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Dark Cloud 2

Game Reviews for Dark Cloud 2


Quick Reviews

I agreeAdded 1 Jul 2004, ID #9606
I agree with shadow fire. When i first saw it on commercials I thought. Man this will be a dumb game but its not.

I dont care what any1 says. This game is a good way to pass time.

Also I just love the background scenery at venicco beach outside the caves. Its just beautiful and the music is too.

I hope you will agree.
When it says 100 hours of gaameplay dont believe it. I beat this game in 45 hours that as long as playing final fantasy 7.

This game beats The new harvest moon game for gamecube by a longshot.

Graphics: 8

Great GameAdded 25 Sep 2003, ID #4288
I think that Darkcloud 2 is an awsome game becuase of the great voice overs and the cool graphical techniques.

The scenery is computer animated and perfectly clear. But the characters are almost like cartoons, they look like someone actually drew them. It is cool. Also, I have played the first game and Liked it, except for the way that people talked. They would move there heads around and the words would pop up on the bottom of the screen. In Darkcloud 2 , it is not like that at all. The mouths move right with the words and it all flow perfectly.

The fighting and weapen systems are still basicly the same, but a little has changed. Example: When you are Max you can change into the "ride pod", it is a robot that you help to build. as you go farther in the game and kill mor monsters with the ride pod, you rack up experience points. When you get enough, you can buy new parts for the ride pod so that is better. When you are Monica, you can earn patches. And different patches will make you transform into different monsters. When you have used that monster enough time, you can evolve it into another moster of that same type.

And the really cool part is that when you turn into one moster, you can talk to other mosters of your type. Like, if you turn into a Himmara, you can talk to any plant moster. Another diffenrece is that in the first game, when you killed a monster, you got all of the ABS at once. But in the second game, after killing a monster, a bunch of little blue marble things pop up.

Then when you get close enough you can grab them, and if you don't then they will sit there for a while untill you do go and grab them. That makes it easy to build up you other characters. First you become you stronger person, then you kill the monster. as soon and the ABS starts to shoot out hurry and switch to the weaker player. then the ABS will be evenly distributed to both of the players weapons.(the two that are equiped) Which reminds me, Insted of just one weapon like in the first Darkclous game, you have two. A wrench ,hammer or club in one hand , and anykind of gun in the other. For Monica, you have a knife, dagger or sword in one hand and a magical braclet , armlet, or brassord on the other arm.

Well that is just about it. The georama is a lot more complitcated than in the first game, like a lot more harder. So I won't go into that.

Overall I would definetly give this game a :
difficulty= 7.9
over all=9.5

definetly a must have game!!!

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