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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition


Misons 1-5

by dude220725

Mission 1: A Crazy Party 

We will use the Trickster style on Mission 1, as it is the default. At the start of the mission, given you have the tutorials on, a brief description of the button layout will be presented. You will face a seemingly unlimited amount of bad guys for quite a while. Take this time to bash your way through them by using a mix of melee attacks and some timely gunfire. Try completely mixing it up with in-air combos using the two. Just plow through the line of enemies until you reach a cut-scene.

Playing as Vergil 
By starting out with Vergil, life is vividly easier from the start of the show. Vergil begins and ends the game with three melee weapons (all upgradeable throughout the game). The Yamato is a large and powerful samurai sword that doesn't hit as fast as Dante's Rebellion sword. The quicker option is the Force Edge, which is smaller in range, but can be used in tandem with the Yamato for certain combo attacks. The most powerful weapons out of the collection are the Beowulf gauntlets and shinguards. These numbers here ensure a fast and devastating finish to nearly ever battle you'll experience in the game. 

The range weapon has been replaced by flying blue swords that stab your enemies and break into pieces on impact. They don't fire as quickly as bullets from Ebony and Ivory, but they are a tad more powerful. As soon as you're dropped into that first office scene, you can punish your enemies using this attack. 

As far as styles go, Vergil uses only one - Dark Slayer Style. It's a lot like the trickster style that Dante uses. It's useful enough to get you around the nastiest enemies in the game.

Mission 2: The Blood Link 

We will go into this one with the Gunslinger style, as it is best to mess up the mix and get it together with different Style types to make sure that you have a great balance throughout the game. It's tough getting to a certain point in the game where one Style works a bit better than another only to find out that your skills with that Style are weak as Hell. Starting out, take care of the line of weasels that align themselves in order to kill you. Use tricky Gunslinging techniques to kill them mixed in with a few nice sword attacks when they get too close. This should knock them back far enough to do the job. Charge up your guns and release them as the red enemies charge toward you. 

When all of the enemies are dead, a giant big explosive blob enemy will drop down from above. He will explode, so evade the attack by holding R1 to lock-on and press X while holding back on the analog stick. You will encounter another assault from multiple enemies, including another exploder. Try shooting the exploder to kill them all. After clearing out this line of enemies by moving around the corridor and evading before the red guys charge, you will find yourself in a Grim Reaper sandwich. Begin by locking on and shooting the reaper from afar, and when he disappears, evade by rolling to the side when the next portal appears, as he will leap out at you otherwise. The key to defeating the crazy Grim Reaper is to evade in circles around him while you load bullets into his body (lock-on, people!). Only go in for sword strikes when his guard is down, and never try to exceed one combo! Don't get ahead of yourself, and play it cool with the bullet wounds.

Mission 3: The Devil's Tower 

Choose Gunslinger once again, as you should be as precise as possible. At the start of the mission, move forward and lock onto the ground enemies. Shoot them as fast as possible while swaying back and forth to avoid getting hit by those blue arrows. You can shoot the flaming barrels to clear the zone. Kill the two arrow guards immediately afterwards and focus your attention to the exploder in the back of the group. After all of this, head towards the alley slinging bullets into anything that comes your way, and evade the attacks as you head for the door. Enter here. 

You will be sealed off upon entering, so grab the two red orbs atop the bar, and crack the barrels for some health, amongst other things. Destroy pretty much everything in the room, including the row of jukeboxes that hide a sword reactor. Attack the device several times with the sword to reveal a new doorway, and go through to find the Shotgun on the bulletin board. Why a Shotgun would be attached to a bulletin board is beyond us, but it's a lovely surprise, anyway. Go through the door and get crazy with your bad self. You will encounter a few random easy enemies, as well as a few Teleporters. These guys will scramble around the room via teleportation. Use a vast array of sword combos with a bit of juggling gunplay mixed in to defeat them. You shouldn't take much damage here at all. SECRET MISSION NOTE: Secret Mission 1 is right here! Defeat these enemies in under a minute to complete it! 

Go out to the streets via the main doorway, and watch the cut-scene. Walk up the alleyway and jump onto the ledge to the right to collect the blue orb piece. You will find an orb power-up device further up the alley, so use it to level up Ebony & Ivory, your twin pistols. If you have trouble with the upcoming boss fight, try buying some Vital Star Ss to aid you in your fight, as well as a Blue Orb. To the left is a breakable wall containing an Orb dispenser, as well as a combo statue containing a Blue Orb piece. Walk through the door to reach a chamber of ice. Walk towards the ice-encased foe to find out that he's quite the pooch. The Cerberus is considered one of the toughest enemies in the entire game. The key to defeating the Cerberus is to play nice and shoot him with your 2nd (or 3rd) level Ebony & Ivory pistols from afar, and evade the shots of ice by rolling left or right. 

Watch out for the giant ice cubes that the Cerberus spits out, although this shouldn't be entirely too hard. The hardest thing to evade on the Cerberus' part is the charged attack that he uses. Try evading backwards as soon as you notice the slightest movement. Once all of the ice has been chipped from the three heads, it is time to get up close and personal. Use the forward/triangle combo to nip away at the Cerberus' legs until it falls, and begin destroying the heads of the beast. The Cerberus mainly attacks from the front, so the sides are normally wide open for attack. After a short while, the ice will be recharge, so chip away at it once more. When the head is down, begin wailing on it with everything you've got. Rinse and repeat. For the second part of the fight, chip the ice and shoot the heads with Ebony & Ivory. If you're still having trouble, IGN Boards user and Devil May Cry enthusiast LHK recommends using Air-Rave after purchasing it, and upgrading Ebony & Ivory to level 3. Remember to save your game so that you do not lose your orbs and items!

Playing as Vergil 
Against Cerberus: Although the same rules of engagement apply with Dante, Vergil's distinct weapon set requires a different approach. The easiest way to dispatch Cerberus is to break the ice off the heads of the three dogs with the Summoned Swords, and then use Beowulf to jump-up and come down with the sliding powerful kick. Simply jump, and hit Triangle when you're in the air. Vergil comes down with a furious kick just like Dante does with Beowulf. You will have devil trigger from the very beginning, so use at will.

Mission 4: The Uninvited One 

Select whichever Style you'd like for this mission and enter the stage. Now head up the stairway (either side, they both lead to the same place) and up to the left side of the next staircase. Collect the red orbs and go through the doorway to reach a hall littered with enemies. Make your way up the stairs while gunning and slicing your way through the area, and go through the door to reach a room filled with nasty enemies. Set your sights on the three flaming arrow guards first with your Ebony & Ivory guns, which should be upgraded at the end of this mission to level three if you haven't already done so. Afterwards, blow those creepy jaggy creatures out of the way, since you can evade the other flaming arrow guards fairly easily. Use a mix of gun-work and swordplay to dismantle these new enemies, in that order. 

Once all of the enemies have been defeated, go through the newly unlocked door. Destroy the three statues on the elevator lift and begin attacking the red switch on the side of the wall to activate the lift. Jump on and catch a ride to the top. In this next room you will face a line of the teleporter enemies that we encountered earlier. There are several of these fiends in this chamber, so swiftly eliminate them without the hassle of tracking them down by juggling them and shooting them in mid-air. This will eliminate their teleportation skills, as well, rendering them useless. Once all of the enemies are dead, the door becomes unlocked. Go through the door after grabbing the Blue Orb fragment by climbing the loose pipes. 

Watch the cut-scene and follow the path to reach the puzzle. You will need a round object to fit into it, so backtrack to the nearest door that you see (the yellow one) and go up the stairs to fall into a pit of unpleasantness. You must battle several teleporters and the new type of enemy that we spotted earlier, which will be referred to as collars. Start off by shooting the exploder to help clear the area, and pick off the rest of them from here with tons of evasion moves followed by sword strikes. A blue portal opens up afterwards, so walk inside and go through the big red door afterwards. Once inside, get ready to battle the boss, a gigantic bone millipede. 

The bone millipede has a huge weakness to the Air-Hike, and if you purchased it in the last mission, you can use it to your advantage. Drop onto the back of the gigantic insect and slash it with your sword along the sections of the shell. If you fall onto the flooring down below, simply double jump to reach the platforms that you were on once again. You can use your level three Ebony & Ivory pistols to do damage if you miss the jump onto the back of the creature, and use the Air-Hike to land on the back of the bug if it flips around to shake you off once you're on top of it. Watch out for the purple plasma balls. If they get too close, shake them by falling into the hole and evading. Go into the next room and collect the Astronomical Board to complete the mission.

Playing as Vergil 
Against Bone Millipede: Dante's Air-Hike made this battle a lot easier. Vergil doesn't have an Air-Hike upgrade. So although movement has been somewhat impaired, Vergil's attack is more powerful for having Beowulf so early in the game. You can mount the beast however you like - jump off anyone of the ledges to get onto his back - then unleash a combo string with those Beowulf melee hits that will take chunks off his life. If you manage to get to his head, the attacks are bit more powerful, and thusly, make the fight a lot quicker. 

Against Jester: After you beat those infuriating Stone Dragons, you'll notice a beam of white light shooting out of the floor in front of you. Go ahead and walk into and hit the X button. This is the first time you fight the Jester in the game. His attacks are tough, but manageable at this stage. He'll teleport around the ring every time you get close enough to take a swing at him. While using Vergil, hit Circle to slide to him and take a swing. If using Dante, equip that Trickster style to do the same. When you finally get a good hit in on him, unleash a combo string to do good damage. He'll summon a bevy of glowing balls out of the air, but you shouldn't have that much trouble dodging them. Beat him down and collect your orbs.

Mission 5: Of Devils and Swords 

Start out with the Trickster set, and bring in the Cerberus for battle. Start out by whacking all of the Stone Dragons out of the air and using Ebony & Ivory to stun them before finishing them off with melee attacks. After you have defeated all of the Stone Dragons, double jump up to the doorway and go through. Go through the yellow door and go towards the screen and up the stairs to the left to reach the puzzle stone. Place the Astronomical Board into it, and jump all of the way down to the floor to reach the red glowing portal. This is a spring that will boost you up for fast and easy access to the top rooms. For now, head up the right side of the staircases to eventually find a Vajura. Now, go through the blue door that leads to the Entranceway. 

Destroy the line of enemies in this hallway; they should be fairly easy compared to those Collars and such. Go into the Living Statue Room and go up to the second floor. Go around the room to reach an indentation where the Vajura goes. Place it into the device and take the Soul of Steel from the pedestal out in the middle of the room. Of course, the doors lock up immediately afterwards, and you must clear the room of bad guys. There's mainly a bunch of archers and such, nothing too complex, really. After clearing the room, head for the exit. Take care of the enemies in the Entranceway hall, as well. 

Take the spring up to the yellow door again and go through it. You will reach the room with the fallen staircase, but now you can walk on air! Walk across to the other side and train your Cerberus weapon on the combo statue to receive a Blue Orb Fragment. Place the Soul of Steel into the plate and go through the large double doors to reach a room containing an elevator lift. SECRET MISSION NOTE: Secret Mission 2 is here, and you must defeat the entire set of enemies without getting hit a single time. Back on the elevator; watch out for several sets of four enemies. Use intense melee combos to eliminate them all. Go to the right on the winding staircase and pick up some Vital Star Ss, or Vital Star Ls. You're about to face another very hard boss. 

The Brothers are very, very tricky bosses because of the fact that, unlike most boss strategies in practically every game ever created, you cannot defeat one and focus on the other. In fact, doing so is practically suicide in itself. Instead, you must fight these guys together, as if you kill one of them a long time before the other one, the one that is alive will gain the strength of the dead one via the power of the sword. The Brothers have very basic attacks, thankfully, giving you complete freedom of movement along the room. It's easiest to roll evade practically all of the Brothers' attacks. You may look like a frantic madman, but hey, you want to win, right? 

The attack patterns are the keys to victory. As stated, the majority of the time you can simply roll out of the way of their wrath, but certain times that just won't cut it. You can cheat the Brothers out of victory by having them destroy each other, as well! Watch for the Brothers to go to the other side of the room and begin charging. Jump over the top of the first one and lead the second Brother to the first before dodging the attack, and watch the sparks fly! Watch for them to kneel upon one knee. When you see them do this, lay into the Brother with the most health with your strongest combos!

Playing as Vergil 
Against The Brothers: Vergil makes life so much easier with Beowulf. The key here is to continue to just jump and hit Triangle to unleash that devastating sliding kick. Eventually he'll knock the sword out of the hand of one of the brothers, causing him to kneel in pain. At this point, go crazy on him with a Beowulf combo string. The cool thing about Vergil's Beowulf attacks is that they come a little faster than Dante's, so he can really get in a lot of lovely hits before the headless hulking menace gathers his composure. Nevertheless, steer clear of those swords as best you can. Vergil's Dark Slayer Style makes this doable, notwithstanding the drunken camera that confounds things repeatedly. Stay alert, and in the air as best you can. The more actions you have unlocked for Beowulf, the faster this fight will inevitably be.