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Follow the dark path or use the light

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 02 - The Mysterious Girl

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A new episode will be added to your list in the trunk. You're now in the Lakeside Forest, look for hint coins first: the branch sticking out of th big log and one of the trees to the right. Tap the flower at the bottom left corner for the Forest Dandelion mystery item. Speak to Hazel (the squirrel) for a puzzle.

Puzzle 012 - Squirrel Snacks
These four fruits all have different weights. The squirrels don't know the fruits' individual weight, but they do know that their favorite fruits are the second and third heaviest ones. They also know that the weight of each of these two fruits in grams is an even number. If you put a piece of fruit into each of the two boxes, the counter will display their combined weight. Can you use these rather odd set of scales to determine which two fruits are the squirrels' favorites?
Solution - The answer you're looking for is A and D.

The Nutty Roller mini game will be added to the trunk along with the Floating Island course for it. Head right into Lake Kodh Pier. New mystery, Siren Lake added. Now for the four hint coins in this area: the red sign, the lamp hanging from the pole, chimney of house with blue roof, one of the poles at the side of the dock. Tap the remains of a boat at the lower left corner for the Boat Wreckage mystery item. Speak to Igor then head to the next screen.

New mystery: Professor Sycamore. At Kodh Station, hunt for hint coins again: the smoking chimney of the green house, the fence of the big building with a blue sign, the white next to some staircase in the distance. Tap the clock for the Station Square Clock mystery item. Talk to Sonya for a puzzle.

Puzzle 013 - Pretty Paper Petals
You've decided to sew your friend a garish flower from a number of red, blue, yellow, and purple petals. You want it to be a little different, so you've decided that no two petals of the same color should touch at any point. That's your only rule. Touch a petal to choose its color and create a lovely floral gift for your friend!

You'll get Sonya's Dress Up Request after solving Puzzle 013. Speak to Moos then zoom into the station. Tap the wheel of the train to get the Locomotive Wheel mystery item. Speak to Aldus then check the train's smoke stack for the Familiar Relief collection item. Moving on to the Fish Market. hint coins are: the brown round object on the ground, the orange bag on the wall to the left, the ropes at the front of the boat, the crate at the center of the screen. Talk to Larisa for a puzzle.

Puzzle 014 - Blooming Flowers
A family expecting a new arrival want to celebrate by filling their garden with flowers. These flowers can't just be planted any old way, of course: each flower must be surrounded by flowers of a different color. With this in mind use the various blocks to fill the garden with flowers. Bear in mind that flowers can't be planted in the square that contains the family's house.

Plant the flowers as shown in the image, with the last piece fitting into the remaining slot.

The Bloom Burst minigame along with the Victorian Terrace garden for it, gets added to the trunk after Puzzle 014 is solved. Check the blue fish symbol on the building in the back for a puzzle.

Puzzle 015 - Something Fishy
This poster was ripped to pieces before being stuck to this sign. You need to put all the pieces in the right place , but you don't want to take them off the sign one at atime in case they blow away in the wind. Not to worry though, you can recreate the poster by moving three pieces at a time, either up, down or sideways. Feel free to move the pieces as many times as you like and restore this fish to its former glory!
Solution - Follow these steps to put the fish poster back together.

1. Grab the third row and move it one space to the right.
2. Grab the fourth row and move it two spaces to the left.
3. Grab the third column and move it one space up.
4. Grab the second row and move it one space to the left.
5. Grab the fourth row and move it one space to the right.

Onward north to the Level Crossing. Hint coins: the left side of the train tracks, the orange-colored plant next to the blue shack, the "X" above the big red sign. Tap the big red sign for the Level Crossing Sign mystery item. Talk to Boris and move on to the Hilltop Lookout. Now for a hint coin: the bush on the lower left. Check the top of the broken tree to the right for the Multipurpose Parabella collection item. Tap the path to the left next for a puzzle.

Puzzle 016 - Give Me a Sign!
A young couple are on a day out in the forest. After finishing their picnic, they go for a walk, only to get lost and wind up at a dead end. There's a sign there, but its so old and weather-beaten that all the pieces that used to create an arrow have fallen off making it impossible to tell which way to go. Pieces of the broken sign can be found on the floor around it though. Do you think you can help the couple put the sign back together and work out which direction they're supposed to go?

Check the hills in the distance then return to the Level Crossing and speak to Boris for a puzzle.

Puzzle 017 - Walking on Water
Upon examining the surface of the lake more closely, Layton discovers some floating ice shelves thick enough to stand on. While the girl appeared to be walking on water, she was merely stepping across the ice. Stepping on the ice shelf sets it in motion, and it keeps moving until it bumps into something or reaches the shore. Using the floating ice shelves and the small islands in the lake to your advantage, help Layton catch up to the girl.
Solution - Follow these steps to safely get across the lake:

1. Take Layton and slide left then step on the island.
2. Go up onto the ice then left onto the next ice.
3. Step off to the island then onto the ice to the right.
4. Go down onto the ice then onto the ice to the left.
5. Step off to the island then onto the ice to the left.
6. Go up onto the ice then onto the ice to the right.

View the events and search Lake Kodh for hint coins: top of the small pillar to the right, the upper left section of the waterfall, and the crack near top of the center pillar. Check the top of the pillar to the left for the Fragile Anchor collection item. Enter the Azran Dome. Hint coins are in the water on the left, one of drawings on the upper left of the dome, one of drawings on the upper right of the dome.

Puzzle 018 - The Celestial King
The walls of the Azran Dome tell the story of the Celestial King and his children, the Riders of the Sky. Enraged by the Riders' constant warring, the king made four strokes of his sword and divided the land into ten continents. Decrypt the story by reenacting it using four lines to divide the land into ten sections, separating the Riders. Draw lines between the lines around the edge, but be careful, you can only use each point once, and no line may touch a Rider.

After the dialogue, return to the Level Crossing and speak with Mackintosh then go to the Fish Market next. Try to leave only to find bad guys heading your way, so speak to Karpin and zoom in on the pile of white boxes. There, check the tiny light on the left for a hint coin. Zoom out then examine Robin and Macaw. Moving on to the Waterfront. Hint coins: house window at top-left corner, the red sign board, the flower pot next to Sonya, the sticks sticking out of the water. Tap the turtle in the water for the Swimming Turtle mystery item. Talk to Sonya again for another puzzle.

Puzzle 019 - A Dog of Tiles
You have a selection of colored 2x2 tiles, and you want to use them to make the dog shown on the top screen. Can you layer the tiles in this 7x7 grid and recreate the dog in question? Note that the grid contains four squares where tiles cannot be placed.
Solution - Follow these steps to make a dog out of the tiles provided:

01. Place a white tile directly to the left and right sides of the top yellow square.
02. Place a white tile directly below the white tile to the right.
03. Place a brown tile so that it overlaps the two squares on the left side of the bottom white tile.
04. Place a white tile so that it overlaps the top left square of the brown tile.
05. Place a red tile so that it overlaps the two squares on the left side of the white tile in step 4.
06. Place a brown tile so that it overlaps the two squares on the left side of the red tile.
07. Place a white tile directly above and below the left yellow square.
08. Place a white tile on the bottom-left space of the board.
09. Place a brown tile directly above the bottom yellow tile.
10. Place a white tile directly below the right yellow tile.
11. Place a brown tile so that it overlaps the top left square of the white tile in step 10.
12. Place a brown tile so that it overlaps the bottom square of the red tile.
13. Place the last white tile to fill the open space at the bottom of the board.

You'll get the Special Boots Dress Up item after solving Puzzle 019. Note that if you happen to miss Puzzle 019 here, you'll get another chance to solve it in the Bostonius halfway through Chapter 3. Try to leave, talk to Dariya then check the boat for a puzzle.

Puzzle 020 - Boat to Boat
Uniformed villains are on the prowl all over Kodh, but if our heroes can hop from boat to boat quickly enough, perhaps they can get to the other side without being spotted! Each boat travels in a fixed direction and at a fixed speed: red boats move one square at a time: blue boats move two; purple boats, three; and orange boats, four Bear in mind that the group to boats adjacent to them, so try to get them across without making a splash!

Solution - Follow these steps to get across to the other side safely.

1. Move east four times then jump to the purple boat above.
2. Move west twice then jump to the red boat above.
3. Move west twice then jump to the blue boat above.
4. Move east three times then jump to the orange boat above.
5. Move west twice then jump to the purple boat above.
6. Move east once then jump to the blue boat above.
7. Move east three times.

You'll get the Fluttery Maxi Skirt after solving Puzzle 020. At the Pier, talk to Igor for a puzzle.

Puzzle 021 - Fishing Friends
Three friends A, B, and C are fishing on the riverbank. Watching them is a keen-eyed fisherman who says: "One of these lads has caught a wellington boot, and another's caught an empty can. The third lad though, he landed himself a really big catch. Now the lad who caught the wellie is next to the one who made the big catch, but it wasn't B who caught the wellie. I'm right about this, mark my words." Who landed the big catch?
Solution - It was lad "B" who landed the big catch.

Head to the Bostonius and speak to Sycamore to for the events that conclude the second chapter.
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Dec 30th 2014 Guest
There's another hint coin to be found in the forest. The large tree to the left of Hazel the squirrel has one in the smaller white spot towards the top of the screen. I found this one by accident. The larger white area on the tree simple shakes the tree and drops nuts.
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