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The Sims 2: Castaway


The Ultimate Guide 2

by DeadWing


%%%The Sims 2:%%%%%%%%


%%%Playstation 2%%%%%%


%The Ultimate Guide 2%


%Written By: DeadWing%


%Version Number   1.2%



#CRI# Copyright Information

#GEI# Game Information

#MWT# Main Walkthrough

#TBE# The Beginning

#INU# Island Number One

#IND# Island Number Two

#VSI# Version Information

#SPT# Special Thanks

#PIN# Permission


%%%%%%%%%%#CRI# Copyright Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%


This guide may not be reproduced, redistributed,

remade, republished, or taken apart in any way,

form, or manner, unless it is for personal,

private use. This guide may not be distributed

pulicly in any way without express written consent

from the owner. Use of this guide, except for

personal and private use, as part of any public

display is strictly prohibited, a violation of

copyright, and is illegal. Consequences will be

made. This guide is copyrighted to DeadWing. All

trademarks and copyrights contained in this

document are owned by their respective trademark

and copyright holders.


%%%%%%%%%%#GEI# Game Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%



Torrential storms yesterday altered the course of

at least one small sailboat. "Simplicity" failed

to return to port as scheduled and is now

considered missing along with the crew. Searchers

are uncertain how many sailors were aboard, but

are hopeful that the crew might have managed to

get to shore on one of the many small, uncharted

islands in the area. "These islands, though

deserted, are loaded with resources," claimed

Admiral C. Psik, head of the search and rescue

team. "Anyone with a bit of imagination would be

able to survive and even thrive if they built

shelter and crafted some items and tools." There

are abundant rumors that some of the islands are

home to buried treasures, and many also believe

that they hide ancient mysteries deep within their

lush jungles. If the missing sailors managed to

get ashore, rescuers maintain that they could have

a strong chance of surviving.


Triangle Button- Cancel Action

Circle Button- Access Quick Inventory

X Button- Action

Square Button- Toggle Motives/Relationship Panel

L1 Button- Pause (hold)

L2 Button- Switch between available Sims

R1 Button- Fast Forward (hold)

R2 Button- NOTHING

Directional Buttons- L/R Cycle Objects..U/D select

Left Analog Stick- Move Sim

Right Analog Stick- Rotate camera

START Button- Access pause menu

SELECT Button- Toggle walls/roofs


Saving-Go to the pause menu, and go to the icon

that looks like a person leaving through a

door. This is the Save/Quit button. You will

have a choice to either save, quit, or save and


Building-there are two ways to build things. One,

if you need a craft bench to build the item, go

to a craft bench and select "Craft". The second

way is by going to the pause button, and clicking

the icon that looks like a stack of papers or

blueprints. Then navigate through the different

sub-categories, until you find the thing that

you want to build. The second way, you don't

use a craft bench to build the item.

Goals-by completing goals, you will be able to

gain new plans, and you'll advance through the

game. To view the available plans that you have,

and ones that you have completed, go to the pause

menu, and click on the book icon.

Exploring-there are a total of four islands in the

game. One of them is a secret island. But, each

island is divided into various parts. Each part and

each island has different resources to find. Each

part/section is also a different size than the other

ones. Because of this, you'll be able to build more

things, if it's bigger. In each section, you will

see a floating, rotating, blue foot. Walking up to

this will make you automatically walk through it, in

most cases. Sometimes, you have to select the right

option to travel through it.

Motives-There are eight motives for each and every

one of your Sims. You must keep these high, so the

Sim can be happy. In some cases, when a motive

goes all the way down, a consequence such as passing

out will happen. The hunger motive gets filled by

eating. The bladder motive gets filled be using

toilet paper. The energy motive gets filled by using

your mat or laying on a bed and sleeping. The social

motive getis filled by talking to animals and other

Sims. The hygiene motive is filled by washing off,

even by just taking a swim in the ocean. The fun

motive gets filled by making music, dancing, looking

at art, and other things like that. The comfort

motive gets filled by sleeping or sitting by the

fire. The environment motive gets filled by picking

up any trash laying around your home, and by having

better quality items.

Skills-there are six different skills that your

Sim can learn and improve on. The higher the skills

the more things your Sim will be able to do. In

most cases, doing something that requires a certain

skill will also improve that skill.

Homes-in every area of every island, you can declare

it as your tribe's home. First, you must build some

type of fire (I usually use the emergency one) and

put it where you want the Home Tiki Torch. After it

is built, walk next to it, and select the option

"Declare Home". That entire section of the island

is now your tribe's home. They will bring resources

here, and they'll come here to rest.


%%%%%%%%%%#MWT# Main Walkthrough%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


The following sections are the main walkthrough.

They cover the main aspects of the game. Cheats,

hints, tips, and FAQs will be included. Any

spoilers and cheats will be noted, for those that

don't want to be 'spoiled' or that don't want to

cheat. Any other thing included, you will most

likely notice, unless you skip sections.


%%%%%%%%%%#TBE# The Beginning%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


When you first click "Start New Game", and it is

finished loading, you will come to an image of a

cruise ship. There is a bar at the bottom with

four different buttons. Only one is selectable at

first. The plus sign adds a sim, the pencil lets

you edit a sim, the minus sign lets you remove a

sim, and the Done button is what you click when

you are done making the sims. First, you should

now that you need at least one sim to continue.

But, you can have at most six sims. The more that

you make, the easier the game will be. Now, click

on the add a sim button.

You'll now be at a screen with the choice to

choose the gender of your first sim, a button to

randomize the sim, and a "customize" button. First

choose the gender, or choose randomize. After that

click the customize button.

After clicking customize, you'll be at the

occupation screen. This is where you choose what

your sim's job is, before it gets stranded. Each

job lets your Sim start with an extra skill point

for a certain skill.

Now that you have the occupation, you'll come to

the main customization screen. Here, you'll be

able to edit four different aspects of the sim.

Body, clothing/fashion, personality, and name.

The body section lets you edit the main skin

tone and the main body shape. You can go even

further after that and more thoroughly edit the

body and head. Then you get to select the hair

style of the sim. Click done.

The fashion section lets you choose what the

sim wears. You can add hats and glasses. For the

females, you can get makeup. Males can have

facial hair and facial tattoos. In the tops

section, you can change the shirt. In the bottoms

and shoes section, you get to change what pants

and shoes the sim wears. The accessories section

lets you add arm bands and watches, belts, and

various jewelry sets.

The personality section lets you choose how

the sim acts when you aren't in control of it.

You can choose default personalities, based on

star signs, and you can customize the sim's

personality in more depth by doing it manually.

You have 25 points to spend. For each green bar

that you add, you lose a point. Each personality

trait can hold up to 10 green bars. Choose the

personalities wisely, and if you have more than

one sim, try to balance each trait between each

sim. For example, have one sim with a higher

neatness, but a lower activeness, and have a

different sim with a higher activeness, and a

lower neatness.

Now, you only need to name the sim. You can give

it a first and a last name. But, you can only

have one last name, from what I've experienced

at least. After you name it, click the finished

button, and you'll be back at the boat. If you

want to have more sims, click the plus icon. If

you need to edit your previous sim, click the

pencil icon. If you want to delete the previous

sim, click the minus icon. If you're done with

all of this editing, click the done button.

When you click done, you will then be asked to

choose who your starting crew member is (if you

have more than one crew member). The jewel above

the sim's head is who you currently have selected.

Click the X button on who you want to choose. You

will then be asked to save your game. It's a good

idea to save, because it can take a long time to

customize the sims. Especially if you made six.

After it is done saving, you will then get about

five different chances to take pictures. The last

picture is when the crew members get thrown off of

the boat. A loading screen will appear, and then

you'll be on the first island.


%%%%%%%%%%#INU# Island Number One%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


After a short clip of your sim getting up after

landing on the island, you will get a message

saying that the sims have been shipwrecked. You

will then get another message telling you that you

found Moneywell's Big Book of Survival. In that

same message, you will be asked if you want to

do the tutorial. You can say yes, but I will be

covering what happens in the tutorial here, so

you can just read on and skip having to do all

of the tutorial. You can also do the tutorial,

and follow along as you go, or just skip the

entire next paragraph and do the tutorial by

yourself. If you choose not to do the tutorail,

you will have the food and energy motives. Other

than that, there isn't anything else that is

different, except for the things that would have

been added in the tutorial.

The following things are learned in the tutorial.

Walking with the left analog stick, and moving the

camera with the right analog stick. Harvesting

resources by walking up to them, and selecting the

appropriate action. The tutorial tells you to

harvest bamboo. Pressing the start button and

going to the inventory to see what items you have.

You then gain the hunger motive. It says to eat,

so you don't starve. Then you must go and eat a

coconut. You then gain the energy motive. It

says to sleep to gain energy. Then you must take

out your sleeping mat and sleep on it. To get to

your sleeping mat, press the circle button to

access the tool menu. You learn that you can

cancel an action by pressing the triangle button.

After that, it says that fire gives warmth. You

must then build a fire. Press the start button, go

to the plans menu, select the fire, then choose

Emergency Fire Pit. After that, you walk up to

the fire pit, and select "Build Pet". Then you can

light the fire. You get a message saying that the

basic survival is complete. This is the main part

of the tutorial. There will be future pop-ups,

like when you gain a motive, but you aren't

actually in the tutorial. Those are just updates

on things that just happened. Now that the main

tutorial is done, you can do whatever you want.

First Beach:

This is the first part of the island that you ever

come on. There isn't anything special in here.

The main tutorial is in this area, and the first

craft bench is also here. There are a few basic

resources located here. A small map in which you

can build smaller shelters. This isn't the best

location on the island, but it is the only spot

that it doesn't rain, so that is a good thing.

Deep Jungle:

The center of the first island. There are a lot

of basic resources here, and the three monkeys on

the island can be found here a lot. There isn't

anything special in here really. When you enter

here for the first time, you learn that your

clothing gets worn out from exploring, which can

cause your sim to be sad. You gain a few new plans

also. A note about the monkeys. If you have a

banana in your hand, you can "entice a monkey".

By doing this, you will be able to chat with it,

entertain it, and socialize with it basically. You

will also gain the social motive to your motives.

If you become a good enough friend with the

monkey, you'll be able to do more things with it,

such as ask it to collect items for you.

Shipwreck Lagoon:

The first time you come here, you will get another

new goal book. This one is called "Shipwrecked by

Lord R.Stickywyck". There are some better items

and resources here. And there is another craft

bench. In my opinion, this is the best section

on the first island. If you ever build a home on

this island, I would pick this section. Other than

that, there isn't much else in this area.

Pier Beach:

There are a few resources here, but they aren't as

abundant as in the other areas. There is an orange

statue sitting next to two pillars. If you inspect

this statue, you will gain the room motive. Then

you can pick up the statue and put it in your home

to help increase the room motive. Now, inspect the

two pillars. When you first do, you will get new

goals in one of your goal books. You will also get

a new plan to build the raft. This is where you

come to build a raft and sail to the second

island. Don't worry though, you can always come

back to this island if you ever want. What I do

before I build the raft is build a miniature

shelter in the Shipwreck Lagoon area. This is for

a backup for if I ever need to come back to this

island and need to sleep. When you make your first

roof, you will get new plans for shack shelters.

You will also get the comfort motive and new plans

for improvised cots.


If you decide to finish as many goals as you can

on the first item, you will unlock more things. If

you finish the entire first page of the first goal

book, you will unlock the plans for the bamboo

fishing pole.


%%%%%%%%%%#IND# Island Number Two%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


When you first reach the second island, you get a

new goal book. This one is called "The Log of the

Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate".

West Beach:

You will find your first crew mate here. The first

time you talk to the crewmate, you gain a new

motive. This one is the hygiene motive. You only

need to swim to clean, but it won't do much. You

also gain a new plan for the Death Daisy Poison.

You use this to revive a dead Sim, in case they

die of starvation. There are a few new resources

here, and in one side there is a bolder blocking

a cave entrance. You will eventually come back

here. For now, just harvest the new resources,

keep your motives high, and befriend your new

crewmate so you can get him/her to join the tribe.

Airplane Jungle:

When you first enter here, it will say that you

completed the goal "Find The Jungle". There isn't

a big variety of resources here, but the stuff

that is here comes in big numbers. In this section

of the island, you will see a crashed plane, along

with a radio transmitter. You can play music and

put it in your inventory. You'll need it later, so

make sure to put it in your inventory.

Dark Cave:

When you first enter this section, you will unlock

some new plans for obsidian tools. Here you can

find another statue thing like you found on Pier

Beach on the first Island. There are some stones

to collect, and another hieroglyphic. There is a

little pool of water that you can swim in to get

your hygiene motive up. Other than that, there

isn't anything else in hear, except for the secret

door that you can't go through yet.

Skull Rock Jungle:

There is another hiegroglyph in this area, along

with a lot of new resources. There are a lot of

each resource also. There is a mysterious skull

here too, but you'll be coming back later.

West River Plains:

When you first come here, you will unlock new

plans for better tools and shelter for farming.

You will also find Moneywell's Big Book of

Survival 2, another goal book. This is one of the

best spots to build a home on this island. There

is a lot of open space, and a lot of good food and

resources nearby. To move on, you'll either need

to build a bridge, or climb down the cliff and up

the other side.


%%%%%%%%%%#VSI# Version Information%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Version 1.0~March 15, 2009~First version. Added

the "Copyright Information" and "Game Information"

sections. Added the "Version Information" section.

Did the main format for each section. Will be

updating this guide soon, as there isn't much in

it right at the moment.

Version 1.1~March 16, 2009~Added the sections

"Main Walkthrough", "The Beginning", and "Island

Number One". I will be adding a lot of sections to

the guide in the future.

Version 1.2~March 19, 2009~Added the first half of

the second island. Will be adding the second half

in the next version. Might be adding a bit of the

third island too.


%%%%%%%%%%#SPT# Special Thanks%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


So far, I have made this guide without any help

from other people.


%%%%%%%%%%#PIN# Permission%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


Here I will list the sites that are allowed to

host this walkthrough/guide/FAQ. If you are not on

this list and you have this guide, you are

breaking the law of copyright.

1) Supercheats~


%%%%%%%%%%THE END!  HOPE IT HELPED YOU!%%%%%%%%%%%