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Hitman: Blood Money



by Nogarda

              Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough for Xbox 360

              Author: Nogarda

              Guides by Author:

                 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [PC]

                 Tomb Raider: Legend Boss Walkthrough[All Formats]

                 Hitman: Blood Money [Xbox 360]

For contact Information see the FAQ section of this guide.


                   Assassination 101


                        - Death Of A Showman
                        - Hideout
                        - A Vintage Year
                        - Curtains Down
                        - Flatline
                        - A New Life
                        - The Murder Of Crows
                        - You Better Watch Out...
                        - Death On The Mississippi
                        - Till Death Do Us Part
                        - A House Of Cards
                        - A Dance With The Devil
                        - Amendment XXV
                        - Requiem


                   How To Earn The Achievements


                        - Noteriety
                        - SA Rank on Pro
                        - Special Rating

                   Legal & Copyright Notes

                   Version History


Welcome to the next 110% genuine installment of the HITMAN series.
This guide while impartial to format. was created using the XBOX 360
version of this game. This guide is currently only based on normal
difficulty. And where there are Silent Assassin ranks, (SA from here
on out.) Is intended only to get you through your first completion.

There are many ways to accomplish some levels. But at the current
time this Walkthrough is just focusing on the way I know.And the 
rank you'll attain by following the walkthrough. I WILL edit this 
guide so it is Silent Assassins through all rank attainable levels.
and add any information a lot later in time for harder difficulties.


Before you even tighten that fibre wire, or test your syringe.
There are a few and vital tips to mastering this game.

1. Do NOT exspect to go into a level for the very first time and
come out with a SA rank. The result will either be a swarm of 
enemies, where you won't survive. Or a very low rank such as Mass

2. Scouting. There are two ways to do this. The first is to walk
around in level. Follow the mark find out where they go, can you
follow them with out getting tension/suspiction. The second is by
checking your Live Action Map as I call it. At the start of
every level check the map, and find your mark(s). You can then 
follow them via the map to whatever floors and/or rooms they go in.

3. Real Assassins don't need guns. Though they look pretty in your
collection ;). Your most used weapon if following this guide to the
letter will be the syringe, followed closely by the fibre wire. 

4. Speaking of guns. Collect them just before you finish a mission
stash them in a corner near the 'escape', or collect them on a repeat
run. Don't think you have to do/collect everything first time around.

5. Take the time needed. Sometimes you don't even have to be within
100 feet of the mark to take them out.

6. Theres always a lesson to learn from a mistake, weather its 
timing when to sedate a person or when not too. A mistake in this 
game however is one step closer to the right way.

7. Unless on Pro difficulty, save after you've taken out the mark &
successfully disposed of the body. This will then be your checkpoint
incase you make a mistake. Because lets face it you don't wanna
restart when you where on your last objective.

8. Somethings may not happen exactly like you read due to the AI 
randomising a little with each try/retry. ie, a enemy may go to the 
bathroom quicker or later than your previous attempt. Always bare 
this in mind.


                       DEATH OF A SHOWMAN

Rank Attainable: No Rank is attainable for this level


 - Kill Joseph Clarence a.k.a 'Mr. Swing King'
 - Escape

Average Time: 5 Minutes


So here we are once more. Though this level is purely tutorial. Now
run along the pier, turn left climb up, face right and climb up the
higher ledge and one more to your right, you'll see the ice cream
truck. Run straight forawd towards the building in the distance.
You'll run by a car with blood trails going towards the gate. Wait 
here for Diana to brief you further. The guy guarding the gate will
then start talking, until 47 turns him into a makeshift lockpick.
Proceed left into the gift shop. To your right is a murky window,
and just beyond that are two chatting guards. you'll pe prompted to
throw a coin. To do this hold 'X' and select the coin in your 
inventory. Then click and hold in the left thumbstick. Aim it so
when you throw the coin, it goes out the open window beyond the
guards. When they both start to move off, run out the door following
the mesh fencing on your left. to a set of double doors. Through here
you'll be prompted to take out a guard torturing the guy from the

Take himout anyway you see fit. Next climb up the red trelace behind
a few boxes. Then jump across the small gap to the balcony by
pushing against the rail. Then pick up the shotgun. Pick the lock on
the door and waste the two guards at the table. hide the bodies in
the two body sized crates in the room. then take the kitchen knife
out of the closet door. and enter the closet to prompt the pharmacist
into entering the room. exit the closet and without moving click in
the left thumbstick and release the kitchen knife at the pharmacist's
body for a cool kill. Pick up the keycard and change costume.Drop the
shotgun if you still have it. and proceed forward using the keycard
on the door. Run by the guard into the 1st entry to your left to see
a pistiol and a crate. Hide the pistol in the crate. Pick up the crate
and proceed to the guard manning the double white doors. He will then
search you with a metal dectector.(This is a good point to note. in 
all other levels inwhich you are searched. This is the manner in which
they will search you.)

Once you've been searched and cleared to enter. put down the crate 
near the elevator and retrieve the gun and holster it. Select your 
fibre wire and get on top of the elevator you'll be prompted to 
'strangle', do it. The great thing about this move is its a instant
non-detectable kill. Jump down and break the utility box on the right
wall. then while holding the left trigger sneak straight across the 
corridor. then head into the bathroom. Don't bother using the guard 
as a human shield as you can just fibre wire him take his TMP and gun
down the 3 guards in the adjacent room. Then climb up the ladder.
Walk up to the case in the tower, and go into your inventory and 
select the case to unpack the rifle. Click the right thumbstick three
times to enter scope mode, and take out the three guards. one on the
bigwheel. one patrolling the ground and one more on the office roof.
Then drop the gun. walk back towards the ladder but turn right and 
out the door. just drop down the gap on the balcony walkway. Then 
stay left until you see the 'office' sign above a set of double 
doors; head in here.

On the ground is a ICA point with a poison syringe in take it and 
walk up the stairs. Wait for the 'intellectual debate' to end 1st
(thats a joke btw :p). and then push the guard over the railing,
and sneak into the office syringe the bottle on the desk and hide in
the closet and watch her die. Exit the closet and enter the room 
where the mark is. watch the short scene. Now how do you like to 
dish out death? you have the hammer, the baseball bat, the syringe,
the fibre wire and a gun if you still have any with bullets.
Anyway kill the mark to your liking and exit out the far office 
window. Pick up the RU-AP mine. and detonator. and follow the 
walkway to the next open window. Sneak to avoid any chance of 
detection from below and place the bomb on the winch. move about 
halfway down the stairs, then blow the bomb with the detonator. This
will kill three of goons, leaving you to kill the guy in the purple 
suit, and if your a sadist the woman too. Go to the fire escape on 
the left to finish the training and get your 1st headline.


You'll be taken to the hideout for the 1st time now. this is where 
all your collected guns are stored and you can practise on targets 
with your weapons till your ammo runs out. There is no mission here 
so once you've had a tour exit via the door at the top of a long 

This area will be covered in more detail later in the weapons 

                        A VINTAGE YEAR

Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Kill Manuel Delgado 
 - Kill Don Fernando Delgado
 - Escape

Average Time: 8 - 10 Minutes


When you begin this level run left and up, so you see past the 
'garage' area. Continue up past a block of concrete and a chunk 
missing out of the wall. Go around the corner of the building, and
you'll see a patrolling guard. walk by him a bit and wait for him to
have his back to you. Then pull out your sedative syringe (purple).
Now personally I can charge the enemy without him flinching to turn 
around. Stabbing him with the syringe. but if you have trouble 
sneaking takes just a little longer, but not too long. grab the 
guards clothes. Now run back to where you started and enter the door
where the guard is leaning. If you look closely ahead is a arched
set of double doors. Dependant on your speed you will either just see
the doors, or a guy in a pink shirt walk in/out of the doors.Take 
your immediate right down the stairs. If you were fast enough you 
should bump into Manuel at somepoint between the office he frequents 
and the stairs. (Office is left of the closet). Ever so quickly check
your map see if a tour is returning towards your position. If not 
poison Manuel. This is the faster way to kill in my opinion, minus 
a few quick slices of the throat kills you can get with the fibre 
wire. If everything is still going your way drag Manuel's corpse to 
the office door. through here almost immediately is a body box. Put
him inside and close the lid. Run/walk to the party area again (no one
really cares if you run or walk in this game.) Then as you exit the 
doors take your immediate right. up the few steps into the guard only

This area you need to run passed the guard at a distance to the 
building connected to the main building (grey) which has a few bagodas
and an alcove with a drainpipe you can climb. Check the worker isn't 
facing your way on a cigerette break, as he'll rumble you if you climb
up the pipe while he's looking. When it safe go up and on the extended
roof and in the open window you'll see. Sneak with your poison syringe
and take out target two Don Delgado. Now just leave him and exit via
the window you came in. Now either return down the pipe to the party
or drop off the roof and back to the party. The later is the safest 

Now the escape. Head back down to the winery where you killed Manuel
follow the path around and you'll come to what looks like a dead end
with wine barrels in the right room, is a fake barrel that is in fact
a door. Open it and step back to let the doors open and enter. Through
here should be a type of oncall bedroom. for the workers. and a sack
containing a workers outfit. change into this when the area is safe
enough to do so. walk past the guard. past the cocaine to a service
elevator which will bring you too the hanger. Once down here exit
the elevator and follow the walkway around to escape. Congrats you 
got your 1st SA Rank.

Read the frontpage of the paper. and continue, save etc.

                         CURTAINS DOWN

Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Kill Alvardo D'Alvade
 - Kill Richard Delahunt
 - Escape

Average Time: 10-15 minutes


You start off in the entranceway to the opera house. go through the 
door and turn left to the reception desk. here talk to the 
receptionist who'll give you a pre-planted jacket with a real World 
War 1 pistol. From here enter the toilets to your right. In here wait
by the body box, for the green worker. Sedate him when his back is 
turned to you. You'll hear the music start on the stage when you 
change into his overalls. Hide the body in the body box and take off 
out the door down the first set of stairs and forward til you see a 
painter (white overalls). go through the doorway down the stairs and 
through the door, immediately turn right and right down a tiny flight
of stairs to double doors and then a single door right in front of 
that to the left.

Now follow this path up and round some stairs and another door which
will bring you to the back of the extras dressing room. go straight
through the purple curtain to the door. Ignore the guard, and go into
the room with the silver star next to the door (second room down from
the bathroom.) and place the real WWI pistol. Now there is a 
possiblity the actor will pick up the wrong gun if you just leave it.
But lets not. Hide in the closet of this room.

When the act is over he'll return to his dressing room and practise his 
'dramatic shot' (little does he know huh ;)). Then he'll put the 
replica down and go to the bathroom. when the door closes take the 
replica gun and then go out the room through the double doors infront
of you almost and take a immediate left up the stairs too the attic.
Now run around the top til you get the option too 'place bomb' appear.
make sure your not being watched (a blue technician can wonder around
here at the most inappropriate moments). once its placed make your 
way back to the bathroom next to the reception. When its clear 
rechange into your suit. go down the first set of stairs again and 
through the double doors infront and to the right of you, so your 
on the main opera floor. wait by the back of the covered chair (next 
to the scaffold on the left.) Now take out your detonator. Now we wait.

Eventually the deathshot will sound and, then a wait before you get 
another side scene of a paniced mark. wait for the guy to get
on stage sobbing. NOW! press the detonator and watch him get squished
by 1/4 ton of light rigging. 'Exit stage left' as it were by making 
your way to the entrance & escape.


Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Find Agent Smith
 - Get information on target
 - Sedate Agent Smith
 - Revive Agent Smith
 - Kill target Lorenzo Lombardo (Blue*) a.k.a. 'The Brain & Bankroll' 
 - Kill target Rudy Menzana (Pink*)
 - Kill target Carmine Desalvo (Green*)
 - Escape

Average Time: 15 - 20 minutes

*= The additional target is random between these three, but you can 
kill them all just as easy. Referred to by this colour rather than 
name to prevent confusion.


A rather easy level considering how complicated it looks to the naked
eye. First run up and around the pathway your on til you see a man 
smoking in a rest area. on the bench is an admittance slip. Sneak 
behind him and take the form from the bench.

Now go to the main reception and submit yourself as an alcoholic.
You'll be told to enter a changing room and put on some robes. do so.
and go towards the main doors the security guard is by. he'll scan 
you for weapons. Once your cleared to enter, find the therapist. You 
need to get him upstairs in his office. (Or near too) then sedate him.
Then drag his limp body to the balcony overlooking the study and put
the body behind the already open door. change clothes to become a 
therapist. From here you need to make your way to the double door to 
reception. then facing as if you just came through them take a left 
past the dining hall and through the double doors and take the 
immediate door on your right. Go down the stairs. you should be in a
grey corridor with a security guard and two orderlys roaming about.

Make your way to the break room which is the 1st room to your right 
next to the body box. in here check your map check the coast is clear.
You should have enough time to drug the coffee cup with sedative.
After this wait in the adjacent room and look so you can see the cup 
for when the orderly drinks it and goes comatose. change clothes grab
the key (tazer if you want.) and drag the body and dump it in the
body box, close the lid. Now continue forward up the next set of 
concrete steps and use the key on the grey door next to the orderlys
reception area.
Follow the walkway down the left side and Agent Smith is the fourth 
door along from the base of the stairs. Open the door and go in for 
a cutscene. This will tell you which is the mark of the pink/blue/
green patients. It doesn't matter much as we can kill them all. Wait
for the orderly to walk by the window in the door before you sedate
Agent Smith. This way you avoid any aggrovation. Once done. quickly 
run back to where you changed from a therapist to an orderly and 
become the therapist again.

Patient Green - Can be found in either the weight room, just outside
the double doors having a cigerette, or by the pong in this area.
(becareful of the camera nearby just incase.). He'll say it's time 
for his session. either trail behind him til hes in the office or
wait in the office for him. He'll sit down and start blabbering away.
Kill him with either the fibre wire or poison. (either way one of 
them will have to die via the fibre wire.) drag the body over to the
balcony with the doctor.

Patient Pink - Can usually be found in the study near the globe. 
He'll do the same and say his session is now. trail or follow him.
kill him quietly with either fiber wire or poison then drag the body
to the balcony with target green, and the sedated doc.

Patient Blue - You can find him in either the kitchen cooking sauce,
or in his quaters which are just across the west side of the 
therapist's office, so if you catcvh him here you won't have long to
wait. Then when hes down in the chair poison/wire him dead. drag the
body out of sight.

During that process you'll have seen split screens of Agent Smith in
the morgue. Make your way out the main reception and get your suit back
on, and leave the clinic, to the morgue, going the way you came up 
around the path. wait for the orderly to leave and enter the morgue. 
then wait behind the wall and check the map as a security officer or 
the orderly may return to check but won't notice you behind here.
Once he leaves revive Agent Smith and leave by the single door in this

Another Silent Assassin, with full benifits to boot. ^_^

                             A NEW LIFE

Rank Attainable: Professional/Silent Assassin


 - Kill Frank Silvestri a.k.a 'Slugger'
 - Retrieve Microfilm (from black bikini woman)
 - Escape

Average Time: 2:40 - 10 minutes


This mission you start off around the bend of the house you need to 
be in. Start by running to the white fire hydrant next to the yellow 
delivery van. Stay here until both the servant and the FBI Agent turn
thier backs to you. Now look in the back of the van, select the 
sedative and drug the donuts. Now walk to the tree across the road you
can see on the right. When the servant comes back he'll place the 
donuts out the oh-so-didn't-see-you-there survallience van. Wait for 
the side-screen event to appear and make your way to the back of the 
truck and enter when they are both not moving. Close the door just 
incase and steal the tape and an FBI suit. You just got the key to the
city as it were. Check no civilians are near the back of the truck and
exit. From here run through the main double doors to the house, take a
right and an immediate left and through the far door ahead you should 
be in the shower/steamroom area.

This part is important for the SA ranking because if you sedate the 
woman in the black bikini and red shrong BEFORE shes relaxed in the 
pool, she will DIE from the sedative. (Because you don't mix drugs and 
alcohol just incase you where wondering.)

Wait til she is in the shower room. In here you may have a tiny wait 
for the FBI Agent to leave but when he has his back to you sedate her
and drag her into the steam room. Take the microfilm and make sure 
the door closes. Make your way outside the house again and stand by 
the power unit next to the garage door. Wait for the room to be empty
and no witnesses around. That means no garbage man, no servant, 
no clown, no FBI Agent or neighbour. High order but still highly do 
able. No return in the house and take the door to your left. and wait 
in the closet which is directly ahead of you when you enter the room.
here wait for Silvestri and his Agent to enter. he'll sit down and 
he'll moan how the TV is busted. FBI Agent Dumbass will now leave 
Silvestri to turn on the power outside just as he is about to leave 
the room exit the closet, select the poison or fibre wire and kill 
Silvestri and drag him into the closet you were just in.

If you've done all this perfectly, the girl wasn't dead and got the 
microfilm, and stashed Silvestri's body fast enough. You just need 
to mosse on over to the exit.

Dependant on the girl you either have Professional or SA.

                      THE MURDER OF CROWS

Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Kill Mark Purayah Jr.
 - Kill Raymond Kulinsky
 - Kill Angelina Mason
 - Protect Congressional Candidate Jimmy Cilley
 - Retrieve Diamonds (Expert and Pro difficulties only.)
 - Escape

Average time: 10 - 15 minutes


Okay start by doing as Diana instructed and follow the guy in the 
red chicken suit. (I think you can predict whats gonna happen here,
what are 47's limits?) Now the 'red chicken' will stop and see if 
he is being followed. When he moves on he'll go around a corner and
in an alley way into a central courtyard area and have a smoke. When
he enters the courtyard sedate him, take his chicken suit and drag 
the body into the big trash can, and close the lid. Just a quick 
note. when doing this you can be caughtout by either a patrolling 
police officer or target two Angelina, dependant on the time you 

Now to take out Angelina. Wait for her in to come through and take 
her out then drag her into the residents building directly behind 
the trash can you just put your sedated victim. Then drag her past 
the stairs into this storeroom. Barely two minutes in and we've got 
marks down.

Next pick up the briefcase of diamonds and go out the door your 
smoking red chicken was looking toward. take a left when you hit the
crowd and continue til you come to a T junction take a right, and 
then follow it left the only way you can enter the double white doors
a yellow chicken suit guy is guarding. Now take a left up the winding
staircase into the 1st and only room you see. place the briefcase on 
the table and dodge around the yellow chicken suit guy, and see where
Mark Purayah Jr. is looking. Preferably wait til either the yellow 
suit guard has left the room, and stick Mark with a poison needle and
drag his corpse to the freezer. This should all be done before the 
yellow chicken suit guy can return into the room. Take the walkie 
talkie if you haven't already took the one from Angelina. Now head
outside, and look at your map. your next target is the alley behind 
the rock bar.

Once here you need to wait for the waiter to despose of some trash,
(Happens every 2 - 3 minutes.) lookout for a drunk guy who wonders 
down here so often, as he can be a wrench in the works at times. 
But wait for the waiter to dump the trash as you sedate him. change
clothes and dump the body, closing the lid.

Now make your way into the bar, take a right, and a left into the
bathroom/kitchen area. If your lucky the chef will be having a 
cigerette with his back to you and you can pick the lock on the 
next door and enter without being seen. Or just wait for this to 
happen otherwise.

Now go up to the second floor and check your map. if you don't 
see a red target recticle wait till you do. then wait til it leaves
again now pick the door and run to the bottom and go right into the
next room and wait for him to return. take out either your needle or
fibre wire. and poison/strangle Raymond.

Now return back to the alley where your suit was and then exit.
You can escape with a SA rank and no penalty to your money reward.

                      YOU BETTER WATCH OUT...

Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Kill Lorne De Havilland
 - Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
 - Ignore Assassin X
 - Retrieve Sex Tape
 - Escape

Average Time: 7:30 - 10 minutes


The following works a charm on all difficulties. My best time is 
7:23 with SA rank.

When you start off on the pier, run forward and inbetwwen the guard 
and the wall to avoid the camera. get in quickly so you can ride 
solo up to the 1st floor or with the guest. 

When on the 1st floor go left and round the corner through the 1st 
set of doors you see. Run by the 1st turn and  then make  a left 
towards the bar. Talk to the bartender he'll give you some 
aphrodisiac. spike the martini to your immediate right on the bar.
Now run directly south through the double doors, hang a left past 
bingham and towards the other pool on the left side. Enter the door 
here, hang a right and another to a set of pinkish double doors.

You will meet Assassin X you can either choose to ignore her or
enter her room before she does and hide behind the door in sneak 
mode. when she comes in sneak behind her and push her. this will 
render her unconcious/dead via accident. It won't effect your 
rating either way.

Whatever your choice you need to go towards the room beyond, here 
you can check to see if the bodyguard is here or not. If he isn't 
wait for him a moment. when he appears and goes through the single
door into the grey corridor, sedate him.

You should have enough time if you've scouted out the level to drag 
the bodyguard into the little corner of this pathway even if chad 
is already on route.

Change into the uniform, and then head back towards the door 
directly south of the bar (you exited this way about one minute 
ago.) take a left and a right and through the door labelled 'Staff
Only' take a left into the kitchen. there are two sausages in here
one by the bins and one ready for you on the countertop. Sedate one 
sausage and take it with you leave the other as there is no way to 
tell which is sedated and which isn't if you pick up both.

Now go back to the bar area and take the passage to the right. Take
a left curve and a right you'll see two bodyguards guarding a 
singular door go through it. Take the elevator to the studio.

When here go through the double doors with the heart above it and 
right. there is a single door which is minimally guarded on 
occassions so you might see a bodyguard here you might not.

Go through the door and look on to the balcony if the target is 
there select your sausage and open the doors and click the left 
thumbstick and throw it out onto the floor on the left side of 
the balcony.

Now take a slight detour to the right side balcony door and sneak 
behind your target. and push him over the balcony. This saves your 
syringe and some time.

Now go back to the double door with a heart above it and take the 
left into the editing room. Turn right and the videotape is on the
second desk along. Be aware of the guard who patrols through this
room into the studio and guards the door to the bedroom and the 
one who patrols right near you if you are standing near the tape 
ready to strike.

When the guard who stays in this room is at the more open area of 
this room with his back to you and the other guard is either out 
or unable to see what you are doing grab the videotape.

Now head back to the elevator and where you sedated the bodyguard.
Chad should be in the previously empty room. he'll be getting a 
very provokative lapdance. You can be a perv and wait til its over
, or you can interupt by entering the room and walking out.

Chad will head towards where you stashed the bodyguard around the 
tiny corner at the bottom of the first flight of steps. poison or
fibre wire him and leave him where he lays. Change back into your 

Headout the way you first came in here which from the corridor is
a left, through the double doors, another left and out the door 
ahead towards the pool. 

Make your way back to the elevator, (you may have a small wait if
some guest is taking it from the pier.) ride it down to the pier.
Upon exiting the elevator be very careful because the camera will
detect you unless you sneak between the guard on your left and 
the wall. Head to the boat ramp and Escape for a Silent Assassin.

                    DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPPI

Rank Attainable: Hired Killer/Professional/Silent Assassin


 - Kill Skip Muldoon
 - Kill The Gator Gang (6 members)
 - Retrieve Pictures
 - Escape via rescue boat

Average Time: 20 - 25 minutes


I feel for anyone doing this on professional mode, as doing this is
a pain in the butt!

You start off at the bow of the ship (the back I believe. 
I'll refrain from using shipping terms to stop any confusion.) from 
here run, walk or take a mild jog up the stairs take the first set 
double doors you see here from either side, then go underneath the 
stairs through another set of double doors. Ignore the target and 
head for the double doors ahead of you.

If you ran you'll have to wait about a minute for the attendant to 
exit the bathroom. if you walked you'll get there bang on time 
provided you didn't stop. he'll walk to the room in the corner room
324. before you follow him via sneaking through the still open door,
make sure the guard isn't looking your way as he should be walking 
by on his patrol. Enter stay left and behind the couch on your left 
select your sedative. Wait for the attendant to take a sip from his
bottle and stick him with the sedative. hide his body in the adjacent
room if only to stop any guard that might be wondering by seeing the
sedated body. take only his master keycard.

Exit the room and go straight about four running strides into room 
323. in here you will find a VIP card, and a tuxedo; take both. Exit
here and turn slightly right and forward and up the stairs here pass
the guards who'll wave you through. [note: if you brought guns to 
this level wearing the tuxedo though not giving you full access will
let you bypass any body searches.] Now go through the single door 
ahead and slightly to your left. stop, turn 90' left and head to the
first single door you see which is manned by a aweful sailor suit 
servant man. in here are two old aristocrat's playing poker. if you 
walk to them and then to the only other door they should leave 
almost immediately. (47 brings bad karma in more ways than one huh 
lol.) When they've left pick the lock. don't move as a guard on the 
other side should be having a cigerette. Once he has finish and 
turned around sneek in behind him. directly in front of you is a 
closet, and directly to the right of it is your next costume, put it
on. Yes, sadly the awefully sailor suit is a access all areas costume
(well for where we need to go it is anyway.)

Now return to where rooms 323 & 324 where ( take a right out the poker
room and through the singular door to your left and down the stairs.)
From here head through the double doors you came through at the 
beginning and go straight up and take a left. go out through the door 
that leads to the deck area around the boat edge, and wait behind 
where the door opens. (dependant on your speed you might not have to 
wait though) Wait here for our first of three accidents all caused by 
you ;). you have three factors to deal with that can make your day a 
pain here. So if you can save when the first gator gang member 
comes to have a smoke (if you can). Now if there is no guard to your 
right if you are facing the same way as our soon to be 1st victim, 
and no woman to your left sneak and double push the gator gang member 
over the edge. I say double push because every other time and maybe 
in succesion he ends up holding his face before another one sends 
him to his watery grave. Just do it quickly like double tap the 
R trigger. This should save you tension and any unwanted 
aggrovations. Sadly if he goes back in while the woman and/or the 
guard is nearby you'll have to revisit this or wait/reload if you 

Next assuming you've done the above successfully. head down to the 
main deck where you stood at the very beginning, go back in to the 
quaters area, take a left through the double doors and out the next
set and down the stairs again. Take a right U-turn at the bottom of
the stairs and head towards the life boats a bit, and you'll see on
your right a upper and mid section to the deck and a set of doors 
on top of each other (and maybe a guard having a cigerette too.)
Go underneath the walkway, have a check the coast is clear and pick
the lock. Run up the middle and  go straight til you see a single 
door at the other end of this long room. You've most probably seen 
the next target by the time you've reached the door. Now wait as 
long as it takes for the Gang member to have a little rest on the 
railings to the left of that door. (if facing as you came out of 
the door.) sneak up behind him and push him over the rails. Clock up
another accident.

Now head back to the room 324, 323 area, then make your way through 
the poker room to where you changed out of your tuxedo. Stay in the 
prissy sailor suit and go out the door left of the closet, and the 
guard exited out of earlier. then take the next door on your right
which is labelled 'private' you should be in the kitchen. A cutscene 
about the cake you can see might happen here. either go through the 
door ahead or force the cutscene so it won't interupt.

Our final accident should be walking along here and in an out of 
the kitchen. Follow him or wait for him under the steps you'll see 
at the pinnacle of this route. He should stop and have a quick 
smoke if he is coming from the kitchen. When he does sneak up 
behind him and push him overboard/ to a unoticable spot near your
escape boat on the lower deck.  

Now return to the kitchen and pick up the cake and take it out
from the door you just came in from back into the open air. drop
and poison the cake. and pick it up again. Take the cake again and 
walk up the stairs this time. Checking the map will show you our 
four remaining targets.

[note:If you picked up any guns drop them on the deck just below, 
or stash a silenced silverballer in the cake, as you'll be search 
just ahead]

There are many ways in which to take out the remaining targets, 
one in which you could cause another accident by I don't 
reccommend it.

Taking out the three remaining gators will be in the order of the 
shirtless guy, the green shirt guy & the white vest guy (he 
searches you.)

First walk up to the door and be searched when your cleared head 
into the bathroom which is the door on the left. You might bump
into a gator in here but for now ignore him and walk to the 
utility closet and drop the cake facing the door.

Wait by the plant left of the mirror, check your map in case the 
gator is nearby (he enters the bathroom only from leaving the 
bigger connected room, if one is coming into it its okay you 
have some breathing room.This bathroom will also be your storage
area for dead bodies, as only the shirtless gator gang member 
frequents this room. Well not much longer he won't.

Take out your fibre wire (and fibre wire only you'll see why in a 
minute.) holster and wait for the shirtless guy to enter. when he
goes to pee, sneak behind him and fibre wire him. drag his body 
behind the door just incase. now stand facing the lightswitch 
by the blue door,hugging the wall as it were and select your 
last poison syringe. Holster it and check the map and wait for
the green shirt member to walk through the door, turn and close
the door so you can move better and keep the other gator outside
non-suspicious. Now stab the green shirt guys neck with poison 
before he can open the door as there is usually an attendant in 
there, and he can spoil your day.

Now drag his body into the toilet and behind the door. Now walk out
the blue door, theres a 50/50 chance you'll be searched again. let 
him and then when he says ok your clear, run left and downscreen 
to a safe distance. there maybe a chance he'll follow you as your 
suspicion will be at 2/3's full from the search anyway.

Wait til he has his back to you, then fibre wire him and drag him 
into the toilets too. Now pick up the cake, and check your map.
We need Muldoon in the office so when he is rush in there and place
the cake on the table. Stand back near the closet and wait for him 
to have his last bit of cream and fall down dead. now drag his body 
into the left room on the map (smallest one) and out of the way of 
the door. Now open the safe and take the pictures.

Now for your escape. Return to the room 323 where your suit is and 
change. From there take the double doors out and take a left you'll
see a flight of stairs leading down wait for any patrolling guards 
to go by and then go down. open and sneak to the edge of the corner
then pan the camera to look down the long hall. You might be able 
to see a few wondering guards but, its best to not be seen, 
regardless run down to the bottom when the coast is clear and hang 
a left, and take the door on the far right leading down out on to 
the lower deck, follow the path to the escape boat and probably the
corpse of accident #3.

You've just chalked up another Silent Assassin.

                      TILL DEATH DO US PART

Rank Attainable: Silent Assassin


 - Kill Hank Leitch Muldoon, a.k.a. 'Buddy' a.k.a Buddy Muldoon
 - Kill John Leblanc
 - Protect Margaux Leblanc
 - Escape

Average Time: 7 - 10 minutes


This could possibly be the easiest mission yet, even on pro 

You begin at a swamp dock, head forawrd and take the path leading 
you to a square dancing area and take a left as you get off the 
bridge to another one leading to a burnt out hut. Look towards the 
party again and you should be just in time to see your first priorty
vomit on the grass.

Now you can wait til he staggers in here and falls asleep, or you 
can quicken the process by sedating him the moment he has his back 
to you.

Either way just take his party invitation, and six shooter for your 
collection, no metal detector searches here. keep your sedative 
selected but holstered and head to the main house. take the path to 
the left of the stairs and turn the corner into the bathroom. Go out
the window and sneak behind the sitting guard and sedate him.

Now turn the left corner and down the small set of steps and open 
the body box. (kinda camoflagued a little.) After this wait in the 
corner near the white single door and get out your poison and be 
in sneak mode. Feel free to check the main building 1st floor to 
keep an eye on your target, and estimate how long you'll have to 

When the door opens close it as soon as it'll let you and stalk 
John Leblanc til he is down the steps and poison him. drag him 
into the body box.

Now return to the bathroom via the window and exit and go 
straight ahead towards the kitchen with private. Open the door but 
don't go through just yet, check the door ahead is closed and  either
Muldoon or the priest isn't right be hind you if so wait for them to
enter first and sneak in behind them. go through the door 
immediately available to your right and hug the wall left to make 
sure the door ahead and left is shut or the guard patrolling is 
walking away and go up the stairs til you are in the attic.

Save here if you can.

Walk diagonally left you should see a old tin bath, ahead of this 
should be a winch on the floor with the option to 'place bomb'.
Make sure its not the one behind a few boxes and nearly hugging a 
support beam it should be on its own compared to the other winch.

Now prep your detonator and run down and around the stairs through 
the door into the kitchen and take the one you came in before out.

Open the double doors here, and stay in the hall area, while you 
wait for Hank to play the piano. 'Hey look i'm a piano player!'
is your cue. blow the bomb and the chandilier should come crashing
down upon his head. if it didn't you chose the wrong chandilier up 
in the attic and should restart the level or reload a save.

If it did kill him head on over to where you started this level to 
escape with yet another SA rank. 

                        A HOUSE OF CARDS

Rank Attainable: Professional/Silent Assassin


 - Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
 - Kill 'The Scientist' Tariq Abdul Lateef
 - Kill Hendrik Schmutz
 - Retieve Diamonds
 - Escape

Average Time: 10 - 20 minutes


[This method of SA is purely down to your speed upon killing 

You begin just outside the hotel/casino, go through the door into 
the lobby and up the leftern most stairs. call the elevator and when
it arrive go inside wait for the doors to close and climb the hatch.

Equip your fibre wire and wait for Tariq to arrive and enter the 
elevator. Count 3, and strangle him. Now wait for the doors to close 
and retrieve the briefcase and go to the lobby again.

Go out the elevator down the stairs and make a left u-turn and go down
into the casino and stick to the left and go through the double door, 
and the other one too the escape area. Drop the diamonds briefcase 
here and return to the lobby and this time go and wait inside the right
most elevator and climb the hatch.

Get your fibre wire out again and follow Hendrik via the map into your 
elevator. when he does strangle him also and take his keycard.

exit onto the 7th floor and take a left and a right and another left 
to the room at the end of this short corridor - room 707.

pick up the briefcase in here and select your poison syringe. Holster
it and return to the lobby. Once in the lobby take a right u-turn and
stay to the right wall enter the double doors you reach follow the 
path left and through another pair of double doors towords the Arab 
styled bodyguards.

Wait while you are searched and turn left and enter the area where 
the sheikh is. Watch the first and only cutscene. the moment your 
back in control sneak as fast as you can behind the sheikh and 
poison him. If you get another mini cutscene you'll end up with 
professional. The reason being if you kill him before the belly 
dancer won't enter at all, and the guards are loyalfully minding 
there own business and won't notice.

If the belly dancer does start coming exit out the other side of the
booth and go out through the security cheak and to the exit, via the
double doors you used to enter this area and cross over to the exit
area pick up the briefcase, and exit.

You'll have either professional or SA Rank dependant on if you did it
correctly. your time window if your reading this is preperation is 
1.5 - 2 seconds.

                     A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL

Rank Attainable: Hired Killer/Professional/Silent Assassin


 - Kill Vaana Ketlyn
 - Kill Anthony Martinez
 - Retrieve Information
 - Kill 'Eve'
 - Kill Maynard John
 - Escape

Average Time: 15 - 20 minutes


You begin outside of a CIA Building. you have main reception in 
front of you, and the area leading to the garage where you'll see a
limo go down. Head over towards the garage but stay just out side, 
near the concrete wall and sneak around the side so you can see the
guard inside. While always in sneak mode, as soon as the guard moves
go inside that room and hug the door almost and steal the videotape.
As soon as you have it stay in sneak mode, go out the door and right 
and go no further than the first light on the wall. You'll see a 
guard either just about to turn to his right towards a limo, or 
already on his way next to it. Run toward the otherside of the limo 
the guard is near and sneak as you are closer. Move to the wing 
mirror, so you can see the guard and when he turns back around, pan
the camera so you can see some skid marks on the lower floor, wait 
for another guard to check this area nad then run to the steps 
leading down to your left and stalk the guard and move left towards
the vomitting party-goer. Sedate him ( he may say 'back off i'm 
sick' before you stab him) when he's sedated drag him behind the 
second trailer, and steal his clothes. Now  if you face the way you 
came to your right is a door run to it and pick the lock. You should
have enough time the guard is having a cigerette break. Run down the
stairs and take a left out of the door and a right at the next 
available turn, run past any guards and into a segmented area and 
near a door with some panels next to it, go over to the panels and 
rig the pyro.

You most likely have already annoyed some guards getting here but 
you have enough time to leave out the way you came. now once out 
here again go towards the sedated body and continue forward hugging
the wall you should see an open trailer and a bag on the floor 
containing your next costume. make sure the guard doesn't spot you 
change and then head on over to the elevator guarded by the gold mask
guards known as 'cherubs'. You'll be searched but upon entering the 
elevator select 'heaven and climb the hatch.

Sadly this is the boring bit you may have to wait three to even five 
patrols if you stay here, but, to pass the time have a quick wonder 
around the place minus restricted areas and talk to the bartender.

Interesting tidbit of infromation if I do say myself. Coincidence? 
I think not. a genuine tibit of info is the song she is singing is 
the end credits theme 'Tommorrow Never Dies'.

Anyway if you've had a quick look around return to the elevator and
climb the hatch when the doors are closed. You might of seen the 
target wondering around, enjoying the view etc. Eventually the 
target will enter the elevator with his FN-2000 machine gun,
(best accuracy rapid fire gun.) strangle him and take his suit.
Gold suit - golden ticket. You can now wonder freely around.
Now return to the heaven section and take a right out of the 
elevator into the restricted area. Check your map to see if 
Eve is on stage or at the very least the room to your next right 
is empty.

In here run over and access the laptop. this will have made Eve a 
red target on your map now. Before you go to the closet down and to
your left from the laptop. there is the dragonov on the opposite 
side of the desk if you'ld rather have this than the FN-2000, or 
are on a different run collecting.

When you enter the closet either have your poison or fibre wire 
ready and hide. When eve enters she will move along to the end of 
the room and have a phone call. listen to it if you wish before 
killing her.

Now drag her body behind the red couch and leave (with draganov in 
tow if you prefer that over the FN-2000. Might make the last target

Make sure to take with you either one of those guns though. Now exit
to the garage take a right and into the elevator going to 'Hell'.

When down here move forward til you reach the bar and head over 
there for an automatic cutscene with Maynard. He'll tell you to 
meet him at the 'Torture Room' (which oddly enough is 200% sound 
proof.) Just follow him there and get an auto cutscene again. now 
unpack whatever rifle case your brought and wait for Maynard to 
fire. His constant firing will destroy the shelving around here,
so keep moving or you'll die. When the gate opens proceed through 
and hide behind a concrete pillar keeping Maynard on the opposite 
side of it to avoid taking damage.

Maynard will enter the central room when he's in here wait for him 
to reload and then aim a bullet and fire it into his head. Take the
storage key off his body to get out, and drag his corpse either out
the door or behind a desk so when you open the door no one runs in 
and panics.

Now head right out of the next available turn and follow it through
a set of double doors back to the elevators. Return to where your 
suit is and change. wait for the security guard to finish his 
cigerette and sneak until he is at a safe distance to run to the 
blue van and escape. Scratch up yet another SA Rank.

                        AMENDMENT XXV

Rank Attainable: Hired Killer/Professional/Silent Assassin


 - Kill Vice President Daniel Morris
 - Kill Mark Parchezzi III
 - Escape

Average Time: 15 - 20 minutes


Last genuine level, and boy is it a doozy to get into initally. 
You'll also need to bring the W2000 rifle with the best silencer.

First run towards the opposite bus and run down the right side and 
drop your W2000 with non detectable case by the wheel. now  continue 
around and you should see a weapons drop area. wait here for the 
group and the lagging behind female smoker to enter the East Wing.

Now select a coin and move forward enough so the guard nearest to 
you investigates it. He'll then march up to a point and turn back 
around this is your moment to stick him with sedative. This won't 
cause the other guard just standing there to be suspicious, he's too
busy with staring dead ahead.(You could also wait 5 minutes for the
other guard who will stand closer to you.)

Now drag his body to where your rifle casing is and drop the body 
in front of the headlights. Change into his uniform and pick up your
rifle case. Enter the building, have the case scanned and then 
continue on ahead after picking up the scanned case. Go through the 
double doors, and into the room on your left, in front of you is a 
desk with the building keycard. Grab it and head left out the door 
through a second and third set of double doors down the gloomy 
corridor, and use the keycard on the door and pass through go around
the corner and stop, pan the camera so you can see the security 
camera and where its pointing. Here wait for it to look away from 
you and run directly underneath it.

Now turn to look at the door to the left and wait so the camera is 
panning away from it again, then run on through and take the double 
doors you see. you'll be in the Vice Presidents lobby area, with two
patrolling marines. the door which leads to the Vice President's room
is locked so we'll need to pick it.

If the guard near the door has you in his line of sight, run into him
it sometimes provokes him into patrolling slowly down the corridor.

When his back is turn pick the lock and enter. If the vice president 
is already in this room you'll need to wait till 'Justice' needs 
another walk (like 40 seconds after the last one -_-;.) Stay in the 
room with the piano, and open the lid on the body box, and place the
W2000 next to it.

If you don't feel like waiting you could follow a little behind the 
VP and watch a little hush-hush conversation through bullet-proof 
glass. You'll soon find out why Justice needs a walk every 40 
seconds, as the First Lady is having an affair with a Secret Service

When the VP returns wait near the fireplace and as he enters his 
office sneak up and fibre wire/poison him. Drag the body into the 
body box and close the lid picking up your W2000 as you leave out 
the door you lock picked.

Head left and through the single door ahead. into the courtyard.
turn left and climb up the trellace as near to the corner as you
can. Up here run left along the roof, and in between two air vents 
at the end and unpack the W2000 ready and seperate the case for later
so you don't just pick up the case.

Now if you look there is a pile of unused scaffolding, remember to 
drag your next body here, as a Secret Service Agent will come for a 
smoke sedate him as soon as the door closes and drag his body behind
the scaffolding.

Here take his clothes & keycard to the West Wing. Before you go in 
the door to the west wing make sure you can see the body and your 
all set. Go forward and make your way through the office cubicles, 
and out the other side and right down to the door with stairs 
leading down.

Go down and around to the lower level and hang a right working your 
way through another maze like set of cubicles. through the offices 
and enter the Oval Office. Watch the cutscene and once back in 
control run back up to the roof following the wake of Mark's open 
doors. Now once upstairs head straight for your W2000 and line up 
the headshot. This will be the difference between SA Rank and 
Professional. (One shot, one headshot kill, one silent assassin.)

Now pack up the rifle and head down to the lower level and this time
take a left and down the narrow corridor to the courtyard and make 
your way back through the Vice Presidents lobby, and the multipal 
sets of doors outside to your suit, and then exit via the main gates
in between the two coach's. 

You've technically finished the game, though not for real. We have 
two last things to take care of... Jack Alexander & Rick Henderson!


Rank Attainable: No Rank Attainable in this level.


 - Leave no witnesses

Average time: 1 - 2 minutes


This is by far the coolest level in the game purely because of that 
white suit. (Gotta love it.) At the beginning of the end, when the 
credits are rolling look around so you see one Secret Service Agent,
and four talking. Now wiggle the left thumbstick up and down til 47
comes out of his coma. Run around the back of your resting place and
grab the preist when he's covering by pressing A. Now the Franchise 
Agents will be hesatent to shoot and you can pop off headshots 
without fear of getting dead.

Kill Any Agent as you go through the gap in the windows, and to your
left. keep moving and you'll see Jack Alexander rolling down 
the ramp. Shoot him he'll turn and pull out a desert eagle, then when
he's dead, knock out the preist or whomever you had as a human shield
and shoot them in the head. Run or take your time to your left to see 
Rick Henderson. Take aim and squeeze for a very satisfying conclusion.
Then watch the 'Real' Ending. Congradulations. You've just not only 
kicked ass here, but completed the best Hitman Game to date.
*Applaudes you* 

                          THE END


...To Be Added...


The following is a list of achievements for the Xbox 360 version of
the game, followed in bracets the number of gamerpoints earned by
unlocking the listed achievement.

1st Mission Complete (25):

(does this one really need explaining?) 

47 kills in a mission (20):

kill exactly no more or less than 47 enemies, targets & 
civilians included. Awarded on completion of a mission. 

5 Expert Silent Assassins (50):

Complete five levels on expert difficulty with a final outcome of 
Silent Assassin.  

5 Normal Silent Assassins (25):

Complete five levels on normal difficulty with a final outcome of 
Silent Assassin.   

5 Professional Silent Assassins (100):

Complete five levels on pro difficulty with a final outcome of 
Silent Assassin.   

Accidents do happen (20):

Achieve an accident, this means a death you maybe behind but are 
not directly involved in. For easiest way to unlock see 'Curtains 
Down' mission above. 

All Firearms Collected (100): 

Collect all firearms in the game from all levels except on 
'Death of a Showman'. 

Expert Mode Complete (75):

You must complete the game under expert difficulty. 

Fully Customized M4 (25):

Purchase all of the upgrades for the M4 in the upgrade section 
of Kruger Schmidt which is found in the pre-mission briefing.

Fully Customized Silverballers (25):

Purchase all of the upgrades for the silverballers in the 
upgrade section of Kruger Schmidt which is found in the 
pre-mission briefing.


Fully Customized SMG Tactical (25):

Purchase all of the upgrades for the SMG Tactical in the 
upgrade section of Kruger Schmidt which is found in the 
pre-mission briefing.
Fully Customized SP12 Shotgun (25):

Purchase all of the upgrades for the SP12 Shotgun in the 
upgrade section of Kruger Schmidt which is found in the 
pre-mission briefing.

Fully Customized W2000 Sniper (25):

Purchase all of the upgrades for the W2000 Sniper rifle in the 
upgrade section of Kruger Schmidt which is found in the 
pre-mission briefing.

High Roller (50):

Requires you to earn a total current balance of $5,000,000 
The best way to earn this is by completing the game on another
difficulty without spending a single dollar. or if you have 
completed the game on all settings start a new one and breeze
through on rookie mode.

Normal Mode Complete (50): 

Complete the game on the Normal Difficulty setting.

Notorious (20):

At the end of a mission have a total notoriety of 100/100.
(this accumilates through the game), can be done by killing
people in front of witnesses and letting some people live that
saw it. Best done with 'escape' as your final goal, and near
the exit, best level to gain about 50 is curtains down.

Professional Mode Complete (150):

Complete the game under the Pro difficulty setting.

Redemption (50):

Complete Requiem on any difficulty and recieve the 'real' ending.
Rookie Mode Complete (25):

Complete the game on the Rookie difficulty setting. 

Silent Assassin (25):

In any mode, on any level other than 'death of a showman'
achieve the SA ranking at the end of a mission. 
Special Rating (50) 

Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt (5):

Unlocked as you progress through the game.

Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt (15):

Unlocked as you progress through the game.

Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt (20):

Unlocked as you progress through the game.


send questions to [email protected]

Q: I've been trying to get the secret achievments for kill 47 people, 
and the 100/100 notoriety level. But I just cant do either of them.
Can you help me out like what levels are best for it or any type 
of strategy?
thanks, Adiovox.

A: The 47 kills I did personally on 'you better watch out...'. After
taking out the two targets and the assassin (with single a
silverballer) there is a climbable segment of the 1st floor staff 
balcony where the security camera videotape is. up here you can 
climb to the roof and shoot anyone on a cigerette break and anybody 
who inspects a corpse. But also keeping yourself safe in the process
by retreating to a very large area no one can get too. but keep count
either in your head or marking them off one by one on a piece of paper.

I also reccommend doing this on normal only as you get full map 
benifits and can recount circles with 'x' marks in through all the 
maps incase you loose count, becareful of heavily stacked bodies 

As for notoriety this was as of (5/6/06) the last achievement I had 
to attain and i've been redoing levels and getting 0/100 after being 
caught on camera, killing the targets in view of witnesses and 
running away with only killing no more than five guards but still 
coming out with 0/100 on normal. though on my expert run i reached 
75/100 when rushing through the last few levels. I have yet to 
confirm but i believe it only applies to one run through and you'll 
have to start a new game file to attain this if you haven't gone 
through expert or pro prior to attaining the achievement.

I hope this answers your question, Adiovox.

Q: Do you know what the guideline is to get Silent assassin rank on 
PRO level?

A: The guidelines for Pro difficulty are basically for an emaculate 
run through. No kills, no witnesses, (you can sedate cilvilians, an 
hide the bodies.) single shot kills (which on pro is a headshot.)
Retrieve and exit with your suit, no bodies found (accidents don't
count though, but depends on how they were caused.) and if you do that
on every level on pro you'll walk out with SA Rank.

Q: I have all the achievements accept Special Rating how do I unlock
this achievement it is frustrating me beyond measure!??

This one is best done on 'A new life' on normal (as you can see the 
map in its entirity) simply put you need to kill all blue reticles, 
and sedate/ko all cilvlians.(including the dog). This will get you 
the rating 'The Russian Hare'.

Or you can  ko the neighbour with the hedge trimmers and go on a 
rampage killing everyone and get 'the gardener'.

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It has come to my attention some individuals have been taking the 
credit for this guide on forums in which has annoyed me greatly. 
Nogarda is a universal userename for me I do not go under any other
username than Nogarda since the late days of the dreamcast. But
my thanks goes out to TheBaconKing for enlightening me to those 


Vers 0.5: Guide released, main walkthrough complete up to Death On
The Mississippi.


Vers 0.8: Added how to earn achievements list, and completed main
walkthrough up to A Dance with the Devil. Refined You better 
watchout from hired killer to Silent Assassin.


Vers 1.0: Main Walkthrough complete for Rookie, Normal & Expert
difficulties with 50% attuned to Pro difficulty.


Vers 1.01: Added first questions I recieved to the FAQ. Updated sites
that can host this FAQ.


Editted Copyright disclaimer for morons taking credit for my work.

Still to come:

Revised walkthroughs for the first 6 levels for pro difficulty SA Ranks
Weapon section
In mission overview: weapons to be found in level.