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Dark Cloud 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dark Cloud 2

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking badges, Adel and Claire. We'll also tell you how to get Milane to join your team.

More Dark Cloud 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dark Cloud 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

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Get MilaneTo get Milane you’ll need to get a sw..

Get Milane

To get Milane you’ll need to get a sword and upgrade it twice…You’ll be able to get the sword from a shop in Palm Brinks……Once you’ve done this Milane will join you!

Dark Cloud 2 cheats

Unlock Adel:
Give Adel a hunk of copper, thick hide and a sturdy cloth.
Unlock Claire:
Give Claire a photo of the Lafrescia Stem Corinne and beat her twice at hide and seek.

Unlock Doctor Dell:
Doctor Dell has to heal the sick girl in Balance valley.
Unlock Donny:
Buy and give Donny an Indestructable and a Dark Coin.
Unlock Fabio:
Catch a fish bigger than 50cm in the lake.
Unlock Ferdinand:
Give Ferdinand a roasted chestnut.
Unlock Gerald:
Level up the gun he gives you twice.

Unlock Gordon:
Bring him Holy water.
Unlock Mayor Need:
Unlock Mayor Need by entering 1221 as the combination of the safe.

Unlock Milane:
Level up the weapon she giv..

Unlock Badges

When you do certain things in the game or complete the indicated tasks the corresponding badges in the game.

Unlock Sun Badge:
Received from Donny.
Unlock Moon Badge:
Received from Donny.
Unlock Flora Badge:
Buy at Jurak Mall.
Unlock Windup Badge:
Attack a Bomber Head with Bomb.
Unlock Undead Badge:
Attack a Skeleton Soldier with Holy Water.
Unlock Aquatic Badge:
Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Batton at a Froggy.
Unlock Magical Badge:
Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Sturdy Rock at a Statue.
Unlock Darkling Badge:
Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Gold Bars at a Spider Lady.
Unlock Reptile Badge:
Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Wind Element a..

Here is somthing for all you fashion freeks, you..

Here is somthing for all you fashion freeks, you know that when you start a new game you can buy, or earn new costumes for Max or Monica, right? Here's the cool thing, if you start a new game on a different file you can choose from the costumes you got from the first file to dress up Max and Monica in the beginning of the game. So choose wisely!


This is a partial and incomplete list!
1 - Fountain + Window + Wooden Box=aquarium
2 - Wooden Box + Hmmm! Jurak + Giant Yorda Tree = Wooden Box Body
3 - Charging Ram + Tree + Grass = Wise Owl Sword
4 - Post + Constructor + Rock = Cannonball Arm
5 - Constructor + Cloth + Ladder = Work Shoes
6 - Rapper + Fountain + Tree = Trumpet Gun
7 - Belt + Moon + Stand = Knight Boots
8 - Wooden Box + Mushroom + Rotating Sign = Missle Pod Arm
9 - Milkcan + Chimney + Peeping Hole = ?
10 - Bottle + Chinese Lantern + King Mardan = ?
11 - Wheel + Freight Train + ? = ?
12 - Refrigerator + Small Generator + TrafficLight = ?
13 - Weather Vane + Belt + Windmill Feather = ?
14 - Paints + Cup + Parasol = ?
15 - Waterfall + Pa..

Get Fabio

To get Fabio, catch a fish bigger than 60cm in the Palm Brinks pond.

This is an easy way to get Max's dad

Once you Start the game raise your gun. Mostly do this it will help you get max's dad.
He wants you to raise a simple gun to a trumpet gun. Once you do this then you dont have to use your gun anymore. Also to get milane.
Raise your sword up first with Monica. After raising it a couple of lvls then do what ever u want.
Here is the things you need to do to get 100% on making Sindain.
Here we go.
Forest lake restored:
15 river parts placed.
Glowing mushrooms restored:
Elder Jurak Revived
10 trees placed
Withered tree restored:
Nose tree between eye trees
nose and eye trees near river.
(it will help if u put a the river parts around the trees.)
Elder jurak revived:
Withered ..

Help on getting characters to join you

Know how to get charatcers to join you, but you just can't do it? I'll help...
Fabio-Get A Fish Bigger Then 50cm:
Put a "Petite Fish" on as bait. You normaly get a "Noky" fish taking the bait. When the fish takes the bait, be careful. It is easy to brake the line with a over 50cm fish, and the Noky will not let you take it. Just press Left and Right when the mark comes, and press X to reel in until the bar flashes red.
Sheriff Blinkhorn-Race Challenge
This is very annoying. I managed to do it when I changed the camera angle. I changed the camera angle so I could see the back of Blinkhorn, and when he said "Ready, steady, go!", I pushed the control stick forawrd before pressing X. Max lunged forward. You also need to try and move in a straight line more, be..

Transformation and ridepod.

Best one, dragon
Best suits, nova cannon4
Sun-moon armor

Help for all...

Ok this might help a lot of you all. Do you remember the Church puzzle?
The one where you have to blow all of the candles out?
Well here's the solution...
In order of blowing out:
First Candle Down On The Right
Third Candle Down On The Left
Fifth Candle Down On The Right
Seventh Candle Down On The Left
Now all the candles should be out. It took a few hours to figure this out but it was worth it. HAPPY GAMING! :D

Grade Zero, Muramasa,Love,Last Resort

These are the names of the best weapons in the game. Do you want to know how to get them before you head to the Moon Flower Palace?
First save up your tickets until you have maybe 40 or 80. Spend it for 1 or 2 name change tickets. Select a weapon and input this exactly.
1st one should be
Grade Zero
2nd should be Love
Now, whatever your strongest sword(s) is(are), synth them once they reach lvl 5. Dont worry much.
Go to "Somethings Rare Here" in the Butterfly Woods. Win at the spheda challenge and you will get the Ama No Murakumo. Make sure you lvl it up until it can absorb your super-sword synths sphere from earlier. The requirements I think are scale attack durability wind and something. When it is good enough, it should ..

How to get good weapons quickly

In order for you to attempt this, you must have 40 medals and approach Mayor Need to the train or any georama you placed him in. Talk to him and exchange your 40 medals for a Name-Change Ticket. Then go to your inventory and un-equip the weapon you are about to name changed ( guns, swords, armbands, wrenches ). Click that weapon and click change name. Now change the name to either the following :

Grade Zero or Legend ( Wrench ) for Max
Super Nova ( Gun ) for Max
Island King ( Sword ) for Monica
Love ( Armbrand ) for Monica

Seventh Heaven Sword with out the Serpent sword

I will try to make this short here it gose. To get the Seventh Heaven sword with out the serpent sword keep upgrading it untill you have the sword.

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