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Hitman: Blood Money


Weapons/Equipment FAQ

by CommandoSolo

Hitman: Blood Money 
Weapons and Equipment Guide
Last Updated:
By: CommandoSolo

Table of Contents
2.0-----------------------------------------------------What Weapons to use
4.0-----------------------------------------------------Non-Firearm Weapons
8.0----------------------------------------------------------Assault Rifles
9.0-----------------------------------------------------------Sniper Rifles
11.0---------------------------------------------------------Special Thanks
13.0-------------------------------------------------------------Legal Info
     Hey everyone this is my FAQ for Hitman: Blood Money's weapons and 
equipment. This is my second FAQ and so I might have a few minor mistakes. 
You can reach me at [email protected] Just make sure that your E-Mail 
contains the phrase:"About your Blood Money FAQ". If it dosen't have that then
I'm deleting it. Also if any of you have COD2 or GRAW then you might see me 
around. My Gamertag is:LoneCommando467. Anyway I hope that everyone enjoys my
FAQ and finds it helpful. If you have any questions or comments E-mail me.
By the way if this is on any site except or let me know right away.
What Weapons to Use
     What weapons should use. The weapons you bring with you in to the misson
will depend on the misson, the enviroment, security levels at the location, 
and how you plan to conduct the misson. If you aim to get a silent assassin 
then a suppresed(silienced) pistol and a good sniper rifle are your best
friends. However if you are going to go for the kill everyone in sight 
approach then it is useful to have a M-4 or something similar located on site
for your use. Also it is useful if you plan on shooting to know if ammo for
your gun will be available on site. Espically if you are going in with a gun 
other then your trademarke weapons.
     A feature new to Hitman games from Hitman:Blood Money is the ability to 
purchase and install upgrades for your trademark guns which are the Hardballer
, the tatical submachine gun, the M-4, the SPAS-12 shotgun, and the WA2000 
sniper rifle. Some of these like the silincers open new options to use when 
taking out your targets. Beware thought some of these will stop you from using
other upgrades, for example on the hardbaler the long slide will not let you
use the suppresor. 
Upgrades for:
Hardballer:          SPAS-12:                 Tatical submachine gun:
Low Velocity Ammo    Flechette Ammo           Butt Stock(A3 type)
Silencer Type 1      Butt Stock               Low Velocity Ammo
Extra Ammo           Extra Ammo               Butt Stock(A2 Type)
Laser Sight          Reload Boost             Rail Mount
Rail Mount           12 gauge slugs           Magnum Ammo
Magnum Ammo          Rail Mount               Rapid Fire
Dual Action          short barrel             Short Barrel
Long Slide           laser sight              Silencer Type 1
Red Dot Sight        magazine                 Laser Sight
Large Clip           Red Dot Sight            Double Clip
Silencer Type 2      Silencer Type 1          Silencer Type 2
Full Auto Fire                                Red Dot Sight
Scope Type 1
M-4:                  WA2000:                 Equipment:
R.I.S. Handguard      Low Velocity Ammo       Pain Killers
Low Velocity ammo     Double Capacity Clip    7X50 Zoom Binoculars
Butt Stock            Extra Ammo              Improved Lockpick
Extra Ammo            Scope Type 1            Kevlar Vest
Laser Sight           Lightweight Frame       Enhanced Detanator
Rail Mount            Silencer Type 1         Adrenaline
Armour Piercing Ammo  Armour Piercing Ammo    Flak Vest
Silencer Type 1       Extra Ammo              Extra Mine
Pistol grip           Carbon-Fiber Barrel     Cratt Schultz Lockpick
Double Clip           Bolt Action             Foil Padded Suitcase
Red Dot Sight         Silencer Type 2         Flexiable Flak Vest
Silencer Type 2       Scope Type 2
Drum Magazine
Scope Type 1
Non-Firearm Weapons
This section will go over all of the weapons that don't use bullets.

Fiber Wire
Description: Use to strangle people. Must be done from behind. Best for when
going for those stealthy kills as it leaves no evidence of it's use.

Syringe Sedative
Description: Use to knock out guards. Keeps them out for several minutes. Must
use from behind. Remember don't mix drugs which includes this with alcohol.

Syringe Poision
Description: Same as above except lethal. Don't use on cops or civilans if 
going for Silent Assasin. Contains highly lethal combination of Sodium
Pentothal, pavulon, and postassium chloride.

Ru-Ap mine
Description:Small explosive charge. Leave or plant and blow later. Excellent 
for causing accidents. Uses C4 explosive.

Description:Detonates the explosive charges. Has to be done 1 at a time.

Fire Extingusher
Description: Use to extigushe fires. Also great for clobbering people with.

Description:Used to pound stuff. Including heads. Can be thrown as a weapon.

Baseball Bat
Description: Use to send baseballs out of the park and get home runs. Also 
ideal for close quater fighting

Kitchen Knife
Description: Knife sharp. Requires a couple of stabs or a sneak attack to kill
47 being smart goes for the weak points in a sneak attack:throat or kidneys.

Meat Cleaver
Description: Biger knife for cutting large pieces of meat including people.

Hedge Trimmers
Description:Used to trim hedges and is very sharp for that purpose.

Description: Sharp point for screwing in those tiny screws. Can also be used
to screw people.

Description:Used to put coal into the furnace it is very sturdy and is made of

Description:Compact and small daggar. Common on assasins.
Pistols are small firearms. What they lose in firepower and accuracy is gained
in compactness. Anyway some can become quite powerful and still be conceable.

Real Name: Heckler & Koch USP45
Caliber:.45 ACP(Automatic Colt Pistol)
Country of Orign: Germany
Magazine Capacity:12
Found in Missons:Death of a Showman, Curtains Down, Flatline, A new Life, 
A murder of crows, You better watch out,A house of Cards, A dance with the 
devil, Amendment XXV, Requiem
Other info: commonely used by cops and security agents. Most common weapon 
in game.

Real Name: Heckler & Koch USP.45 Tatical
Caliber: .45ACP
Country of Orign:Germany
Magazine Capacity:12
Found in Missons:The murder of Crows
Other Info:Silenced SLP.40. Not the greatest weapon. Use if you want a 

Desert Eagle
Real Name:Magnum Research(Manufactured by Israeli Miltary Industries) 
Desert Eagle
Caliber: .357, .44, .50 not sure which but one of these
Country of Orign:USA
Magazine Capacity:9
Found in Missons:Death of a Showman, The Murder of Crows, Death on the 
Missisipi, A dance with the Devil, and Amendment XXV
Other Info: Very Powerful and loud. Often found on targets.

Snub Nosed Revolver:
Real Name:Colt Chiefs Special
Country of Orign:United States
Magazine Capacity:6
Found in Missons:A vintage year, Death on the mississippi
Other Info: Small compact. The short barell reduces accuracy.

Bull .480
Real Name:Absolutely no idea
Country of Orign:Unknown
Magazine Capacity:6
Found in Missons:A new life, Death on the mississippi
Other Info:Kind of Powerful but not the greatest weapon

Six Shooter
Real Name:Colt Peacemaker?
Caliber:.45 proably but could be several others
Country of Orign:United States
Magazine Capacity:6 duh it's a six shooter
Found in Missons:Till Death do us part
Other Info:not the greatest gun but it does have a lot of available ammo for

Real Name:AMT Hardballer
Country of Orign:United States of America
Magazine Capacity:Depends on the Upgrade
Found in Missons:You bring it in with you.
Other Info:Best overall gun in the game. Quiet, lethal, compact, accurate
Submachine Guns

Real Name:Heckler & Koch MP5A2
Country of Orign:Germany
Magazine Capacity:25(odd the real one holds 30)
Found in Missons: Curtains Down, A dance with the Devil, Amendment XXV
Other Info:lIght, accurate, deadly submachine gun. Favroite of countless 
military and police groups.

Real Name:Heckler & Koch MP7
Country of Orign: Germany
Magazine Capacity:25
Found in Missons:A New Life, A dance with the Devil, Requiem
Other Info:Small submachine gun with ammo designed to penetrate body armour.

Real Name: Ruger MP9
Caliber:9X19mm Parabellum
Country of Orign:United States
Magazine Capacity:25
Found in Missons: A Murder of Crows
Other Info:Another returning hitman weapon. Light decent quality submachine 

Tatical SMG:
Real Name:Heckler &Koch MP5A1 when at begining stage. Upgrades turns into 
MP5A2, Mp5A3, or MP5K.
Country of Orign:Germany
Magazine Capacity:25
Found in Missons:You bring it in with you.
Other Info:Starting it's decent. Upgraded it is quite lethal.

Real Name:Steyr TMP
Caliber:9X19 para
Country of Orign:Austria
Magazine Capacity:25
Found in Missons:Death of a Showman, A vintage year, Flatline,A house of Cards 
Other Info: Pretty sweet weapon for a shootout. Espically againist similary
equippied enemies.

Country of Orign:Chile
Magazine Capacity:25
Found in Missons:A vintage year
Other Info:Chile submachine gun based off of SIG 

Real Name:Franchi Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun/Sporting Purpose Automatic
Shotgun 12
Caliber:12 gauge
Country of Orign:Italy
Magazine Capacity:Depends on upgrade
Found in Missons:You Bring it in with you
Other Info:Excellent combat shotgun. Only use in close quaters. 

12 Gauge Pump
Real Name:Unknown
Caliber:12 gauge
Country of Orign:Unknown
Magazine Capactiy:6
Found in Missons:Death of a Showman, A vintage year, Death on the mississippi,
Till Death do us part
Other Info:Piece of Crap. Avoid. Weak and range is far too limited. Good for 
door breaching though.
Assault Rifles

Real Name:Colt M-4 
Caliber:5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Country of Orign:United States of America
Magazine Capacity:Depends on Upgrade
Found in Missons:You Bring it in with you.
Other Info:Excellent for missons where you plan to shoot everyone. 

Real Name: Fabrique Nationale Herstal F2000
Caliber:5.56x45 mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Country of Orign:Belgium
Magazine Capacity:30
Found in Missons:Death on the Mississippi, A dance with the Devil
Other Info:Powerful, loud, has case but you won't have it if you bring it in
with you.

Real Name:SIG 552 Commando
Caliber:5.56X45mm NATO (.223 Remington)
Country of Orign:Switzerland
Magazine Capacity:30
Found in Missons:A Murder of Crows
Other Info:Lightweight accurate lethal assault rifle

Real Name:M-14
Caliber:7.62 Nato (.308 Winchester)
Country of Orign:United States of America
Magazine Capacity:20
Found in Missons:Amendment XXV
Other Info:Develpoed off of M-1 Garand after the Second World War. Heavy, 
lethal, and accurate rifle. The ones in this game have their fire selectors
locked to Semi-Automatic so no full auto.
Sniper Rifles:

Real Name:Walther WA200
Caliber:7.62 Nato(.308Winchester)
Country of Orign:Germany
Magazine Capacity:Depends on Upgrade.
Found in Missons:You bring it in with you.
Other Info:I knew Walther made guns for James Bond but I didn't know they made
them for Agent 47. Deadly beyond inmagination. Thats how deadly this rifle can
be in this game.

Air Rifle
Real Name:Unknown
Caliber:Not Given
Country of Orign:Not Given
Magazine Capacity:1
Found in Missons:A New Life
Other Info:Used to tranqulize guards that must be taken out non-lethaly at 

Real Name:SVD Dragunov
Caliber:7.62x54mm Rimmed 
Country of Orign:Soviet Union
Magazine Capacity:10
Found in Missons:Death of a Showman, A dance with the Devil
Other Info:Excellent Sniper Rifle

Kazo TRG
Real Name:Sako TRG
Caliber:7.62 Nato(.308 Winchester)/.338 Lapula Could be either
Country of Orign:Finland
Magazine Capacity:10
Found in Missons:A Murder of Crows
Other Info:

Elephant Rifle
Real Name:Unknown
Caliber:Proably a big bullet but I'm not sure since I can't identify it's real
life counterpart
Country of Orign:Unknown
Magazine Capacity:10
Found in Missons:Till Death do us part
Other Info:Powerful, loud hunting rifle designed for big game

Description:Looks like a gold U.S. Dollar. Throw to distract people.

Description:Use to get a closer look at far away stuff. Can be upgraded to 
have zoom.

Description:Used to help numb pain and give you a fighting chance when close
to death.

Pain Killers
Description:Used to numb pain from wounds to enable you to fight better.

Description:Used to open locked doors. Can be upgraded to advanced set and 
then to lockpick gun.

Kevlar/Flak/Flexiable Flak Vest:
Description:Protects you from enemy fire. Except for Flexiable Flak vest the
vest is lost when changing clothes.

Special Thanks to:
All of my readers
Eidos for such a great game
Wikipedia for information and spelling help
Google for spelling help for information
the sites that this is hosted on for hosting it
music for getting me through the lengthy process of writing this
Ok well I hope this helps you with your game. look out for future guides from 
me. Yay Hitman.
Legal Info
This FAQ is copyright 2006 Robert Rose. It may not be used anywhere except on and If you want to print this guide that 
is fine as long as I am
credited as the author. If anyone wishes to use this guide in any other manner 
please contact me first.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.
All trademarksand copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.