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The Sims 2: Castaway



by veerserif

                   ######   ##
                  #        ####
                 #          ##                        ####
##### #  # ####   #                                  #    #
  #   #  # #       ######   ##  ###   ###   ####         #
  #   #### ####          #  ##  ## # # ##  #            #
  #   #  # #              # ##  ##  #  ##   ####       #
  #   #  # ####          #  ##  ##     ##       #    ######
                  #######   ##  ##     ##   ####
            ###  AAAA SSSS ##### AAAA W   W AAAA #   #
           #     A  A S      #   A  A W   W A  A  # #
          #      AAAA SSSS   #   AAAA W   W AAAA   #
           #     A  A    S   #   A  A W W W A  A   #
            ###  A  A SSSS   #   A  A Ww wW A  A   #

v. 1.70

(to skip to the section you want, press CTRL + F and
enter the code next to the section title)
Please check the FAQs or the walkthrough section for your
questions, items and where to find them are in the Item
(1)Introduction                                    [1.0.0]

(2)Credits + Legal Stuff                           [2.0.0]

(3)FAQ                                             [3.0.0]

(4)Basic Gameplay                                  [4.0.0]
   i. Digging                                      [4.0.1]
   ii. Eating                                      [4.0.2]
   iii. Changing Outfits                           [4.0.3]

  Survival Guide                                   [4.1.0]
i.	Food                                       [4.1.1]
ii.	Clothing                                   [4.1.2]
iii.	Items                                      [4.1.3]
iv.	Collection                                 [4.1.4]
v.	Map                                        [4.1.5]
vi.	Tutorials                                  [4.1.6]
vii.	Templates                                  [4.1.7]
viii.	Relationships                            [4.1.8]
          The Map Pieces                          [4.1.81]

   Items                                           [4.2.0]
    i. Tools                                       [4.2.1]
   ii. Bug locations                               [4.2.2]

(5)Story Walkthroughs + Castaway Info              [5.0.0]
Starting Out                                       [5.0.1]

Dr Feelgood, the Doctor                            [5.1.0]
   Quest 1 – Help Dr Feelgood                      [5.1.1]
   Quest 2 – Curry                                 [5.1.2]

Mrs Weeder, the Gardener                           [5.2.0]
   Quest 1 – Water the Banana Tree                 [5.2.1]
   Quest 2 – Plant Nutrients                       [5.2.2]
   Quest 3 – Mangoes                               [5.2.3]

Chef Butcher, the Cook                             [5.3.0]
   Quest 1 – Peaches                               [5.3.1]
   Quest 2 – Chilies                               [5.3.2]
   Quest 3 - Upgrade the Fire, pt 1                [5.3.4]
   Quest 4 – Sardines with Lime                    [5.3.5]
   Quest 5 – Upgrade the Fire, pt 2                [5.3.6]

Suzy Mcdress, the Student                          [5.4.0]
   Quest 1 – New Clothes, pt 1                     [5.4.1]
   Quest 2 – New Clothes, pt 2                     [5.4.2]
   Quest 3 – Material                              [5.4.3]
   Quest 4 – Clothing dye                          [5.4.4]
   Quest 5 – flagpole                              [5.4.5]
   Quest 6 – Flag dye                              [5.4.6]
   Quest 7 – Jamming                               [5.4.7]

Step-by-step game walkthrough                      [5.5.0]

(6)Item List                                       [6.0.0]
     Fruits                                        [6.1.0]
     Vegetables                                    [6.2.0]
     Grains and Herbs                              [6.3.0]
     Meat                                          [6.4.0]
     Fish                                          [6.5.0]
     Bugs                                          [6.6.0]
     Dishes                                        [6.7.0]
     Headwear                                      [6.8.0]
     Tops                                          [6.9.0]
     Bottoms                                      [6.10.0]
     Shoes                                        [6.11.0]
     Tools                                        [6.12.0]
     Instruments                                  [6.13.0]
     Seeds                                        [6.14.0]
     Objects                                      [6.15.0]
     Gadgets                                      [6.16.0]
     Treasures                                    [6.17.0]
     Shells                                       [6.18.0]
     Geological Finds                             [6.19.0]
     Corals                                       [6.20.0]

 (7)Version History                                [7.0.0]

Hi, my name is veerserif and welcome to my first ever guide.
This guide is for new players, as well as anyone who is
stuck on a certain quest (or quests). All constructive
comments welcome, just contact me at claulo916(at)
Please include something like ‘Sims Castaway’ in the
subject, or it will be tossed.

------------=====(CREDITS AND LEGAL STUFF)=====------------

Copyright (c) Claudia Lo, 2008

This guide was written by me, veerserif (aka Claudia Lo).
If you wish to use a part of this guide you must contact me
(or, in the Items List’s case, Lord Blade) and ask for
permission to use it.

Don’t steal this guide. It’s a bad thing to do, and you
will never sleep soundly again for all of your life. You
will be haunted forever. You have been warned.

The newest version of this guide will always be posted
first on

This guide is currently only allowed to be posted on:

and their affiliates.

I do not in any way own, create, or claim to create/own
Sims 2 Castaway, that’s EA Games’ territory.

Thanks to :
EA Games – for making this. Bless you Maxis, bless you.
Without you, where would the Sims be?

Nintendo – for making the DS. Boy do I love it.

Nieva Zafira – for pointing out the problem with the order
in Butcher’s quests, inspiring more content and more!

Branwin – for giving me the list of ‘perfect’ bugs and
where to find them.

Everyone who told me what the crowbar does – it made me
feel stupid not realizing it sooner :P

Kathryn for finally giving me the info needed to complete
the items list!

All of you reading this – why else would this be here, if
it were not for you?

That’s all folks! :)
*                    VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE                *
* The list of map piece locations is listed under the     *
* Relationships section of the Survival Guide explanation.*
* The code for it is 4.1.81                               *
*                                                         *

1) I can’t get the wheat/rice seeds from Weeder!
   You have to have jumped off the cliff, got on the ship
and come back for Weeder to trade them.

2) I can’t give xxx this item!
   Make sure your relationship bar with them is green. To
keep it up, talk with them and give them gifts.

3) I can’t find xxx!
   Sometimes the game code will make certain items, such as
nails, appear more often during specific periods of the
game. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait it out.

4) How do I get the hammer?
   You get it by trading for the hammer handle from

-------------========(BASIC GAMEPLAY)========--------------

|Controls:                                         |
|Move.......................................Stylus |
|Look around..................D-pad (ABXY for l.h.)|
|Speed up time.......................L (R for l.h.)|
|X button....................Open map page of guide|

And that’s it. Basically, everything is controlled with the
stylus. Tap on the ground to move there. Tap on something
to open up a list of options, and then tap the option that
you want.

Here’s a little (crappy) ASCII of the top screen:
|11111111                 444444444|
|22222222                 555555555|
|33333333                 666666666|
|                                  |
|7                                 |
|7                                 |
|7                                 |
|7                             88  |
|7                            8888 |
|7                             88  |

1: Your hunger meter. If it drops to zero... bad things
happen. Keep it up by eating. Duh.

2: Your energy bar. No, not the kind with fruit and nuts.
If this drops to zero, you faint. Monkeys will then carry
you back to your camp (0.o), but they will have stolen
something from you in the process. Keep it up by eating
certain foods and by sleeping.

3: Your social meter. It’s basically sort of a sanity meter,
in that it shows how badly your Sim needs human contact.
Keep it up by eating certain foods, talking to people (and
yes, that skeleton counts. It’s the replacement for the
volleyball, I guess.)

4: Your comfort meter. It tells you how... comfortable you
are? Keep it up by washing frequently, using the loo on
time, eating certain foods, warming your hands by the fire,
using some decorative items... this is by far the easiest
meter to keep up. I’d worry more about no’s 5 & 6.

5: Your hygiene meter. Shows how stinky you are. Keep it up
by bathing, like a civilized person. Washing your clothes
at the dyeing station also helps.

6: Your Bladder meter. It shows how badly you need the...
*cough* outdoor potty (aka bush). Once you ‘use’ a bush,
the meter will go all the way to the top. Eating food
generally makes this go down. Once you’ve used the loo, be
careful that your hygiene bar is OK, as it drops when you
use the loo.

7: Your happiness meter. It’s basically your lowest meter
right now. Keep it up by keeping your lowest current stat
up. Does that make sense? Good.

8: The clock. It isn’t like a real clock, but rather shows
the cycles of the sun in a day (sorry if you don’t get
that!) Basically, there are 4 big circles. There’s 1 full,
1 half-full, 1 empty and another one half-full. The full
one = noon, empty = midnight.

Tapping on your Sim

Tapping on your Sim opens up 3 options:
1.	Dig (with shovel)
2.	Eat
3.	Change outfit.

Digging  [4.0.1]

Digging gives you new items, such as rocks, shells and
unique seeds. Digging can only be done after you have made
a shovel, which requires finishing the farmer quest. Each
time you dig, it takes off energy. It does not seem to
matter where you dig, and you can stand in the same spot,
digging over and over again to receive different items.

Eating [4.0.2]
Self-explanatory, really. You need to eat to survive, and
to fill up your hunger bar. There are four different types
of food: fruits, vegetables, meat and prepared. Fruits and
vegetables are pretty simple. You generally have to forage
for them and/or grow them. Mushrooms are in the vegetables
category, and tomatoes are in the fruits category (?).

Meats include fish and bugs, not just the meats listed in
the collections category. Fish are found by either
spearfishing or pole fishing in one of two spots
(freshwater or saltwater). Bugs are found under bug rocks.
These tend to drain hygiene and comfort when you eat them,
but they restore more hunger (at least in the beginning.)
Some kinds of meat, such as salmon, also give you a social

Your Sim ain’t fussy. Feed them whatever you want, although
force-feeding mine 10 chilies in a row seems a bit cruel...

Prepared foods are the best in the game. However, you need
different ingredients, and most require an upgraded
fireplace. You can trade with Chef Butcher for many recipes.

Changing Outfit [4.0.3]
As you progress, you will collect items of clothing. These
clothes are sorted into four categories, headwear, tops,
bottoms and shoes. There are two ways to get clothes – by
making them yourself, or by finding them in a suitcase.
Suitcases sometimes wash up instead of crates. They always
contain clothes. There is only one exception to the ‘find
it in a suitcase’ rule. At the beginning, you will find a
tunnel with a pirate skeleton in it. If you tap on it, you
will be able to take its hat.

Making clothes requires two things: the materials and the
recipe. You can get some recipes by trading with McDress,
when you complete her story.

This multi-purpose book shows your inventory, the items you
have collected, your ‘templates’ (recipes), relationships
with the other Sims, your treasure map, and the all-
important map. Let’s go through the tabs in order.

Food [4.1.1]
Obviously, has all your food. Why you can have an unlimited
amount, don’t ask... You must have a REALLY big bag by the
end of the game.

The most common kind of food throughout the game is, in my
opinion, fruits. However, if you fish and squish bugs a lot
(which you will) they will gradually build up and before
you know it, you’ll have 120 or so black bugs. No
exaggerations there.

Clothing [4.1.2]
Lists all your clothes. The first additional piece of
clothing you are likely to get is the pirate hat from the
pirate skeleton in the pirate cave. Others are washed up on
the beach, traded for or made by you.

Objects [4.1.3]
What you have in your inventory, asides from the above two
-	Tools
These are the items which help you get through the game.
First one you will get is the empty bottle, though that
won’t stay with you for long.

-	Seeds
Seeds are found through digging with a spade or trading for
them with Weeder, once you finish her story. To plant one,
you will need a spade, again from Weeder. Select an empty
earth mound (there are plenty of these, and you can always
make room by hacking down an existing plant) and pick the
seed you wish to plant. Over the next few days, you will
have to water it. Examine the plant to find out when it’s
ready for harvest.

-	Items
These are just odd items that you find around the islands.
Decorative items, which you can sometimes interact with,
are put here.

-	Rocks and Shells
You will get most of these from digging and diving. Note
that shells which you can use to play music from are not
here, but in the tools section.

Collection [4.1.4]
This section lists out all the items in the game. For more
info on what they are and where to find them, consult the
items list part of this guide. No, I’m not going to list
them here. Scroll down, lazy.

Map [4.1.5]
Ahh yes, the map. Tapping on any one of the little marked
squares instantly teleports you to that area. Convenient,
huh? Never knew your Sim could run that fast... As far as I
can tell, none of your stats go down when ‘zooming’, so
it’s the perfect way to get from your HQ to that pesky
lagoon. This will become your instant best friend. Note
that you can only zoom to areas that you have already
discovered. The map can also be opened up by pressing X.

Tutorials [4.1.6]
In case you missed any of those annoying flashing light
bulbs above your Sims’ head, you can reread them here. We
wouldn’t want you to miss them, would we?

Templates [4.1.7]
This is where all of your templates are stored. The five
categories are: Raw food, cooked food, Clothing, Items and
Upgrades. Raw food can be made at the very start of the
game if you have the ingredients, while you will have to
upgrade your fireplace if you want to make cooked food.
Clothes can be made at a special station, but it may take a
while to access it. Items are made at the crafting rock
west of your home, while upgrades can be made only at
designated times in certain spots, but they usually have to
be made.

Relationships [4.1.8]
Finally, the last tab. This shows your relationship with
all of the other Sims on the island, as well as your
treasure map. When your relationship bar with another Sim
becomes red that means that that Sim does not like you
anymore, and this means that you will not be able to help
them, or trade with them until the bar becomes green again.
To get it back up, talk with them and give them gifts. If
they don’t like you, when they talk, you will only ever
talk about bananas, pufferfish and scarecrows while your
Sim laughs at the castaway.
On a side note, Feelgood’s relationship bar goes down
_incredibly_ slowly.

The Map Pieces [4.1.81]
If you’re wondering where the map pieces are, here’s a list:
1.	In the field north of the crafting rock
2.	In the cave with the skeleton
3.	In front of the skull-and-crossbones door
4.	From Mcdress, after you complete her story
5.	From Feelgood, after you complete her story

ITEMS   [4.2.0]
This section is to help people find out how to get the
items shown below. Hopefully this will help.

Tools   [4.2.1]

1) The Hammer
   The hammer is a tool many people have trouble with. For
starters, you need to have traded with Feelgood for the
hammer handle, which needs:
1x Fuchsia, Green and Jade bugs
1x Pufferfish
The pufferfish is rare(ish), found by spearfishing in the
sea. In the sea, it is brown with a wide head and ugly
teeth. It swims in a straight line.

After getting the handle, you will receive the template for
the hammer. This needs 1x hammer handle, 1x vine and 1x

You need it to make the canoe to get to Suzy’s island.

2) The Spade
   The spade is a highly useful tool. To get it, finish
Weeder’s second quest (the one with the plant
nutrients/pesticide AKA the tube with green liquid) then
receive from her its two parts, the handle and the head. Go
to the crafting rock and check all the ? mark templates for
one that uses these two parts. It will be the one for the

To dig with the spade, tap on your Sim. The options should
include ‘dig’.

3) The Knife
   The knife, another useful tool, required to make many
important ‘base’ items for crafting, clothes-making etc. To
get it, finish Butcher’s ‘sardines and lime’ quest.

4) The Chisel
   The chisel is used, along with the hammer, to craft the
canoe. To get it, START Butcher’s infamous ‘sardines and
lime’ quest.

5) The Fishing Spear
   The fishing spear is the first tool you will receive.
You get it from Feelgood as soon as you meet her.
To use the spear, tap either fresh or salt water and choose
the Spear Fish option.

When spearfishing, remember that there is a delay between
you tapping and the spear actually coming down. Try to
predict the fish’s movements.

6) The Fishing Rod
   Used for pole fishing, the fishing rod is made of 1
bamboo, 1 thread and 1 nails. To use, go to either the
diving location in the sea (NOT the pirate boat one) or the
lake, and tap the rock there. For the lake, it’s the one
right next to the waterfall.

The pole fishing minigame is simple-ish.
|       22         |__|__|<---|
|      2222        |__|__|    |
|       22         |__|__|    |
|                  |__|__|    |--- 1
|           3      |__|__|    |
|55          3     |__|__|    |
|5555     4  3     |__|__|    |
|55555       3     |  |(6)<---|

1: The bait boxes. Different color bugs represent different
kinds of bait. You will only have the same color bugs as
you have right now, so if you use up all those red bugs,
there will not be any red bait. The box will be gone as
soon as you have the bobber in the water.

2: The fish (I know it doesn’t look like one). Different
fish like different color bait. To find out which kind it
likes, pick a random color and slowly move it up to its
head. A thought bubble will appear, first with an ?. Then,
it will change to either the color it prefers, or a <3,
showing that it likes this color of bait. To hook it, hover
its favorite kind of bait in front of it. It will bite,
then you can drag it into the net (see 5). When it’s hooked,
you’ll see a brown bar above its head. You need to drag it
into the net before this bar is gone.

3. The rod. ‘Nuff said.

4. The bobber. Shows you where your stylus is. Move it too
fast near a fish, and you’ll scare it off.

5. The net. It appears as soon as you hook a fish. You have
to drag the fish in here to catch it.

6. The color indicator. This shows you what color bait
you’re using at that time.

7) The Watering Can
   You get the template once you’ve found the gas can. Make
it from 1 bamboo and the gas can. It can hold 15 units of
water, so you don’t have to keep refilling it.

8) The Water Carrier
   You’ll make one of these for Weeder’s quest no. 1. It
can only hold 1 unit of water at a time.

9) The Needle
   You have to craft this particular tool from 1 urchin and
1 bead. It also needs the hatchet. The needle is required
for most of the clothes that you craft.

10) The Drinking Bottle
    This you should get on your second day in the island.
To find it, check to the far right of the beach where the
crate washes up.

11) The Hatchet
    This tool allows you to chop down the thick undergrowth
that blocks your way, as well as being used in many recipes.
You will find the head of the hatchet in the crate on the
first few days, and Feelgood will give you the hatchet
handle as soon as you finish her first quest. You then
craft them together at the crafting station.

12) Plant Nutrients
    See Weeder’s quest (5.2.2)

13) The Grappling Hook
    Make this from 1 rope (which itself is made from 3
vines) and an anchor. To get the anchor, head to the sea
fishing site and go south of that spot. On board that
sunken ship should be the anchor.

This tool allows you to reach the lookout point to the
north of Weeder’s camp.

14) The Crowbar
    Make this from 1 iron bar.
You use this to open the bottom door in the cavern with the
pirate ship.
(Thanks to the legions of people who told me this!)

15) The Axe
    Ahh yes, the tool that finally allows you to start the
deforestation of the island. As part of her quest, Suzy
will give you the handle for the axe. As for the head, you
can trade for its RECIPE from Weeder. Note the word
recipe – you still have to craft it. Once you’re done, just
craft the two together. Have fun chopping down those

PERFECT BUG LOCATIONS  [4.2.2] (thanks to Branwin)
Main Island:

Fuchsia: Bug icon on map (area left of cave) - 3 per round
Green: Bug icon on map (area left of cave) - 2 per round
Jade: Easel on beach (south of SOS) - 1 per round
Blue: Easel on beach (south of SOS) – 2 per round
      Food preparation rock – 1 per round

Temple Island (island on the right):

Turquoise: Clothing rock – 1 per round
Tan: Clothing rock – 1 per round

Suzy’s Island (island on the left):

Blue: Canoe landing spot – 3 per round
Purple: Canoe landing spot – 1 per round


When you first end up on the island, there will be a set of
instructions for you to follow. Just do exactly what it
says, and in no time at all you’ll by all set up with a
shelter and a roaring fire (ok, not really roaring). Sleep
and save.

Next day, head up and get the small sticks. Note the vine
curtain on your left. Fear not, you’ll be able to chop it
down soon! Go back to your camp and head to the right. Open
the crate for some nice goodies. Then, go left and left
again to reach an area with a weird-shaped stone in the
middle. This is the crafting rock where you will make most
of the game’s items.

Your Sim should be quite hungry at this point. Shake the
coconut tree for a tasty treat, then head up north to reach
some withered raspberry bushes and a withered zucchini
plant. Don’t worry about watering them till later. For now,
just pick up that nice map piece on the ground.

Go back out and left. You will see your first ever bug rock.
Follow the prompt and squish all the bugs you can. I
recommend trying until you get a perfect, whereby bugs will
come into (instead of out) of the screen once you squish
all the first lot of bugs. These ‘perfect bugs’ are rarer,
and you’ll need them pretty soon. Always try to build up a
store of ‘perfect only bugs’, as they will come in handy
for trading and quests later in the game.

To get your hygiene rating back up, wash in the freshwater
stream by the bush. To up your bladder, ‘use’ the
sparkleberry bush. Be careful, as using the, well, outdoor
loo will decrease your hygiene.

If you look carefully to your right, you will be able to
see a rock. This is the raw food preparation rock, but you
can’t make anything right now, so ignore it. Head off left.

You’re now in a new area with some cliffs behind you. Get
the sparkleberries, but you can’t do anything just yet.
Head home, sleep and save.

DAY 2 – you should always check where the crates are, to
avoid missing out on any goodies. Go back to the food prep
area, get the sparkleberries, head left, get some more. Now
here’s the important part. SAVE ONE OF THE BERRIES. A
landslide will have opened up your way. Head up (and listen
to your Sims’ amusing grunting sounds, especially if you’re
fast forwarding time) and get the tomatoes, as well as the
small sticks on the left. Head right and meet...


FEELGOOD FACT FILE (hey look, 3 f’s...)
Decoration: Red Tiki Torch (The right decor is supposed to
help with a Castaway’s relationship bar, but I haven’t
verified this yet.)
Likes: (right now, I don’t know. All contributions
Backstory: Traveled around the world in a balloon with her
savings, but crash-landed here. Yay.

Alright, you should know what to do now, so I’ll stop
telling you what to do and leave you to explore the rest of
the island(s) by yourself. This game is meant to be played
slowly, so don’t rush through. Otherwise you’ll spoil the

Help Dr. Feelgood – quest 1 [5.1.1]

Looks like Feelgood don’t feel so good.

Okay, so the joke sucked. Let’s just move along.

Firstly, she’ll ask you to help her get a catfish, and
gives you a fishing spear. Fish in saltwater until you get
one – they are green and move around in slow zigzags. It
shouldn’t take too long to catch one. Then she’ll ask for a
sparkleberry. Of course, you saved one... didn’t you?

Lastly, you need to give her water. You can’t do that now,
so go home and sleep. Next day, go to the crate area and
look to the left. There should be a bottle there. Head to
the raw food preparation area and fill it up at the stream,
then head up and give it to her.

As a reward, she’ll give you a hatchet head. Craft this
with that hatchet handle you will find in the crate to get
a hatchet, which can be used to clear away the thick
undergrowth blocking your way, as well as chopping down
bushes (but not trees!) You will also be able to trade with
her now. Get the hammer handle as early as you can, as the
game suggests.

Item request, Green Curry – quest 2 [5.1.2]

This is probably the last quest you will do. She asks for
some curry. The recipe comes from Chef Butcher, and
requires 1 eggplant (which you must grow – get the seeds
from Weeder), 1 chili, 1 sugar and 1 coconut.


Decoration: Golden Monkey Statue
Likes: Raspberries, Watermelons, basically fruits and
veggies that take a long time to grow, or are rare.
Backstory: Was working on a farm at home when a hurricane
came and transported her here. Dorothy, anyone?

Water the Banana Plant – quest 1 [5.2.1]

Talk to her to find out that she wants bananas, and can’t
be bothered to water them (lazy! For heaven’s sake, she is
the one with the WATERING CAN that she is so fond of
pulling out). So, you have to water them for her. To do so,
make a water carrier from 1 coconut and one small stick.
Then, fill it up from some fresh water source and water the
plant once a day. Before you know it, you’ll be presenting
a bunch of bananas to her.

Plant Nutrients – quest 2 [5.2.2]

Mrs. Weeder’s plants are all mysteriously dying, so as
usual she sends you off to find the cure while lazing
around at her place. Typical... anyway, go and ask Dr.
Feelgood for help. She’ll ask for these things:
1x Black, Blue, Orange, White and Yellow Bugs
1x each of Salmon, Black Carp and Cowcod
Many people have problem finding the cowcod. To catch one,
spearfish in the sea in the day. It’s quite small (but not
absolutely puny), reddish-orange and moves in straight
lines. Get the pesticide back to Mrs. Weeder, and start her
last quest. She’ll also give you a spade head and handle,
which you can use to make a spade.

Mangoes – quest 3 [5.2.3]

Weeder wants mangoes so that she can complete her
collection of seeds on the island. The only mango tree is
on another island, so you will have to have completed the
canoe to find them. When you arrive on the island, head
north. You will come to a pond. On the left of the pond,
just by the arrow leading to the beach where you land, is
the mango tree. Just keep looking. Shake it to get some
mangoes, and return. She will then let you trade with her
for seeds, and you’ll have finished her storyline.


Decoration: Coconut Fountain
Likes: Eggs, Zucchinis, Mushrooms, cooked foods
Backstory: Cook in a ship, fell overboard, drifted here.

Peaches – quest 1  [5.3.1]

Very simple and straightforward. Butcher can’t reach the
peaches, so give him a demo on how to actually get one -
shake the tree and give him one. Tadaa!

Chilies – quest 2  [5.3.2]

Butcher is complaining about how bland the island food is,
so you need to give him some chilies. Couldn’t he just
settle for salt? As soon as you finish the banana quest, a
chili bush will appear behind Weeder. Water it, harvest the
chilies and give them to him.

Upgrade the fire, pt 1 – quest 3  [5.3.3]

Butcher wants a nice new shiny fire. What do you know; we
have to make it for him. To upgrade the fire, you will need
to have 2 stones, 1 small stick, and the spade. This means
you need to have finished Mrs. Weeder’s second quest. Craft
the fire and light it, then go talk to him.

Sardines with Lime – quest 4 [5.3.4]

Many people get stuck at around this point in the game.
Firstly, you need to have made the hammer. Butcher will
give you a chisel, so you can start crafting the canoe that
will take you to the second island, where the mangoes are.
Each stage of the canoe takes off around 2/3 of your full
energy bar, so I suggest doing one stage per day, making
sure you only craft with a full bar. Once you have
completed Weeder’s quests, you can trade with her for the
lime seeds. As for the sardines, they are found by
spearfishing in the sea at daytime. They are small, blue
and swim in big, fast zigzags.

Upgrade the fire, pt 2 – quest 5 [5.3.5]

This is the last Butcher quest. To upgrade the fire, you
need 1 piece of bamboo, 1 metal pole and the axe. The axe
will be completed during Mcdress’ quests, so you need to do
them. The bamboo needs to be grown, with seeds coming from
Weeder. The metal pole can be found at the airplane crash
site on the island with mangoes, or from Mcdress, once you
complete her story. When done, you will be able to trade
with him, and he will give you some cooking pots. They are
used to upgrade your fire, so that you can make all the
recipes in the game.


Decoration: Red Radio
Likes: Cooked food, truffles, watermelons
Backstory: She got here (doesn’t explain why) and was
waving to a passing ship, when passing monkeys stole her
clothes (0.o). Too embarrassed to be saved while nekkid,
she stayed.

Note: you can up your relationship with her by jamming with
her, once you finish her quest.

New clothes – quest 1 [5.4.1]

Heh. She’s hiding bush because monkeys have stolen all her
clothes. Heh. So, to make a new top, she needs 2 coconuts
and 1 vine, which you should have anyway.

New clothes, pt 2 – quest 2 [5.4.2]

Now she needs a skirt. To make one, she wants 1 palm frond
and 1 long grass. To get the grass, you need to repair the
rope bridge on the other side of the main island, have got
the knife and find that clump of grass and chop it down. As
for the palm frond, you get them when they wash ashore, or
you could trade with the doctor for them.

Material – quest 3 [4.4.3]

She wants some ‘silky smooth material’ next for her top.
You can get some from the doctor. Just trade for it (1
catfish and 1 striped bass).

Dye – quest 4 [4.4.4]

Now she wants 5 red bugs to dye her top. To get them,
squash bugs at the rock where you arrive on the mango
island. You get maximum 1 red bug per... um... squish?
Round would be a better word, methinks...

Flagpole – quest 5 [4.4.5]

She wants you to make a flagpole for her. Yes, a flagpole.
She also gives you an axe handle, which you will need for
this quest. To make it, you’ll need 2 logs (obtained from
chopped-down trees) and 1 vine, which should be easy enough.
I recommend chopping down coconut trees, as there are so
many of them anyways.

Flag dye – quest 6 [4.4.6]

To dye her flag exactly the right colour, she wants 4
fuchsia bugs. Squish them at the bug rock to the right of
Weeder’s camp. They only come out (or should that be in?)
if you get a perfect, and they come out three at a time, so
it shouldn’t take too long.

Now admire her nice new shocking pink pirate flag.

Jamming – quest 7 [4.4.7]

She wants you to jam with her. On ocarinas. Okay... to make
one, you need that piece of hollow wood, one batch of nails
and one rock. Once you’ve made one, go and jam with her. To
jam, press the button that show up over her head, and blow
into the microphone at the same time. As a reward, you can
a) trade with her, b) she’ll give you a metal pole, for
upgrading Butcher’s fire and c) she’ll give you a map piece!

And that's all the quests here. To actually get off the
island, go look at your nice new shiny complete map. Hmm,
wonder why there’s a great big X on the map? I’ll leave you
to find out...

By this I mean I will make a nice list of what to do, in
what order you have to do them in. You don’t have to follow
these steps exactly to beat the game, but you can if you
want to.

1.	Finish beginning tutorial
2.	Go north of the crafting rock, find first map piece
3.	Meet Feelgood, receive quest
4.	Catch catfish, get sparkleberry – return to Feelgood
5.	Sleep and find bottle.
6.	Fill bottle at stream, return to Feelgood.
7.	Make hatchet, clear vines blocking path
8.	Upgrade shelter ASAP
9.	Meet Weeder and Butcher
10.	Speak with Weeder, receive quest
11.	Make water carrier, water banana plant
12.	Go east and east again to find the cave and the
second map piece
13.	Give bananas to Weeder, receive quest 2
14.	Speak with Feelgood, give her blue, black, white,
yellow and orange bugs
15.	Give Feelgood 1 salmon, 1 black carp and 1 cowcod
16.	Return to Weeder, get spade, get quest 3
17.	Speak with Butcher, give him peaches
18.	Speak with Butcher, water chili plant, give
Butcher chilies
19.	Speak with Butcher, upgrade his fire
20.	Speak with Butcher, receive quest, receive chisel
21.	Craft canoe, go to the other island
22.	Meet Mcdress, get mangoes
23.	Talk to Weeder, get lime seeds
24.	Grow limes, catch sardine, return to Butcher to
receive knife
25.	Give Mcdress 2 coconuts and 1 vine
26.	Repair rope bridge, get map piece in front of
door with skull and crossbones
27.	Get long grass, 1 palm frond
28.	Return to Mcdress, trade with doctor for
29.	Give Mcdress material, give Mcdress 5 red bugs
30.	Speak to Mcdress, make axe, make flagpole
31.	Speak to Mcdress, give her 4 fuchsia bugs
32.	Speak to Mcdress, make ocarina, jam together
33.	Receive last map piece, metal pole
34.	Trade for bamboo seeds, craft Butcher’s fire
35.	Trade for eggplant and sugar seeds, make
Feelgood’s curry
36.	Dive off cliff and finish the game!

Now you can have fun trying to get 100% :P.

----------------========(ITEM LIST)========----------------
*This brilliant list was compiled by Lord Blade from the  *
*forums.                                                  *
*I added the stuff in brackets.                           *

Item List
by Adam "Lord Blade" Taylor

EXP - Explanation
SI - Fruits
SII - Vegetables
SIII - Grains and Herbs
SIV - Meat
SV - Fish
SVI - Bugs
SVII - Dishes
SVIII - Headwear
SIX - Tops
SX - Bottoms
SXI - Shoes
SXII - Tools
SXIII - Instruments
SXIV - Seeds
SXV - Objects
SXVI - Gadgets
SXVII - Treasures
SXVIII - Shells
SXIX - Geological Finds
SXX - Corals


My list is basically laid out in the same order as found in
The information given is as follows:

SECTION NAME (i.e. Fruits) followed by the number of items
in that section

Item Name (as appears in game)
Where to obtain (see point 1)
Stats (see point 2)

1) Items are found in all sorts of places. I have listed
them as follows:

Harvest: You have to harvest the fruit/veggie from a
bush/tree/plant. Some items
keep growing back (such as coconuts) while others are gone
after being harvested (such as bamboo). There are only a
few plants to start with, others must be planted and grown
by the player later in the game.

Crate: The area to the east of the player's "home" will
have a crate, suitcase, or sometimes specific item, wash up
on shore once a day.

SOS: There is a location on the south east of the island
where you can build an SOS signal out of rocks (5 rocks per
letter). Once the signal is complete, a crate will be air
dropped on the island every couple of days.

Dig: Once the player has the spade, they can dig up various

Dive: There are a few locations where the player can dive,
and find various objects. The first accessible is east of
the "home" section.

Spear/Fish: Two types of fishing are spear fishing and pole
fishing. The spear fishing is done along the shore and
streams, while pole fishing is done from rocks in two
different locations. For fishing, there is freshwater
(inland) and saltwater (ocean).

Feelgood/Butcher/Weeder/McDress: The four other Sims on the
island will trade with you once you've done enough for them.
Some items are obtained in this way.

Raw/Cook: Some food items are either made raw (on the food
preparation slab) or are cooked (over a built up cooking

Craft: Many items are made by the player at the crafting

2) The stats for any edible items are listed in the same
order the game uses:
Hunger / Energy / Comfort / Hygiene / Social / Bladder
With a +/- to show the change type.

*** SI *** FRUITS – 19 [5.1.0]

1) Date

2) Brazil Nut

3) Pokeberry

4) Banana

5) Avocado

6) Sparkleberry

7) Blackberry

8) Pineapple

9) Lime

10) Tomato

11) Peach

12) Watermelon

13) Snowberry

14)Guarana Berry

15) Guava

16) Coconut

17) Orange

18) Raspberry

19) Mango

*** SII *** VEGETABLES – 15 [5.2.0]

1) Potato

2) Long Bean

3) Yam

4) Zucchini

5) White Mushroom

6) Red Mushroom

7) Eggplant

8) Carrot

9) Brown Seaweed

10) Corn

11) Chili Pepper

12) Red Seaweed

13) Green Seaweed

14) Truffle

15) Brown Mushroom

*** SIII *** GRAINS AND HERBS – 5 [5.3.0]

1) Sugar
Harvest (disappears after harvest)

2) Lemon Grass (disappears after harvest)

3) Wheat
Harvest (disappears after harvest)

4) Rice
Harvest (disappears after harvest)

5) Ginger

*** SIV *** MEAT – 5 [5.4.0]

1) Crab Meat

2) An Egg

3) Sea Slug

4) Raw Steak

5) Urchin Flesh

*** SV *** FISH – 60 [5.5.0]

Fish are caught either through Spear Fishing, or Pole
They can be either Freshwater or Saltwater fish.
Some are found during the day, others at night. Some are
found either time.

1) Mangrove Snapper
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

2) Eel

3) Freshwater Puffer Fish

4) Pencil Fish
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

5) Salmon
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

6) Jackfish

7) Neon Tetra

8) Skate
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

9) Largemouth Bass

10) Mullet

11) Gray Birchir
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

12) Red Snapper

13) Flying Fish

14) Grouper

15) Bat Ray

16) Kingfish
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

17) Sea Chub

18) Moonfish

19) Tuna
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

20) Pompano
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

21) Barracuda
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

22) Marlin

23) Monkeyface Prickleback
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

24) Reedfish

25) Black Carp
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

26) Turkeyfish
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

27) Tarpon
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

28) Bocaccio

29) Goatfish

30) Koi
Fish/Fresh/Day (likes black bugs for bait)

31) Arowana
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

32) Striped Bass
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

33) Grunts

34) Sculpin

35) Wahoo

36) Yellow Cichlid
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

37) Black Rockfish
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

38) Dag Dag
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

39) Bream
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

40) Dolphin Fish
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

41) Tiger Barb

42) Sting Ray
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

43) Cowcod

44) Pufferfish

45) Sardine
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

46) Fugu
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

47) Clown Loach

48) Butterflyfish

49) Piranha
Spear/Fresh/Day or Night

50) Smallmouth Bass
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

51) Flounder

52) Yellowfin Tuna
Fish/Salt/Day or Night

53) Sea Bass

54) Arapaima
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

55) Common Hatchetfish
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

56) Guppy

57) Redfish
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

58) Rainbow Trout
Fish/Fresh/Day or Night

59) Catfish
Spear/Salt/Day or Night

60) Freshwater Eel

*** SVI *** BUGS – 15 [5.6.0]

All bugs are found under bug rocks, some need a perfect
score to obtain.

1) Azure Bug

2) Orange Bug

3) Turquoise Bug (Requires perfect)

4) Green Bug (Requires perfect)

5) White Bug

6) Brown Bug

7) Red Bug

8) Tan Bug (Requires perfect)

9) Yellow Bug

10) Purple Bug

11) Fuchsia Bug (Requires perfect)

12) Black Bug

13) Pink Bug

14) Blue Bug

15) Jade Bug (Requires perfect)

*** SVII *** DISHES – 51 [5.7.0]

Dishes are mostly either made on the food preparation rock
(Raw), or over a fire with a cooking upgrade built (Cook).
Some items are simply found or traded for.

1) Sweet Chili Vegetables
Cook (1 long bean, 1 chili, 1 red mushroom, 1 sugar, 1

2) Fire Sushi
Raw (1 red seaweed, 1 rice, 1 Mangrove Snapper)

3) Gingerbread Sim
Cook (1 wheat, 1 egg, 1 sugar, 1 ginger)

4) Ginger Brazil Nuts
Cook (1 ginger, 1 brazil nuts)

5) Yellow Cure

6) Fajita
Cook (1 raw steak, 1 guacamole, 1 unleavened bread)

7) Spiced Lime Meat
Cook (1 raw steak, 1 lime, 1 ginger)

8) Shish Kebab
Cook (1 small stick, 1 chili, 1 ginger, 1 raw steak)

9) Roach Surprise
Cook (1 yellow bug, 1 coconut, 1 sugar)

10) Sweet and Spicy Fish
Cook (1 sugar, 1 mullet, 1 chili)

11) Low Fat Bug Omelets
Cook (2 white bugs, 1 egg)

12) Veggie Burger
Cook (1 zucchini, 1 corn, 1 brazil nut, 1 carrot)

13) Soda

14) Cheese Bug Fondue
Cook (1 cheese, 1 azure bug, 1 lemongrass)

15) Carrot Juice
Raw (2 carrots, requires hammer)

16) Blue Cure

17) Vegetable Taco
Cook (1 unleavened bread, 1 tomato, 1 long bean, 1 chili)

18) Unleavened Bread
Cook (2 wheat, 1 egg)

19) Sweet and Sour Beans

20) Spiced Mushrooms
Cook (1 red mushroom, 1 ginger, 1 chili)

21) Spicy Green Curry
Cook (1 eggplant, 1 coconut, 1 sugar, 1 chili)

22) Paella
Cook (1 tuna, 1 rice)

23) Eye of Beetle Salad
Raw (1 fuchsia bug, 1 tomato, 1 zucchini, needs knife)

24) Surf and Turf
Cook (1 raw steak, 1 red snapper)

25) Cheese

26) Spiced Steak
Cook (1 raw steak, 1 chili)

27) Sugared Dates
Raw (1 dates, 1 sugar)

28) Ocean Pie
Cook (1 urchin flesh, 1 sardine, 1 unleavened bread)

29) Cooked Steak
Cook (1 raw steak)

30) Mushroom Risotto
Cook (1 brown mushroom, 1 ginger, 1 rice)

31) Green Cure

32) Spiced Fish Ricotta
Cook (1 marlin, 1 rice, 1 chili, 1 lemongrass)

33) Sushi
Raw (1 green seaweed, 1 rice, 1 pufferfish)

34) Guava Juice
Raw (1 guava, 1 sugar, hammer needed)

35) Fish Casserole
Cook (1 butterfly fish, 1 striped bass, 1 ginger, 1 carrot)

36) Fish Soup
Cook (1 tomato soup, 1 eel)

37) Nut-room Roast
Cook (1 brazil nut, 1 red mushroom, 1 lime)

38) Pineapple Slices
Raw (1 pineapple, 1 sugar)

39) Seafood Sticks
Cook (1 crab meat, 1 monkeyface prickleback)

40) Red Cure

41) Mashed Carrot Potato
Cook (1 carrot, 1 potato, needs hammer)

42) Fruit Salad
Raw (1 pineapple, 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 raspberry)

43) Hot and Sour Soup
Cook (1 lemongrass, 2 tomatoes, 1 redfish)

44) Sardines with Salsa
Cook (1 sardine, 2 tomatoes, 1 lime)

45) Chocolate Bar

46) Bug Crawl Sandwich
Raw (1 unleavened bread, 1 blue bug)

47) Tomato Soup
Cook (2 tomatoes)

48) Guacamole
Raw (1 avocado, 1 chili, 1 tomato, knife)

49) Fruit Cocktail
Raw (1 sugar, 1 raspberry, 1 pineapple, 1 peach)

50) Mint Cake

51) Island Burger
Cook (1 unleavened bread, 1 raw steak)

*** SVIII *** HEADWARE – 21 [5.8.0]

1) Angry Coconut Mask

2) Arctic Hat

3) Baseball Cap

4) Pilot Sunglasses

5) Beret

6) Pirate's Hat

7) Crab Shell Hat

8) Baseball Cap

9) Pineapple Hat

10) Happy Coconut Mask

11) Sombrero

12) Whipped Hat

13) Horse Mask

14) Wraparound Sunglasses

15) Blowfish Mask

16) Oink Mask

17) Top Hat

18) Monkey Mask

19) 3D Specs

20) Palm Frond Hat

21) Metallic Hat

*** SIV *** TOPS - 20


1) Sleeveless Top

2) Palm Frond Top

3) Metallic Shell Top

4) White Jacket

5) Banana Leaf Top
Craft (2 banana fronds, 1 thread, needs needle)

6) Reed Jacket

7) Flower T-Shirt

8) Seaweed T-Shirt

9) Star Top

10) Shell Suit Top

11) Linen Shirt

12) Cuttlebone Waistcoat

13) Tie Dye T-Shirt

14) Tuxedo Top

15) Island Wear Tank Top

16) Off the Shoulder Top

17) Surfer's T-Shirt

18) Office Shirt with Tie

19) Hawaiian Shirt

20) Leather Jacket


1) Ball Gown

2) Shirt and Jacket

3) Cardigan and Top

4) Shell Suit Top

5) Surfer T-Shirt

6) Off the Shoulder Top

7) Tie Dye T-Shirt

8) Island Wear Tank Top

9) Banana Leaf Top

10) Palm Frond Top

11) Trendy Leafy Shorts

12) Cuttlebone Strapless Top

13) Flower Top

14) Seaweed T-Shirt

15) Linen Shirt

16) Reed Jacket

17) Leather Jacket

18) Star Top

19) Metallic Shell Top

20) Sleeveless Top

*** SX *** BOTTOMS - 22


1) Light Trousers

2) Coconut Husk Trunks

3) Cowboy Trousers

4) Pale Slacks

5) Cloth and Grass Trousers

6) Tux Trousers

7) Banana Leaf Pants

8) Seaweed Trousers

9) Jeans

10) Shell Shorts

11) Bermuda Shorts

12) Red Cameo Trousers

13) Root Pants

14) Shell Shorts

15) Grass Shorts

16) Shorts

17) Frond Short Shorts

18) Cuttlebone Shorts

19) Shell Suit Slacks

20) Survival Shorts

21) Linen Trousers

22) Palm Frond Shorts


1) Ball Gown Shirt

2) Root Dress

3) Leggings

4) Grass Skirt

5) Casual Skirt


7) Shell Mini-Skirt


9) Banana Leaf Dress

10) Survival Shorts


12) Shell Suit Slacks

13) Linen Trousers

14) Shell Mini Skirt

15) Cuttlebone Miniskirt

16) Coconut Husk Trunks

17) Red Cameo Trousers

18) Palm Frond Kilt

19) Shorts

20) Cowboy Trousers

21) Cloth and Grass Trousers

22) Seaweed Trousers

*** SXI *** SHOES – 14 [5.11.0]

1) Snake Skin Shoes

2) Beetle Shoes

3) Coral Sandals

4) Basketball Sneakers

5) Crab Shoes
Craft (2 crab shells)

6) Picked Winkle Shoes

7) Leather Shoes
Craft (recipe from McDress, needs 1x Orange Coral)

8) Velvet Shoes

9) Deck Shoes

10) Smart Black Shoes

11) Shell Sea Boots

12) White Sneakers

13) Watermelon Shoes

14) Pink Shoes

*** SXII *** TOOLS – 15 [5.12.0]

1) Drinking Bottle
‘An empty bottle.’
Crate (on left hand side)

2) Fishing Spear
‘Fishing for the impatient.’

3) Hammer
‘A handy tool for crafting objects.’
Craft (Hammer handle, rock)

4) Watering Can
‘This carries a lot of water.’
Craft (1 bamboo, gas can)

5) Axe
‘A heavy axe.’
Craft (Axe head, axe handle)

6) Plant Nutrients
Quest – see Weeder’s quests [4.2.2]

7) Grappling Hook
Craft (1 rope, anchor)

8) Knife
‘Careful with that!’

9) Water Carrier
Craft (Small stick, coconut)

10) Chisel

11) Needle
Craft (1 urchin, 1 bead, needs hatchet)

12) Crowbar
Craft (Iron bar)

13) Spade
Craft (Spade handle, spade bottom)

14) Hatchet
Craft (Sharp metal piece, hatchet handle)

15) Fishing Pole
Craft (2 bamboo, 1 string, 1 nails)

*** SXIII *** INSTRUMENTS – 4 [5.13.0]

1) Basic Ocarina
Craft (Hollow wood ,1 nails, 1 rock)

2) Ultimate Ocarina
Craft (1 yam, 1 tuning fork, hammer + knife required)

3) Conch Shell

4) Spider Conch Shell

*** SXIV *** SEEDS – 34 [5.14.0]

1) Bamboo Seed
Weeder (1 flint, 1 palm frond)

2) Lime Seed

3) Sugar Cane Seed
Weeder (1 watermelon)

4) Tomato Seed
Weeder (1 seahorse, 1 urchin shell)

5) Mango Seed

6) Guarana Seed

7) Brazil Nut Seed

8) Pineapple Seed
Weeder (1 blue coral, 3 red coral)

9) Yam Seed

10) Coconut Seed
Weeder (2 cuttlefish bone, 1 driftwood)

11) Watermelon Seed

12) Orange Seed

13) Longbean Seed

14) Wheat Seed
Weeder (1 koi)

15) Pokeberry Seed

16) Zucchini Seed
Weeder (1 gold doubloon)

17) Snowberry Seed

18) Sparkleberry Seed
Weeder (2 nautilus shells)

19) Avocado Seed

20) Carrot Seed

21) Ginger Seed

22) Blackberry Seed

23) Eggplant Seed

24) Chili Pepper Seed

25) Lemongrass Seed
Weeder (3 cuttlefish bones, 1 murex alabaster, 1 fruit

26) Date Seed

27) Guava Seed

28) Rice Seed
Weeder (1 unleavened bread, 1 egg)

29) Peach Seed

30) Banana Seed

31) Raspberry Seed

32) Corn Seed

33) Potato Seed
Weeder (1 date seed)

34) Grass Seed
Harvest Grass

*** SXV *** OBJECTS – 73 [5.15.0]

1) Driftwood

2) White Tiki Torch
Craft (White flare, driftwood pole)

3) Sun Dial
Craft (1 nails, 2 rocks, needs chisel)

4) Red Flare

5) Birthday Cake

6) Blowfish Lamp
Craft (Driftwood pole, blowfish, 1 vine)

7) Old Canvas
Craft (Tattered canvas, driftwood)

8) Metal Pole

9) Blue Flare

10) Rope
Craft (3 vines)

11) Teeth on a Stick
Craft (False teeth, driftwood pole)

12) Stool
Craft (1 driftwood, 1 nails, needs chisel)

13) Sea Urchin

14) Log
Cut Tree

15) Manhole Cover

16) Chair

17) Palm Fronds
Crate/Feelgood/Cut Coconut Tree

18) Axe Head
Craft (1 flint, 1 rock)

19) Driftwood Pole

20) Thread
Create (1 vine, knife required)

21) Bamboo

22) Anchor

23) Metal Tube


25) Spade Head

26) Red Tiki Torch
Craft (Red flare, driftwood pole)

27) Long Grass

28) False Teeth

29) Blue Tiki Torch
Craft (Blue flare, driftwood pole)

30) Spade Handle

31) Gong

32) Coconut Fountain

33) Hatchet Handle

34) Halloween Lantern

35) Empty Soda Can

36) Telescope
Craft (1 bamboo, 2 broken bottle)

37) Support Beam

38) Boomerang

39) Flamingo

40) Hollow Wood

41) Large Stick

42) Sharp Metal Piece

43) Matches

44) Torch

45) Pirate's Wooden Leg

46) Flag Pole

47) Green Tiki Torch
Craft (Green flare, driftwood pole)

48) Scarecrow
Craft (1 carrot, 1 lemongrass, 1 coconut, 1 vine, 1

49) Cooking Pan

50) Crab

51) Festive Tree

52) Dry Undergrowth
Cut down thick undergrowth

53) Gum Globule

54) Small Metal Bar

55) Small Sticks

56) Nails

57) Tuning Fork
Lookout point cliff (go north from Weeder and climb up)

58) Banana Leaf
Cut Banana Tree

59) Vine

60) Buoy

61) Leafy Bed
Craft (Palm frond, sponge, vine)

62) Ruined Canvas

63) Root

64) Hammer Handle

65) Leather

66) Waiter Menu Board
Craft (1 driftwood, 1 white bug, 1 clack bug, needs chisel)

67) Green Flare

68) Broken Bottle

69) Swing Chair

70) Monolith

71) Plastic Gas Can

72) Material
Feelgood (1 catfish, 1 striped bass)

73) White Flare

*** SXVI *** GADGETS – 26 [5.16.0]

1) Tonal Generator

2) Solar Panel

3) Night Light
Craft (1 lightbulb, 1 solar panel)

4) Bulb

5) Alien Artifact

6) Magnetic Tape

7) Yottawatt: Power Up!

8) Radio

9) Punk Sim Sidewinder

10) Alarm Beacon

11) Audio Pole

12) Magnetic Apparatus

13) Support Pole

14) Gramophone

15) Disco De-Lite

16) Seahorse Lights
Craft (1 thread, 1 glowing quartz, 3 seahorses)

17) Fan Blade (1)

18) Fan Blade (2)

19) Fan Blade (3)

20) Wind Turbine
Craft (1 suppport pole, fanblades 1,2+3)

21) Plastic Reel

22) Awakening Chimp

23) Compass

24) Tape Machine

25) Speaker

26) Ballroom Throw Down

*** SXVII *** TREASURES - 13

1) Giant Emerald

2) Silver Bar

3) Giant Ruby

4) Gold Monkey Statue
Craft ( 1 gold bar, 1 silver bar, 1 jade elephant, 1 gold
coconut, needs hammer)

5) Golden Coconut

6) Gold Doubloon

7) Topaz Orb

8) Crystal Skull

9) Gold Gnome Statue
Craft (1 giant emerald, 1 silver skull,

10) Gold Flamingo Statue

11) Gold Bar

12) Jade Elephant

13) Silver Skull

*** SXVIII *** SHELLS - 18

1) Seahorse

2) Nautilus Shell

3) Red Cameo Shell

4) Purple Cay Cay Shell

5) Urchin Lamp

6) Trochus Shell

7) Cuttlefish Bone

8) Murex Alabaster

9) Crab Shell

10) Starfish

11) Winkle

12) Trumpet Shell

13) Pink Murex

14) Green Trochus Shell

15) Yellow Helmet Shell

16) Terebra Turritella

17) Melon Shell

18) Urchin Shell


1) Black Onyx

2) Flat Stone

3) Rock

4) Coal

5) Flint

6) Giant Amethyst

7) Giant Geode

8) Crystal

9) Glowing Quartz

10) Split Geode
Craft (1 giant geode, 1 log)

11) Relaxation Crystal

12) Giant Ammonite

13) Quartz Lamp

14) Clay Tube

15) Large Quartz Crystal

*** SXX *** CORALS - 9

1) Red Coral

2) Pink Coral Ornament – 2 pink coral 1 driftwood

3) Sponge

4) Coral Bush - 1 red coral, 1 blue coral, 1 pink coral, 1
turquoise coral

5) Orange Coral

6) Blue Coral

7) Turquoise Coral

8) Pink Coral

9) Orange Coral Ornament
Craft (1 orange coral, 1 wooden log)

1.0: 12/26/07
Just started this! Whoo!

1.01: 01/05/08
Happy New Year! Updated the list of allowed sites, updated
(oh so slightly) the items list, and just basically added
some small bits here and there.

1.1: 01/06/08
More items list updating, fixed a thingimajiggy with
Butcher’s quests (thanks Nieva!)

1.2: 01/07/08
Anyone realize 01+07=08? Anyway, put in some castaway info
(thank you Nieva, again), some more items list updating,
fixed some of the layout, tweaked the guides, fixed some of
the gameplay stuff, added a bad ASCII diagram, and a
hundred more typo corrections.
1.21: 01/08/08
And 01x08=08. Realized I hadn’t finished that ASCII
section... >>

1.22: 01/09/08
And WHOA I’ve updated this a lot in the past few days.
Tweaked the credits section. And 01=09-08.

1.30: 01/13/08
Added the FAQ section—now this FAQ/Guide is *actually* a

1.31: 01/14/08
More FAQ updating.

1.32: 01/21/08
u_no_who999 pointed out a Suzy Mcdress quest error.

1.4: 01/30/08
I’ve contradicted myself! I have an ASCII title (though I
didn’t actually make it, that’s from Nieva). Hooray! Oh,
and added some more FAQ questions.

1.4: 02/07/08
Happy CNY!

1.5: Added new items section to the FAQ, to try and deal
with people asking over and over again how to find the
hammer/knife/thread. To tired to finish, expect it to be
done in 2~3 weeks.

1.6: 03/30/08
Bad bad me. Now I’ve finally finished the tools section, as
well as added some stuff to do with perfect bugs (thanks to
Also revamped the section titles.

1.61: 04/28/08
Due to the MASSIVE amounts of people telling me, I’ve
finally said what the crowbar actually does.

1.70: 06/27/08 – 07/20/08 (due to a holiday)
Swapped around the version history with the credits and
legal stuff, and FINISHED THE ITEMS LIST! Thankyou Thankyou
Thankyou Kathryn!
Also did some minor corrections.