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Hitman: Blood Money Cheats for Xbox

Cheats and Tips for Hitman: Blood Money


We have 18 cheats and tips on Xbox. If you have any cheats or tips for Hitman: Blood Money please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC : Xbox 360

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Unlimited Saves

Here's a sneaky little trick to get you an infinte amount of 'Saves'. When you’re in the middle of a mission and in the process of saving keep pressing the 'Start' button and after it's completed saving you will find that the number of saves you had didn't lower.

Dancing Agent 47

OK... This is a serious game right... Well have about some light relief... When you reach the "The Murder of Crows" level, you will find on it a Salsa bar, and rock bar and a blues bar. Get yourself hooked up with an outfit for one of these, go into one and position yourself in with al the dancers, then sit back, don't touch your controller (give it a few minutes), and check out a nifty jive.

Unlock Infinite Coins

Enter the password '1LMON3Y' without the quotes as a new Profile to get infinite coins in the game.

Accidental Kills

So you want to get away witha murder on this game, one way is to use an "Accidental Kill". The biggest benefit of this is that if you pull it off nobody will suspect you of the crime... This will keep your tension level down, and the police off your tail. So why not try this one... Drop a piano on someones head... See if you get away with that in the game... (No, not real life... Please!)

How to do the Lucky Coin Easter Egg.

This is for the mission till death do us part. Alright, first, start the level and then go to the area where all the people are dancing, and fighting. Then go up until you see a brownish wall thing. It's to the left of the mansion that the bride, and groom are in. Also to the left of a couple kissing. So you should be to the left of the mansion, where no one can really see you, and if you look to your right, you will see two people sucking each others faces.
Pull out a gun with full zoom, and look at the lake area that is around you, and zoom in. The gun should have a silencer as well. Look around, and you should see a small dirty coin somewhere on the ground underwater, shoot it, then put your gun away, or leave it out. Now turn around, and look at the group of people that a..

How to make Agent 47 dance.

If you are on one of the following levels: Till Death do us part, and The murder of the crows, or any other level where people are dancing, then you can make Agent 47 dance. All you need to do is walk into the club, or wherever people are dancing at, and get in front of a partner. Now, do not move for several minutes, I mean do not even move the camera. After a few minutes he should start to dance. It looks so weird to see him dancing, but it is funny.
On the level 'Till death do us part', it may be harder to dance than usual because while your standing there wanting to dance, the woman your standing in front of will be telling you to leave. Not exactly a good partner.
To do it on this level, stand in front of one of the men, but facing the woman in the green dress...

Kill dog with air rifle!!!!!!

In the level 'a new life' when you start it go round the corner and you will see houses. Look to the right and you will see a house with a garage attached to it which is open. Enter it and on the side of a table you will find air rifle bullets. Take them and walk out of the garage. Turn right and past the white van. Keep going down the road and round the corner until you see a house straight in front of you, you can't miss it because there is a woman gardening outside it. You will see next to the house a treehouse which behind the woman. Climb up the ladders and when you reach the top, look to the right and an air rifle is on the table. Pick it up and look through all of the windows. Out of one of them you will see a german shepard on guard (DO NOT SHOOT WHEN YOU SEE IT STRAIGHT AWAY!!!)..

Get ammo in the misson new life

To get ammo get a gun and take it over to a gard how has not got a gun and drop it in frount of them and thay will pick it up and then he will reload it and then take it off him and you will have more ammo in that gun it works for most guns pluse the air rifle

An easy place to take out a lot of people on mission 5.

Well, I figured that I might as well contribute in the XBOX version of Hitman: Blood Money since I already have contributed to the Playstation 2 version. That way, the XBOX users can have the same secrets as everyone else.
On the level, A new life, there is an area that if you use it to your advantage, you can take out a lot of the guards on the level. You can also take out the wife, and some other people easily. Here is how you do it. First, upgrade your Sniper Rifle till you obtain the silencer. After you equip the silencer, begin the level. Head down the street, and past the target's house. Soon enough, you should come upon a garbage truck. Across from the truck, will be a house with a tree house in the backyard. In the front yard there will be a woman squatting down.

Simple way to take out two targets on Casino level.

First, I have to apoligize to everyone who reads this hint. I have forgotten the name of the level. Anyway, on with the good information.
At the very beginning of the level, head inside the casino, and go down the path to your right. Keep in mind that this is at the very beginning of the level, so make sure that you are walking past a woman who tires to greet you. Continue down the hall, and make another turn right, you should now be in the main area of the casino, or the lobby as it's called. After you arrive in the lobby, head on over to the counter on the right, and talk to the woman there. You should now have your room key, so take the elevator on the left. It should go up. Now, climb through the hatch on the ceiling so that you are standing on the top of the elevator.

Dancing Marines on Amendment XXVI.

On the level Amendment XXVI, there is a way that you can get the marines to tap dance. Just make sure you don't kill any of the marines besides the one that is sitting in the guard room, where you steal the video tape. To get the tap dancing Marines, here is what you do. At the beginning of the level, don't go inside just yet, instead follow the woman with the suitcase. Eventually she will go to the other side of the bus, and drop the suitcase, as soon as she moves away from it, run over and pick the suitcase up, and hurry through the double doors.
Then, after you go through the metal detector, and get past the pesky guards go up, then left into a bathroom, and wait for a waiter or worker to come in, and use the bathroom. Shut the door, and quickly dispose of him. Take his uni..

Yet another way to kill guards in mission 5.

This is about a trick that I discovered a few months ago.
On the mission a 'New Life', there is a lot of F.B.I. Agents that are protecting your Target, this means that your chances of getting caught or killed are high. Here is a secret tactic that you can use to kill all the guards without getting hurt.

If there guards are chasing after you, you might as well get all of them to chase you so you can eliminate all the guards at one time. Instead of running around everywhere like an idot, just go outside, and head into the room with the inside pool. Go into the pool, and sneak/crouch down on the far end, away from the guards, and do not move. The guards will come in and stand around the pool, and point their guns at you, but will not shoot at you unless you move!..

Want a good laugh? Read the paper.

If you read the newspaper that pops up after you finish beating a level, you can actually get a good laugh, and be surprised at what you see. If you take the time to look at the entire news paper, and not just the section that shows your ranking then you can read a lot of amusing stories. In fact, you can read about such things as: "poodle explodes in microwave." Or "Lion is stronger than 42 midgets!" Another good article was called, "Dwarf stuck in Toilet."
So, after you are done killing people, take a look at the newspaper, you never know what you will read about.

Aah, a zombie!!

Oh yeah, seems like Hitman: Blood Money took some elements from the glorious Resident Evil games.
On the tutorial level, titled 'Death of a Showman' you can actually see a zombie. Get into the area where a man is tied up on a horse, and a man in front of him is pouring gasoline on him. I am sure that the heroes will want to save the man, but if you want to see the zombie, then don't. Now, eventually the man will set the tied up guy on fire. After he burns to death, go over and look at his body. It will look like a zombie, not like a burned alive person would look.

Get a secret rating on 'A new life.'

On Mission 5, A.K.A. 'A new life' there is a chance for you to get a secret rating. This secret rating is called Slugger. The only way for you to get this rating is for you to kill every person in the level...using a baseball bat as your weapon. You can find the bat in the garage across the target's house. Just make sure you kill all the guards, the target, his wife, the garbage truck workers, the man jogging, and all the other people on the level. You will not get anything by completing this way, but it is fun. If anything, it will be hard.

Replay value

Pass the game then
Play any level on any difficulty
To play the level with all you're unlocked upgrades from the previous go
And you also unlock level select
Now thats cool!

Easy way to kill the groom on mission name till death

Hi this is a really easy way to kill the groom.You start out on the dock.if you go right then straight turn to your left keep goin that way it looks like the dock ends but it doesn't turn right then there should be a building to the right of you theres a past out guy in there take his clothes go in the big tent get the present place a ru-ap mine on itgo in the mansion drop the kitchen what is to the right of the stairs then wait for the groom to go in there and boom. He is dead. Happy gaming

A simple trick that will save your saves on the normal, and medi

Alright, I was very surprised that I did not see this submitted anywhere in this section, so here it is. Now those of you who do not know about this cheat, will know.
This trick can be done any game difficulty where you have a limited number of saves. It can be used on any level, and as many times as you possibly want to use it. There is no limit to the trick. Now, what the trick does exactly, is give you unlimited saves. It makes it so that whenever you save, your number never decreases. Now, the actual trick is simple. While saving press start repeatedly till it is finished. Just keep pressing start. Thats it, if you started pressing the button at the right time, then your number will have not decreased.
Hope this helps.

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