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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition



by vinheim

If you want to contact me quickly,  instead of e-mailing me, feel free to check
                out my website and/or my Video Walkthroughs at:

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Use the "Contact me" form to  inform me of any issue you need to clear off your
                            mind. Check it out! -.-
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                        |    `   \  ___/\   / |  |  |__
                       /_______  /\___  >\_/  |__|____/
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                _____                   _________
               /     \ _____   ___.__.  \_   ___ \_______  ___.__.
              /  \ /  \\__  \ <   |  |  /    \  \/\_  __ \<   |  |
             /    Y    \/ __ \_\___  |  \     \____|  | \/ \___  |
             \____|__  (____  // ____|   \______  /|__|    / ____|
                     \/     \/ \/               \/         \/
                                   \_____  \
                                     _(__  <
                                    /       \
                                   /______  /

                                          < ASCII art created by vinheim 2009 >

     D A N T E ' S   A W A K E N I N G       S P E C I A L   E D I T I O N

                                Devil May Cry 3
                     Dante's Awakening :: Special Edition
                                  Version 0.7
                             Last update: 04/01/09
                              Author by:  vinheim
                            Email: [email protected]
-                     Homepage:                     -
--              Video Walkthroughs:              --

-----       This document Copyright 2009 Alexander Paul Kleinheider       -----
---                   Devil May Cry 3 Copyright 2005 Capcom                 ---

This  may  be not  be  reproduced under  any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It  may not  be placed  on  any  web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

                               Table of Contents

 To navigate much easier through this guide, I added the search system, which
works just by following these simple steps:

- Highlight the "Section Code" of the section which you wish to go and copy it

- Press CTRL+F to bring up the search sub-menu.

- Paste the "Section Code" and press ENTER twice to be where you wanted to be.
  Just like magic!

 My Section Codes were made as precise as possible, and I also prefer this
method instead of having you scroll 30 min through this guide looking for the
section you want to go.


~~~~~> Section <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Section Code <~~~~~~

1] Introduction..................................................[sx100]

       1.1] Contact Rules................................[sx101]

2] Game Basics...................................................[sx200]

       2.1] Story........................................[sx201]
       2.2] Controls.....................................[sx202]
       2.3] DMC3 : DMC3 SE differences...................[sx203]

3] Characters....................................................[sx300]

4] In-depth Walkthrough..........................................[sx400]

       4.1] Mission 1....................................[sx401]
       4.2] Mission 2....................................[sx402]
       4.3] Mission 3....................................[sx403]
       4.4] Mission 4....................................[sx404]
       4.5] Mission 5....................................[sx405]
       4.6] Mission 6....................................[sx406]
       4.7] Mission 7....................................[sx407]
       4.8] Mission 8....................................[sx408]
       4.9] Mission 9....................................[sx409]
       4.10] Mission 10..................................[sx410]
       4.11] Mission 11..................................[sx411]
       4.12] Mission 12..................................[sx412]
       4.13] Mission 13..................................[sx413]
       4.14] Mission 14..................................[sx414]
       4.15] Mission 15..................................[sx415]
       4.16] Mission 16..................................[sx416]
       4.17] Mission 17..................................[sx417]
       4.18] Mission 18..................................[sx418]
       4.19] Mission 19..................................[sx419]
       4.20] Mission 20..................................[sx420]

5] Secret Missions...............................................[sx500]

       5.1] Secret Mission 1.............................[sx501]
       5.2] Secret Mission 2.............................[sx502]
       5.3] Secret Mission 3.............................[sx503]
       5.4] Secret Mission 4.............................[sx504]
       5.5] Secret Mission 5.............................[sx505]
       5.6] Secret Mission 6.............................[sx506]
       5.7] Secret Mission 7.............................[sx507]
       5.8] Secret Mission 8.............................[sx508]
       5.9] Secret Mission 9.............................[sx509]
       5.10] Secret Mission 10...........................[sx510]
       5.11] Secret Mission 11...........................[sx511]
       5.12] Secret Mission 12...........................[sx512]

6] Blue Orb/Fragment List........................................[sx600]

7] Weapon and Item List

       7.1] Weapon List..........................................[sx701]
             7.1.1] Devil Arms...........................[sx702]
             7.1.2] Guns.................................[sx703]

       7.2] Item List............................................[sx704]
             7.2.1] Consumables..........................[sx705]
             7.2.2] Key Items............................[sx706]

8] Red Orb Secret Locations......................................[sx800]

9] Boss List.....................................................[sx900]

10] Unlockables..................................................[s1000]

11] Latest Update................................................[s1100]

12] Closing......................................................[s1200]

       12.1] Credits.....................................[s1201]
       12.2] Final Words.................................[s1202]
================================== END OF ToC =================================

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      1] Introduction                               (  )    sx100    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 Hello everybody and all those dear readers of mine, this is vinheim and I'm
here, presenting my Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition
Walkthrough. This is the thirteenth Walkthrough of mine, so I hope you enjoy
reading it. The Devil May Cry series holds a special place in my heart.

 A friend of mine (Raul) bought this game for me (as well as Tales of the
Abyss, which I also made a Walkthrough for it), for $10, used of course. He
also loves the series and Vergil, but he doesn't have a PS2, so he wanted to
play the game once he found out that Vergil was a playable character.

 There's also some things I want to address, so please read the following

- My walkthrough is pretty dry to me. I'm writing this for free and because I
  enjoyed this game, but more than "enjoyed", I love it. If you are looking for
  tons of eloquent ways for me to say "enter here, kill the enemies and proceed
  to the next room", you are going to be so disappointed. This guide is way,
  way too big to begin with, and lofty language does not help.

- If you take a quick scan thru my guide, you won't find the explanations for
  battling system, saving-loading, etc. Why, you ask? Well, because the game
  manual and in-game tutorials do a perfect job explaining the everything.

- The spoilers are great issues in making guides. I am a player of the game,
  just like you are. The first time I played through this game was completely
  by myself. I didn't use any guides, therefore nothing was spoiled for me. All
  the story's ups and downs that were supposed to surprise me had such effect.
  And I really think it's not fair spoiling such story elements to you.

 With all this said, let's start with the guide! Enjoy  this guide and remember
that it is a spoiler-free, so you don't  have to worry about  important info of
the game being spoiled.

                 ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  1.1] Contact Rules  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

 Any critiques, suggestions, spelling mistakes, contributions are welcome, so
please send them at the following e-mail:

                           --> [email protected] <--

 I always reply to all the mails I get, since feedback is the best reward of
all. Also, if you want to request to host this FAQ in your site, please ask
permission first, so I can always keep track of where my FAQ's are. The only
site that is allowed right now to host this FAQ is:


 I also have MSN and AIM, but please, if you add me, do NOT start bombing me
with IM. If I have the time, I'll chat to you, since I'm always busy writing
FAQ's and making some research for my job and school, but please keep it
polite, 'k? Anyway, here they are:

MSN: [email protected]
AIM: vinh3im

 Ask politely and I'll add you. I don't have YIM, so start mailing me to make
one just so you can chat with me.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      2] Game Basics                                (  )    sx200    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 Here, I'll give you the basics of this game, which are the controls and some
of the story (from the Instruction Booklet), and I think that's pretty much it.

                      ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  2.1] Story  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

 Several thousand years have passed since the Demon Warrior Sparda used his
legendary sword for the good of humans and sealed away the demon world...

 Dante, with blood from the Demon hero Sparda and a human mother, is trying to
set up shop on a small corner of town, only to find a gigantic tower rise up
out of the earth practically next door.

 Standing on the very top of that tower, lit by the faint light of the moon, is
his older twin brother Vergil. Mysteriously, Vergil had seemingly disappeared
from the face of the earth years ago.

 ... Surrounding Vergil are countless fierce demons!

 Although both Dante and Vergil share the same blood of Sparda, they have
completely different goals.

 And so Dante heads off towards the tower, to settle things once and for all
with Vergil.

 Meanwhile, the Devil Hunter Lady is also making her way towards this
mysterious tower, with a score of her own to settle.

 And so, the wheels of fate start to turn for the humans, demons, and men who
are both.

     - Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening : Special Edition Instruction Booklet

                    ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  2.2] Controls  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

|- L1 button | = Devil Trigger.                                               |
|- L2 button | = Switch long-range weapon (Dante only.                        |
|- L3 button | = Change lock-on target (hold R1 and press L3).                |
|- R1 button | = Lock-on target.                                              |
|- R2 button | = Switch close-range weapon.                                   |
|- R3 button | = Reset Camera behind character.                               |
|- D-pad     | = Move cursor.                                                 |
|            +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|            | = Subscreen shortcuts:                                         |
|            |  ^  Item Screen                                                |
|            |  <- File Screen                                                |
|            |  -> Map Screen                                                 |
|            |  v  Equip Screen                                               |
|- L analog  | = Walk/Run.                                                    |
|            +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|            | = Move cursor.                                                 |
|- R analog  | = Move Camera.                                                 |
|- Start     | = Subscreen.                                                   |
|- Select    | = Taunt.                                                       |
|- X button  | = Jump/Dodge (hold R1 and press X while moving to Dante's      |
|            |   sides).                                                      |
|            +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|            | = Confirm.                                                     |
|- /\ button | = Close-range attack.                                          |
|  ŻŻ        +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|            | = Cancel.                                                      |
|-[Ż] button | = Long-range attack.                                           |
|- O button  | = Style Move.                                                  |
|            +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|            | = Check.                                                       |

     - Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening : Special Edition Instruction Booklet

           ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  2.3] DMC3 : DMC3 SE differences  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

 There are several changes made from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening to this
Special Edition. The changes are the following:

= Vergil Mode

  You can now play as Dante's brother, Vergil!!! The story line (if it has any)
is the same as Dante's. You go through the same missions, only that you're
playing as Vergil. He has his own weapons and the Style you saw him use
throughout the game, Dark Slayer.

  The only thing is, that you need to finish the game with Dante in any
difficulty or have a DMC3: DA save file in your Memory Card to unlock Vergil.

= Bloody palace

  For those DMC Veterans, you might remember Bloody Palace from DMC2 (which
sucked big dinosaur balls, by the way). Well, I dunno if they forgot to put it
in DMC3: DA or they felt it wasn't good enough,, but they put it back in the
series. There are 9,999 floors (yeah, you read that correctly) and you fight a
number of enemies in each floor, as well as bosses.

  This is the perfect place to gather Red Orbs and level up your Styles. Each
time you finish a floor, 3 portals appear. Fire Portal takes you 100 floors up,
Lightning Portal takes you 10 floors up and the Water Portal takes you only 1
floor up. It's your choice to pick which one.

= Continue

  If you remember correctly (or if you didn't know), in the first DMC, there
were the Yellow Orbs, which revived you and left you in the nearest place (in
other words, at the entrance of the room) and in DMC2, there were the Gold
Orbs, which revived you in the same exact place where you were killed. So... by
far, the Gold Orbs are superior in every aspect. You're given the choice to
pick which ones you wanna use through the game.

  Also, you can have up to 99 Yellow Orbs or 3 Gold Orbs, but take note that 1
Gold Orb is equal to limitless amount of Yellow Orbs, so you know which best.

= Turbo Mode

  One of my favorite new features that this game has. In Turbo Mode, everything
is speeded up 20%, making the battles a lot faster and harder to make combos,
in my opinion. Also, in actual gameplay, the speed is up too, so the missions
will end up a little bit quicker. Note that you can't change this once the
mission started.

= Difficulties

  There's one new difficulty in DMC3: DA SE. Very Hard Mode. They changed the
difficulties a bit, so they are like the following:

|      DMC3: DA SE     |     Original Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening      |
|                 Easy | None. New in DMC3: DA SE                             |
|               Normal | Easy mode                                            |
|                 Hard | Normal mode                                          |
|            Very Hard | Hard mode                                            |
| Dante Must Die (DMD) | Remains the same                                     |
| Heaven or Hell (HoH) | Remains the same                                     |

 As you can see, we could say it's a bit easier in the early difficulties, but
in DMD and HoH, it remains the same.

= Demo Digest

  Another kickass new feature. As you advance in the game, you can watch the
cutscenes you've watched. Another nice feature. ^_^ My favorite hands down.

= Jester

  There's a new boss that appears throughout the game. The Jester is now a boss
in this game, which is totally optional that appears in Lightning Portals. Only
in Mission 5 he's a must to proceed through the game.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      3] Characters                                 (  )    sx300    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 The characters, mainly the main character, are some of the best characters in
all games. Here is some info of them.

   ~-~  DANTE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

 He's a Devil Hunter who fights with his trademark handguns and a sword. With
the blood of the demon hero Sparda running through his veins, he possesses
extraordinary powers beyond those of any human.

 Though easy going and always ready to joke, his spirit is steadfast and he
passionately hates evil. In his soul Dante harbors the strength to carry
through with his beliefs no matter what.

   ~-~  VERGIL  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

 He's Dante's twin brother. Just like Dante, he has the blood of Sparda,
running in his veins. But unlike Dante, he has chosen to follow the path of
demons, not humans.

 Vergil believes power is the ultimate goal. He will stop at nothing to acquire
power anywhere and by any means. The polar opposite of Dante, he is calm and
collected to the point of being cold and heartless.

   ~-~  ARKHAM  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

 Works closely to with Vergil. Although human, he is driven to become a demon.

   ~-~  LADY  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

 Demon Hunter Lady is as fierce as they come! She despises demons and her
life's work is to destroy them all. That goes for Dante as well, with half-
demon half-human blood coursing through his veins! Lady has some sort of
connection with Arkham, and has followed him to the tower.

     - Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening : Special Edition Instruction Booklet

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      4] In-depth Walkthrough                       (  )    sx400    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 Before getting started with the guide, let me address something: At the Item
Checklist, I wrote: Obtainable Weapon, Blue Orb Fragment, Red Orb Pedestal,
Secret Mission, Divinity Statue and below, the items you find through the
mission; where I'll write down the following:

- Obtainable Weapons: I'll name here the weapon(s) you'll receive during the
                      mission, if there's any, of course. Also note that only
                      Dante gets new equipment, so sorry for Vergil fans (I'm
                      one, of course).

- Blue Orb Fragments: I'll only list the number of Blue Orb Fragments you'll
                      obtain during the mission, without counting the Secret
                      Mission ones and the Combat Adjudicator ones.

- Secret Missions: As always, if there's one or more secret missions during the
                   mission, I'll write down the number of them.

- Combat Adjudicators: If there are any Combat Adjudicators, I'll list them
                       here and for what weapon it is. The top ones are for
                       Dante and the ones below are Vergil's.

- Divinity Statues: Number of Divinity Statues in the mission areas.

 There are also some abbreviations, simple ones, like Ebony & Ivory (E&I), Agni
& Rudra (A&R), etc.

                         D E V I L   M A Y   C R Y   3
      D A N T E ' S   A W A K E N I N G     S P E C I A L   E D I T I O N

 Well, please open the CD Tray, insert your Devil May Cry 3 DVD in your Sony
PlayStation 2 and close the CD Tray. You'll be enjoying during a lot of hours
this game, just because you want to get better and better each second. You'll
have three options at the start screen, which are New Game, Load and Options.
Choose New Game and set the difficulty of the game. If you're first-timers, I
really suggest playing in Hard, because I used the "Hard" difficulty as the
default for making the guide, and because it's the Normal Difficulty in the
original game.

=-=-=-=- 4.1] Mission 01: A crazy party ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx401 -=-=-=-=

                    "Violent response to an insane caller."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   Ok, this first mission is way different from
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  the first mission in DMC, because it'll only
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  last a couple of minutes. Dante will be
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  attacked by a lot of enemies, which are
| Divinity Statues.........[_] |  Hell Prides and Hell Lusts. You can use this
|                              |  mission as a tutorial and practice all the
o------------------------------o  moves you want.

=-=-=-=- 4.2] Mission 02: The blood link ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx402 -=-=-=-=

                   "Bludgeon the devils like an iron hammer."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   As you start the mission, grab the 'Vital
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  Star S' laying right next to the stairs.
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  There will be even more Hell Prides and Hell
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  Lusts in this missions. Once you've taken out
| Divinity Statues.........[_] |  the firsts waves of enemies, a new enemy will
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  appear, the Hell Wrath. Just shoot it until
| Vital Star S.............  1 |  it explodes, but don't be near it when it
|                              |  does. Once you've killed all the enemies, a
o------------------------------o  little scene will trigger and you'll start a
                                  boss battle.


   ~-~  BOSS #1: Hell Vanguard  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 Ok, this shouldn't be considered a Boss. I'm only doing it because the enemy
has a life bar at the bottom, that's the only reason. You'll also kill a lot of
them through the course of the game. Anyway, just attack nonstop and when it
blocks and repels your attack, quickly jump and use Helm Breaker to deal
massive damage. When it disappears, it'll come out in 1 of three ways: normal,
tackle and an uppercut. When it does a tackle, try evading it with Trickster.
If it does an uppercut, a water pool-like will appear under Dante. Just move
out of the puddle. Keep attacking it with Rebellion until it dies.

::.. Vergil ..::


=-=-=-=- 4.3] Mission 03: The Devils' tower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx403 -=-=-=-=

                          "Invade the colossal tower."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
| Obtainable Weapons...Shotgun |   As you move forward, a little scene triggers
|                   '.Cerberus |  showing you a new enemy, Enigma. Target these
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  enemies first, because their needle attacks
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  are annoying as hell. Also the Hell Prides,
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  Wraths and Lusts appear, but you know how to
| Combat Adjudicator.Rebellion |  take care of them. Once you're over, go in
|                       Yamato |  the room that was opened after the battle.
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |
|                              |   A blue seal appears as you enter, so, to
o------------------------------o  break it, you need to find a wheel-like thing
                                  (it has the same function of the rune clocks
in DMC), so break the red jukeboxes next to the seal to find it there. Hit it
until all the torches are lit, breaking this way the blue seal. You can also
break all the stuff in here to earn some more Red Orbs. Now get the 'Shotgun'
(only Dante) from behind the blue seal and enter the next room.

 Break all the things in here, then approach the next door to trigger a scene
and another enemy appears, the Hell Sloth. These enemies appear and disappear
from place to place, so keep good track of where they are. Once you're done,
grab the Green Orb at the top of the exit door and exit Love Planet.

 Go towards the huge building and you'll see a green garbage can at the end of
the neon sign. Hit it for some Red Orbs and then climb the sign to find some
hidden Red Orbs. Keep getting all the Red Orbs you see and at the left side of
the screen, you'll see a Red Orb Stone behind a gate. Break the gate to get to
the Red Orb Stone. Use the Million Stab combo (Dante) and Force Edge's combo
(Vergil) to get over 1,500 Red Orbs.

 Keep going north and you'll see a Blue Orb Fragment on the right side. Before
getting it, jump on top of the left building to find a Combat Adjudicator, for
Rebellion (Dante) or Yamato (Vergil). What you need to do is to combo it until
you reach a certain combo level (a level B is required I think). You'll get a
'Blue Orb Fragment' afterwards. Now get the 'Blue Orb Fragment' from the right
side, then check the double doors under it to enter Secret Mission 1.

.:*' Secret Mission 1 - The Exorcist '*:.
                              -- "Defeat all enemies within the time limit." --

..:: Dante ::..

 Whoever had the idea to put this one as the first Secret Mission must have
been high, because, for first timers, it'll be a nightmare. What you have to do
basically is to kill all the enemies that appear in 1 minute. A very good thing
to do is just use a regular 3 hit combo on the Hell Prides, while using Stinger
(if you have it) to get near the enemy. You really shouldn't try to create
combos, but rather focus in killing all the enemies, and if you can kill more
than one at the same time, better.

::.. Vergil ..::

 It's a bit easier with Vergil. Make sure to use Force Edge/Beowulf, while you
use Summoned Swords at the same time. Use Air trick to get to the enemies that
are away from you. You should finish in less than 45 seconds.


 Now break the green garbage can outside the Secret Mission to find a Green
Orb, which you'll need for the upcoming Boss Battle. Now enter Temen-ni-gru to
enter a Boss fight with a little doggy.


   ~-~  BOSS #2: Cerberus  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 To be the first serious boss, he's quite hard. He has 5 parts you can target
at: his 3 heads and both front paws. I really recommend equipping yourself with
the Trickster Style and having Stinger: Level 2. Start by shooting like hell
towards the three heads, then towards one paw and when all the ice falls
(you'll know this when you start damaging him), then quickly Stinger towards
his paw and start hitting him. When he falls, go to the heads and combo him
like crazy. The damage dealt in the heads is way bigger than the damage dealt
in the paws. When he regains balance, he may attack you. If you see that the
floor is getting white, quickly use Dash to get out of the way. If he covers
himself in ice again, rinse and repeat.

 When he turns red, his movements will get quicker, so take extreme caution.
Then, when you explode 2 heads, his speed will be higher, so try attacking him
only with E&I.

::.. Vergil ..::


=-=-=-=- 4.4] Mission 04: The uninvited one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx404 -=-=-=-=

                          "Find the key to the stars."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   As you start, start following the right path
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  until you reach a blue door. Enter it, kill
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  the Hell Prides and enter the next room. A
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  red seal appears in here, so you know what
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  that means. Kill all enemies and proceed to
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  the next room. Destroy all the statues in the
| Astronomical Board..Key Item |  room to receive 100 Red Orbs per statue.
|                              |  There's also a Red Orb Stone, but you know
o------------------------------o  how to deal with these by now. So hit the
                                  wheel to activate the elevator.

 A new enemy appears in this room, the Hell Gluttony. These enemies absorb
great amount of sand and then they use it as a cannon and fires it towards you.
This is the only thing they do, so they aren't any real thread. Kill all the
enemies to break the red seal, then, before exiting, jump to the top of the
door using the pipes crossed to get a 'Blue Orb Fragment' (this should be your
fourth by now).

 Back at the main room of Temen-ni-gru, go left, up the stairs and keep going
left (jump across the gap there or wall kick from the bottom) and enter the
yellow door. Try crossing the bridge to fall to the Chamber of Sins. Kill all
the enemies to return to the Endless Infernum room, then enter the big red


   ~-~  BOSS #3: Gigapede  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 This boss is way easier that Cerberus. As you start, jump on its back and
start attacking it with Cerberus. When it spins or enters completely the hole,
jump on the left ledge and when you see light coming out of the hole, try
jumping on the head and start attacking it with Cerberus. You'll deal massive
damage when you attack it with Cerberus, and even more if you attack it in the

::.. Vergil ..::


 Now grab the 1,000 Red Orbs scattered through the room (one behind another)
and enter the little brownish/reddish door. In here, grab the 'Astronomical
Board' from the right side to end this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.5] Mission 05: Of devils and swords ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx405 -=-=-=-=

                "Unleash your might on the demonic gatekeepers."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
| Obtainable Weapons.......A&R |   A new enemy appears as you start the mission
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  and it's the Blood-Goyle. If you hit it with
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  your sword while it's still in its "blood"
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  form, it'll split. Instead, shoot it until
| Combat Adjudicator..Cerberus |  it solidifies. Once done this, hit it with
|                      Beowulf |  your sword to break it. Kill them all and
| Divinity Statues.........  2 |  a lightning portal will appear in middle of
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  the room. Press O inside of it to start a
| Vajura..............Key Item |  boss fight with DMC3: DA SE bonus boss.
| Soul of Steel.......Key Item |
|                              |


   ~-~  BOSS #4: Jester  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

::.. Vergil ..::


 Now proceed through the big red door at the end of the room. Once at the main
room of Temen-ni-gru, go left, up the stairs and go all the way left to see a
machine at the end. Use the Astronomical Board to have the walls that were
blocking the path open. Jump to the bottom and jump on the orange platform to
do what looks like a space jump. You'll see on your left side something
shining. Go there to get the 'Vajura'. Return to the bottom and go in the blue
door now (it's on the right side).

 When you reach the Living Statue Room, go up to the second floor and use the
Vajura at the end of the hallway to have the cage behind it open. Go there to
get the 'Soul of Steel'.

 A red seal appears as soon as you take it. So kill them and return to the
Endless Infernum, which is the room behind the yellow door (before the area
where you killed the Gigapede). Once here, try crossing where the bridge once
was and you'll cross just like magic.

 On the other side, there's a Combat Adjudicator, for Cerberus (Dante) or
Beowulf (Vergil) this time. It's quite simple to do. Use the Soul of Steel in
middle of the door to open it. Once you enter "Surge of Fortunas", examine the
red skull in the wall to enter Secret Mission 2.

.:*' Secret Mission 2 - Untouchable '*:.
                             -- "Defeat all enemies while taking no damage." --

..:: Dante ::..

 This Secret Mission is easy, if you know how to do it. Notice that only the 2
Enigmas in the middle attack, so once their first attack is over, target them
and Stinger towards them. Try hitting both of them at the same time. Combo them
until they go down, then focus on the other two.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Afterwards, hit the wheel next to the skull, then quickly run towards the
elevator that's going up. What you have to do is to keep all the Hell Prides
off the elevator, so combo them and try Stinger-ing them off the elevator.

 Once you reach the top, jump to find some hidden Red Orbs. Follow the path now
and break all the things in the area where the Divinity Statue is. Use it if
you need to and enter the door.


   ~-~  BOSS #5: Agni & Rudra  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 OMG... this battle is hard, and I really mean it. It's two against one, not
fair. Agni is the red sword and Rudra is the blue sword. Both have the same
attacks, but it's hard to keep track of both of them. Agni is weak against
Cerberus, so that's a great plus. Also, you need to deal damage to them
equally. What does this mean? Well, when you kill one, the other one will take
the fallen sword, being lethal as hell. Also, having Trickster Style: Level 2
helps you out a lot, since you can evade their attack with great ease. Anyway,
I always attack Rudra until it has like 1/4 of health left, then start
attacking Agni with Cerberus. If he repels your attack, keep attacking since
Cerberus' attacks are quite fast. Once they have about the same health, start
attacking them equally. Don't be afraid of using your Vital Stars, since you
can buy some after the battle.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Watch the hilarious scene after the battle to end this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.6] Mission 6: Family ties ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx406 -=-=-=-=

                    "Clear the trial and forge a new path."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
| Obtainable Weapons...Artemis |   As you start in the Mute Goddess' Chamber,
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  go to the other side of the room and enter
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  the big-ass red door. Use the Divinity Statue
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  if you need and proceed to find a fork of 3
| Combat Adjudicator.......A&R |  paths. The green path will test your strength
|                   Force Edge |  while the orange path tests your skill and
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  the purple path tests your wisdom. You only
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  need to complete 2 of these 3 paths to
| Essence of Fighting.Key Item |  continue, but if you do all 3, you'll gain
| Essence of Intelligence      |  the Artemis Weapon. I really recommend
|                 ^...Key Item |  starting with the green path, as it's the
| Essence of Technique         |  hardest and continuing with the orange and
|                 ^...Key Item |  finally with the purple. Why?! Because the
|                              |  green path is the hardest and if you die
o------------------------------o  while doing it, you can restart the mission
                                  instead of using a Yellow/Gold Orb, but that
option is all up to you, so let's get rockin' baby!

..:: Green Path (Trial of the Warrior) ::..

 "Your warrior's heart will be put to the test in the chamber ahead. Light all
               of the crests to suppress the evil spirit's rage."

 Ok... as you enter, go in the center of the room to have several enemies
appear. You'll also notice that they have a strange purplish aura around them.
This is what I called that "the enemy has used its DT". You'll encounter this a
lot during Dante Must Die!, but not in hard. There are also 2 wheels in this
room. What you need to do is hit both of them and lit them completely to have
the enemy's DT disappear. During this short time, kill as many enemies as

 Once their DT returns, hit both wheels again and proceed with the previous
strategy. Keep doing this until you kill all enemies. If you die, restart the
mission so you can save a Yellow/Gold Orb. Once all is over, grab the 'Essence
of Fighting' from behind the wheel. Now return to the fork.

..:: Orange Path (Trial of Skill) ::..

  "Your techniques will be put to the test in the chamber ahead. Overcome the
               onslaught of obstacles to guarantee your future."

 This one is quite easy. You need to get to the other side of the path to get
the Essence. As you start, you'll see several spears coming out of any side of
the wall. You need to evade them all to reach the end of the room. Once you
cross, you'll get the 'Essence of Technique'. As you step on the hall, enemies
appear. Kill them or avoid them and return to the fork.

..:: Purple Path (Trial of Wisdom) ::..

  "Your wisdom will be put to the test in the chamber ahead. Use your lifetime
 experience: from the crawling infant; to the man standing tall; and finally to
                       the old man-leaning on his cane."

 At first, you'll be like: "... ok... what do I need to do? I didn't get the
riddle at all" (well, I said something like that the first time I played this
game), in fact, it's pretty easy. Let's see, the baby walks with his 4 limbs
(legs and hands), the adult with 2 limbs (legs) and the old man with 3 limbs
(legs and a hand for his cane). So, with this, the path you should follow is
the door with 4 lights, then 2 and finally 3. If done right, you'll get the
'Essence of Intelligence'.

 If you f*** up, you'll have to fight some enemies, so try not messing up.

 Before returning to the Mute Goddess' Chamber, use the Divinity Statue and
take out Agni & Rudra. Now return to the Mute Goddess' Chamber and insert all
three Essences into the middle artifact. You'll receive 'Artemis', then proceed
through the door opened by Artemis.

 In this room, use Agni & Rudra (Dante) or Force Edge (Vergil) on the Combat
Adjudicator and follow the path, collecting all the Red Orbs on top of the
arches and a scene will kick in at the end of the path.

=-=-=-=- 4.7] Mission 07: A chance meeting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx407 -=-=-=-=

                         "Duel of the demon children."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   As you start, before entering the door, jump
| Blue Orb Fragments.......  1 |  on top of the light and examine the red light
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........  1 |  to start Secret Mission #3.
| Secret Missions..........  1 |
| Combat Adjudicator.Rebellion |  .:*' Secret Mission 3 - Death from Above '*:.
| Divinity Statues.........  2 |    -- "Stay in the air for 20 sec or more." --
| Orihalcon Fragment..Key Item |
| Holy Water...............  1 |  ..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::
| Siren's Shriek......Key Item |
| Crystal Skull.......Key Item |  This Secret Mission can be very tricky, but
|                              |  I have a really simple way to do it. Just
o------------------------------o  start running to a corner (but keep running
                                  towards it). Now start pressing the Jump
button repeatedly, shooting once in a while (Dante only, with Vergil, keep
jumping). Now that you jump twice. First on the enemy's head, then on the wall.
It is a bit tricky, but with perseverance comes success (what a lame line,


 Afterwards, enter the brown door to enter the Heavenrise Chamber. Drop to the
bottom and enter the Divine Library. Once you enter, a blue seal appears and to
break it, you need to find an Orihalcon Fragment. You'll see several statues in
the room, and some of them will attack you (the ones that have blue in the
center of their blades). When you find 3 Damned Pawns (living statues), check
in between them (you don't have to kill them) to find the 'Orihalcon Fragment'.

 Return to the Heavenrise Chamber and go to the top, getting a 'Holy Water' on
the way up. Enter the green door to reach the Pitch-black Void area, which is
pretty similar to the area where you started the mission. There are also the
stone arches, having a 'Blue Orb Fragment' on top of one of them, now enter the
Skull Spire room.

 There will be several Damned Paws in the corridor, so take care of them and at
the fork you come across, follow the path forward to and examine the door,
which needs a certain something. Remember this door, please. Return to the fork
and go left this time, grabbing the 'Vital Star S' from the right side, then
enter the wooden door.

 Uh-oh! A red seal appears, but with no monsters... ok. What you need to do is
go to the center of the room and approach the statue to trigger a little scene
where you're presented with a new enemy, the Hell Greed. These have huge
coffins, which can summon Hell Prides and Hell Lusts. Once you kill all the
enemies, take the 'Siren's Shriek', now enter big brown door behind you.

 In this dark room (every time I enter this room, it reminds me of Silent Hill,
don't know why, though), there's a Combat Adjudicator, for Rebellion (Dante) or
Yamato (Vergil) this time. You need to get a SSS rank in order to destroy it,
but check the moves in the File menu and practice them. Now go to the top of
the stairs and use Orihalcon Fragment in the central artifact to power the

 Enter the elevator, which is right next to the door. You'll be back at the
Chamber of Echoes, main hall of Temen-ni-gru. Go up the left stairs and use the
Siren's Shriek on the fire pillar to enter the entranceway. From where you
start, go down the stairs to find a 'Yellow/Gold Orb' at the end of the little
path. Now enter the big brown door to enter the Cursed Skull Chamber.

 Break the wall in front of you and hit the wheel to have a huge iron ball
drop. Jump on top of it, target it (keep pressed R1) and start hitting it with
Rebellion/Force Edge until it breaks. Afterwards, pick up the 'Crystal Skull'
to have some enemies appear. Deal with them and return to the room where you
got the Siren's Shriek.

 Several enemies will appear and at the end of all them, a Hell Vanguard will
come out and play. You know how to kill it, so do so. Now return to the Skull
Spire room where the fork is and use the Crystal Skull to open the door.
Destroy the Red Orb Stone and proceed until a scene triggers and a Boss Fight


   ~-~  BOSS #6: Vergil  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 Vergil is quite easy, really. Start off by shooting at him and when he
approaches, evade using Trickster and Stinger him. If he blocks, use Trickster
to run away and Stinger him again. If he's pushed back, wait for his attack and
evade it; then Stinger him again. If he's not pushed back, start combo-ing him
alternating weapons, so you can deal damage faster. That's really all to it.
Feel free to see my video for more detail.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Watch the scene after the battle and end this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.8] Mission 08: A renewed fear ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx408 -=-=-=-=

                   "Burst forth from the great demon's womb."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   You're inside a giant demon whale called
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  Leviathan, which really exists in mythology.
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  Who cares?! The best part is that you finally
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  have your Devil Trigger, which allows Dante
| Combat Adjudicator..Cerberus |  and Vergil to transform into his devil form,
|                      Beowulf |  gaining a lot of speed and strength. Cool.
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  Also, if you keep pressed the L1 Button,
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  you'll see that your DT circles start glowing
| Ignis Fatuus........Key Item |  red (only happens if you have more than 3 DT
|                              |  Gauges. What this does is that when Dante
o------------------------------o  transforms, you'll hit the enemies that are
                                  nearby. Note, however, that doing this will
completely consume your DT Gauges, so think of it carefully.

 Anyway, from where we start, jump on your right side and hit the blue thingy.
This will open one tusk, four more to go. From here, follow this upper path
until you find another blue thingy. Before even moving, look at the boat in the
back. Jump on the highest tip of the boat to reveal some hidden Red Orbs. Now
move on to the boat itself to get a 'Blue Orb Fragment'.

 Under the boat, break some wooden debris to find a door in the back with
Secret Mission 4 in it.

.:*' Secret Mission 4 - Devil's Teetor-totter '*:.
                                          -- "Ride the elevator to the top." --

..:: Dante ::..

 This Secret Mission may be the hardest one. Why? Because the enemies use their
DT and you can only have 4 enemies on top of the elevator. When a fifth one
steps on the elevator, it'll go down, like the previous time you were here.
What you have to do is (all the people call this cheating, but I really don't
think it is), when the first 4 enemies drop down on you, jump towards the upper
wall, Kick Jump on the wall and then run up the wall using the Trickster style.
This way, all enemies that were on the elevator will disappear. Continue doing
this until you reach the Blue Orb Fragment.

::.. Vergil ..::


 After the Secret Mission, follow this lower path to find another blue thingy.
Jump over the school bus and enter a little cave to your right. Destroy the
blue thingy in here and follow the path to the right and after the bridge, go
left and destroy the Red Orb Stone. Now go right and destroy the last blue
thingy, grab the Red Orbs and head to the opening that looks like a vagina...
XD (it's on top of the school bus you previously jumped over).

 Follow the path, avoiding contact with the gastric acid and when you get to
the Divinity Statue, make sure you take out Cerberus, because there's a Combat
Adjudicator in a bit. Go in the room, then in the next and you'll be follow by
a Gigapede. Run from it and when you reach a little room, before leaving, kill
Gigapede with Cerberus/Yamato's Judgement Cut to earn 1,000 Red Orbs.

 In the next area, a new enemy appears, the Hell Envy, which is as easy as Hell
Pride. When you reach Leviathan's Retina, kill a lot of Hell Envy to get 'Ignis
Fatuus'. Now exit through the only path available and at this next area, open
the map and locate both forks. The first one has a Green Orb, while the second
one has the Cerberus' (Dante) or Beowulf's (Vergil) Combat Adjudicator. Pretty
darn easy... ;)

 At the next area, another Gigapede will chase you. Like before, run from it,
then kill it before proceeding to the next room (don't forget your 1,000 Red
Orbs). When you reach the stomach, go all the way to the Heartcore, which is
the room after the Divinity Statue. Use the Ignis Fatuus on the yellow orb to
trigger a Boss Fight!


   ~-~  BOSS #7: Heart of Leviathan  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

There are 3 parts to attack, and you'll see 3 health bars at the bottom of the
screen. Well, the left part absorbs Red Orbs, while the right part absorbs your
DT, You only need to destroy one so the real Heart of Leviathan appears. It has
some laser attacks, which will kill all the enemies there. They're quite simply
to evade. Cerberus is extremely harmful against this boss, so bring Cerberus
with you. Once you destroy either side, the heart of Leviathan will appear as a
green orb in between the DT and Orb absorbers. Tackle it with Cerberus and with
all your might before either side recovers.

::.. Vergil ..::


=-=-=-=- 4.9] Mission 09: Faded memories ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx409 -=-=-=-=

              "Christen the sorceress of the abyss with a blade."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
| Obtainable Weapons....Spiral |   From where you start, follow the path and
|                    '...Nevan |  enter the Provisions Storeroom. A red seal
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  appears, making you fight a new type of enemy
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  which is the Arachne. These enemies are weak
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  against Agni & Rudra, so use them to take
| Divinity Statues.........  2 |  advantage (Dante only). In the next room,
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  you'll have to complete the puzzle by
| Ambrosia............Key Item |  destroying the crystals. Follow the following
| Devil Star...............  1 |  ASCII:
|                              |

|       W       |       W: Wheel (this resets the crystals)
|   S           |       S: Start point of the light beam
|   |           |       B: Crystals you must break in order to complete
|   |           |          the puzzle
|   B   C   C   |       C: Normal crystals that you MUST not break
|   |   | \     |       D: This is your destination (well, the beam's
|   |   |  \    |          destination)
|   C---B---C   |        |, -, \, /: Light Beam trajectory
|       |       |
|____   ;   ____|
     |  D  |
     |     |

 Once done, before entering the door, there's a Blue Orb Fragment on top of the
Divinity Statue. You need Air Hike and Trickster Level 2. On the panel below
where the Fragment is, Air Hike and shortly after shoot your handguns, so you
can have an extra little boost and quickly after use Sky Star. Enter this
little room to get the 'Blue Orb Fragment' (Dante's method).

 With Vergil, what you need to do is the following: Locate the panel under the
little room, jump off the wall, quickly use Yamato's Aerial Rave to turn around
(to face the little room) and quickly use Trick Up to enter the little room to
find your price there. Now enter the blue door right in front of the Divinity
Statue. Once in the Subground Water Vein area, make your way to the other side
while killing all the Enigmas that are bugging you.

 Once you've entered the Rounded Pathway, kill the enemies while watching that
you don't get hurt by the spinning blades, because they hurt a lot. Once at the
Subterranean Lake, go right, jump over the broken wall and get some Red Orbs,
then jump on the broken wall and go up to a second level to find a Green Orb
and more Red Orbs. Now go left from the entrance and enter the door next to the
Divinity Statue (the one that has three colors in the center).

 Follow the path until you get to the Provisions Storeroom, where you need to
get the 'Ambrosia' at the end. Once you've taken the item, some Arachne will
attack you, so kill them. Now return to the Subterranean Lake and go left from
the Divinity Statue to find a waterfall. Directly in front of the waterfall,
there are some pillars-like things. Jump on top of them to find the 'Spiral'
weapon, which is rather the best long-range weapon equipped with Gunslinger to
make SSS combos at DMD mode. Underneath is a Combat Adjudicator, but it's for
another weapon, which you'll get at the end of this mission. Now enter the

 Go directly in front of where you enter and jump to the red light you see
here. Examine the red crystals to enter Secret Mission 5.

.:*' Secret Mission 5 - Destroyer '*:.
    -- "Destroy every destructible background object within the limit time." --

..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::

 This Secret Mission is quite fun, IMO. You have to destroy all 50 objects in
the bar. Search everywhere, from the entrance to the bar and on top of it.


 Ok now, from the entrance, follow the path and at the fork further ahead, go
left to find a 'Devil Star'. Return to the fork and go right this time and
enter the door at the end, using the Ambrosia previously obtained.


   ~-~  BOSS #7: Nevan  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 Nevan, this big-titted bitch can be pretty hard if you don't know how to fight
her. The best weapon to use against her is Cerberus, so keep it equip at all
time. Use only Rebellion for Stinger to get close to her. She has a barrier
made of bats, so quickly take care of it with Cerberus. She'll be paralyzed a
little bit after breaking the barrier, so use a Charged DT and beat the shit
out of Nevan with Cerberus. Note, that while she's paralyzed, a black circle is
growing underneath her. After some seconds, it'll create a black orb, damaging
you, so jump and use Sky Star if you have it.

 After taking 1/3 of her health, she'll start using horizontal and vertical
lightning beams, so run away and evade them. Once she has less than 1/3 left,
she'll transport to the middle of the room, make her bats disappear and start
chasing you. Evade her at all cost, because she'll try to drain your health to
regain her own.

::.. Vergil ..::


 After the battle, you'll receive the 'Nevan' weapon, which is, basically, an
electric guitar that control bats, which is the best weapon used to gain SSS
combos on DMD mode. Now exit through the door right next to the one you used to
enter to finish this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.10] Mission 10: The job ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx410 -=-=-=-=

                        "Strengthen the silent bridge."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   Make sure to bring Nevan before starting the
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  mission and buy the Air Raid skill from the
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  weapon, if you can afford it. After the
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  exhausting battle with the horny vampire, go
| Combat Adjudicator.....Nevan |  forward to get the 'Stone Mask'. Afterwards,
|                       Yamato |  return to the Subterranean Lake. Remember the
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  Combat Adjudicator from the previous mission?
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  Use Nevan (Dante) or Beowulf (Vergil) on it
| Stone Mask..........Key Item |  to receive a 'Blue Orb Fragment'. Now follow
| Neo-Generator.......Key Item |  the path towards the right part of the area
|                              |  (where the Red Orbs were) and you'll see a
o------------------------------o  blue door with a circle of light coming out
                                  of it. Use the Stone Mask there to reveal a
bridge in front of you. Cross it and before getting the object, go to the right
side of the large statue and examine the blue skull to start Secret Mission 6.

.:*' Secret Mission 6 - Flight of the Demon '*:.
                           -- "Collect every Red Orb within the time limit." --

..:: Dante ::..

 You need Nevan's Air Raid for this secret mission. From where you start, Air
Raid and grab all the Orbs that are on the right side. Now proceed to the upper
part (where a White Orb is) and drop down to grab all the Orbs next to the
wall. Once down here, Air Raid once again and make your way forward towards the
boat and you'll receive the Blue Orb Fragment.

::.. Vergil ..::


 After the Secret Mission, collect now the 'Neo-Generator'. Return to the start
of the bridge and go right to enter the green door to enter the Rounded Path.
After a few steps, a little scene will trigger and you'll have to fight a new
enemy, Dullahan. They don't do anything if you're out of their way, but you
have to kill them, so... hit them in the back. Best way to do it is to use Helm
Breaker (Dante) or Aerial Rave (Vergil) over and over and over. Once you've
killed all 3 of them, enter the Subground Water Vein.

 Follow the path until you reach the Provisions Storeroom. Kill the Arachnes
and proceed to the next room. Go to the end of the bridge to trigger a scene
that changes the bridges. Now follow the path and enter the green door to end
this mission (man... this was short).

=-=-=-=- 4.11] Mission 11: Revenge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx411 -=-=-=-=

             "Give a guest from the past an adequate homecoming."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   You'll start in Gears Of Madness and it's
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  full of Enigmas. Kill them all, but don't
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  exit the room yet. On top of the left side
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  of the last gear is a shiny object. Get
| Combat Adjudicator.......A&R |  'Devil Star'. From this ledge, Double Jump
|                   Force Edge | (Dante) or use Aerial Rave (Vergil) on the
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  ledge above and examine the red circle thing
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  to enter Secret Mission 7.
| Devil Star...............  1 |
| Holy Water...............  1 |
|                              |  .:*' Secret Mission 7 - Hang 10 '*:.
                    -- "Obtain the blue orb fragment within the time limit." --

..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::

 What you need to do in this Secret Mission, is to get to the end of the path
within the time limit. To do this easier, have at least 8 gauges of your DT and
start running towards it, ignoring the enemies. When you get to the last set of
stairs, an enemy should appear next to the Blue Orb Fragment. Start Stinger-ing
towards him until you get there (I still had 3 seconds doing it this way).


 Kill the Enigmas once again if you want to and proceed to the next room. Check
on Dante's left side and Wall Jump to find a 'Blue Orb Fragment'. Proceed
through the narrow passage and a new enemy will appear, the Soul Eater. These
are a pain in the freaking ass. They transform into mist when you're facing
them, so the best solution, in my opinion, is to stand in between 2 Soul Eaters
and shoot with the Handguns or Summoned Swords until they all die. Now proceed
to the next room.

 In the Altar of Evil, check the left side to find some swords stuck in the
wall. Use them to jump to the upper part of the room. Follow the path and
you'll see a block. You need to push it into the wall. Do so by hitting it. Go
to the other side of the room and there's a breakable wall with another stone
inside. Push it all the way to the other side and a Hell Vanguard will appear,
along with several f***ing Soul Eaters. Try taking out the Soul Eaters first,
because they'll be bugging you while you fight. The Red Seal breaks afterwards,
so follow it.

 In this next big room, push the statue and drop down to find a Green Orb and a
Holy Water. There's also a Combat Adjudicator for Agni & Rudra (Dante) or Force
Edge (Vergil). Now hop onto the cart and go. There will be several enemies
appearing while you get to your destination, so take care of all of them and
proceed to the next area.

 Once you get down, run up the stairs and prepare yourself using the Divinity
Statue and proceed through the gate to initiate a Boss Fight!


   ~-~  BOSS #8: Beowulf  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 This boss is hard, and one of the hardest in my opinion. He has several
attacks that he uses depending on how much health he has left. From a full
health bar to a half one, he usually walks to you and uses a 3-hit combo. Use
Trickster to avoid it, or in case you have another style equipped, roll to the
sides (Keep pressed R1 + <-- o --> and X). He also has starts hitting the floor
with his foot and metal towers fall down. He then hurls them at you. Simply
roll to the sides to avoid it. He occasionally punches the ground, creating a
beam of light that comes from under Beowulf and damages everything around him.

 His weak point is his face (well, his eyes). If you happen to have the
Swordmaster style equipped, use Rebellion's Aerial Rave; Agni & Rudra's Sky
Dance; and/or Nevan's Slash attack in his face to stun him for a little bit.
Afterwards, he starts punching in front of him, so run to his back, DT yourself
and start kicking his ass. When he has less than half health bar, he goes
berserk, his eyes start glowing red and starts running all over the place. He
also does his 3-hit combo, but faster this time, being harder to evade. He also
punches the floor and creates the same beam of light.

 Once he has less than 1/4, he starts attacking randomly, so stay on your
toes... ALWAYS! When he's away from you, he takes out his wings and hurls
feathers at you, which come at a really great speed. Do your best to avoid it.
Make good use of Air Hike (if you have it) and Sky Star (Trickster Lv.2),
because they WILL come in handy.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Watch the scene after the fight, approach the shiny object and the mission
will end.

=-=-=-=- 4.12] Mission 12: Hunter and Hunted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx412 -=-=-=-=

             "Reclaim the bridge before the soul is lost forever."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   You receive 'Haywire Neo-Generator' as the
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  mission starts. You now have infinite DT,
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  only at the cost of your health bar. It keeps
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  decreasing as time passes, but the good thing
| Divinity Statues.........  2 |  is that every enemy that you encounter will
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  drop a Green Orb. Anyway, return to the wagon
| Haywire Neo-Generator        |  in the previous room and ride it back. You'll
|                ^... Key Item |  be ambushed by several Demons, so take them
| Vital Star L.............  1 |  out as quick as possible. When you get to the
|                              |  other side of the Temperance Wagon, grab the
o------------------------------o  Green Orb from under the statue and proceed
                                  to the next room.

 In this room, a Red Seal appears and it's time to dispose of several demons.
The good thing is that there will be no Blood-Goyles, Soul Eaters nor Hell
Vanguards. Just plain and simple demons. Take them all out and proceed to the
next room, which should be the Gears of Madness. In here, there are several
Blood-Goyles, but if you don't wanna waste time, locate a gear in middle of the
room, jump on it then on an upper platform with some Red Orbs. From here,
simply proceed to the next room.

 This is the room where Arkham was "killed" by Vergil. There are now a lot of
Demons, a Hell Vanguard and to top it off, a Red Seal. Kill the Hell Vanguard
first and then take care of the Demons later. Now move to the next room and
you'll get rid of the Haywire Neo-Generator (now that's an unique way to get
rid of it ;). Now run to the other side of the bridge and enter the blue door.

 Approach the shiny object on the floor to get a 'Vital Star L'. Also, make
sure to bring Cerberus with you as well as Ebony & Ivory and Spiral, as you'll
need them in the next battle. Run down the stairs and enter the door at the
bottom to start a Boss Fight!


   ~-~  BOSS #9: Geryon  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 An annoying battle (I really don't like this one). There are 2 phases of this
fight. The first one, you're on a bridge and everything Geryon does is run
towards you and disappears behind you to reappear in front and keep charging.
You need to take at least 1/6 of the Health Bar in order to proceed to the next
phase. I found a really quick way to do that.

 Start by shooting once with Spiral and right after the shot, change to Ebony &
Ivory, shoot once and quickly change again to Spiral. Do this over and over
until the next phase starts. Second phase starts... NOW!

 You're now in a coliseum, so Geryon's attacks are faster, deadlier and
smarter. The most common of his attacks is when he starts running around the
coliseum, launching missiles at you. Try running behind him and as close as
possible so the missiles hit right behind you. After some time, he runs to the
middle of the coliseum and swings his cart, dealing great damage, so make sure
to keep your distance.

 When he's in the middle of the coliseum, jump on top of the cart and start
using Cerberus while in DT. He'll then start running around the place. In
another of his attacks, he disappears and appears in another part, while he
tries to hit you. Keep R1 pressed at all times, so you know where he is. He
then stays put in the middle, and while he's here, he'll either launch missiles
at you or summon some blue flames under you that do massive damage.

 Just like before, jump on top of the cart and start whacking it nonstop. When
he has like 1/3 of health left, he'll start using his Quicksilver orbs every
time, so if you touch one, time will pass slow for you while Geryon still has
his normal speed.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Watch the kickass scene after the fight and you'll obtain the 'Quicksilver'
Style (Dante) , which I really don't use that much. Grab the Red Orbs left by
Geryon's corpse and proceed through the open gate to finish this mission. Also,
Vergil obtains 'Beowulf'. JK XD.

=-=-=-=- 4.13] Mission 13: Chaos' warm welcome ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx413 -=-=-=-=

                       "Battle of blood and of brothers."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   A Red Seal appears as the mission starts, so
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  we need to take care of some Damned Pawns and
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  a new enemy, the Bishops (the magic users).
| Secret Missions..........  2 |  Now proceed through the door. There's another
| Combat Adjudicator.....Nevan |  staircase here. Examine the red light when
|                       Yamato |  you cross it to start Secret Mission 8.
| Divinity Statues.........[_] |
| Orihalcon...........Key Item |  .:*' Secret Mission 8 - Tough Guys '*:.
|                              |                   -- "Destroy every enemy." --

 This secret mission is tough. There are several Arachnes in here, trying to
kick your ass. Since there's no time limit, take your time while taking care of
all of them. Spiral is a good choice if you're away from them. After killing
all the Arachnes, 2 Hell Vanguards will appear. Oh, spooky XD. Take them out as
if you were killing just one.


 Afterwards, keep running down and at the bottom, ignore the door and follow
the hallway and enter the door at the end. Go right from Dante and jump to the
ceiling at the end to find 'Devil Star'. There will be some Damned Pawns and
Bishops, so kill them and when you get to a brownish door, enter it.

 Remember the Crystal puzzle in Mission 10? There's a harder one this time, so
check out the following ASCII.
                  | D |
                  | | |
                  | | |
 _______________  | B |
|       W       | | | |
|               |_| | |    W: Wheel (this resets the crystals)
|   FD  C---B---BW--C |    S: Start point of the light beam
|       |       |ŻŻŻŻŻ     B: Crystals you must break in order to complete
|       |       |             the puzzle
|   B   B   B   |          BW: Breakable wall
|       |       |          C: Normal crystals that you MUST not break
|       |       |          FD: Fake destination
|   B   C---C   |          D: This is your destination (well, the beam's
|           |   |             destination)
|           |   |          |, -, \, /: Light Beam trajectory
|   B   B   S   |
|______   ______|
       | |

 Now proceed to where the gate opened and grab 'Orihalcon'. Also, before the
Orihalcon, check the left wall to find an opening. Examine the red-eyed bull to
start Secret Mission 9.

.:*' Secret Mission 9 - Target Practice '*:.
                                      -- "Do not let a single enemy escape." --

..:: Dante ::..

 Ok, another Secret Mission that I hate. What you need to do is to kill all the
enemies that appear in the other cart. A good way of doing this one is to be
either in Heaven or Hell, or bringing Spiral and Ebony & Ivory and when the
enemies appear, take out the Wraths with Spiral and the rest of the enemies
with Ebony & Ivory. If you need more help, try using Quicksilver to slow things
down. The last carts are filled with Wraths, so make sure to take them out as
fast as possible.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Afterwards, return to the previous room and keep following the hallway (not
from where you came from), kill the Damned Pawns and Bishops and enter the next
room. Use the Divinity Statue if you need to, check around the area for a White
Orb and check the left side of the huge door to find a Combat Adjudicator for
Nevan (Dante) or Yamato (Vergil), which needs a SS to break. Good luck with
that =P. Now enter the huge gate using the Orihalcon to start a battle with
Vergil... again!


   ~-~  BOSS #10: Vergil #2  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 He's nearly the same as before, only now he has Beowulf, which totally kick
ass. He starts the battle by using them. He'll do a combo that will always end
with a Killer Bee. Evade it either by running or by rolling and quickly counter
him because he'll have his defense down.

 He also has DT, just like you. Attack him as much as possible to lessen his
DT, because it heals him just like yours do to you. He also forgets the Beowulf
combo and transports on top of you and tries to hit you with a Killer Bee. Once
again, evade the attack and counter him nonstop, using your DT as much as you

 And last but not least, his projectile attack called Summoned Swords. He
creates a wall of Summoned Swords around him and he either transports them
around you to damage you, or he shoots them at you.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Watch the kickass scene after the battle (one of my favorite) and the mission
will end.

=-=-=-=- 4.14] Mission 14: Drive! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx414 -=-=-=-=

                          "Charge upward to the sky."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
| Obtainable Weapons...Beowulf |   From where you start, follow the path
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  straight and you'll find 'Beowulf' at the end
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  of it. Go to the lower part of this room to
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  find a Divinity Statue. Use it to take out
| Combat Adjudicator...Beowulf |  Beowulf. Go south from the statue and jump at
|                   Force Edge |  the end to find some Red Orbs. Now go to the
| Divinity Statues.........  3 |  upper side of the area and use Beowulf
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  (Dante) or Force Edge (Vergil) to destroy the
| Vital Star S.............  1 |  Combat Adjudicator. You need a C rank, so
|                              |  I'll be amazed if you can't do that. Now the
o------------------------------o  path is rather linear, being that everything
                                  got messed up thanks to Arkham. When you get
to the Altar of Evil, you'll be attacked by Blood-Goyles. Take them all out and
proceed to the next room, which is the Temperance Wagon.

 You know the deal, right? Kill all the enemies that appear, as well as the
Hell Vanguard that appears. Once you reach the other side, enter the place
where you defeated Beowulf to find a completely different room. Enter through
the first gate and you'll be in a fork. Follow the one that has a red
background and you'll have to fight some Damned Knights.

 Kill them and enter the gate with the green background to find 'Vital Star S'.
Fight some Damned Pawns and Knights and return to the previous room. Return to
the bluish room and enter the green room. Kill the Damned Pawns, return to the
pinkish room and enter the red room. Kill the Bishop and Damned Knights and
enter the grey room.

 You'll be greeted by Bishops and Damned Knights. After you kill them, a 'Blue
Orb Fragment' reveals behind the gate. In the next room, enter the Subground
Water Vein, where there are several Enigmas. Make your way to the light pillar
to appear inside Love Planet. WTF?! Anyway, exit this place, gather the Red
Orbs and approach Temen-ni-gru to trigger another kickass scene. Sweet! I WANNA
do that! ^_^

=-=-=-=- 4.15] Mission 15: The gatecrasher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx415 -=-=-=-=

                  "Control the tower, control your destiny."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   Approach the door and a new enemy will
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  appear, the Fallens. These Angel-like enemies
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  are a pain in the ass, thanks to their
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  wings-like shield. To take them out quickly,
| Combat Adjudicator.......[_] |  use Rebellion's/Yamato's Aerial Rave and/or
| Divinity Statues.........  2 |  shoot them with Spiral/Summoned Swords
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  nonstop until you kill them. Now enter the
|Orihalcon Fragment*3..Key Item|  room. Ignore the Arachnes in the Provisions
|                              |  Room and proceed to the next room. In the
o------------------------------o  Devilsprout Lift, run past the lift and enter
                                  the door to exit the area. Remember this area
outside? Jump on top of the door using the walls on either side and break the
Red Orb Stone for lots of Red Orbs. Now go and jump under Leviathan's eye to
find some more Red Orbs. Now hit the wheel to activate a little something back
at the Provisions Storeroom. Return here and you'll see a wheel with 3 colors
(the red is on the bottom). Activate it once so the green is facing down. Now
enter the door shown to you in the little scene.

 You'll be at the Gears of Madness, only that the gears are actually spinning
now -_-. Run through the room towards the Altar of Evil Pathway. There are Soul
Eaters in the room, so take care of them, as well as the blades that are coming
from both up and down. At the end of the pathway, grab 'Orihalcon Fragment'

 Return to the Gears of Madness, kill the Blood-Goyles and locate the tri-
colored wheel. Activate it once so the purple side is down, ride the gear up
and enter the tri-colored door. You'll now be at the Rounded Pathway. Jump over
the right sides of the blades. I recommend ignoring the Dullahans, as they're
harmless. At the end of the path, activate once again the tri-colored wheel so
the red side faces down and proceed to the next room.

 You're in the Provisions Storeroom. Kill the Arachnes if you want and grab the
'Orihalcon Fragment' [2/3] from where the Ambrosia previously was. Return to
the tri-colored door and go through it to reach the Top Subterria Lack. Grab
all the Red Orbs from the far right side of the area and hit the tri-colored
wheel so the green segment is facing down and proceed through the it's
respective door.

 Follow the linear path until you get to the Underground Arena. There are some
Fallens waiting for you here, but instead of killing them, jump to the bottom
and go around the arena to find a 'Blue Orb Fragment'. Return to the top using
the lift there. Return to the Top Subterria Lack, hit the tri-colored wheel so
the purple side is down, go right and enter the blue door.

 There are also spinning blades in this room, but they are on top and bottom
and it's a lot harder to jump through them. Kill both Soul Eaters and make your
way to the other side of the path to grab the last 'Orihalcon Fragment'[3/3].
Return to the Top Subterria Lack and go through the tri-colored door
(remember... purple side down). You'll be ambushed by several Arachnes and a
red seal appears.

 Kill them all and proceed through the door to the Devilsprout Lift and examine
the central artifact and use all 3 Orihalcon Fragments to make the lift appear.
Use it to finish this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.16] Mission 16: Win or lose ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx416 -=-=-=-=

                         "Stand up for your beliefs."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                              |
|Obtainable Weapons..Kalina Ann|   We start of in the Sun & Moon Chamber and we
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[Ż] |  need to get both the Sun Relic (which looks
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[Ż] |  like an orange :P) and the Moon Relic (which
| Secret Missions.......... Ż1 |  looks like a rotten banana XD). Follow the
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  left path and some demons will appear, as
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  well as some Enigmas. Take the upper path and
| Devil Star...............  1 |  a red seal appears in the next room. Kill all
| Onyx Moonshard.....Key Items |  the enemies and take the 'Devil Star'. Return
| Golden Sun.........Key Items |  to the previous room and take the lower path
| Vital Star S.............  1 |  this time. There are two wheels in here.
|                              |  What you need to do is to activate both of
o------------------------------o  them and hit both spheres in order for them
                                  to crash and break. Afterwards, enter the
little path that opened and grab the rotten banana 'Onyx Moonshard'. A couple
of Fallens appear to play a little bit with you. After the red seal disappears,
return to where you started the mission and take the right path this time.

 Kill the enemies here and proceed to the next room. Red seal time and you know
what that means. Kill the Enigmas and Blood-Goyles and proceed to the next
room. In the Waking Sun Chamber, activate the wheel and then break the sphere.
Afterwards, check the door of light in the room to start Secret Mission 10.

.:*' Secret Mission 10 - Guiding Light '*:.
                                              -- "Solve the crystal puzzle." --

..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::

 This is the crystal puzzle from before. There are several layouts, so pick the
one that you need.

  Solution 1        Solution 2        Solution 3        Solution 4
 _______________   _______________   _______________   _______________
|       W       | |       W       | |       W       | |       W       |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
|       S  D    | |             I | | C     B  C  I | |          I    |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
|       B  FD I | |       C       | | I     B     I | | C     I  C  I |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
| C     I  C  C | | B  B  I  B  I | | FD    C     I | |   B         I |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
| C     B     C | | C        I  C | | C     B     I | |       C     I |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
| I  C     B  C | | S  C     B  I | | C     B     C | | C     S  C    |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
| I     I     I | | C  I  B       | | I     B     B | | D  I  B  C  I |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
| C           C | |    B  I  C    | | I     D  I  S | | C     B  C    |
|               | |               | |               | |               |
|       I  I    | | C     D       |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ| |ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  | C  C     C    |

                                    |   |
                                    |   |
  Solution 5        Solution 6      | D |
 _______________   _______________  |   |
|       W       | |       W       | | B |
|    C     I  I | |               |_|   |
|               | |               BW  C |
| C     B  I    | | I        I    |ŻŻŻŻŻ
|               | |               |  W: Wheel (this resets the crystals)
|          C  I | | I     I  I  FD|  S: Start point of the light beam
|               | |               |  B: Crystals you must break in order to
| C    B      C | | I     I  I  I |     complete the puzzle
|               | |               |  C: Normal crystals that you MUST not break
|      I   C    | |    I  I       |  I: Ignore the crystal
|               | |               | BW: Breakable wall
| D     B     C | | I  I     B  I | FD: Fake destination
|               | |               |  D: This is your destination (well, the
| S  C  I  B    | |       B       |     beam's destination)
|               | |               |
|    C  C     I | | I  S  I       |


 After the secret mission, check the shiny object to find the orange 'Golden
Sun'. Now several Damned Rooks will appear. Take them all out and return to the
start of the mission. Use both items we just got and proceed to the next room,
which happens to be Cerberus' Chamber. Kill all the Blood-Goyles and Enigmas
and climb your way to the next room.

 I recommend getting out of here as soon as you start. The camera angle is
horrible and it'll cost a lot to finish the battle unharmed. In the Endless
Infernum, carefully make your way to the other side (you know where you'll end
up if you fall) and enter the big red door. Run to the other side of the large
area and enter the door, ignoring the enemies.

 In this next kickass room, go right and grab 'Vital Star S', now proceed
through the door. Proceed to the next one to trigger a scene and a battle


   ~-~  BOSS #11: Lady  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 Lady... what a pain. Since she's not a devil, she only attacks you using guns
and her missile launcher, but those are a pain in the ass too. Every time you
Stinger her, she'll be pushed back and she'll counter by shooting. Evade it if
you can. The best tactic here is to stay near her at all times and combo her
ass (yummy ^_^'). She often disappears and starts throwing grenades all over
the place. Try staying on the higher places and continue the combos. Since
she's human, she takes more damage than any other boss, so that's good.

::.. Vergil ..::


 After the battle and scenes, you get 'Kalina Ann', which is pretty powerful.
Now simply make your way to the top and enter the door to end the mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.17] Mission 17: Inner-demons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx417 -=-=-=-=

                            "Confront your shadow."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   From where we start, jump on the little
| Blue Orb Fragments.......  1 |  alcove on Dante's left to find 'Vital Star S'
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........  1 |  there. When you get to the door, enter the
| Secret Missions..........  1 |  wal first only if you want a Yellow/Gold Orb.
| Combat Adjudicator...Beowulf |  If not, enter the door. The enemies in here
|                   Force Edge |  are DTed, which makes them a lot harder.
| Divinity Statues.........  3 |  Behind the door, lies the God-cube Chamber.
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  I hate this room so much. Destroy the Red Orb
| Vital Star S.............  1 |  Stone and the Combat Adjudicator for Beowulf
|                              |  (Dante) or Force Edge (Vergil). Now jump on
o------------------------------o  the central cube and make your way to the
                                  next floor. Enter the door here to enter the
Firestorm Chamber. Kill the Enigmas and Hell Vanguards in here and proceed to
the next room. Use Divinity Statue if needed and smash everything here. Go to
where the lift was and you'll find a 'Blue Orb Fragment'.

 Now return to the God-cube Chamber and make your way to the top, using the
cubes on the right side (Dante's left as you exit the Firestorm Chamber). In
this room, enter the Trial of Wisdom, kill the Dullahans and proceed to the
Trial of Skill. Just like before, you need to make your way through the room
while evading the spears. Do so, exit this room and jump on the orange pad to
reach another area of the mission.

 Remember the arches on top of the stairs? Jump on them and examine a statue
that's glowing to start Secret Mission 11.

.:*' Secret Mission 11 - On Pins And Needles '*:.
                             -- " Avoid the spikes and obtain the blue orb." --

..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::

 This is an easy one. Let's trick the game a little bit. What you need is your
Trickster Style (Dante) equipped. Start running towards the Blue Orb Fragment
and whenever the spikes are about to hit you, press O to pass right through
them. Use this method until you end the secret mission.


 Proceed to the next room and kill the Abyss', which are new enemies IIRC. Kill
them and proceed to the next room, which is the last. Use the Divinity Statue
if needed and proceed until a Boss Fight starts.


   ~-~  BOSS #12: Doppelganger  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 I like this boss, because it's easy, in my opinion. There are 6 lights around
the battlefield, that you need to hit to have them illuminate a little. If you
are in the dark part of the room, Doppelganger will dash at you and will try to
hit you. Jump and attack the light to turn it on and paralyze Doppelganger a
little bit. Attack him and proceed to the next light.

 When you light all the lights (?), he'll paralyze even more. Use your DT and
Beowulf if you have it and attack him nonstop until he shuts them all down.
Continue this way until you finish him.

::.. Vergil ..::


 You'll receive 'Doppelganger' (Dante) after the fight, which is a nice new
Style. Now make your way to the top to end this mission.

=-=-=-=- 4.18] Mission 18: Invading hell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx418 -=-=-=-=

                  "Break the seal and battle into the depths."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   This mission is annoying, because you have
| Blue Orb Fragments....... _1 |  to kill the bosses again. Anyway, proceed
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  through this beautiful area and enter the
| Secret Missions.......... _1 |  mirror-like portal to reach a chessboard.
| Combat Adjudicator.......[_] |  Now we need to kill all the Damned Chess
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  pieces. Well, you only need to kill the
|                              |  King, but that's hard as hell. I recommend
o------------------------------o  taking out the Rooks first, because they
                                  change place with the king whenever it's hit.
So, use a Charged DT near to him and pound him with Beowulf until dead.

 Now proceed through the mirror-like portal. There are 2 Fallens here, but
ignore them and proceed towards the foot of the statue. Before moving to the
next area, check behind the foot to find a statue. Examine it to start Secret
Mission 12.

.:*' Secret Mission 12 - Final Ascension '*:.
                             -- " Avoid the spikes and obtain the blue orb." --

..:: Dante ::..

 Ok, the most frustrating Secret Mission of all (and I mean DMC1, DMC2 and
DMC3). First of all, have Dante face the door and I'll take left as Dante's
left and right is right, ok? Also make sure you have a weapon with Air Hike
(Rebellion, Agni & Rudra and Beowulf) and have Trickster Lv. 2, for Sky Star.

 Check the left side to find a lone cube and a rotating cube that's passing on
top of it. Jump on the base cube and wait for the rotating cube to pass by so
you can jump on it.

 Locate the cube that's in middle of the room that's going up and down. Double
jump towards it and use Sky Star. Now jump on the platform where the second
door is (you remember there are 3, right?). From the left of this platform,
there's another cube, but now it's coming in and out of the wall. Jump on it
and double jump to a higher cube that's passing by.

 Now face the left wall and you'll see 2 cubes. One is just rotating up and
down (the one next to the wall, you must ignore this one) and another one also
rotating up and down, while making strange shapes. Make sure you don't fall and
when you get to the top, double jump and use Sky Star to get to the Blue Orb

::.. Vergil ..::


 Now proceed to the next area. You can't do anything in this room, but this is
where you need to kill all the bosses again. Here's a little list of the
enemies and the color of their portal.

Orange: Hell Vanguards and demons
Light Blue: Cerberus
Yellow: Gigapede
Green: Agni & Rudra
Red: Heart of Leviathan
Purple: Nevan
White: Beowulf
Blue: Geryon
Black: Doppelganger

 You need to complete a circle in order to proceed to the next mission and the
shortest one is Agni & Rudra, Beowulf and Cerberus. If you defeat all Bosses,
you receive a 'Blue Orb Fragment' for your hard work. During the scene, Arkham
obtains 'Force Edge'... lol.

=-=-=-=- 4.19] Mission 19: Forces collide ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx419 -=-=-=-=

                  "Topple the great beast with fate's bullet."

o- Item Checklist: ------------o----------------------------------------------o
|                           _  |
| Obtainable Weapons.......[_] |   From where we start, kill some Abyss and
| Blue Orb Fragments.......[_] |  enter the mirror portal. You cannot kill the
| Yellow/Gold Orb..........[_] |  Abyss in this room. What you need to do is to
| Secret Missions..........[_] |  destroy the mirror that has a green color.
| Combat Adjudicator.......[_] |  Once the mirror is destroyed, all the Abyss
| Divinity Statues.........  1 |  will be instantly killed, which is a good
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  thing, right? Do this twice and proceed to
| Samsara.............Key Item |  the next room. You need to be quick in this
|                              |  next room, because you have a time limit.
o------------------------------o  Kill all the Abyss as fast as possible and
                                  grab 'Samsara' from the center of the room.
Now proceed through the mirror portal to return to the room with all the
bosses. Grab the Green Orb and enter the portals until you get to Nirvana of
Illusions (the room where the green mirror was).

 Examine the Goddess' statue and use the Samsara to trigger something in the
mirror portal. Enter it and you'll be in the second-to-last area of the game.
Use the Divinity Statue and bring either Spiral or Kalina Ann with you (I
really recommend both of them) and your Trickster Style (Dante). Now enter the
door to trigger a scene.


   ~-~  BOSS #13: Arkham  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..

 Arkham can be either hard or easy if you know how to battle him. There are
also 2 phases of this battle, so let's start with the first one. Arkham only
has some attacks, but they are quite powerful. Approach him and combo him
nonstop. His attacks won't even touch you. When he turns green, he'll start
launching some weird things. Avoid it using your Trickster (Lv.3 kicks ass) and
afterwards, he'll sink.

 When he does this, several dolphin-like enemies will appear from the bottom.
This part is where Kalina Ann and Spiral come in handy. Since both of them have
really long recovery time after shot, you need to do the following: Shot with
Kalina Ann and right after the shot, change to Spiral and shoot again, then
change again and shoot. This is done to eliminate the slow recovery time of
both weapons.

 After a while, Arkham returns and rinse and repeat. After you've dealt around
half damage, a little KICKASS scene triggers and now prepare for phase 2. You
now have Vergil by your side, the only bad thing is that you cannot use your
DT, but with Vergil's help, you won't even need it. Also your Style is
disabled, but with O you can call Vergil and have him help you out.

 When you attack him, he might now grab you. Call Vergil to set you lose.
Follow this strategy to finish him with little to no difficulty.

::.. Vergil ..::


 Another kickass scene after the battle and the mission is over.

=-=-=-=- 4.20] Mission 20: Screaming souls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx420 -=-=-=-=

                  "Cast off your pride and embrace your fate."


 There's only one thing to do here, and you should know what it is, so let's
get started with it, shall we?


   ~-~  BOSS #14: Vergil #3  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

..:: Dante ::..  ::.. Vergil ..::

 Ok now, so Vergil has Force Edge and Yamato, which makes a perfectly dangerous
combination. He has the same attack pattern than the previous battles, plus
some more, which are the ones I'll write in this strategy.

 He has something that I call Ultimate DT. He turns into DT, but he deals
almost double the damage and starts a chain of Helm Splitters. Try avoiding
these at all cost, since it'll damage you a lot. He occasionally uses Rapid
Slash (which are the blue orbs he summons) through the whole area while he
disappears. Evade it at all cost too.

 To make it short, evade Vergil when he has his Ultimate DT, as it's not worth
the damage. I can't think of anything else right now, so bear with it =P.


 Watch the nice and somewhat sad scene and you'll finally finish the game.
Don't go just yet. Kill 100 Demons before the song ends to trigger a secret
scene afterwards.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      5] Secret Missions                            (  )    sx500    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 All the Secret Missions in the game. Have fun.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      6] Blue Orb/Fragment List                     (  )    sx600    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 A list of all the Blue Orbs obtainable in the game, as well as the complete
Blue Orbs.


.:*' Mission 3 '*:.

1 - In the 13th Avenue (outside Love Planet). Right side of the area.
2 - Combat Adjudicator (Rebellion/Yamato). Upper part of a building on the left
    side of 13th Avenue.
3 - Secret Mission 1.

.:*' Mission 4 '*:.

4 - In Incandescent Space. Before going through the door, jump to the top of
    the pipes to find it up there.

.:*' Mission 5 '*:.

5 - Combat Adjudicator (Cerberus/Beowulf). After the invisible bridge inside
    Endless Infernum.
6 - Secret Mission 2

.:*' Mission 6 '*:.

7 - Combat Adjudicator (Agni & Rudra/Force Edge). In the Dark Corridor.

.:*' Mission 7 '*:.

8 - Secret Mission 3
9 - In Pitch-Black Void area. Check the arcs over the stairs to find it there.
10 - Combat Adjudicator (Rebellion/Yamato). When you get to the Lift room
     (where you use the Orihalcon Fragment).

.:*' Mission 8 '*:.

11 - In the first area, on top of the boat.
12 - Secret Mission 4
13 - Combat Adjudicator (Cerberus/Beowulf). In Leviathan's Intestines (after
     getting Ignis Fatuus), follow the first forking path to find it there.

.:*' Mission 9 '*:.

14 - In the Subterranean Garden. In the alcove on top of the Divinity Statue.
     You need Air Hike and Trickster Lv.2.
15 - Secret Mission 5

.:*' Mission 10 '*:.

16 - Combat Adjudicator (Nevan/Yamato). Just outside the waterfall.
17 - Secret Mission 6

.:*' Mission 11 '*:.

18 - Secret Mission 7
19 - At the entrance of the Altar of Evil Pathway. Jump on the pipes next to
     the entrance.
20 - Combat Adjudicator (Agni & Rudra/Force Edge). In the first segment of the
     Temperance Wagon area. Under the stairs.

.:*' Mission 13 '*:.

21 - Secret Mission 8
22 - Secret Mission 9
23 - Combat Adjudicator (Nevan/Yamato). Left side of the Obsidian Path. At the
     end of the passageway.

.:*' Mission 14 '*:.

24 - Combat Adjudicator (Beowulf/Force Edge). After getting the actual weapon,
     in front of the door you need to go through to proceed with the game.
25 - In Hell's Highway. After you get through the maze.

.:*' Mission 15 '*:.

26 - When you're in the Top Subterria Lock area, make sure that you hit the
     tri-colored wheel has it's green side facing down and proceed through the
     tri-colored door. When you get to the Underground Arena (where you fought
     Geryon), drop to the bottom and go around the middle pillar to find it
     there, waiting for you.

.:*' Mission 16 '*:.

27 - Secret Mission 10

.:*' Mission 17 '*:.

28 - Combat Adjudicator (Beowulf/Force Edge). At the base of the God-Cube
29 - After the Firestorm Chamber, follow the path to where the lift was and
     check the upper side to find it there.
30 - Secret Mission 11

.:*' Mission 18 '*:.

31 - Secret Mission 12
32 - In Lost Souls Nirvana, you MUST defeat all 9 bosses again.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      9] Boss List                                  (  )    sx900    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 All the bosses in the game. This section is important for those that don't
remember how to kill one.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      11] Latest Update                             (  )    s1100    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

= Version 0.7 (1st April, 2009)
  - Finished the Walkthrough, but I still need to add a lot of info on Vergil's
    side (Boss fights, secret missions), as well as make the lists of both of

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(     12] Closing                                    (  )    s1200    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

                    ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  12.1] Credits  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

1. People

- Raul: One of my best friends, for buying this awesome game to me.

- Eduardo: One of my best friends, for having the same passion towards Dante
and Devil May Cry games.

- Gackt, L'arc~en~Ciel, Hyde, Mizuki Nana, Maria, Nana Kitade, Sowelu, TO
DESTINATION, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, FictionJunction (Yuuka, Kaori, Keiko,
Wakana): For keeping me so entertained while I wrote this guide (these are my
favorite artists, but the list can just keep going and going). So, anyway,
thank you.

- Psycho_Penguin, Gbness, Mighty Oracle, Super Slash, PeTeRL90, Truly
Dexterous, warfreak, IceQueenZer0, BSulpher, Da Hui: All those who I consider
online friends. These guys are really cool and I always have a blast talking to
them on AIM, MSN and the FCBS. They all inspire me in writing more and more

- Gabriel, Raul and Eduardo: Just for being my best friends and always being
                             there for me, in the good and bad moments.

- You: For having the patience of reading through the whole guide.

2. Internet sites
- For hosting my guide.
- For hosting my guide.
- For hosting my guide.

                  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  12.2] Final Words  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

 Another guide has finished. I hope you enjoyed it and I'm praying we see again
in the future with another walkthrough. So I bid you farewell, and I'll be
uploading a Special Edition walkthrough in one near future.

1. Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
2. Jericho (360)
3. Tales of Legendia (PS2) [In progress]
4. Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
5. Devil May Cry (PS2)
6. Tales of the Abyss Enemy Database (PS2)
7. Jericho Monster List (360)
8. Jericho Achievements (360)
9. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) [In progress]. Co-writing the guide with
                  another good friend of mine, Steve "Psycho_Penguin" McFadden.
10. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) [In progress]
11. Lloyd Irving Character FAQ (GCN) [In progress]
12. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2) [In progress]
13. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition (PS2) [In progress]
                             (will be updated at the same time as the original)
14. Pokemon Platinum (DS) [In progress]. Co-writing the guide with
15. Soma Bringer (DS) [In progress]
16. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

 Please check these games if you have any doubts in one future. So, with all
this said and done, I bid you farewell!

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