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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

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We have a selection of cheats that includes unlocking God mode, unlocking Super Dante, unlocking Vergil mode and making Yamato vanish.

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We have 24 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Switch

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Unock Super Dante:
Complete the Game On 'DMD' difficulty
Unock Vergil Mode:
Complete the game as Dante or use a Memory Card with a DMC3 save data.

Unlock Coatless Vergil:
Beat 'Easy' difficulty with Vergil.

Unlock Super Vergil:
Complete 'Bloody Palace'.

Unlock 'LDK' Vergil:
Beat the game on 'Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Corrupt Vergil:
Clear 'Hard' difficulty.

Unlock Super Corrupt Vergil:
Clear 'VMD' and 'Bloody Palace'.

Unlock 'Easy' Mode:
Die 3 times in 'Normal' difficulty setting. Unlock 'Very Hard' Mode:
Beat the 'Hard' difficulty setting.
Unlock 'Bloody Palace' Mode:
Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save..

Unlock Everything

If you want to unlock ALL the features in the game without playing through it then at the 'Title' screen hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + D-pad Up/Left + Left Analog-stick Down/Right. Entering this code will unlock everything including ALL the modes, character costumes and galleries.

Unlock Everything

Put the cheat in at the main screen to unlock everything!
Hold L1+R1+L2+R2+(D-Pad Up/Left)+(Left Analog-stick Down/Right)
Hold it until you hear something special.

Make yamato vanish

First have the costume that allows Vergil to have unlimited devil trigger next go into a stage now use your devil trigger next start a combo with beowulf right in the middle of the combo switch to yamato and DO NOT ATTACK if you do this cheat will not work and you will have to do it again now once you've switched back to yamato you will see that the sheath is still there but not the sword weird huh but if you attack at all yamato will appear well have fun with this cheat ~{Signed THANATOSX8}~

(Please note that I did not get this cheat from another site I found this cheat by playing the game besides I search for this stuff all the time and no other site I think has this cheat well see ya)

great combo

A good combo to use in battle with dante is choosing the pistols and the shotgun,then shot the pistols and pressing R2 and use only one shot of the shotgun, if necessary repeat

All unlockable outfits and characters

1.Vergil-Either have a saved file from the original DMC3 or beat the game on any difficulty with Dante
2.Sparda-Beat Dante's story mode on hard
3.Corrupt Vergil (Nelo Angelo)-Beat Vergil's story mode on hard
Shirtless- Beat the game on easy
DMC1 Oufit- Beat the game on normal
Gunslinger (Coatless)- Beat the game on hard
Super Dante- Beat the game on Very hard
Super Sparda- Beat the game on Dante Must Die
Coatless- Beat the game on easy
Super Vergil- Beat the game on very hard or beat Bloody Palace
Super Corrupt Vergil- Beat the game on Dante Must Die

Play with a friend

When using the Doppelganger style, execute your After-Image move and plug in a 2nd controller. Press the start button on the 2nd controller and your friend will now control your shadow image. Also, during the 2nd part of the fight with Arkhm in Chapter 19, plug in a second controller and press the start button on it and your friend can now play as Vergil and help you kill Arkham. These hints worked for me and they should work for you. If these are done correctly, you can finally get one of your friends to play the game with you and they won't be left out. Good Luck!!!!!

Easy Swordmaster level up.

To get easy level ups in swordmaster go to the second boss Cerberus (the big three-headed dog) and keep using your specail swordmaster attack on his feet and heads.

Unlock Every Mode

At the main menu, hold down L1+L2+R1+R2 and rotate the left analog stick clockwise until you hear a voice say "Devil May Cry".

Kind Of Easy Way To get Red Orbs,, But kinda obvious??

For missions 9 or 10
There is a secert mission and it is secert mission 5
When you go into the cave you wouldd proably go left but instead jump up and
You will go into this small tunnel and you will see two red glowing crystal things
Go n press Circle and all you have to do is keep doing this mission over and over agian and you can get lots of red orbs for power ups in no time flat.
But it does gets a lil boring sometimes
Ps. If you go back and do this mission with a bazooka it's MUCH easier

Gliding Dante

When in Demon mode with rebellion, if you jump up and hold down the R1 button, Dante wil start to glide downward in the direction you point him.

High style

To always keep your style points high when playing as vergil keep changing your weapons whilst attacking and remember to add in a few long range attacks

Beating Vergil

AT the end of the game there is the hardest boos of all, Vergil. He will constantly turn into a demon to do extra damage on you. To make the fight easier you should save up red orbs and spend almost all of them on the demon orbs. When fighting Vergil use demon form and when you run out of demon power use a demon orb.

Faster gun fire

To get faster gun fire to make the game easyer is simple just get a turbo controller put turbo on and just hold to fire :-)


Beating Final Virgal Easy

One be super Sparta. The form of Dante that enables unlitited Demon power. Two use the ability Quick Silver. Now Attack Virgal right after he is done with an attack. This will let you attack for a longer combo. Second when he goes into Demon mode attack him like he isn't. So that mean when he finishes an attack attack back. This will kick him out of Demon mode. I elimated him in Dante Must Die mode this way. Hope this help you all.

Bloody place

The bloody place is the best to earn red orbs. There will be three tunnel. Each tunnel will have a small
Wave of demon but like gears 2 the wave will get better and better. After 10 you'll face 1 boss per tunnel. On level 1 you'll face a ell king, a dark worrior, the blue thing wings. So good luck.

Saoring Dante/Vergil

When on a ledge that can be jumped off of, do the stinger move towards the edge and instead of him falling off, Dante/Vergil will glide in the direction you were facing.

Demon mode forever!!!

I have figured out a way to stay in demon mode forever and you can do it too, all you have to do is put in the cheat that gives you all the costumes and levels, for all who don't know this it is hold r1 r2 l1 and l2 then rotate he analog sticks till you here devil may cry, go to the picture of dante with an auroa around him and select the level you want to play on and boom press l1 and you can stay in demon mode forever!!!
Oh yeah......u have to get demon mode for beating vergil the first time, I wish I could help ya there.
And I almost forgot, if you don't know when you're in demon mode you're defence, and speed go way up and I think you're strength does too.

Unlimited devil powers (time lag, doppelganger, etc.)

After putting in the unlock all cheat (R1+R2+L1+L2+D-pad Up/Left+Left Analog Stick Down/Right), at the mission select screen, choose the second purple costume for Vergil or Dante {it will be the last one using the R1 button to choose it}. The back of the costume should be turned to you and you'll see the Force Edge on his back. After choosing this costume, you will be able to use unlimited Devil Trigger and unlimited Devil Powers like Time Lag (Quicksilver style) and After-Image (Doppelganger Style). The only time that this won't help is in Chapter 19 during the 2nd part of the fight with Arkham and during the credits as you are killing demons. Good Luck!!!

Vergil fights

Whilst fighting vergil he will transform into his devil form regularly, when this happens do not wait for him to turn back. Turn yourself into your devil form and get in close and bash him. This will certainly make him turn back to his normal form a lot faster


Whilst fighting him always make your first meelee attack directed at his eyes as he will be blinded and open to attack for longer

Ever imagine a 2p Devil May Cry?

Well you can do this by unlocking Super Sparda (See my earlier cheat submission)
When your playing as him activate doppelganger and then press start on a second controller.
Now you have a 2p Devil May Cry.

Unlimited Doppelganger and quicksilver

Lets start off with this...Most people say to unlock Super Dante. Well that doesn't work. Unfotunately devil trigger still runs out when you use these styles.
To do this you must unlock Super Sparda. In order to do this you must beat the game on Dante Must Die mode. Or do it the cheap way and do the unlock everything cheat at the main menu.

Easy red orbs

Just play the first mission over and over again and try to get an S rank. Getting an S rank in this mission will get you 5000 red orbs, and you can beat this mission in just over 1 minute with high sword-gun combos. After you do this afew times it makes it really easy to acquire new gun upgrades and fighting actions.

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