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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Hitman: Blood Money

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Need some help surviving? Try out some of these cheats which include unlimited saves, unlockable weapons and auto climbing past windows.

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We have 45 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Hitman: Blood Money please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PC : Xbox 360

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Unlockable Weapons

As you play your way through the levels different weapons will become unlocked, they are as follows:
A Vintage Year:
Snub Nosed, SAF SMG, TMP, Shotgun
Curtains Down:
MP5, SLP.40 pistol
SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
A New Life:
Air Rifle, SLP.40 Pistol, Bull.480
The Murder of Crows:
Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, SLP.40S, SG552, KAZO TRG, MP9
You Better Watch Out:
SLP.40 Pistol, TMP
Death on the Mississippi:
Desert Eagle, Snub Nosed, Bull.480, FN-2000 , Shotgun
Til Death do us Part:
Six Shooter, Shotgun, Elephant Rifle
A House of Cards:
SLP.40 pistol, SLP.40 S, TMP
A Dance with the Devil:
Desert Eagle, SLP.40 pistol, MP5, MP7, F..

Unlimited Saves

During gameplay when you are in the middle of a mission and in the process of saving if you repeatedly press the Start button you'll find that when the process has completed the number of saves won't be less.


UPDATE :: Mike Penance (who has also written a walkthrough for this game here suggests that for these cheats to work you have to input them REALLY FAST.
Unlock ALL Levels:
At the Start screen press Triangle, Square, square, Right, Down, Left, R2, X, X
Take ALL Weapons with you:
At the Start screen press Triangle, Triangle, Square, O, R1, O, R2, X, X
Unlock Alternative Main Menu:
Successfully complete the game to unlock an alternate background of the Main menu

Auto Climb Past Windows

When you encounter a window that you can't get through, touch the window and then bring up your map. Then go back in-game and 47 will be able to climb through the window.


Unlock Alternate Ending Sequence:
When you are given the antidote to the Death serum by Diana in the final level (Requiem), your power bar will rise and fall to the beat of Agent 47's heart during the ending credits. If you now keep pressing the Left analog-stick 'Up and 'Down' Agent 47 will come back to life for a mission where he must leave no witnesses.
Unlock Alternate Background:
When you have beaten the game the alternate 'Main' menu background is unlocked.

Here's a list that will come in useful when you want to buy an upgrade for your weapon.
M4 Upgrade
Butt Stock - $50,000.
Ris Handguard - $50,000.
Low Velocity Ammo - $50,000.
Extra Ammo - $75,000.
Laser Sight - $..

A Vintage Year

Ok, so when you start the mission a vintage year immidiately go backwards and follow the guard. Once the guard is at the fence go up behind him and use your fiber wire then take his suit and throw him over the edge.
Grab his shotgun then go to the chair to the left grab all of the ammo. After you do all that turn the corner and enter the door then go through the other door and turn to the right and go straight and enter through the 2 doors. After you enter go straight down but don't enter the door and turn to the right and climb up the pole. Go around the corner and enter the window.
Kill the guy playing the violin then throw him out the window. Immidiately after go through the window an jump off the roof straight ahead kill the guy and throw him over the edge. Tu..

Death on the mississipi zombie secret

When you start go < you will see a guard come out an engine room go when you turn > you will see some stairs go up them sneak behind the guard shoot him with your gun in the head pick lock the door you see him come out of drag the body inside turn > then throw him over the railings as soon as you come in once you throw him over hide your gun go down the steps the same way you came in you will see a ship guard come past with a guy in a red shirt behind the guard go behind the guy with the red shirt on and get your gun out and use him as a human shield you can kill the guy in front of him if you want then go up the steps agin and into the boiler room knock him out and throw him over < the other rail now everyone on the level is a zombie but they can only punch but they walk like zombies

Im sorry to tell you

If you think that are cheats in this game. Well your worng. I'm very sorry to tell you this. There are only action replay and game shark codes. If you hate go and hate me. If you beleave the cheats works try and do them. Ill bet $100 that they wont work. I've tryed them. I am not faking this.

Main Menu Funeral

When you're looking at the main menu with the funeral taking place, you might notice that the audience present are actually victims of your future assasinations that'll take place in the game.
Sheihk Al-Fhaiyed is at the front, the three rehab targets are with the ship captain, Vinnie Sinistra is on the right in his strange shirt, they're all there. Quite strange really, but there we are.

Hidden Cut scene.

There is a cutscene that you can watch but doesn't have anything to do with the game, here's how. First go to the menu and load your profile, then go to start game, and pick your difficulty. But at the level select screen don't press anything, just put the controller down, and wait for a few minutes. Soon it should show a loading bar then a movie will come on.
Or, you could beat a level, and read the newspaper, then go to the level select screen, and wait. Either way should work. You'll know your watching it because at the beginning of the cut scene/movie thing, a man will say, " As your friend I'll give it to you. " He is referring to 47's number.

Infinite Saves on Normal & Hard Difficulties

For an infinite number of saves (obviously not on Rookie or Pro) simply keep tapping the start button while saving your game. The next time you go to save, you'll notice that the number of saves you can make hasn't gone down.

Swing King Kill

On the training level, when you get into swing King's office, look to the right of his desk and there is a baseball bat hanging on the wall. Picck this up and then go behind him to do a gruesome kill.

Alternate Ending

Complete Reqium (last Level) And while the credits are rolling, tip the left analogue.
Stick up repeatedly and you will see that the health bar goes up. When the bar is up at the top, Hitman will gradually stand up.
Although you have to kill 10 bodygaurds, and that guy that's always in a wheelchair, it isn't too hard on begginer difficulty.
The guards have TMPs, and the other guy has a revolver, so watch out.
The objective is to Not let the bodyguards escape. I'm not telling you the ending but good luck and God-Speed!!

+++!!HOPE I HELPED!!+++

Super Human in TillDeathDoUsPart

When you start the level , there is a little shack to the right if you go in there is a man in a pink shirt and white trousers. If he is alone in the room, when he is at the beds sometimes he will stay there and not move I shot him on the back of the head. With my fully customized and silenced silverballer and he was still alive !!.It hapenned lots of times so it can't be an error. If you want to try it , go in the room and close the door, crouch down wait until he is at the beds and is still and nobody else is in the room and shoot him with a silenced weapon. And he wont die !. By progamerkevin

Funny stuff in newspaper

If you read the newspaper that comes after beating a level, you can actually get a good laugh. Look at the entire news paper, and you can read about such things as: " poodle explodes in microwave. " Or " Lion is stronger than 42 midgets! " Look at the entire newspaper after a level it can be funny what you read.

House of cards targets.

On the level house of cards you have to eliminate 3 targets, which can be hard. This is a thing I found out that might help.
First start the level, then go into the lobby, up the stairs, and into the elevator on the left. You don't need your keycard. When the elevator door closes, climb the hatch, pull out your fiberwire, and wait for the scientist to come into the elevator. When it starts to go up, strangle him, and jump down into the elevator.
Then go back down to the lobby floor. Exit that elevator, and go into the other one. So you'll be in the one on the right. Again climb the hatch, and wait for henry to come into the elevator. Then do the same thing to him as you did to the scientist. Then steal his clothes, and his suitcase, and go back down to the lobby.

Fun Idea

People who like to do funny stuff should do what I do.Beat the game on rookie then go back to levels and do funny kills.Ex:On a new life I killed whathisname with a knife to the head.He got nailed to his desk by the knife.

Murder of thy crows

I tried to fool the crow guys into stopping the assasination by Stealing a Blues Costume from that drunk guy the I went into the club and went to the top floor and stole Raymonds Sniper rifle without him seeing me and thought he would be exectuted for failing the mission but instead a couple minutes later the chick crow jumped onto the stage and slit the presidents throat so don't do what I did

preist 47

On the level where you protect the red head on the mississipi steal the preists cloths and bible and rign the bell and go to the gazebo and press x to preform the ceremany walk up to the alter thing and face the house


First go to the level a new life kill everyone except the dog after youve done that find a sausage at the back of the vets house near the garbage poisen the sausage throw it over the wall into the dogs area when the mini clip comes up go in and get it to chase you right out of its area.

The Requiem

The level 'Requiem' doesn't really have two different endings. The opening cutscene of the level shows Diana injecting 47 with a syringe. It's the experimental death serum you used in the Rehab centre to get the agent out. She put the antidote on her lips and then kisses 47 at the funeral on the LIPS. This should revive 47, but this is up to you. Move the left analogue stick rapidly and 47 will wake up. Then wipeout everyone to complete the mission. If you don't, 47 will dramatically go underground with the bed he's on to be cremated, and 47 is dead forever. That shouldn't happen, he should live so wake him up and kill everyone!

Fire Zombie

On the level "Death of a Showman", when you enter the theatre, you will see a gangster torturing a lawyer. The hint bar tells you to kill him, but if you leave him for a while and just watch, he sets the lawyer on fire. Afterwards, if you look at the dead lawyer on the floor, he has turned into a zombie.

Mice attack

Go to the hide out and have a machine gun with lots of ammo and go to the place where there is those wine bottles and take the machine gun out and shoot them all [ break them all ] and first you shold buy 1 more RU-AP mine then throw 2 RU-AP mines in there by the bottles and stand back and blow them up then go to the boxes [the ones away from the tables] and check if there are 4 mice lined up if there is 4 mice lined up see if you have any ammo left if you do shoot all the mice and if you don't have any ammo get another gun [dosen't matter which one] and then take it and go to the mice and shoot them all and the screen should say you sent the mice to happy land in something secends.

Smart way to start level

Well if you want to learn about the level your doing you should do what I do go in guns blazing until everyone is dead and then check out the area and what wepons and items people have!

Dancing hitman!!

ON the levels: Till Death do us part, and The murder of the crows, or any level where people are dancing, you can make 47 dance. Simply walk into the club, and stand there, not moving anything including the camera. After a few minutes he should start to dance. It looks so weird to see him dancing.
On the level Till death do us part, it may be kinda hard because while your standing there, the woman your standing in front of will be telling you to leave.
To do it on this level, stand in front of one of the men, but facing the woman in the green dress. Soon 47, and the girl should start clapping and spinning around each other.

Easy way to get rid of guards in mis. 5

Here's a trick I just discovered!
In the mission a new life, there is a lot of security guards, so your chances of getting caught are high, so here is an easy way to kill them with out almost dieing, and wasting all your ammo.

If some guards are chasing after you, you might as well get all of them to chase you so you can eliminate them all. Instead of running around everywhere, just go outside, and head into the room with the inside pool. Go into the pool, and sneak/crouch down on the far end, away from the guards, and do not move. The guards will come in the pool, and point their guns at you, but will not shoot unless you move!
Now all you have to do is pool out a gun, stay in your position, and start blasting!

The lucky coin trick

This is for the mission till death do us part. Start the level then go to the area where all the people are dancing, and fighting. Then go up until you see a brownish wall thing. It's to the left of the mansion that the bride, and groom are in. Also to the left of a couple kissing.
Pull out a gun with full zoom, and look at the ground around you, and zoom in. The gun should have a silencer as well. Look around, and you should see a small dirty coin somewhere on the ground, shoot it, then put your gun away. Now turn around, and look at the group of people that are fighting, and they should be half naked, and running towards you. They will crowd around you, and start clapping, and eventually walk away.
Nothing really happens, I just thought it was funny seeing it.

Guards do wave

On the mission a new life, there is cheat you can do to make the pool guards do the wave.
First start the mission, poison the donuts, and give them to the FBI agents in the truck. Take one's uniform, steal the tape, and walk out. Then go to the door with the dog behind it. Go in, and shoot the dog before he can bark, so he won't alert the guard. Then go down the stairs that are there, and go around that room until you find the lighter fluid, then go back up the stairs, and out through the other door. You should now be in the back yard with the pool shed close to you.
Wait for the pool guy to go in, and when he does go in, kill him and take his clothes, and the other bottle of lighter fluid. Then go to the pool, and the wife should be there. Follow her to her bedroom..

easy guard take out

Go to A NEW LIFE and take the sniper rifle with you. Then go to the tree house and set up the sniper rifle. When a guard comes, shoot him. Soon a civilian will come and see the dead guard and will run and tell the other guards. Shoot them when you see them. Even though there will be a chance that the men in the limosine come, just take them out. Then go for the guards that don't come to check out the area. After that, getting the targets will be a breeze.
Hope I helped.

You slugger.

Ha this is fun but real hard.
Remember the mission 'A new life'. While playing you should find a baseball bat.
If you kill everyone even the dog with the baseball bat you will get a secret rating of 'slugger'.
But since enemies use guns this is real hard but seriously doable.

Newspaper headlines.

When you copmlete a mission the newspaper will have an opinion on you. Should you use hand to hand combat most of the time it will say so. It will say very little information is available. If you make headshots it will say how many people were brutally murdered by headshots. If you stick to the target and have high accuracy it will say that you are a trained marksman.

Strechey leg

OK... When you are in any level kill a person make sure there dead, then take there clothes and drag him to a corner then hit man will then pull hard and than the host will stretch his or her leg like the guy from fantastic 4!

Hope you enjoyed it :(Smile

SWEET GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a gun that is the best no joke. Not sure of the name but I do know it's only found in two levels and is a rife with a high rate of fire and good aim. Its found in:
Dance With The Devil: in the case carried by the cia agent.
Death On The Mississippi: in one of the rooms by the engine room with all the workers.

Unlimited Saves

When in the middle of a mission and you're in the process of saving, repeatedly press the start button, and after it's done saving, the number of saves won't lower.

Go Through Windows

When next to a window you can't seem to really get past, bring up your map and then go back in-game and 47 should climb through the window.
Note: Sometimes you have to be touching the window.

More money

If you retr a level after completing it and you used a bomb on a shandalire then try to use an alternative to it as it will cost you with damage control
Eg.on the curtains down mission instead of blowing the shandalire when the other one slips over place a tool box with a bomb there.

Game Programmer's Error

In the level "Dance With The Devil", if you go to the "Hell" section in the food storage room by the "food elevator" thing, there is a plate of lobster titled "KITCHEN CRATE"
If you hold square while holding it, in the "description section", it will read "Allan please add details", an obvious error on their part.

LOL this is funny

Dunno if any of you guys have noticed this, or tried this,
But if you look on top of the Newspaper after doing the Vineyard mission, at the top it says in spanish
"ERRATA/El Congreso aprueba equivocacion que los parados cobraron 6.577.20 pesos"
Ok now I know some spanish and was able to translate this into english.
Its came out as a funny result but it's correct.
Basically it says
"The Congress approves mistake that the unemployed received 6.577.20 pesos" LOL

I found it funny


Get past the dog.

On the 5th mission, A new life, there is a dog on the right side of the house, which can become annoying. An easy way to go past him, rather than lock picking the door to the house across the street, and getting the meat is to simply get an FBI uniform. When you open up the door on the right side of the house, the dog will come and bark at you, for a few seconds before an agent comes and makes the dog follow him. Problem solved.
Also, When you first start out on the mission, continue down the street past the clown van. And to the left of the garbage truck is a house with a tree house in the back yard. If you brought a sniper you can go up there, snipe the dog, the pool guy when he goes to the shed, the clown, the guards, and the wife. Finally, walk up to the house, and stand b..

Tapdancing marines.

On the level Amendment XXVI,( something like that) there is a way to get the marines to tap dance. Just make sure you don't kill any of the marines besides the one that is sitting in the guard room, where you steal the video tape. To get the tap dancing Marines, at the beginning of the level, don't go inside, instead follow the woman with the suitcase. Eventually she'll go to the other side of the bus, and drop the suitcase, as soon as she moves away from it, run over and pick it up, and hurry inside the building. Then after you go through the metal detector go up then left into a bathroom, and wait for a waiter or worker to come in, and use the bathroom. Shut the door, and quickly dispose of him. Take his uniform, pick up the suitcase, and go out of the bathroom, and turn left, and go p..

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