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Dream Teams Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

Print this Gomanme posted:

Feb 14th 2012, ID#8475 Dream Teams

These codes will give you Pokesav'd Pokemon with max IVs and EVs where they should be. All of these Pokemon are only able for Wi-Fi if you give me your SID ID And Name (Case Sensitive). But the Pokemon themselves are fine. WANRING! Only have one Pokemon AR code activated at a time! The codes are to big and your game will not start!

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

Show SID: Press 'L' Before going into your trainer ID card. Then look at your ID. It will be different then your real ID. But if you have this code activated and you want to see your real ID then it wont work cause it will only show your SID:

5216f4cc 98087128
0216f4d0 f9faf699
94000130 fdff0000
0216f4d0 0c006900
d2000000 00000000
Box 6 Slots 30 - 27: Weavile, Scrafty, Terrakion, Lickilicky.

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E0006A8C 00000088 0B1D15DC 85650000 2DFFF84D 7A895701 F26F4F6B AC539CF3 3D84CC52 5F010AB8 BBCECE91 FC4A36A8 6D281E02 E701B50F 7E6A97CF 1702618A B63CA423 E29FA0D8 7CE6A376 F6FE03CA 1E5A5128 E55604BB 729DF7AE A3FFECB7 6B40F427 FE6A379B 86021EA1 4A32098B D6A752EA 4D24F3B1 91F50936 36DF0B79 14A72D7B D455580D BD3E5E0E 7F3B7D6B E0006B14 00000088 0161ECFB 62A50000 9B0D4E82 18F745CB C9152ABC 51282282 E886024F 7836C70D 38E1F6F9 EB9B4F2B DBC5272C E0D77FB3 A9594C17 641024E4 4663FAEA 897DDFEB 8956D41B 75B67568 3BA44CE3 41A1B53B 71E80853 AE016246 1E704903 9AC5028F 99C37086 25641902 C9D6A9BF 25FEEB73 A8A6642E D8C46C36 B36F98FE 6B1299D3 B734C429 F0FA70F2 E0006B9C 00000088 48E9FC97 46B50000 FCCDBAF4 43668C83 EDD0416D F5420155 C015A81D 422446A0 F9FA4070 24A5CDB2 E8837D04 357C6237 5A873FB2 86108D01 232C6E7C 40EB2B5A CB0BEF82 1E597ECB 9136F5AA 4FB34881 FA7F8105 883B607D F1B06082 C17382E1 D33E0554 BA72C4C3 500879AD E5C1E9BD 7E9849BB 952AFAA9 6BC6ED0D 15020873 ACDEA72B 4585A3AD E0006C24 00000088 8A35CD3C 7FA80000 4EA88B5C 9E8B05F3 3B663286 E307FE96 EC9085E4 85453EB6 A0E48C1D 3CBA8D5A 9C4AC546 37763D1F 845F8F25 13CFFABA 0EEAB392 92F54BED 83FD6D55 4F93D8CC FF609F6D B74C1137 2953908D B7E826FE 09315AF2 971C1249 C53AF5E6 3DCA8FFA B9972031 2B37210F 5C9A43B8 1EDBA8F1 EAC6C6A1 254C5935 A1F2A0F8 5EE1A3C8 D2000000 00000000
Box 6 Slots 26-23: Cobalion, Breloom, Alakazam,Blissy (Has the most HP out of any Pokemon):

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E000686C 00000088 4D3C923B 8D650000 425B2C9D 2B997525 D5236CAD 9C496A76 196F04D9 F882CAAA ADBFD227 A05C471D A119A83E EEF0DC69 143CCA40 DAACE92A 0ED0D5A7 47A07E11 D4894EA4 67A2CFDC 0EAC71A8 6B793760 A0D6B744 F11F0117 EE06D257 E7501602 2FF767CE CFE9ABB4 3F2DE7E8 AC23130E 5C231F97 EC6E3DD4 5E068BD2 31BE0C6F CDE5DBE7 8283B035 E00068F4 00000088 B3C1AC06 FD0A0000 361E8D00 E9EE9AB8 EC232692 CC677287 4F96BCF7 276600D7 368AC31F AAEEB64A 7FB6D125 5D530116 C204BDCE CC999169 13EC6FC0 8FB5C677 8488B929 1739CD3C 2E4D2795 5BC67D4C 0FE9053A 17C341F0 0CEA5EB3 5BC46D1F 75ACFB17 2A6CB1FA D2E809E1 A6066585 A635BAE2 9633E880 98D34766 36CA025C 9658B254 BE4FD3E0 E000697C 00000088 7BCCCFB3 75390000 90D7465B 28666444 E331A33F 143F9E95 32DD543E C332EDB3 4C3A72CF 4C1F9B63 69A7EC02 0FCA8F81 79D1DC38 6499EB63 D0272869 E723C4D5 5B343B07 29CB45CA 8C2BE865 BB91EA40 01E378D4 F9738114 2CB15C78 D49E4F87 9DF273B9 9DE74EBC BF7813F0 AC7C8A9C F06E28FA 139B9B57 D4F7189C C51AF1D0 00CE5885 309963D4 E0006A04 00000088 3FCB8BB2 1AEF0000 23D48E64 970D3D27 0E61F9FA 02A89A03 0CBFB02E E574BFD9 50E7B48C BEA74EA5 50921301 8CA8568C C042D30D AD7E1B51 87944E7B C2AED666 40D3E2AC BB432E55 A456B18C D0809C71 5D2E42C8 8C23EF65 475921C7 379E80BB 040C4E75 17D20A11 4253FBE6 A3A6B37F A73CAADC 6A45C979 E80077EF 21AFFDE0 2C47F597 EF91A86C D2000000 00000000

Box 6 Slots 22-19: Bouffalant, Chansey (2nd most HP out of all Pokemon), Driftblim, Charizard:

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E000664C 00000088 2B06DDD6 98970000 437A8ADB 7292C4C4 AE744D3A C0351A7B DD01E3AD 45A7DBCA 580293D1 46B65D24 CF6E58F0 A02EE3F9 8F34BF07 5C8AB9AC E0A84DF7 FA80113D B47A85D2 91842DAA 876E1F9D 8352BCF4 B4C41EF7 447802B5 EC9F5C23 33BB1801 908D1CB0 10069722 62A8FA8A 37D7D08C C94A280E 61F74D09 BDAB54AA 7253E49B 9CA25D12 931BDFBF E00066D4 00000088 8A35CD3C F78C0000 3D144E5A A1B1E82E 5842074A 27170461 11C6FD59 A143EF1E D2314B68 690BC1FD D234F965 41094395 B1ACC1A6 2285AFF3 4E28D582 8E668A7E D7D2516F B025FB65 FCCEF574 805D1D7B 7503925D DD03312A 79A4B88C 2660FF2A 2DBFBB69 DBA07F2C 094A9E2C E6853DC7 4E4BC7AB BF618CB4 60AFBA61 D781EEDA 0BF00F7A A80ECD86 E000675C 00000088 6F26DB5C 04030000 BBA0DEDE 15A5CABF CFB5D635 4EF1A94E 21FC145D F02067E2 292015F0 BC0D0778 700ECDDB C1ABAF25 75547BD8 0810F3C3 D1236740 2D65D992 D2828213 77052952 78C637EC B76D69EF F51BD995 9A1523AB 36D0F245 C550F500 0495F4CD 1AB59671 0A421E64 A2739FFF 62D79EDD E6D1387C 8CA1C6D0 C41EC639 3E6D8DEB 1E2A33F9 E00067E4 00000088 15DC6DCB 1E7A0000 B83B97C0 3D7D1D9D AC12FDD5 75BD7B16 31C61BDE 32D0971B ADAD9943 F070746F 6EB3D6BC 73FCB23C 47835FC4 8D1D551C C94B6A52 787EF366 16048250 D786FE3F 1AD57B97 D9129FD7 4EF7B252 A0FB1682 6E7404FF 98B177DB 876053A5 FA8A8EA3 11B643D2 662EABB9 F302C175 34A6AB78 DC687701 A9D55719 68135F23 0305CBA7 D2000000 00000000

Box 6 Slot 18-15:Magnezone, Probopass, Snorlax, Wailord:

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E000642C 00000088 0A354D3C 35A00000 392C2A16 4E36A878 EABA3704 42BBB84A 7E7AC19A 83BE7B05 DAFF3FE4 9370990E D702ABF1 3DF322EE BA9D7116 9D93FFBB 9E5BF8EB 0CC73E08 4E640687 A4358F75 82D9E7AA CE96D09D 683B777D D58B32A9 45A63A93 81E8415D DD7786D0 3470C15B F84CD242 B5C1475E 3B0C0003 0B1DCA40 6FFB732E 7073EC40 C74348A0 90835C09 E00064B4 00000088 8A35CD3C D2CC0000 65D5160F 3368DB1F 76ECA065 0D921C25 BF542830 45188F1F 52C7B2EB 6F58D663 B4BEDFA0 7940827C F76EE974 406585B8 9DFA018E D90705C7 0F55974E D2B3F9FF 5DE3A819 223A5CFB 2881372A 94FD512C 94D9EF99 0882D987 59027B4C 9564E63F 2157D218 A2509CF5 F2B7AF99 75EB9CBB BA05DECB 9A3B0146 4CA815E1 18FB3453 E000653C 00000088 8A35CD3C FB0B0000 B392423A CAEF1FB2 07F5D06B E05AA317 0635D8C0 813955FB C30C8F9A 215EDDAF DF3C12AE B793CC50 CFF61E7D 695C9520 17EFEE0D 10254A93 FE06BD54 463F4F72 FB12C886 A6DEEC0A BEBDF692 D8E61722 8088AF04 C6E81384 27A4D223 EF8F57C9 7F028247 DFCFE4D0 C549F30E 434B09BD 04581CF8 D6ED8679 391DA4AA 337D0577 E00065C4 00000088 0161ECFB 0BE00000 340912AE BEBB27F5 BB1BA919 D2FBC890 602FB5C3 21A23EB5 645EC52A 5331232A 56A2BA19 118B8956 C2C1399A C16004F7 6D51D33D FAD0229F 6DA781A3 E05D6E84 8E976625 4BD3E145 DEC4A237 BD7407CA C274DA64 927A3AFB BA92D8C4 1AA2830D ECC62907 F03DE3B4 4149D81A 5807989A 8A15FAC5 2AF2E44F 9329E098 FF63631F D2000000 00000000

Box 6 Slots 14-11: Wobboffett, Rampardos, Steelix, Electivire:

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E000620C 00000088 0B1D15DC CB470000 D55F7E65 5D83A934 5EABCC45 FD500767 80FE4B83 E82F74F3 32FE9CAC A840AD6B 05A32B8C C7A7FC35 593BDBC5 CA3CFE32 01ADE357 86C7FE54 68C9BC14 41330092 AA5BCBCD 8083032B 67F9A719 6A10C4A2 121BCD4A 1359F4E0 C762C846 D736E693 CA4AF298 9579BD4B 2C7F0315 7282F27D 4BB584BD 3780A627 0DF0D7B6 C7E56D5E E0006294 00000088 8B1D95DC C5450000 8050549E 595CB6E9 8C8B2D3D 2B7D8E7F 36B1B80E 30A750B2 2B8D3F39 2E4A4A0F 872FFDC1 C1062017 C1B4417B 9CAC0F5E B538A28E D8B8DE34 4D2E1DD1 165CBD13 63581E84 4E17104F 8FF8C498 3EA5FD81 C4870154 99F30B57 C7003ED4 A5CC504B 2C9F47A2 2C5C1790 B0F0F59B 7381636C E263661B D1EEE42C E68115D0 D96E4AC1 E000631C 00000088 0161ECFB 44E90000 40E18A00 8F2BAB6F 3DC4DB5C 887F1D3F 193BF2B9 8E29F57C D1223722 9F4A9FFF 58C193F0 B970B941 E05FC538 E03595DE E6143DE6 EBA4146E E3BF8B92 078CDB76 D603236A 76035C9A 98537AD8 E8BD6DB1 888F8432 9E17C16D 7991D5EF 6E6A0771 FA2A59B1 B7A88195 A5820C26 3FEAF218 9826DF9E E63DB250 D1B7DF6F 3CC8BD46 E00063A4 00000088 8A35CD3C E8450000 BB2E71D1 3CFAE73B AC8C3A5D 80BBD807 170AE849 303EC8EC EE0A6EEE 1C191210 2A70D916 033EFA12 731BA05F 76170147 FF29C0A2 60E1BE20 DB5CAA83 632A99D5 BE108B10 C5C3EA12 3A6F2830 FE25FEA0 6B5A1F56 54DF8458 CE8F3EEF 6EC8D5BF 166C53C2 0C7CE27A 07D11897 AD472365 F1D812B9 558F3137 D9211BE9 E7CAE8D7 D2000000 00000000
This Last Code will give you Aerodactyl in Box 6 Slots 10:
94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E0006184 00000088 8A35CD3C E0800000 81826787 E470961F 9D937E7F 7A080CEC 5014C666 BA8866E8 8EB20091 77E10894 6AAB40C1 9A99C23C F84E4108 DBEAFE2B 71CB9D8A EF995955 9A3211EE 06245207 942344EF 8E908406 D0422314 00B72164 4A3E606D 086F53FE 1FA039A0 0C6C4102 E3C30F3B CC6251CF D2E3DBDE CC32BB70 E952DA75 D8EF744E A1B37197 169A9048 D2000000 00000000



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2 comments, latest first.
Mar 10th 2012 Gomanme
I need your ID as well. And my E-mail is in my bio so just send me an E-mail.
ID #122001
Mar 10th 2012 Guest
hey i pmd you then realized i had no idea how to read a reply so if you could please get my name down.
name : conner (all lowercase)
thank you so much!
ID #121998
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