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The Sims 2: Castaway Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for The Sims 2: Castaway

The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide
The Sims 2: Castaway Guide
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The Sims 2: Castaway is the third console spin-off of The Sims 2 video game and we have a collection of cheats and tips that will help you as your sims try to survive on the deserted island as you discover its secrets. In The Sims 2: Castaway you create one to six different Sims, manipulating everything from their appearance to their personalities by determining what their star sign happens to be. You also select an occupation for each character, which determines their skills at specific activities.

The Sims 2: Castaway Cheats and Tips

Make SOS Sign

Collect 15 rocks then arrange them to say SOS in the far right area from your shelter. Then regularly check it every two days.

How to Catch Sharks

To catch sharks in The Sims 2: Castaway for DS you have to use a fishing pole. The one shark you must catch is in the tidal pool on island 3.

How to make a Shelter

One of the first things you will need to do is build a shelter. To do this you must go to 'Plans' and select the 'Shelters' option. There you can either choose a complete building to craft or you can craft Walls, Doors, Windows and a Roof individually. Shelters serve a number of purposes but the main practical purpose is to allow your Sim to sleep when it is raining.

Unlock the Second Crafting Bench

Once you have built a shelter of some kind on the first island, even if it is just a roof you will unlock the second crafting bench.

Collecting Resources

In the Sims 2: Castaway you can collect or harvest depend partly on the tools that you have crafted. Each location on the islands has its own specific resources but the options to collect or harvest them will not be displayed unless you have the appropriate tool.

Bug Collecting

In The Sims 2: Castaway it is possible to gather bugs, which can be eaten, traded, or kept and collected. Check out our page to find out which areas you can find each of the different bugs in the game.

Fish in the Ocean

Once you have crafted the Bamboo Fishing Spear you will be able to fish in the ocean. Just wait until you see a group of fish swimming and then use your spear. In order to catch a fish you must choose the 'Stab' option only when a fish leaps into the air.

Build the Emergency Fire Pit

The Emergency Fire Pit requires Driftwood to build and will not only keep you warm but also allow you to cook. To craft it you must go to 'Plans' and select 'Emergency Fire Pit'.

How to Make the Boat

To get to the other side of the island in The Sims 2: Castaway you will need to make a boat. Check out our page to find out what you need to do.

How to Unlock New Options

You can unlock new options in The Sims 2: Castaway for the DS in one of the following ways:

1. By fulfilling a Goal set forth in one of the Lost Books.

2. By crafting a new Tool.

3. By harvesting or collecting a new item.

4. By exploring a new 'portal' on the Map.

How to send an SOS

To send an SOS in The Sims 2: Castaway you must make a radio transmitter. This requires finding two parts: the radio which is on Airplane Island near the plane wreck and the transmitter piece which is on Volcano Island near the plane wreck. Once you have both parts you put them together on high ground and send the SOS.

Check out The Sims 2: Castaway Questions and Answers for DS if you need more help in the game.

More The Sims 2: Castaway Cheats and Tips

We have 34 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims 2: Castaway please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Wii : PSP

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You can also ask your question on our The Sims 2: Castaway Questions & Answers page.

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Good Relations

Keep the following people happy by giving them the corresponding gifts.
Chef Butcher:
Give him Zucchini and Eggs
Ms Weeder:
Give her Bananas
Suzy McDress:
Give her a Chocolate Bar, Soda and Cheese
Dr. Feelgood:
Give her nothing (she is always happy)


Search the indicated area to find the corresponding bug.
Azure Bug:
At the Raw Food area and Vine area rocks.
Black Bug:
At the Raw Food area, Vine area, Canoe End area and Easel area rocks.
Blue Bug:
At the Raw Food area and Canoe End area rocks (Perfect).
Brown Bug:
At the Sewing area rock.
Fuchsia Bug:
At the Vine area rock (Perfect).
Green Bug:
At the Vine area (Perfect) and the Easel area rocks.
Jade Bug:
At the Easel area rock (Perfect).
Orange Bug:
At the Sewing area and Easel area rocks.
Pink Bug:
At the Vine area rock.
Purple Bug:
At the Canoe End area rock (Perfect).
Red Bug:
At the Canoe End ar..

How To Make The Boat

You obtain the chisel by offering chef butcher help until he send you on the quest to ge tlime and sardines, now you have the chisel. Now you must go and see Dr.Feelgood, look at what you need for the hammer handle, now look at the cheats right here and that should get you most of the items. Now trade for the hammer handle and go visit the spot where the fallen tree is. Now click make, do it again, and again one more time. It should be finished! If you don't have enogh energy (if your shelter is a log bed sleep it, other wiseSmilego and sleep in Mrs.Weeder's bed. Now if all the boat says is examine just keep clicking around you should find use cannoe, use it!

Dry cleaners

If you are really fed up because your clothes are filthy or they dont match, then get your skates on guys, on the furthest left island (where you find the last castaway suzie mcdress) there is a small what looks like a tree stump that is filled with water, well click on it and it gives you the choice to wash or dye your clothes, and the best part is it is free, the dye is the bugs you find and you can always re-die if you want to xx please like this xx

How to get the fourth peice of map!!!!

(origanally said by gamers girl) You go to the part before the temple where the cross bone door is. You will see this tan thing on the ground keep clciking until it says pick up. THAT IS THE LAST MAP PIECE! Now go to the cliff on the same island you are on, you will see an arrow at the end of it. Click it. Die into the water, now click the arrow next to the ship. VIOLA! But you can still go back to search for items.

Need a specific item from the crate?

If you need a specific item from the big wooden crate that washes up on the shore next to your shelter area, here's how.
1) Get to a point where you are happy to save the game and you know the crate will be on the shore.
2) Continue playing and open the crate. If you don't like what you got then quit and go back to the Sims 2 Castaway main menu without saving.
3) Go back on your game and go and open the crate again, and it will be a different item or even a piece of driftwood or palm frond!
4) If you don't like it, quit without saving again and keep repeating until you get what you want.

About the puffer fish

Where you washed up the sea is there and you go spear fishing in the day time and if you go when it is right on the full sun there it will be hoped I helped =] x


Please Help,
I am having trouble on this game and need to no how to retrieve mango's for the vegetable grower and how to make the spicey green curry.
Help needed urgently thanks


How can I find the shovel or how to make a fishing pole where to find a knive

Make others happy

Susy Mcdress:give her cheese or chocolate or soda.
Doctor:she will like anything
Ms.Weeder:bananas or magoes
Chef Butcher:eggs or zuchinni

To craft a boat

To craft a boat you need a chisel and a hammer. To get the hammer you need to keep the doctor happy by providing her with the things she requires.


Where do I find the last peice of the map that goes in the bottem left corner. Once I find it what do I use it for?


How to play the music instrument,and where to fi..

How to play the music instrument,and where to find bread

Parachute Woes

When you fix the rocks on the beach by preparing the SOS signal, the parachute drops every three game days. In the beginning you'll be happy to receive any old supplies. But towards the end of the game, when your collection is over 90% complete (or sooner), you may dread getting the same old stuff.
What I do, is to save the game during the night just before the supplies arrive. I check the supplies in the morning, and if they're not to my liking (because I'm after something more specific), I'll quit the game and then reload it - chances are you'll receive something different out of the 'chute.

the boat

When your done making the boat and all it says is examine tap on the next area arrow it will then say something like ride boat or something like that you tap that and youll ride the boat to the next area

Hi can you help
We are stuck on this game can any of you super player help us
We want to know
How do you get the vine to make the rope/ thread
How do you please ms weeder and the chef
How do you get any tools i.e spade, axe, crafting tool
How do you water plants
If you could help us as we have been stuck for a week and we think it's a brilliant game but are going to scream if we can't get any further
Heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can forage vines from the plant next the bridge that crosses to the other part of the island.
Please ms. Weeder with eithr a brown or white mushroom.
Please the chef with an egg
You unlock tools by completing the other casta..

Where is the last person?

I found all of the people but one. I don't know where he/her is. I got the game 2 days ago , and I need help try to find him/her. Is he/her on the other island?

Hi can you helpwe are stuck on this game can an..

Hi can you help
we are stuck on this game can any of you super player help us
we want to know
how do you get the vine to make the rope/ thread
how do you please ms weeder and the chef
how do you get any tools i.e spade, axe, crafting tool
how do you water plants
if you could help us as we have been stuck for a week and we think its a brilliant game but are going to scream if we cant get any further
heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you need help you got it! Crow Bar

To get a crow bar you might go to the washing place ang look around and you will see a metal thing then go and hammer it!


(sorry but the other cheat about the knife didn't work) You have to complete all of Chef Butchers quests and then he will give you the knife.

eggs and unhappy people

sometimes your friends get mad,to keep them happy you must:
suzy mc dress-soda/chocolate(anything that comes from the air package)
dr feelgood-well she stays happy all the time
so remember to collect lots of eggs and bannana's

Getting others to accept items from you

If the people you are trying to deliver items to won't accept your offerings, sweeten them up with gifts until the relationship score goes into the green (this is shown top right hand corner after you give a gift). Chef and Suzy McDress both like eggs, so collect plenty, and Mrs weeder likes Zuccinis (cucumber-type thingies).

How to play the music instrument,and where to fi..

How to play the music instrument,and where to find bread

Music Game

It took me a while to figure out but all you have to do is play the matching button that she does while gently blowing into the mic.

Hidden Snowberry plant

When you get your watering can, wheather from coconuts of from a gas can, you should water all of the witherd plants you see. This took my a while to find but there is a hidden snowberry plant right next to the food prep rock. If you can't find it click around the rock for a little bit, it's bound to come up.
The snowberry plant takes a while to prduce and it's nessesery in getting one of the potions from Dr. Feelgood. Can't remember which though... Any way I hope my hint helped!

item collection aid

when looking for item for trade or crafting click on the item needed and look at bottom should show where found hope helped


To get the kife you have to a mission for that syudent on the other island


To find the pufferfish go to where you washed up on the island when you first started the game. At noon (when the sun is at it's brightest.) The fish has teeth that look like the things that are also at the top of it's head. The fish is also brown in color. Also it is said that you can catch it in other spots, but I am not 100% for sure. Hope I helped!

How to get past the vines.

Hi! Go to the crafting rock (if you look on the map there should be an icon with a rock and a hammer, click it). There, you craft a hatchet. Now go to the vine areas and and select remove. This is a good hint to get you farther into the game! Happy hunting!

Finding minerals

First make sure your sim has full energy because it takes a lot of energy , then dig in one place.when your sim is done click on the sim and click dig again so that she /he digs in the same spot repeat several times and your will start getting minerals lke coal,crystal, etc...

the music game

I don't know how to play the music game with suzy mcdress and I was wondering if you could tell me how. Its one of the tasks and I can't go much further unless I complete it. Thankyou.


First, these are all the cheats that I know:
1. If you don't know where to find the rope, for getting across the rope bridge, you can just craft it, on the thing that looks like a mushroom. (Go to the left arrows one time. It's in the middle of the screen.)

2. To get all the green bars up to almost the full extent, follow this step guide. First, collect lots of black bugs, or at least 10 Coconuts. Then, eat all 10 Coconuts or 10 Black Bugs, which will decrease your bladder and hygiene bars. Then, use a bush for the bathroom. After, bathe in water, several times until the hygiene and comfort bars are up to the full extent. Then, talk to all the other Sims you've met, raising your Social bar to as much as you can. Finally, go t your house and sleep one time, save and..

finding new templates xx

you can find new templates Anywhere but i have a cool tip that mey help you here...
When your diving it is very likely that you will pick up some and even when searching in the temple xx

Craft Fire

You need all the tools that the butcher want then go to the fire and it will say craft fire then he will be happy

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