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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition


misons 11-15

by dude220725

Mission 6: Family Ties 

Starting out, throw down the Trickster style and enter this one. Go through the red door to enter the chamber of trials. You only need to pass through two of the three, but you can obtain the Artemis Gun by completing all three of the trials. The Trial of Wisdom is first on our list, from left to right. Inside of here, you will find four doors. Go through the doorway with four glowing orbs above it, followed by the doorway with two glowing orbs and finally the doorway with three glowing orbs. Lastly, collect the Essence of Intelligence in the main room. Exit through the doorway that you came from (one orb). 

The Trial of Techniques is next (the middle stairway). Go through to watch a cut-scene, and get ready to endure an obstacle of dodging gigantic spears. The key to doing this is to begin running from side to side and climbing the wall (towards the wall and the circle button) when the floor spikes begin thrusting upward. Keep zig-zagging and climbing the walls like a playful kitten to reach the Essence of Technique. This is a pretty tough Essence to collect. You will be trapped by some Stone Dragons and Sandmen. Go through the door and into the final doorway, the Trial of Fighting. Inside of here, walk over to the platform to activate the battle sequence. You must light up both of the glowing circles before the enemies become vulnerable for death. Some Teleporters and some Collars appear after the first wave of enemies, so you may need a stashed Vital Star S to pass this if you get too hung up. It's best to use the Cerberus here to light those circular stones up quickly. 

Grab the Essence of Fighting and exit into the original room. Grab the Red Orbs atop of the laser machine and activate the machine to collect the Artemis demon gun. Now, go through the door and use Agni & Rudra on the combo statue. Go through the hall to watch a cut-scene to complete the mission.

Mission 7: A Chance Meeting 

Choose Swordmaster for your Style. SECRET MISSION NOTE: You will find an enclave that contains Secret Mission 3 inside of it. You must stay in the air for twenty seconds. The key to doing this is to play leap frog on the enemies' heads. Afterwards, collect all of the red orbs and enter the red door leading to the Heavenrise Chamber. Collect all of the red orbs by hitting all of the spring pads. Drop all of the way to the bottom of the room and go through the doorway to reach the Divine Library. You will reach several living statues throughout this hall, so destroy all of them for some decent red orbs and collect the Orihalcon fragment. Return to the previous room and use the springs to reach the top of the chamber. There's a Holy Water jug on the platform below the highest that you can collect. 

In the Pitch-Black Void, grab the red orbs through here as well as the Blue Orb fragment out on the high above balcony, and go through the blue door to reach Skull Spire. Get ready to battle some wicked enemies in this area, consisting of those damn living statues again. The first pair is the hardest to get rid of, since you cannot back up much with gunplay in hand. Use your hardcore combos on the first two statues and use gunning to down the next sets. Afterwards, jump over the gated area to grab the Vital Star S, and go through the door to the left. Once inside, head towards the statue to meet your new match: Nukers. Nukers carry around specter missiles that chase Dante down in hopes of destroying him. They will whack you with the cannons themselves if you get too close, so use Ebony & Ivory to level them. 

Collect Siren's Shriek once all of the havoc has been played, and exit through the previously inaccessible door after breaking the pots open for red orbs. Walk up the stairs and use the Orihalcon fragment on the power supply device. Go into the capsule to be taken to the main chamber. Use the Siren's Shriek on the flame-covered door and go through it. Begin slaughtering the Collars and Exploders in this hall, but do not forget to pick up the Yellow Orb at the bottom of the hallway. Equip the Cerberus and go through the door to reach a room that looks seemingly closed off, but use the weapon on the environment to break everything away. Begin punching the glowing circular object until a spiked ball drops from the ceiling. 

Jump atop of the spiked ball and bash away at it with your Cerberus whip, or stay on the ground and attack it with your twin swords until it pops, revealing the Crystal Skull. Immediately afterwards, you will be bombarded by several Nukers and tons of Collars. Equip your best weapon and the Artemis for charged multishots. This will eliminate multiple targets eventually. Switch to Ebony & Ivory halfway through to speed things up. You might need to use a Vital Star S if you do not evade the Collars' attacks well enough. Afterwards, exit the room and go back into the elevator. Return to the Tranquil Souls area and take care of some Sandmen and Nukers before fighting the Reaper again! Yikes. Bring along a Vital Star S for complete usage here. 

After defeating the Reaper using the same tactics as in Mission 2 only with the Cerberus whip, go through the door to reach the Skull Spire room. Use the Crystal Skull in its place and go through the door. Destroy the red orb statue and change your style to Swordmaster if it is not already. Go through the door to fight Vergil. Vergil is a tricky sucker, so get ready for him to appear directly behind you when you try to acquaint him with Ebony & Ivory. Equip your twin blades and give him a good slashing with some timely combos and jump away from the battle the very moment that he begins to parry your attack. He will leave his sides exposed to damage when he is pulling off his combo on the air, so take advantage of it. At around halfway dead, Vergil will move out and the camera angle will change. Simply evade the attack by rolling around. The best way to defeat Vergil is to shoot him with Ebony & Ivory, roll evade his teleportation and leap into the air to pump him full of lead. Land and strike a combo after rolling away from a strike.

Playing as Vergil 
Against Vergil: Of course, it would have been nice to face Dante at this stage. But instead, all we're faced with here is a red-coat Vergil. Interestingly enough, simply using Vergils' attacks against him doesn't make this battle any easier. The Yamato sword, for instance, fires off too slow, and the Summon Swords get easily blocked. And when any of the aforementioned attacks do hit their mark, they don't take off enough damage. The Beowulf proves once again to be the Vergil's saving grace, although coming from the top isn't as useful. It's easier to use either of the sword weapons against Vergil to get first-cut, and then, in the middle of his agony, tap L2 or R2 and unleash an unrelenting slew of hits with Beowulf. By using this approach, and remembering to dodge when necessary, the fight should be manageable.

Mission 8: A Renewed Fear 

Choose the Swordmaster Style again and make sure that you have Rebellion and Cerberus before entering Mission 8. Dante will be inside of a demonic whale's blubbery belly, and he must escape. There are two exits; the first is on a ledge above you that can be accessed by striking the nerves surrounding it, and the other is beyond a school bus on the lower left side of the "room." SECRET MISSION NOTE: Secret Mission 4 is beyond the second exit. Avoid the nasty pools of stomach acid, as they will damage you. You must destroy the five nerves to move the tusks from the exit. One is behind the school bus, one is on the ledge above the starting point, and another is on the opposite side of this ledge. You can find a Blue Orb fragment on the ship in the background. You will find another beyond the waterfall of acid, and the final one is on the right of the waterfall passed a red orb statue. Drop onto the school bus and go through the now-unlocked pathway. 

Slice open the "doorway" at the end of the room and enter the next area. Go through to the blue doorway and sprint through the hall to escape the gigantic worm creature's wrath via the tiny doorway. Go through the doorway and take care of the enemies scattered throughout this "hall." Go through to the next room and you will encounter an unlimited supply of enemies. Kill as many as it takes to create the key item, Ignis Fatuus. Go through the open doorway and run through the hall to reach another door. Walk through it and get ready to clear all of the enemies out of the main "room." Go through to the room with the two gigantic organisms, and use the Ignis Fatuus on the bloody kiosk. This initiates a boss fight. 

Leviathan's organs are very tough due to the fact that there are three of them. The key to successfully completing this boss on the first try is to remember that you must equip your weapon of choice, and you must take care of the smaller organisms on the side before taking care of the heart itself. We used Cerberus to eliminate the organism on the right first and Devil Triggered onto the heart once it was exposed. After a short while, the heart will be covered up again, and you must repeat the process. Watch out for the nasty line of enemies that respawn after destroying them. After collecting a certain amount of red orbs, the heart will be exposed only to sweep a laser beam back and forth across the room. Stand in the center of the room and time your jumps over the laser.

Playing as Vergil 
Against Leviathan Organs: This fight runs the same way it did with Dante. The only problem is that Vergil doesn't have double-jump with Air-Hike, so dodging that laser has to be timed properly. It sucks, because that laser is the harshest hit to take in this battle, so it's a pain to be without extra jumping abilities. The key is to devil trigger when the shield lifts from over the heart, and unleash with a devil trigger attack. Beowulf also helps you wail on that right organ that lifts the shield in the first place. So again, Beowulf proves to be your best bet here.

Mission 9: Faded Memories 

Starting out, take the Swordmaster or Gunslinger style in and start the mission. The control panel for the bridge is immediately in front of you, but you cannot activate it yet. Move through the corridor and go through the door. As you walk further in, get prepared to fight two Spiders. These creatures are very tough, and should be fought from afar. Be careful, however, as they can and will leap toward you after a while. Two more Spiders will attack after the first two have been defeated. Go through the multicolored door to reach a puzzle room. Destroy the middle mirror on the left and along the bottom to form a crazy looking "4," as depicted below. This unlocks the door. 

Go through the blue door and use Ebony & Ivory to dismantle the archers across the gap and head up the stairway. Double jump and blow up the archer up here, and quickly focus your attention to the right to find another archer. Go around to the other side, taking out more archers and go through the doorway. Watch out in this next room, as you will face a ton of Nukers and Sandmen in a narrow corridor containing gigantic devices that will slice through Dante. After going into the room after this one, you can purchase some items and go to the left to climb the foundation of the torn down structure to find the Spiral, a high powered rifle to add to your weapons collection. 

Enter the door next to the power-up station and enter the rounded spiral room. Carefully walk along the path to avoid getting hit by the spinning blades and kill the enemies inside of this room. In the spider room, collect the Ambrosia and take care of the Spiders that appear in the room. Backtrack to the Spiral weapon room and go through the waterfall to reach a new corridor. SECRET MISSION NOTE: You will find Secret Mission 5 near the entrance, on a high ledge. Now, go left in the hall to find a Devil Star, and go right to find several enemies lined up to fight you. You can fight them or run for the exit, where you will find a locked door. Place the Ambrosia inside of the slot and enter the door to find Nevan. 

Nevan is arguably one of the easier boss fights in the game because of the voice patterns that you can judge her attacks by. She will call out her attacks before she pulls them off, leaving you wide open for a decent counter-attack to blow the battle wide open. You should bring a Holy Water along to douse her with whenever she has let her bat minions down for a while. Lock onto Nevan and begin roll evading all of her lightning balls that she shoots at you. The majority of Nevan's attacks are very easy to evade without even listening in! Just be sure to keep your guard up, and you should have barely any trouble whatsoever in roll evading out of any of her attacks. The key to defeating her, however, is quite difficult. Wait for her to present herself open to attack in the middle of the floor and counter-attack one of her moves (preferably the back flip). Pound on her until the darkness that surrounds her engulfs her and Devil Trigger onto her to take care of business. Repeat this process, and attempt an Air-Hike or a very timely jump plus Ebony & Ivory gunning in mid-air to avoid a shocking revelation whenever she zaps the floor of the room.

Playing as Vergil 
Against Nevan: Again, having Beowulf makes this battle faster. Otherwise, chipping away at her life takes forever. When you get your hits in and break here shield with your attacks, unleash with the Beowulf combos to take her down. It also pays to Devil Trigger at this point as well, as it makes for a shorter fight. If you happen to have Holy Water with you, use it when she's almost dead. That'll save you the risk of losing more life than you have to.

Mission 10: The Job 

Take in the Swordmaster Style along with Nevan and Cerberus. Grab the Stone Mask and return through the broadway play stage and to the tunnel. Defeat the line of troops from Hell along your way to the combo statue in the power-up statue hall. Comboing with Nevan is incredibly tough to do, so just keep at it. Afterwards, throw the Stone Mask into the door with the white glowing light coming out of it along the wall. This will give you access to a bridge. Collect the Neo-Generator at the end of the bridge. SECRET MISSION NOTE: You can access Secret Mission 6 by checking out the object in back of this statue. 

With the Neo-Generator in hand, head to the big green door. Before entering, collect all of the orbs to the far right, beyond the wall and such. Go through the green door and walk a little ways in to discover that you're not alone. The Backsides are tricky enemies that will rotate around the room attempt to kill you, so equip Nevan and blast them from behind to hit their weak spots. This will get rid of them. Continue backtracking until you reach the Provisions Storeroom. Kill the Spiders and the Queen Spider before going into the next door. In the next room, watch the cut-scene and go across the bridge to reach a door that leads to another cut-scene between yourself and Lady. This completes the mission.