side for Admiral Tie collection item. Tap the Bird Box and Golden Mask for two mystery items. Tap the bag in the middle for a puzzle.

Puzzle 048 - Acorn Allocation 2
On their way back to their forest homes, these three squirrels each stop in some of the clearings scattered around the woods. When a squirrel passes through a clearing, it takes every acorn it can find - leaving none for the others! The numbers on each of the clearings indicate how many acorns they contain. The squirrels set off one after the other from top to bottom, and when they all get back home, they have the same of acorns. Which route did each of them take?

Top Squirrel: 2 3 5 4 2. Center Squirrel: 7 4 5 4 5. Bottom Squirrel: 6 4 5 7 3

Talk to Lepidella and return to the Village Square. Check the big red mushroom to get some Snail Glue. Head west to the Tree Trunk Bridge and speak with Amanita for the Bullfrog Bones. Speak to Button next for a puzzle.

Puzzle 049 - Fussy Fruit Eaters
These three bossy children would like you to pick fruit for them:

A: "I want all my fruit to be the same color and I want to have one more piece than C!"
B: "I want fruit from a tree that isn't on the edge. And it better not be blue!"
C: "I want fruit from a tree next to the one B gets her fruit from, and I want one more piece than her. And all my fruit has to be the same color!"

If you satisfy their demands, perhaps they'll be quiet for a while. So get picking that fruit!
Solution - A: 3 yellow coconuts, B: 1 green coconut, C: 2 blue coconuts.

New Dress Up item: Comfy Tracksuit unlocked after solving Puzzle 049. Go to the Grand Stage and speak with Chanterelle for a puzzle.

Puzzle 050 - Forest Friends
On his way home through the forest, this young boy finds himself lost. Luckily he bumps into eight forest animals, who tell him which way to go in exchange for apples. The mouse guides him one square closer to home, the rabbits two squares, the foxes three squares and the bear four squares. He never meets two of the same animal in a row, and there are no animals in the squares containing bare trees. Where does he bump into each animal?

New Dress Up item: Glamorous Heels unlocked after solving Puzzle 050. Go to the Village Square and talk to Amanita for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 051 - Baby Boar Racing
Five baby boars are about to take part in a race, but they won't be able to get started until you've lined them up in the correct traps, as indicated by the numbers on their backs. Use the special separator pen to move the boars around two at a time and line them up for the race.
Solution -Follow these steps to move the boars into the correct traps.

1. Deposit boars 5 and 4 to the right.
2. Deposit boars 3 and 1 to the left.
3. Deposit boars 1 and 5 to the left.
4. Deposit boars 5 and 2 to the left.
5. Deposit boars 3 and 5 to the right.
6. Deposit boars 2 and 4 to the left.

New Bloom Burst garden: Tropical Turf unlocked after solving Puzzle 051. Push left past the Tree Trunk Bridge to the Jungle Waterfall. Hint coins: the purple flower at bottom-left, the small bush on the bottom right; Tap the tree on the cliff to the top-left for the Magic Bean collection item. Tap the Hummingbird for a mystery item. Examine the base of the tree to the right for a puzzle.

Puzzle 052 - An Epic Quest
This brave young man's village is being attacked by a powerful and evil king. As anyone who knows of great legends will be able to tell you, there is always a sword bearing incredible power locked in a chest hidden deep within the forest. Unfortunately, the path through the forest is bewitched, and it's up to you to rearrange it so that the young man can save the day! First of all, create a path that will take him to the key, then create another path to the chest in which the sword is kept!
Solution - Follow these steps to create a path to the sword and to the exit.

01. Move tiles up, left, down, right.
02. Move tiles down, right, up, left.
03. Move tiles up, left, down, down.
04. Move tiles right, up, up, left.
05. Move tiles down, down, down, left.
06. Move tiles up, right, down, left.
07. Move tiles up, up, right, down
08. Move tiles down, left, up, right.
09. Move tiles right, down, left, up.
10. Move tiles right, down.

Examine the boulder on the waterfall and enter the Crystal Cave. Hint coins: the dripping water when it hits the ground and the smaller crystal formation. Tap the Bats and Baby Frogs for two mystery items. Check the blue crystals at the top-right corner, then the rock by the base of the stalactite in the center. Zoom in on the blue crystals and examine them to get the Glittering Crystals. Exit the cave and chat with Amelie for a puzzle.

Puzzle 053 - The Domino Effect
This area contains a cluster of legendary ancient stones. The research of one famous archeologist suggests these stones were once used for fortune telling. If someone managed to topple all the stones by pushing over just one of them, it would guarantee healthy crops that year. Hearing of the legend, a farmer decided to give it a go. This photograph was taken immediately before he selected his stone. Circle the right stone to push over.

Head to the Grand Stage and talk to the chief. Give the pieces to the people as shown in the image.

Morel will give you the Egg after you make him laugh. Several new World Times articles will be added to the trunk. Read through them and fly to The Island.

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