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The Sims 2: Castaway



by lorina

1: Strained

The first thing you do is dress your Sim, pick the skin tone and name. Next a video will
play of you falling in a box and then go through a visual account of how you got on the
island. You?ll wake up on the beach. This will start a tutorial. It will teach you how to
walk, about ideas, collecting things (get the watermelon) then there will be a light bulb.
It will be a tutorial about eating. Then you go to the next area and it will tell you
about the survival guide. Now pick up the sticks and leaves. Another light bulb! Now craft
a shelter. Another light bulb! Now time to make a fire. Take the arrow that points up.
Once you get up the path walk along until you see some sticks, pick them up (LIGHT BULB!)
and head back to camp. Make your fire. Use your stylus to rub the wood then blow into the
mic. Ahhhhh! Now sleep and save. That?s all for today.

2. Day Two of many?

When you wake up you?ll get a light bulb, it?s time to explore. 

QUICK POINTER: I had to sleep during this portion of the walkthrough and many others, even
though I don?t tell you to sleep. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR SLEEP! If you have to sleep just
catch up with the walkthrough later.

Okay, let?s head right to the next area. This is where you came ashore. The good thing
about this area is that every day a box washes up on shore and you can pull stuff out of
it. Check it EVERYDAY, do not miss a day. Also, sticks, driftwood and a suitcase wash up
later on in the game.

Another right arrow leads to a pretty neat area with a bug smashing rock, a coconut tree,
a place for a easel, (which will need to be built later) and some rocks. Pick up the
rocks, smash some bugs and shake the tree. Oh there?s nothing in there, so what, now
you?ve shaken a tree. Be happy. 

Up to the next area. I call this the S.O.S. area. It has three rocks which you can
arrange. Each rock on the beach needs 5 rocks to arrange. You will find 5 as you explore
but you can?t make the rest until you get a shovel because you have to dig for them. After
you?re done making the S.O.S. you will get a drop off every 3 days. It has some
interesting stuff in it so check on it regularly.

Down from the S.O.S. area is just water to swim and dive in. diving is good because you
bring up stuff that can help you in the game and be eaten. 

To the Right and down is a wrecked ship. Pick up the anchor there and ?Examine? the door.
It?s locked, the examine screen should tell you that something can pry this open, blah
blah blah, I?ll get there.

Back track to camp. From there go left, you?ll see a coconut tree, and 2 rocks. There is
also a Craft Rock where you can make THINGS like tools and other weird stuff.

Up from there are plants that need watering and some plots for planting. 

Go back down and go left. In that area there is another bug rock, some fresh water (the
water that is not splashing on shore), some plants for foraging and a food preparation
rock. This rock is for RAW food, like fruit and crab meat.

Left from there is a plant for foraging and a place to climb up, climb on up and see?

A wonderful view and a tomatoe plant for foraging. 

Right from there is the Doctors area. Greet her, she?s really nice. Offer her help,
because she is sick. She will ask you for a catfish and give you a spear for fishing. 

TIP: Now that you?ve gotten this far the hard way, here?s a tip. If you go into your
survival guide and click on the compass tab a map will appear, you can click on any of the
points on the map to go there automatically.

Catfish are in ocean water, all day every day. Catch one, take it back? 

Offer her help again. She will ask you for berries. Hopefully you?ve already foraged at
least one thing on the island because now she wants berries. No kind in particular.

Offer her help, again and she wants water. The jar is located where you came ashore. Fill
it up at the freshwater spring and take it back to her. Now she makes her potion and feels
much better! She is ready to trade with you, cool. She will give you a hatchet head. If
you?ve been checking the box then you should have a hatchet handle. Go to the craft rock
and make a hatchet.

3: time to cut some stuff down

Head back to the stick area above your camp and cut down the vines. You will collect then
and be able to go to the next area. There you will find a gardener. Greet her, offer her
help. She will want a banana tree watered and grown; it is to the left of her sleeping
quarters. You will need to craft a water carrier at the craft rock to do so. It will take
a couple of days to grow and you will need to water it a few times.

Above the gardener is some fresh water, a coconut tree and a path to go up, but you?ll
need a grappling hook, it you click on it and say examine it will give you the plans to
make it.

To the right of the gardener is a coconut tree, a bug rock, a yam plant and a vine tree?
it?s not really a tree but it gives vines, that?s all. Just gather them.

To the right of that is the pirate area. Take the mushrooms and the hat from the pirate
and head right where you will find?

Another coconut tree, a withered pineapple plant and a rice plant. There is also a bridge
that needs repair. We?ll come back to that. Water the pineapple plant and come check up on
it later. I didn?t bother the rice because it is not a renewable plant, once its grown you
have to chop it down and there is no more. I waited until I got more seeds for it before I
tampered with it.

Next head back to the doctor?s area. Chop the vines near her, which you will again
collect, and go to the next area. This area has a nest with an egg, collect it and head to
the left. By the way the chef loves the eggs as a gift.

Effective gifts:
Chef = eggs
Gardner = candy, soda, etc.
Doctor = almost anything but you wont really need to give her a gift
Student = almost anything but you wont really need to give her a gift

The vines you just got by cutting down can be used to craft a new shelter, by the way. Do
it when you have time.

There is a chef there, greet him and offer help. He wants a peach out of the tree. Shake
it and give him one, he?s happy. 

Next he?ll want some peppers. Those you can get after you help the gardener. Once you give
her the bananas a chili pepper tree springs up near her, water it and check on it until it
has peppers. Then deliver them to the chef. This whole process of growing and foraging
takes about 6 days. During those days do some diving and bug collecting. Foraging and
spear fishing. 

TIP: on bug collecting, you have to get a perfect to get the rare bugs. Fuscia, purple,
green and jade bugs are rare and come in at the end of the bug hunt so you have to smash
all the initial bugs under the rock then a few more will wander in. all the bugs have to
be smashed to get a perfect and the other rare bugs will be included.

Next we help the gardener again. She will ask for a potion to get the bugs off of her
plants. Go to the doctor and ask for help. Then, offer her help and she will ask for 5
bugs: black, white, green orange and blue. These are easy to get, but still strive for a
perfect under all the rocks.

Deliver the bugs and offer help, she will ask for 3 fish: a salmon, a black carp and a
cowcod. You may have all of these fish already. They are fairly easy to get. One tip I
will give you, I had all the other fish except the cowcod and I found it in the first
phase of night. It?s not hard to catch; you just have to find it at the right time of day.
I found the black carp in the fresh water above the gardener and I found the others on the
shore while spear fishing.

Deliver these items and get the potion. Take it to the gardener and you will get some
parts to make a shovel, go ahead and craft it. Next go to the chef and offer help, he will
ask you to make him a new fire. You need some sticks, rocks and a shovel. After you craft
it, light the fire. He will give you a chisel. Offer him help again. He will want some
sardines and limes. Back to the gardener!

Offer the gardener help. She wants mangos but you have to go to the other island to get
them. FINE! You have to make a boat, but first you need a hammer. Go to the doctor and
trade for a hammer handle. Head up to the right of the chef and you will find a fallen
tree. Make it into a boat. It takes 3 days of work. Each time you make one thing out of
the tree another thing is available to make but you have to do it in three days because it
drains your energy.

Now use the canoe! okay, it is kinda tricky to get in the boat, it keeps giving you the
option to examine but not use, yeah, well, you have to hit just the right spot on your
screen to get it to say use canoe. The screen is at a strange level of view and it?s hard
to hit the arrow and it keeps thinking your hitting the boat. That?s why its saying
examine. Keep trying; you can use the boat as soon as you?re done making it. Don?t get
frustrated; just keep tapping the screen around the arrow until USE CANOE pops up.

When you land you will be in an area with fresh water, a bug rock and a withered mango
tree. Head up to the next area.

To your left there is a tree, shake it, collect the mangos and head right. 

There is a crashed airplane and a pole there; it can be used for a crowbar. I repeat, it
can be used for a crowbar. There is also a wash and dye area. Head back out of there and
up to the next area from. 

This is where Suzy McDress is and she is a student! Something no one could ever seem to
get that right? she is hiding in the bush. I actually ignored her for now. I?ll have
plenty of time to bother her later.

Head home using your map and give the gardener the mangos. At this point the farmers?
story is complete and she will trade with you. Trade her for the lime seeds. You will need
a pink shell that you have to dive for. I found it in the ocean near the boat. 

After trading for the seeds plant them and tend to them, while doing that you can fix the
bridge. It needs a rope and some drift wood. You have to make the rope out of vines and
the driftwood washes up on the beach. Make more than one rope because you can use one for
the grappling hook too.

If you made the hook go ahead and hook it to the cliff and climb up. Grabbed the tuning
fork and examine the pole sticking out. You will get the guide to make a telescope. Head
back to the bridge and repair it. Cross and head to the right. Before going to the next
arrow pick up the map piece near the door with the skull and cross bones. In the next area
there is grass, which needs to be cut down with a knife, a bug rock, a ?sewing machine? to
make clothes and lots of plots of dirt to grow stuff. To the right of that is an amazing
view and that?s it?

Up from the bridge is a Mayan temple to explore, a coconut tree and a plot of dirt to grow
seeds. Exploring the temple will make you tired so do NOT let your self pass out from
exhaustion while you explore.

So you?ve been taking care of your limes right, you should have a tree in 3-5 days, take
the chef the limes and get a knife. Offer him help and he will want another new fire!
Greedy people. You need an axe, a metal pole and bamboo to pull this off. Start growing
the bamboo and head out to help Suzy.

3: Are they asking too much?

Before heading off to Suzy stop by the doctor and offer her help. She will want a curry
soup. You can?t help her for awhile but keep her in mind. I?ll help you out here: The soup
needs eggplant, sugar, chilis and coconut. Start growing! It was such a pain in the butt
to find out the recipe and need all this stuff to be grown. Takes way longer to finish the

Anywho, Suzy should still be in the bush. Offer her help and she will want 2 coconuts and
a vine. 

Deliver these to her and offer her more help, she will want grass and a palm fond. A palm
fond is one of those big leaves you used to build you house and now that you have a knife
go cut down the grass. 

Bring it back and now she?ll want some material to make her shirt better. You have to
trade with the doctor for that. Next she?ll want 5 red bugs. 

You get them from the bug rock near the withered mango tree where the boat goes ashore on
the island that she lives on.

Next she will want you to make her a flag pole. She will give you an axe handle and you
can make an axe head after you trade with the gardener for the directions to make it. Chop
down two trees and craft the flag pole at the craft rock. 

Deliver the items and she will ask you for 4 fuscia bugs to dye her flag. You get them
under the rock near the gardener but you HAVE to get a perfect to get them and there are
three of them each time you get a perfect.

Deliver these and she will ask you to make an ocarina so you can play with her. The
directions are already in your inventor but they do not have a picture. It is the thing
you make with a hollow log, nails and a rock. After you make it go back to Suzy and play
the ocarina with her.

The way you play the instrument: it uses L for left, a, b, y, x, and r. she will play
first and you have to copy. Hold the letter down and blow into the mic, then hold the next
letter and blow.

When you have successfully followed her you would have completed her story. She will give
you a map piece and a METAL POLE! Yes! She will trade with you now too.

So your bamboo should be grown by now? you made and axe and you have a pole. Time to make
a fire for the chef. Light it also. Once you?re done the chefs story is over. He will give
you a pot. Take the pot home and fix up your own fire.

The first time you dug for anything you should have gotten a slab. Now you can fix up your
fire with it. It takes 3 times to be able to make the curry for the doctor. First with
rocks and sticks, then with the slab then with the pot. Cool. Sooooo, what?s the recipe.
Trade with the chef, but another surprise, he wants Brazil nuts for the recipe. Don?t
these people ever do things for themselves? Gotta trade with the gardener and she wants a
red cameo shell (which looks like a crab claw) and broken glass for the seeds, two things
you can get by diving. The tree takes a the 5-6 days to grow. Once you get the curry
recipe, make it. 

As I said before the recipe calls for eggplant, sugar, chili?s and coconut. Everything has
to be grown and the eggplant and sugar seeds have to be traded for. Hopefully you have
been growing and have the stuff.

Take the recipe to the doctor and her story is complete. She will give you a map piece and
the map should be complete. Head to the lookout point near the temple and you now have the
option to jump over. Cool, go for it. You will find a way off the island now. Check the
chest and get whatever is in there out. One arrow leads to the ship and off the island,
the other leads you to the island and out of the skull and cross bone door. Game over? you
can always stay on the island and fiddle around.

But the game is OVER! The only thing left to do is complete your collection.

That?s the end of this walkthrough. Hopefully it helped. Just a few more words of advice:
- Do not only do what is in my walkthrough. Do everything! Grow stuff, dig, dive, spear
fish and everything; it will help you finish your collection.
- Make sure to keep being friendly with people they will not trade with you if you are in
the red with them. Check on them even if you are not doing anything for them or need them
at the time.
- Do not have sleep exhaustion. Moneys will rob you.