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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Game Reviews for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


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Ultima(elite)12th Jun 2005, ID #72
Metal Gear has been around for a very long time. Every installment of the series gets better and better, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is no exception. Everything about this game will appeal t..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review
cheating-is-good24th Apr 2008, ID #852
Alright everyone, I will have to ask that you all bare with me because this is only my second review. I am going to try and cover everything that needs to be said, so I hope that everyone who reads ..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Quick Reviews

Review About MGS 3 Snake Eater Added 14 Apr 2013, ID #34242
I think that MGS 3 Snake Eater it's a very good 3rd person shooting game with a very good storyline and a very good plot but something that is annoying about the game is his camera which is almost always above the player(Snake)but that is fixed when MGS 3 Subsistance is released in the same console because the producers of the games(Hideo Kojima and Konami)maybe understand that there are problems during the gameplay because of the camera
Need the other 2? Added 22 Sep 2006, ID #23528
I give this game a \"solid\" 10/10, good graphics, gameplay, plot and overall the right mix of all the elements a gam like this needs..... however, there are some parts where you need to have played through the first 2.

For example the continuing \"patriots\" plot and various refrences to solid snake and liquid snake, not to mention little hidden refrences like snake calling the new helicopter a hind, which is the type of helicopter that liquide flies in number one.

Other than that THIS GAME ROCKS !!!!!
Metal Gear Solid 3 scores a 20/10! Added 23 Jun 2005, ID #15645
Best Game SO Far BY Far!Metal Gear Solid 1 is the game that got me into games and its sequels pulled me in deeper.I really enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 3.Now for my review...

Intro/10: Interesting and Action-Packed right from the Get-Go.Its really cool when Snake HALO jumps from a plane.
Cinematics/10: The graphics are great and their full of action.
Gameplay/9:A bit slow when you first start sneaking through but it speeds up to be action packed.
Controls/9:Its got the same feel as the old games but when you try to use human shield its hard to switch from Circle to Square.
Concept/10:Its camoflauge system is alot more advanced than Splinter Cell's.The whole idea of sneaking through a jungle and having to hunt for food and heal your wounds is amazing.
Camera/8:The camera is an overhead view which makes it harder to see upcoming enemies and posionous animals.
Realism/10:Unlike the previous games where you just needed a band-aid to stop bleeding, now you have to heal your own wounds(bones,cuts,bites,and stings).You also have to eat when your stamina bar is low to keep yourself awake and your performance high(aiming,swimming,sneaking,running,climbing,fighting).Now you can shoot certain guns while smimming.And the silencers wear out after so much fire so you need new ones.And finally gadgets have recharge-able batteries which can die from overuse.The only thing Snake doesn\'t have to do is use the bathroom which I hope they never add to this game(lol)!!!
Gameplay/9:The gameplay is fast,stealthy,and suspenseful.You can always find out what to do next by calling your superiors over the Radio.It slows a bit when you have to stop to change camo.
A.I./10:Guards duck for cover,call for backup when their safely hidden,and hear you running up behind them.They now also can climb logs and crates.

They have knifes and try to keep their distance.
Character Design/10:Each character is unique and well thought up.
Boss Battles/10:From a fight in a cave with a madman who controls hornets to a Sniper Duel that takes place over 3 AREAS! to a fight with a disgruntled ex-astronaut with a jet-pack and a flamethrower, these battles are unique and vary in difficulty.

Ending/10:The ending is a cliffhanger thats garunteed to make your jaw drop and you shed a tear.
Overall/20:This game is twice as good as a game can get!You must buy!!!

Awards:PSM\'s 2004 \"Game of The Year\" Award and A Nominee for MTV\'s Video Game Awards \"Game of The Year\".

Price:Roughly 40$/varies.
Best game you could get Added 16 Jun 2005, ID #15508
Well the introduction of this game is cool you can pick it by choosing your fav. MGS game

Extravigant this is the only game that i own that im happy with the graphics the rest try to make it nice but this one is the top of my list graphic wise

Its good I like the sound of the gun shots thats whats the best in a game

This gameplay is great but sometimes the camera gets messed up and its hard too see but above all I like the gameplay

Good lasatability not too short too long thats how I want my games to be just right

I will give it a 10 out of 10 because this game inspired me to get into video games and I got to give props to hideo kojima for making a great storyline and to konami for helping out the game be the best there is.

So if you had to choose a game I would advise you to get this one its great you will love it I promise you that.
A PERFECT 10! Added 3 Jan 2005, ID #12347
The minor flaws of this game does not stop me from giving it a perfect game. Everything about it is incredible.

The gameplay, the characters, the story and the emotions involved in it and of course the fun factors that makes any gamer who is new or a veteran of the genre or series, keep there fingers wrapped around the controller.

After you beat it, you are going to want to go back and beat it again.
Metal Fear Solid 3 Ending. Added 14 Dec 2004, ID #12051
I just wanted to tell eveyone that the ending of Metal gear Solid 3 is VERY SAD!

Seriously sad! I almost cried I swear! Lol.

So just telling you make sure you get a box of tissues because your in for a VERY SAD ENDING! :(
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