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Follow the dark path or use the light

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Walkthrough

by Jason Howell

       T A C T I C A L           E S P I O N A G E          A C T I O N

   #    # ### ###  ## ##     #### ####   ## ####     ### ### #  ## ####   33333
   ##  ## ### ### ### ##     #### ####  ### #  #    ##   ### #  ## ####       3
   ###### #    # ## # ##     #    ##   #  # #  #    #### # # #  ## ## #       3
   # ## # ###  # #  # ##     # ## #### #  # ####      #  # # #  ## ## #   33333
   # ## # #    # #### ##     # ## ##   #### #  #     ##  ### #  ## ## #       3
   #    # ###  # #  # ####   #### #### #  # #  #    ##   ### ## ## ####   33333

                              S N A K E      E A T E R

                                V E R S I O N  1 . 0

                                                               /Code: 0001   |

                               Table of Contents


    ||          Name                   ||           Section #               ||
    ||    Table of Contents            ||             0001                  ||
    ||    Version History              ||             0002                  ||
    ||    Walkthough                   ||             0003                  ||
    ||    -Start                       ||             00A3                  ||
    ||    General Info                 ||             0004                  ||
    ||    -Camoflage                   ||             00A4                  ||
    ||    Easter Eggs                  ||             0005                  ||
    ||    Copyright Info               ||             0006                  ||

                                                               /Code: 0002   |

                               Table of Contents


    Version 1.0 (11/17/04): Started the guide

                                                               /Code: 0002   |



    When you first begin the game, you will be asked a few things. The first
    screen you come to asks if you liked MGS1, MGS2, or never played any of
    the games. Answer "I Like MGS2!" for a extra something later one. Then,
    select the difficulty to start the opening cutscene with snake.

    Dremuchij South:
    If you choose "I like MGS2!" you will recieve a extra raiden mask that
    you can use. Since you don't have anything to do, head to the north to
    continue. You can either crawl under a log (X + forward), or head to the
    right path and slide down. Once you are at the tree with moss on it, climb
    up with the Triangle button to reach the branch with the backpack on it.
    Then, push the triangle button again to enter hanging mode, and reach over
    to get your backpack.

    Once you do get your backpack back, you will recieve some camo's, a few
    field rations, a Tranq. Gun, and (may differ) another tranq. gun called
    the EZ gun that has unlimited ammo and has a unbreakable silencer, but
    forces you to reload after every shot. After the codec conversation, you
    can do a few things in the area to help you get adjusted to the controls.
    Once you have your backpack, head to the left to find a blocked path
    with some logs. Use the Triangle button to hop over the top log and get
    to the hidden area.

    In truth, there is not much you can do in this area, but you can get a few
    items. Use your Tranq. Gun to capture the giant snake in front of the tree,
    and shoot down some of the green fruits in the tree to get a few items.

    Once that is done, head back to the northern section where you got your
    backpack, and head to the next area (Exit's to the very north).

    Dremuchij Swamp Land:
    Another fun area to have some fun with. You can get a few animals in the
    grass (frogs, snakes) as well as a few mushrooms. Once you get to the
    quicksand area, try to be careful, since staying in the quicksand too long
    will cause to to sink and die. Also, be aware of the Gators in the area,
    although it wouldn't be a bad idea to kill a few, since they give 3 slots
    worth of food (Also, Gator meat does replenish quite a bit of health).

    Once you are done with that area, head to the northern area to continue.

    Dremuchij North:
    This is where it gets quite serious. Despite the codec convo saying to use
    stealth, you can use force against these guys. Since you do not have a
    lethal weapon yet, you will have to use your knife to do most of the
    dirty work. Best strategy to use is to drop them with a Tranq. Dart and
    then slash them with your knife when they are alseep, killing them (You
    can tell that you killed one when the Z's stop coming out of their head).

    Fortunatly, the enemies in this area are spread out, and it's almost damn
    near impossible for them to find any of the dead guards (Unless you go
    into alert mode), so you don't have to worry about leaving them out in
    the open. The area is like a upside-down L, so head up and then to the
    right to find the enterance to the next area.

    This is a fun area! Basically, there are 3 parts for this area: South,
    North, and the bridge. There are about 3 soliders to the south (Where you
    begin), 1 on the bridge, and 2 to the north. Knock the ones in the southern
    part out first, and then slash them a few times with your knife to kill
    them. Be careful when crossing the bridge, though. While it won't break,
    it can cause you to slip and cling to the side (Use the triangle button
    to lift yourself up). Once you get to the northern section, head to the
    left to head to the next section.

                                                               /Code: 0004   |

                                 General Info


    Camouflage: Camouflage, for the most part, is the biggest change in MGS3.
                When you first start the game, you will recieve a few different
                Camo's, but you will have various chances throughout the game
                to get others. Camo's are the basis for the entire camoflage
                meter, and your first line of stealth. Also, it's good to
                note that you can download various other camo's online.

    Camo List 1.0: (As of 11/18/04)
    Naked Camo

    Profile: "Nothing worn on the upper body"

    Best used for: None

    Info: Quite possibly the worst type of camo you can use. Basically, it
          neither helps nor hurts, which makes it useless. Only wear it if
          you feel bad ass enough.
    Olive Drab

    Profile: "Uncamouflaged normal uniform"

    Best used for: Grass areas

    Info: Like the Naked Camo, it's also pretty useless. Although it is best
          suited for grass areas, the Tiger Stripe works much better. Not
    Tiger Stripe

    Profile: "Effective in trees, grass, or against soil

    Best used for: Any woodland area, all around.

    Info: The best camo to use. Not only is it great for grass, but trees and
          soil in general. Highly recomended for any time of the day, and for
          nearly all general situations.

    Profile: "Effective in underbrush"

    Best used for: Grass areas.

    Info: Much more effective then the Olive Drab, but not as good as the
          tiger stripe. Good if you are in some of the grass areas, but
          pretty useless besides that.
    Tree Bark

    Profile: "Effective when pressed against trees"

    Best used for: Wooded areas.

    Info: Almost as useful as the Tiger Stripe. It's best used for wooded
          areas with a large ammount of trees as well as the different stump
          cut outs.

    Profile: "Effective in brown backrounds"

    Best used for: Red Brick areas.

    Info: "I know, lets create a camo that makes you look like a dumbass, and
           easy to spot!" Meh, useless overall. Only use in the areas with
           red bricks or buildings.

    Profile: "Effective in dark areas or against black ground.

    Best used for: Night time areas, black soil

    Info: While it may seem useless at first, there are a few night-time areas
          in the game that this is pretty useful with.

                                                               /Code: 0005   |

                                 Easter Eggs

    -Once you get the uniform from the Raiden look alike, call Major Zero to
     get a reference to how people reacted to MGS2 Raiden.

    -Try opening the locker you stuffed him in and look at the side. MGS2
     picture galore.

    -Try saluting to different people (Triangle button). Soldiers will let
     you pass, while scientist will tremble with fear when they see you.

    -In the Sorrow battle, you will see raidenwhateverhislastnamewas nude,
     streaking like Raiden was in MGS2, and with part of him censored.

    -Eva is pretty much a combination of Emma and Meryl when it comes to
     AI. Attack her a few times to get attacked yourself, and so on.

    -Use the EZ gun to knock her out, and hear some of the responces. While
     the first few are about food, it gets stranger over time. One minute,
     she's dreaming naughty thoughts about Snake, then about The Boss (The
     hell!?!?), and THEN starts dreaming about someone/thing called Fido,
     a dog maybe? Is Eva a bisexual/has a farm fetish?

    -Like snake, you can have her throw up by rotating her in the cure
     screen. Also, give her a few food items, and hear what she says.

    -Quite possibly one of the biggest references in the game, kill her to
     hear a speach from Roy Cambell himself!

    -Fun with medical stuff. Go to her medical record to find out she had
     brest enlargements. Furthermore, look at her chest area to see, well,
     you'll see. Also, read her Diet record to see a few interesting items.

    Snake VS Ape
    -Throughout the conversation with Roy, you will get several references to
     many different things. First thing he mentions is Spike and Jimmy, the
     main characters of Ape Escape 1 and 2, as well as making a reference to
     Natallie and the Prof (Two supporting characters in both Ape Escapes).
     Secondly, he makes several MGS references (Figting metal gears, Otacon,
     etc). Last, but not least is the Sam and Gabe reference (Splinter Cell
     and Syphon Filter).

    -Obviously, the monkeys are taken from Ape Escape (AKA: Ape Escape 2 in
     reality), as well as a few of the sound bites.

    -The core mechanic of the mini-game is actually very similar to Ape Escape
     (although it is very watered down).

    -The sounds snake makes (Got Ya! and so on) are lines taken from the Ape
     Escape series.

    -Like Mei Ling and Rose, Para-Medic has her own form of Codec save
     discussions: AKA movies (Obviously). There are a few interesting
     convo's to have with her.

    -One of the Save Codec convo's is about a movie with clones. After
     awhile, snake makes a a few ironic comments about cloning as well as
     "I wonder if it will eventually happen to me". Wink wink.

    -Throughout some of the bases, you can find quite a few MGS2/MGS3 related
     magazines lying around. Some include: Gamepro, tips n tricks, and the
     MGS:TTS comic.

    -In the cutscene with that one russian man (Rival of Socolov, makes a
     reference to metal gear), he will show you a paper with a rather
     interesting picture on it. It is none other than good ol' Metal Gear
     Rex! Or so it looks...

    -When you get captured, the guard who feeds you is none other then
     Johnny Sasaki's grandfather, or something of that matter. Like the
     future Johnny's, he will occasionally get Diahrea (and gloat about
     it, too). Also, wait around and he will give you various food items.

    -Save right after you get thrown in jail, then load it back up. You
     will get this wierd mini-game that has you killing these zombies in
     a classic-urban setting. Oddly enough, it seems that you can win a
     few food rations for playing it (After I played it, my cell was filled
     with about 4 random food items).

    -The Sorrow fight is rather interesting. In all, you will see everyone
     you have killed as a zombie, including bosses and various other people.
     Also, the sorrow does appear randomly before and after the boss battle
     (AKA: Showing you the codec number to get out of your cell, which is
     144:75, showing the remaining time before the Volgin battle)

    -The fake death pill has quite a few uses, along with it being the basis
     for The Sorrow battle. You can either use it with trying to get out,
     scaring Eva later on, and a few other things.

                                                               /Code: 0006   |

                              Copyright and Credits

   This guide is Copyright of Jason Howell. While using it on websites is
   fine, editing or selling this guide will warrent legal action. All
   written material has been written by Jason Howell, and not copied from
   other guides without giving credit. Quotes used in the items secion are
   borrowed from the Peasant's Quest game, which was produced and hosted
   by Please don't be a bad boy, or I may have to have
   my lawyers spank your money =O

   If you have any questions, comments, or whatnot, please email me at
   [email protected]