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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and includes transformable items, playing as Reiko and Dixie, unlockable weapons and defeating The End.

More Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 127 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater please send them in here. For more Codes for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater go to:
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Transformable Items

The following list are things you can collect from animals and plants that can be transformed into the indicated useful items.

Amur Kudzu (Plant):

Transforms into Cold Medicine.

Chinese Plantain (Plant):

Transforms into Styptic.

Ezo Comfrey (Plant):

Transforms into Splint.

Slav Horehound (Plant):

Transforms into Disinfectant.

European Rabbit (Animal):

Transforms into Serum.

Baikal Scaly Tooth (Mushroom):

Transforms into Antidote.

Russian False Mango (Fruit):

Transforms into Digestive Medicine.


Transforms into Ointment.

Play as Reiko and Dixie

To unlock the female wrestlers Reiko Hinomoto and Dixie Clemets from 'Rumble Roses' as playable characters to replace Ocelot and Raikov either host an Online game when you have reaching the Doberman (DOB) rank in Online mode or have over 50 hours of Online gameplay.


Unlock Camouflage Download:

This option is unlocked at the 'Main' menu of Disc 1 when you save the game during Disc 1 or by selecting the 'I Like MGS3!' option when you start a new game and then 'Save'.

Unlock Duel Mode:

When starting a new game select the 'I Like MG3!' option and then 'Save' and Duel mode on Disc 2 will become unlocked.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater cheats

Facepaint, Camouflage and Uniforms

Santa Camouflage:

Download it to your memory card.

Grenade Camouflage:

Download it to your memory card.

Mummy Camouflage:

Download it to your memory card.

Valentine Camouflage:

Download it to your memory card. (JP and EU versions)

Chocolate Chip Camouflage:

Bolshaya Past South.

Splitter Camouflage:

Bolshaya Past South.

Splitter Camouflage:

Krasnogorje Mountain top

Water Camouflage:

Bolshaya Past Base.

Snow Camouflage:

Peschera Cave, on the right branch before the Pain.

Ga-Ko Camouflage:

Chyornyj Prud, underwater in northeast.

Camo Rain Drop:

Dolinovodno, under the rope bridge on..

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Cheats

In-game reset:

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select whilst playing a game.

Slower stamina loss:

Select the 'I liked MGS1' option when starting a game to get slower stamina loss

and an introduction sequence which shows Snake without a beard.

Raiden Mask:

Select the 'I liked MG2' option when starting a game to get the Raiden mask and a different introduction sequence.

Monkey Mask:

To unlock Monkey Mask get the top five highest scores in the Snake Vs Ape mini-


Grenade Camouflage:

The Grenade camouflage can be downloaded from the official website for the game. This camouflage will give Snake an endless supply of grenades.

Mummy Camouflage:

The Mummy Camouflage can be downloaded from the ..

Finding 'The End'

If you can't find this boss who is a member of the Cobra unit and is an expert sniper then when battling him go to the map screen and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle to see him on the map.

Unlockable Weapons

Unlock EZ Gun:

This weapon is unlocked by either capturing ALL 48 types of edible plants and animals or playing the game on the 'Very Easy' difficulty. The EZ gun is a silenced tranquilizer weapon which has infinite ammunition.

Unlock Single Action Army Revolver:

During the final duel select the Single Action Army on the right.

Unlock Mosin Nagant Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle:

Using only the Mk22 defeat 'The End'.

Unlock Patriot Pistol:

To get the Boss's gun complete the game.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater cheats

Radio Frequencies

140.01: Salty Catfish - 66 Boys

140.52: Rock Me Baby - 66 Boys

141.24: Sea Breeze - Sergei Mantis

142.94: Pillow Talk - Starry.K

144.06: Jumpin' Johnny - Chunk Raspberry

147.08: Surfing Guitar - 66 Boys

147.59: Sailor - Starry.K

149.53: Don't Be Afraid - Rika Muranaka

Metal Gear Acid Passwords

Bolshaya Past Base:

If you interrogate ALL the enemy soldiers at the Bolshaya Past Base eventually one of them will tell you that 'VIPER' is the password.

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F:

Enter this area wearing the scientist disguise and interrogate the first guard you meet in the lobby until he tells you that 'JEHUTY' is the password.

Hidden Mini-Game

Have you ever got bored and watched the credits, only to read a mini-game thats not Snake Vs Monkey (I think it's called Savage Man but like I know). Well to play it, save the game when your in the prison cell and para-medic will talk about vampires. Turn off your ps2 and load the game and you should have a weird black and white screen and this guy with 2 swords. Congrats on finding the mini-game. Kill all the guys until you kill enough of them or you die.

Controls: Square - Normal attack

Circle - Spin attack

Also when you wake up, call Sigit for a hilarious story about a dream of his.

Radio Frequencies that regain stamina

The following radio frequencies can regain your stamina if you have run out of food or just want to listen to some 60's music.

*Easy & Very Easy*

Frequency Song Title Artist

-147.08 -Surfing Guitar -66 Boys

-140.52 -Rock Me baby -66 Boys

-142.94 -Pillow Talk -Starry K

-144..06 -Jumpin' Johnny -Chunk Rasberry

-147.59 -Sailor -Starry K.

-140.01 -Salty Catfish -66 Boys

-141.24 -Sea Breeze -Sergei Mantis

-149.53 -Don't Be Afraid -Rika Muranaka

Snake throws - up

If you press START and press R1 to open the 'viewer' then hold the right analogue stick to the left or right so it makes Snake spin around. Do this for a while (I'd say about 15-20 times) and when you un-pause Snake will throw up!

PS: This makes you lose some stamina so make sure you have some food to replenish it. (Unless you can aim with a shakey gun)

Invicibillity glitch

When you are getting torcherd in the tourcher L2 and it pauses the game basicly so this glitch will take efect easly when col.volgin says "lets start shall we" hold L2 and you will not be efectted because the ps2 thinks that it didnt go through that part. so there for you have your health in good condition.


Barfing Snake

In the view snake mode in the start menu spin him around and around like 20 times, then go back out to start walking. Snake will hurl on his first step.

The end give away

This cheat will tell you where the end is on the map, go to map then put in up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, square, triangle it should come up on the map as enemy and a red dot thing, sometimes he will be in different areas so you can't see it but walk into another area then put that cheat and yuo should see him (there are three different areas you vs the end in)

Metal Gear AC!D Link.

Once you have completed Metal Gear AC!D for PSP, you can link it to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, via USB.

This will give you three special items, and are all available from the start.

1. EZ Gun.

2. Stealth Camoflague Device.

3. Infinity Face Paint.


Moss Camo & Moisen Naget

All you have to do is wait until the end falls asleep, then pull out your directional microphone and find the snoring noise.Then slowly sneak up behind him and then use your M37, point it at his head until he gives you the Camo. Then proceed to kill him with the MK22 in order to get the Moisen Naget, a tranqulizer sniper rifle. The best thing is that the Moss camo regains your stanima while in the light, it also provides 100% camo in all light mossy(grassy) areas.

Hope you enjoy.Smile PEACE!!

Keratoans: Extra Camouflage

If you are the type of person who explores the whole area and take out every single enemy before continuing, you might as well try this. Throughout the game there are little 'frogs' hidden in certain spots. These frogs are called Keratoans and if you punch or shoot each one of them throughout the whole game you will get an EXTRA CAMOUFLAGE, which I believe is the stealth camuflage, at the end of the game.

There are 60 Keratoans on the whole game so if you want the extra camouflage really bad, make sure you don't miss any of the 60. Any questions on the locations of the frogs just make them on the 'Questions' section adressing them to me and I would gladly answer them.

Unlockable: Mosin Nagant

When you fight The End, beat him using only the MK22. You will get his Sniper Rifle, the Mosin Nagant.

Find the End!

When your fighting the End! Enter your Survival Viewer and enter the following code "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square, triangle. This code really works!!!!

Find the End on the Survival Viewer Map!

Find the End on the the Survival Viewer Map by press up up down down left right left right circle square. Enter the code as soon as you enter the map. DONT press any other buttons or you will have to start the process over.

Gettin Out Of Cell

After being tortured, when Snake is in the cell. Go to your codec, put in 144.75 and the cell will open. Do it wisely...

Unlocking Cell

To Unlock Cell after being tortured; radio 144.75 on Snake's codec. The cell door will open, so becareful..

The Sorrows(the boss)

I don't know how other people used the fake death pill or the revival pill when you can't use them period. Once you walk past the skeleton it zaps you but then the sorrow is gone and you keep walking to the point where you see rays of light and then snake keeps walking but the viewer stops and snake walks out of view. I am stuck at this point. Does anyone have any info on this matter?

Defeating the end

What you have to do is save game in the middle of the battle with the end and once you have saved open the playstation lid and turn it back on.Switch the status to 2012 and load the saved game and there will a scene of the end dead from old age and snake will say to him "drop your weapons"

Get Out Of Sorrow's River FAST

Okay, if you find the sorrow's river annoying, just go into your backpack and equip the knock out handkerchief. press square a lot to wave it in front of your face a lot, and eventually it will knock snake out and he will fall face down in the river and drown, at which point you can use the revival pill to move on

The Jail Cell Number

The number you call when you are in the jail cell is 144.75 not 141.75

THE END'S EARLY TAKEDOWN! (for sniping experts only)

Hey!! wazz up metal gear fans? Did you have trouble eliminating the end and don't want to do it again the next time you beat the game? Then this cheat will come in handy. To eliminate the old wrinckled sniper before even figthing him at all you have to do is this: Instead of swimming straigth ahead the ponizovje south river after defeating the pain and getting out of the cave go to the left just before the river's end to a secret dock in ponizovje west. There you will be able to adquire a SVD sniper.

After getting the sniper, blow up the munitions complex to lower the enemies supplies. Then comes the part you need to pay close attention to. After having the SVD go to the Ponizovje warehouse, emmediately after the cinematic ends equip the SVD and quickly shoot the guard pushin..

Infinite ammo

Infinity Face Paint - You can earn the face paint by finding and capturing the Tsuchinoko snake twice in the game.

It can first be caught with a mouse trap in Graniny Gorki South.

Capture it after you fight The Fear.

Play 3

In one of the rooms in Graniny Gorki Inide walls their will be a magazine that is called Play 3 it says MGS3 on the front and when you shoot it it will open up at a page that has a review on the game .You Cant read it though

Volgin/Shagohod made easy

The fight with Volgin perched on the Shagohod can kinda be a pain at first. To make life easier for yourself try to resist using all those kick-ass guns you've aquired and use your MK22 and the RPG-7. Just hit the tanks treads with a rocket and while it's stopped slug Volgin with a MK22 dart is takes away a huge chunk of his stamina. Using this method he can be defeated in just 5 shots...EASY Smile. I just finished the game without killing a single person, not even a boss YES!!!!! Didnt get anything for it though.....:(

Three easy ways to get out of the jail cell.

There are three easy ways to get out of the jail cell.

1:go into cure mode and spin the heck out of snake,in the middle of the floor he will puke and the guard will say oh are you ok OR did you puke aww jeez ORewwwww you puked,then he will come in and unlock the door , knock him out or interogate him.

2:when you are being tourchered in the torcher room when the boss saya run press R1 and the sorrow will hold the frequince 144.75,as soon as he goes to the the #.

3:go into the cure mode and extract the death pill and use it it will take efect and the guard will anounce your death.


Moss camo

To get the moss camo you have 2 sneak(by using the diretional buttons) point your gun at The End and Snake should say FREEZE and the end should lay on his stomach point the gun at his head and he will say I don't think so do it again and he says it aagain do it a 3rd time he will give you the moss camo

Hope this helps:P:DSmile

Find the end

When you see the end's parrot shoot with the Mk22 but do not pick it up.when the bird wakes up it will circle around the end's head and he will say pesky bird.

Hidden cutscene with the old sniper

When you start the fight save the game then turn off the console , change the time on your playstation so it's a week ahead then load up your game when you load it should have a rather amuseing cutscene and you wont have to fight him.

Beat Sorrow Fast !!!

At the very start of the "Fight", just drown your self, and take the revival pill.

Easy way to beat volgin

When hes in the pit, use the cig guns, you will get hurt, but it is the fastest and easiest way, and even though its fun, dont kill ocelot on the ledge, just keep doing this and you will beat him easy, and when you are being chased by the tank, dont bother with the tank, just equip the scorpion and use it on the other enemies, this goes for all the times you have to fight guys on the motorcycle, and when you fight him after the bridge, get an AA gun, not a small machine gun, and just shoot at him, hell block some of the bullets but not all, and hell try to charge you but if you keep firing, you will stop the charge, and when you fight him after the bridge on the motorcycle, shoot the drive screw and then in a weak spot in the back.

Here are the reasons you are Big Boss in this ga..

Here are the reasons you are Big Boss in this game

1.At the end of MGS the Twin Snakes,Snake says his name is Dave.The person you are in this game is Jack.

2. Snake doesnt have an eyepatch

3. At the end of the game,the president gives Snake the title of Big Boss.

4.During the end timeline it shows in 1972 at the bottom the sons of the Boss are born.It couldn't be from the Boss because she was killed by snake in the 60's so it has to be Big Boss

Beating the Fear

Heres some tips on how to beat The Fear. The Fear jumps from tree to tree in this battle. Take out your Thermal Goggles so it can be a reatively easy matter to track him down in firs person veiw as he jumps from tree to tree.

When he pauses and takes out his crossbow or talks to you - which honestly I think is stupid because I say if your gonna kill somone just do it- pull out a heavey duty machine gun and blast him to death. Use the thin red line on the Thermal Goggles to line up snakes aim.


Sorry I left but here's some more foods and effects.


Snake F-Moderate stamina recovery

Snake G-Great stamina recovery

Snake H-Great stamina recovery

THESE ARE EXTREAMLY RARE,I'll tell you where these are at the feild of daffodils while fighting THE BOSS.

SNAKE LIQUID,Snake I-Excellent stamina recovery

SNAKE SOLID.Snake J-Excellent stamina recovery

SNAKE SOLIDUS,Snake K-Excellent stamina recovery

Now, back to the regular list.

Frog A-Good stamina recovery

Frog B-Barely noticeable stamina recovery

Frog C-Came down with food poisoning

Fish A- Came down with food poisoning

Fish B-Decent stamina recovery

Fish C-Decent stamina recovery

Bird A-Barely noticeable stamina recovery

Bird B-V..

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