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by AscPikachuZero

Document: FAQ/Walkthrough for Mega Man ZX
Author: AscendedPikachuZero ([email protected])

Legal Garbage
Mega Man ZX and all content therein copyright Capcom
This guide is copyrighted to the author

If you wish to post this guide on your site, you notify me FIRST. I will find
you if you have put this on your site without my authorization.

Table of Contents
Controls [NEWB]
Biometal Report [MEGA]
Walkthrough [JUMP]
"Catch the Maverick" [SECA]
"Locate Giro" [SECB]
"Pass the Test" [SECC]
Guardian HQ [SECX]
"Troop Reinforcement" [SECD]
"Search the Plant" [SECE]
"Find the Survivors" [SECF]
"Fight the Mavericks" [SECG]
"Secure the Biometal" [SECH]
"Protect HQ" [AHOY]
"Save the People" [SECI]
"Recover the Disk" [SECJ]
"Attack the Excavators" [SECK]
"Protect the Lab" [SECL]
"Stop the Dig" [SECM]
"Repel the Army" [SECO]
"Destroy Model W" [EVIL]
Overfiend's Legacy [SECN]
Courier Requests [GIRO]
Upgrades and Goodies [ITEM]
Disk Database [DISK]
Prairie's Report [CIEL]
World Map [MAPS]

Controls [NEWB]

Moving: Press left or right to move in that direction. Easy to remember and
effective, since a moving target is harder to hit. Stay still against
Pseudoroids, and you'll be a smear on the wall in no time flat.

Jumping: By default, press B to jump. Jumping not only allows you to cross gaps
and scale short bumps in the road, it also helps you avoid enemy shots and some
smaller enemies.

Climbing: Press up to grab a ladder, then press up or down to climb it. You can
drop onto a ladder by simply pressing down if you're atop it.

Dropping: Press down and jump to drop from a surface. The platform you're on
cannot be solid, though.

Doors: Open doors by walking up to them. For those in the background, press Up
to enter them. This is a basic Zero mechanic, for those who have only played
Classic or X games.

Crawling [Hu]: Press down to crouch, then left or right to crawl. This allows
you access to places you can't get to otherwise.

Dash >Hu<: Press L to dash by default. You can use this to speed up your

Scale >Hu<: Press and hold the control pad towards a wall to grab it. You'll
slide down, so you should jump back up. For those who only played Classic
games, this is a basic X/Zero mechanic, so don't forget it! Just remember not
to try it on a spiked wall.

Attack >Hu<: Press Y or R by default to attack. Y is for the prime weapon and R
for the sub weapon. Hold the button to charge it up.

MEGA System: Press X by default to access the MEGA system. You can switch with
A or X, and cancel with B.

OIS [HX][FX][LX][PX][OX]: Press A to activate Overdrive. See each individual
model in the Biometal report for more information.

Biometal Report [MEGA]

Human [Hu]
Weapons: None
Element: None
Where Found: Initial

Human form is the base form you have. You start the game with it, obviously. As
useless as it seems, it still has purpose. First, you can crawl around. This
allows you to get to places other forms can't access. Second, people in Area C
will talk to you more favorably compared to other forms. Third, some
Mechaniloids will not want to kill you on sight. Other than that, don't use it
unless you need to crawl.

Model X [X]
Weapons: X Buster
Element: None
Where Found: A-1

Model X is pretty damn good even if it does have basic maneuverability. It
clearly dominates in terms of average damage output - launching the two charge
shots back to back causes more damage than all other non-element attacks on its
own. There are some drawbacks; you can only fire straight, and you lose Model X
after the battle in D-2 unless you've already seen both characters through to
the end at least on Normal.

Model ZX [ZX]
Weapons: ZX Saber, ZX Buster
Element: None
Where Found: D-2

Model ZX is a hybrid model capable of both ranged and melee combat. Unless
you've beaten the game with both characters at least on normal, it'll be your
bread-and-butter form. At ranged combat it's inferior to X, but the saber hits
a little above and below you when used. You can hold up to perform a spinning
attack while in midair.

Model HX [HX]
Weapons: HX Saber, HX Gladius
Element: Thunder
Where Found: E-7

Model HX is useful for melee combat, but its mobility is second to none. It's a
form you'll be using throughout the entire game, so get used to it.

Shockwave: Use the Saber, then the Gladius, then the Saber again in quick order
to unleash a small shockwave from the two swords.
Air Dash: It's simple; press dash in midair to dash horizontally.
Sky Boost: Hold up while air dashing to boost upward. Nice for getting around
some of those annoying edges.
Descend: Press jump in midair to slow your descent. This allows you to stretch
your horizontal distance considerably.
Thunder Saber: Initiate OIS to electrify your weapons. You can use the electric
sabers to power some devices - the cars in C-1 for example.
Ball Lightning: Charge either saber and release to launch a ball lightning
projectile that seeks out nearby foes.
Whirlwind: Charge either saber to max and hold up while releasing to launch a
whirlwind that batters foes.
Enemy Analyzer: The touch screen shows the appearance and remaining energy of
the last enemy you struck. It also reveals the Biometal frame location on a
Pseudoroid in red.

Model FX [FX]
Weapons: FX Busters (L/R)
Element: Fire
Where Found: G-5

Model FX is a ranged combat model. It's used to break just about anything at a
distance, but it has melee uses as well.

Megaton Crash: Charge and release next to an object to damage and/or break it.
You can do this even without FX energy.
Fire Blaster: Initiate OIS to superheat your shots. You can use these shots to
break ice easily.
Fireball: Charge and release away from an object to shoot a fireball that moves
straight ahead.
Fire Wave: Charge to max and hold down while releasing to unleash a wave of
fire that moves along the ground. Doesn't go far, though.
Buster Edit: You can use the touch screen while the game's paused to set a path
for the buster.

Model LX [LX]
Weapons: LX Halberd
Element: Ice
Where Found: F-5

Model LX seems lackluster on land, but it's in water that it dominates.
Whenever you must immerse yourself over your head in water, LX is the form to

Water Dash: This is LX's equivalent of an air dash. You can use it to move just
about anywhere in water.
Swim: Press jump while waterborne or water dash to swim. You can move freely in
any body of water.
Whirling Lance: This is LX's attack while swimming. Attack repeatedly to
continue spinning the blade and mince your enemies.
Ice Lance: Initiate OIS to supercool the halberd. This can freeze quite a
number of enemies.
Glacier: Charge and release to create a block of ice. You can use it to attack
or as a platform to access a variety of things.
Seiryuu: Charge to max and hold up while releasing to launch a frosty dragon
from the lance. The dragon will seek anything nearby and freeze it solid.
Item Scanner: The touch screen reveals the location of one nearby item no
matter where it is. Use it in tandem with PX to find out just where the item is.

Model PX [PX]
Weapon: PX Kunai Launcher
Element: None
Where Found: H-4

Model PX is an underappreciated model, but it has enough uses in its own right.
Don't ever forget you have it.

Hanging Edge: Press and hold up to cling to any ceiling, and then double tap up
to flip onto a platform.
Darkvision: Model PX has a larger light radius in the dark parts of Area I.
Make use of this knowledge.
Shadow Dash: Initiate OIS and dash for this ability. As long as you're dashing
only, you are invulnerable to attack. Useful for dodging some nasty hazards and
Fuuma Star: Charge and release to launch a large shuriken at an enemy. It will
return to you after a set distance, slicing up anything in its path.
Chameleon Veil: Charge to max and press up while releasing to create a barrier
that repels small arms fire.
Radarscope: The touch screen shows the true layout of the upper screen. If
you're looking for a hidden passage, this is the biometal to turn to.

Model OX [OX]
Weapon: OX Saber, OX Buster
Element: None
Where Found: N-1

To get Model OX, find the Mysterious Rock in the Archives of Area N after
defeating Omega, then turn it in to Fleuve after smashing Model W. There's a
reason it's reserved for after the end of the game; it's that damn powerful.

Technical Prowess: Activate OIS to unleash a multitude of techniques! The
following assume you have OIS on.
Flame Fang: Press up and saber to perform a flaming slash.
Spark Wave: Press down and saber to launch an energy wave from your saber.
North Wind: Press saber in midair to launch frosty waves from your saber.
Earthbreaker: Press down and buster to knock four rocks off the ground at the
Phoenix Spark: Press down and release a buster charge to emit multiple energy
Light Wave: Press down and release a max buster charge to fill the screen with
light waves, ripping apart anything in their path.

Walkthrough [JUMP]

Once you've picked a character, just watch the story. Your chosen character and
Giro are atop a cliff with a decent view of the Slither Inc. head office.
Apparently, Slither Inc. helped the country recover over time, but they
couldn't save your mother during an incident ten years ago. At this point, the
two of you are delivering a package for the Guardians. You don't know what this
package is, but you soon find out it's worth more than you anticipated as a
squad of Galleons open fire on you, knocking you off a cliff with the cargo.

After taking a ride to the ground, you recover and find the package near you.
Giro gives you orders to protect it at all costs. You get over to it, only to
meet up with two soldiers and a young woman. Fortunately, the woman orders the
soldiers to stand down. After some discussion, it seems they came over to
investigate the attack that you were a part of. Before you get much more out of
her, a snake Mechaniloid appears and attacks the soldiers, knocking them out.

The woman insists on keeping the package, but the snake Mechaniloid wants it,
too. Since you're caught in the middle, you have a hard time figuring out if
it's worth it. That's when the package forces its hand. "Biolink established.
MEGA System Online." With those words, you transform and pop a plasma shot at
the snake's face, forcing it to retreat. After a bit more dicussion, the woman
introduces herself as Prairie, and you set forth to kick some ass.

"Catch the Maverick" [SECA]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area A-2
Award: None

This is where you start. This whole area is to get you accustomed to the
controls, so take advantage of it. Just move to the right and blast anything
that happens to fall in your path. You don't need to climb anything, so don't
try. Whenever I say "move and maul", that means to go to the right and destroy
anything in your path. There's a yellow door at the top on the right end of the
area, but you don't have access to that. Let it be for now.

Another area, just move and maul. As you get closer to the end, you run into
your Maverick. Ready?
When a boss comes up, I'll tell you when the prime attack times are - when you
should strike the boss. I'll also show you what their attacks are and how best
to dodge them.

BOSS: Giga Aspis
2 layers

Acid Spit: Giga Aspis' crystals will shimmer red and then it spits acid. Stay
on one side when it does this - either next to it or on the other side of the
screen - and dash to the other side when it actually spits.
Rock Toss: Giga Aspis will retreat and smash its tail, knocking rocks into the
air. You can jump over them or destroy them. If you were me, jump them and
counter when it returns.
Rush: Giga Aspis will rush right at you. Simply dash under it to the middle of
the screen and again to get out from under its tail. As it returns to the
field, blast it with a max charge.

Giga Aspis is a pansy made to look tough. If you know what to do - and you
should - you should be able to take it down really quickly. If for some reason
you lose all your lives to this boss even on Easy mode, return the game to the
store - you just plain suck. Of course, if you're playing Hard mode, that's
another story...

Now that you've taken out the trash, you should move on to the Transerver
straight ahead. That was the initial rendezvous point that Prairie set for the
delivery. Once there, you'll find three Guardian soldiers and a queer (odd, not
gay) little man right at the transerver. The soldiers go to help Prairie and
the little man talks to you where he is. Prairie mentions his name (Fleuve) and
tells him to let you go help Giro, who seems to be under attack in Area B. You
now have two new missions - "Locate Giro" [SECB] and "Pass the Test" [SECC].
I'll see you at whatever section you choose. From the Transerver exit, go to
the door atop the hill for B-1 [SECB] or go straight ahead for C-1 [SECC].

Remember, Transervers and Terminals are two different things. Both allow you to
accept and report missions and save data; only Transervers can send you between
regions in the blink of an eye, but you need more than one active Transerver to
gain that kind of access.

"Locate Giro" [SECB]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area B-1/B-2
Award: 250 EC

On the other side of A-2, climb up the hill near the Valkyraffe and go into the
door at the top. From C-1, go into the Transerver.

You get a message from Prairie about finding out what's causing the Maverick
outbreaks. Move and maul, and you'll find a computer chip on the way. Prairie
will want a look at that, so grab as many as you can. You can actually miss
three chips if you come here from the B-2 Transerver and go straight to the
boss, so remember that.

More move and maul. Just kill anything in your path on your way through. If you
want, you can drop down and save your progress at the Transerver before facing
the boss, who's further to the right.

BOSS: Rayfly
2 layers

Cargo Drop: Rayfly will open its doors and drop three crates. I doubt it's
worth staying under the doors for long, so MOVE!
Plasma Ball: The two blue crates will fire plasma at you. Dash under it or jump
over it to dodge. Reprise by shooting the red container in the stack.

This boss is impossible to damage with weapons alone, so instead use the crates
it drops as weapons. There's a red crate in the stack; if you shoot it, it'll
cause the boxes above it to launch up and nail Rayfly for 16 damage, while the
ones below it are destroyed. All the boxes will be destroyed when the red crate
lands. You need to do this four times to immobilize Rayfly.

Once Rayfly's immobilized, Giro jumps in and chops it down in one stroke. Yes,
that's Giro, dipstick, using the power of Model Z. Anyway, with Giro on his way
back to Guardian HQ, the mission's complete, so return to the Transerver and
report completion.

"Pass the Test" [SECC]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area C-1/C-2
Award: 200 EC

From A-2, go due right and through the door. From B-2, go through the

This is a peacable area in the middle of the country. In any case, you can do
this entire form with Hu, so switch back for a risk-free mission.
The gist is that you need to find four members of the Guardians in the city and
send them back to Guardian HQ.

Oeillet: Inside the first actual door in C-1. You can't miss her.
Carrelet: You'll find him in the next actual door. You'll have to crawl to get
to him.
Congre: You'll find him in the last door of C-1. Stay human to avoid the
Patrollaurs and to keep him from panicking.
Thon: He's in C-2 underneath a group of pillars. You'll have to crawl to get to

Once you've found them all, Prairie will tell you to find the proof. You'll
find it further down near the C-2 Terminal. Get the Stuffed Animal and make
your report.

Guardian HQ [SECX]

Once you've done both missions, Fleuve will tell you to find a Transerver and
go to Area X-1. Do so. On a side note, you can get Bread from Lucia in C-1

Surprised? Guardian HQ is actually an airship! The Guardians need to be able to
move quickly, so they need the airship to accomplish this. In any case, you can
talk to everyone on the ship now. You can also buy an E Tank - a relic from the
Classic series that refills your health to max - for 200 EC. You can only carry
one, but it's a lifesaver until you get Sub Tanks. On Hard Mode, it'll be the
only lifesaver you get until you complete Area L.

You can talk to Prairie in the Command Room in X-2 to learn more about what's
going on and to advance the story, and then Fleuve for more story advancement.
Get ready to fight; you've got a mission as soon as you're done talking to him.
Mavericks are approaching Area D, and the Guardians are mobilizing to deal with
the threat. Giro, Fleuve, and Prairie advise against you going after them, but
you go anyway.

"Troop Reinforcement" [SECD]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area D-1/D-2
Award: None

Giro moves out ahead and it's your job to follow him. Move and maul, dropping
into the pit after the second Capsule Shooter to grab a Disk and, more
importantly, a Life Up.

Move and maul. You'll find two King Flyers there, just like you would Bee
Bladers. This whole section was modeled after the first stage in Mega Man X, so
people who played that know exactly what to expect. And at the end of a stage
is Giro, as well as Serpent and two accomplices. Giro is awfully battered, and
it only gets worse; Serpent uses Model W to take control over Giro before he
and his buddies leave. You have no choice now; you have to fight Giro.

BOSS: Giro (Model Z)
2 layers

Dash Strike: Giro will dash towards you. You can jump over him.
Jumping Strike: Giro will jump upward and slash on his way down. Dash under him.
Light Wave: Giro stabs his sword into the ground and sends light beams upward.
Dash towards a beam after it's passed in front of you, and not a moment before.
Saber Smash: Giro will smash his saber into the ground, knocking chunks of the
ground up. You can blast them and him in one shot.
Z-Divide: Giro will jump up to one corner, then move in a Z pattern. Start at
the corner opposing him, then dash-jump over him when he dashes at you.

Giro is a bit overwhelming, but he's deceptively easy. Watch his attack
patterns and reprise after each one. There's no time he's invulnerable, so
hammer into him.

After taking all that abuse, Giro gets smacked down by Serpent. Serpent
explains himself, and you predictably blast at him, only for Prometheus to
repel your attack, and then he smacks you down himself. He then has Pandora
pull the password data out of the two of you so he can use it for Project
Haven. It doesn't sound promising. With Serpent gone, Giro tells you that you
have to continue on in his place, and his last wish is for Model Z to assist
you. He then degrades into a Cyber-elf and vanishes. The Galleons swarm you and
prepare to fire, and that's when you link up with Model Z, forming Model ZX.
However, Serpent and his buddies get away, and you need to get your butt back
to Guardian HQ.

Back at Guardian HQ, Prairie drops a bombshell; Model W can corrupt machines
and humans alike. It's the source of the Maverick outbreaks. However, Serpent
only has the Biometal at hand. The Model W Core is sealed away, but it's likely
Serpent is going to try to access and awaken it. Its location is still
unconfirmed, but you need the Biometal passwords to get to it. You have models
X and Z, whereas Serpent has the other four. You have to go get them now so you
can intercept Serpent and, hopefully, thwart his ambitions.

Anyway, you can get a W Tank by abusing the doll in Prairie's room, and
Smelling Salts from Scombresoce for 10 EC. Also, Carrelet will give you the
Eraser chip if you pester him. When you're ready to go, Prairie will give you a
Yellow Card Key so you can access the mission zones. All mission zones are
behind a yellow door, so don't forget it.

You now have four missions: "Search the Plant" [SECE], "Find the Survivors"
[SECF], "Fight the Mavericks" [SECG], and "Secure the Biometal" [SECH]. Go to
their respective sections for more information.

"Search the Plant" [SECE]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area E-7
Award: 200 EC, Green Card Key

Area E is easy, as is its boss, so it's a good area with which to start. From
the C-2 terminal, go due right until you reach the fountain, then jump across
it to the yellow door. Area E is beyond that.

This is another move and maul section. Just kill everything in sight as you go.
With some good shots, you can kill the Web Bolts before they can attack you.

There are some rotating electric crosses. Move with them, and hit a switch to
reverse some of them so you can go all the way through.

Oh, how I HATE Energy Cannons. Avoid them as needed, then cross the gears to
the other side. Bust the Bolt Faces and go through to the door.

Traverse the conveyor belts and kill the Galleons on the way. At the end you
can kill the power, making this place so much easier. Return to E-4 and keep
moving. At the conveyor belts on the bottom, you'll find a Bolt Face guarding a
Sub Tank. Get it!

It's a Crushpactor! They're not so bad; just go forth and slaughter! Remember,
be where the roller is not, and watch for the laser! From there, return to E-4
through the other door and move on to E-5.

Cyber-elves! They're using Cyber-elves to power the factory! You've got to stop
this atrocity now! Move and maul, but when you get to the falling platforms,
dash-jump to get a Secret Disk and a Life XL pickup. Life XL pickups refill all
your life, but if you have something in the Sub Tank, use it to max your
current life out so it loads the tank to capacity. Drop down and make the rest
of the trip to E-7.

Hivolt's here, and he's quite chatty. He thinks he can get away with it because
he's going to kill you. Show him how wrong he is.

BOSS: Pseudoroid H Hivolt Raptoroid
2 layers
Element: Thunder
Biometal Frame: Wings

Thunder Claw: Hivolt's claws become electrically charged. You can jump through
the gap the shots make and dash close to his claw so he goes over you, or you
can become human and crouch to dodge the whole thing.
Remote Claw: He sets two claws at the corners of the field. Jump to avoid
whatever shots threaten to hit you, and dodge however else you can.
Triple Slash: Hivolt slashes three times, emitting a wave after the third. Jump
to dodge it and don't reprise.
Laser Wave: Hivolt flies to the top of the screen, firing tracking beams. At
first, be where the beams are not. Then go to where they once were.
Rush: Hivolt will rush at you. Jump over him.
Thunder Arc: He'll arc thunder on the ground. This is a rare attack, but it can
be avoided by being behind him when he uses it.

Despite his big talk, Hivolt's a pansy. Aim for his legs and blast the heck out
of him, making certain to hit him when he returns to the field after his
attacks. Don't waste time, just get in there and fight. If you have LX, the
fight becomes sickeningly easy - you can debilitate him in just about any case,
ending him before he can even damage you.

Now that Hivolt's taking a dirt nap, Model H thanks you for his freedom.
However, he's been split into two, and the other password is with another
Pseudoroid. Anyway, make your report, but you might want to check out E-8
first. It's entirely optional, but go ahead and do it anyway. You can also
disable the fountain at C-2 for easy Transerver access.

With that out of the way, you unlock a new mission in Area I now that you have
a Green Card Key. Of course, now would not be the best time to pursue it; it
can be difficult.

Another thing: based on how many times you abused the Biometal frame, you will
get a Biometal piece of a level between 1 and 4. The more you abuse the frame,
the lower the level you'll get, but the more damage you do to the Pseudoroid.
So if you want it easy, abuse the weak point, but otherwise just stay clear. If
you do damage the Biometal piece, you can have Fleuve repair it. It costs 40
for Lv1->Lv2, 100 for Lv2->Lv3, and 200 for Lv3->Lv4. That's on Easy. Multiply
by 5 for Normal and 50 for Hard. That's a LOT of E-Crystals. As a side note,
you get a plushie of a Pseudoroid if you get a Lv4 finish on it. Later on,
after [AHOY], PSeudoroids will regenerate based on who you killed first in a
group of five. So if you're not willing to spend E-Crystals to repair a
Biometal frame, you can always aim for a higher level finish against that
Pseudoroid. The capacity for energy is based on the highest level of repair or
acquisition, so you won't lose capacity for a poorer performance.

"Find the Survivors" [SECF]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area F
Award: 200 EC, Blue Card Key

To get to Area F, go to B-2, either through D-1 or through the B-2 transerver.
From there, go to B-1 and then B-3.

You can climb up the wall with HX for 32 E-Crystals and a Retry. There's also a
Life XL, but you need human form to get to it. Anyway, move and maul your way
up to the entrance to F-1.

This is the area where the distress signal's coming from, but you need to get
closer to its source. Move and maul as usual. Remember, this place is cold, so
HX might not be the best choice.

This is an underwater area. Remember that to avoid getting unnecessarily bogged
down. The Galleon Divers can be busted by breaching the air pipes. There are
some ice blocks denying your access to the upper areas. You'll need FX to break
through those, I'm afraid.

This is where the signal is coming from, but there's nobody here. Climb upwards
and find the source, as well as another Crushpactor wanting to turn you into a
greasy pancake. Pop it like its brother and move on to the terminal where the
signal's coming from. By the way, there are some ice blocks on the floor that
you need FX to destroy.

With the Crushpactor needing recycling, it seems there's nobody at the distress
beacon point, but there is a disk there. Upon further examination, it's from
the first commander's recon unit! Vent's story mentions that it was on Model W
and that one man went on to decimate the squad - Aile's story mentions all
that, plus that one man was Serpent! Well, we know how Serpent got his hands on
Model W now... there's a door leading deeper. You don't know the code, but
Prairie's going to hack her way in and find out. She'll have it unlocked by the
time you arrive.

Another underwater area, and this one has spikes. Be very careful here. There's
a data disk here that you need LX to get. You'll be getting LX REAL soon.

Another boss coming up from the shape of the shutters. Lurerre wants you dead
to keep the data on that disk from leaking out. You're taking that thing with
you, and she isn't gonna get in your way... right?

BOSS: Pseudoroid L Lurerre Abysroid
2 layers
Element: Ice
Biometal Frame: Lure head

Ice Shards: Lurerre will fire ice shards at you. You can jump over them.
Snowflake: Lurerre will launch a spiked ball of ice that drops snowflakes.
These form frosty spikes that are dangerous - not lethal - to touch. You can
bust them, however.
Ice Beam: Lurerre fires a thick ice beam. Stick to the back and jump all the
way over it.
Fish Missile: Lurerre will raise her fish body up and have it fire a missile at
you while she rains ice shards on you. You can damage the fish without damaging
the Biometal, so do it!
Fish Rush: She'll disappear and her fish will rush you. Get to the left end of
the arena to dodge it! You can damage the fish head as it rushes you, too!

Lurerre isn't that hard to deal with - the spot on her head is small, but if
she's throwing ice shards it can be easy to hit that spot. Watch your attacks
and counter accordingly. Remember that whole fish head is vulnerable, so attack
it when it emerges.

Once Lurerre goes belly-up, Model L thanks you for springing her. Again, half
the password, and the other one that has it is elsewhere - probably with the
missing half of the data. Model L manages to learn that someone actually bested
Model Z, and that drives it to cooperate with you. Anyway, get your prize and
the Blue Card Key, which allows you to go to Area J for "Recover the Disk"
[SECJ]. Don't go there yet; it's a little tough for you now.

"Fight the Mavericks" [SECG]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area G
Award: 200 plus 50 per civilian after that (Max of 400), Red Card Key.

You need to get to Area G for this one, and the only way is through Area D. The
game forced you back to base before you could get to the Transerver, so you'll
have to hike all the way through Areas D-1 and D-2 again. Go through the
Transerver to get to Area D-3.

There's no way to the upper area, but you'll have to come here later anyway.
For now, just cut through and move on to Area G-1.

The whole area is on fire! Rush on through, killing anything in sight!
Remember, HX is the form to use, but watch the energy levels and fill up if
you're getting low. Otherwise, move and maul. Maquereau will have you go in to
rescue civilians and even Guardians trapped inside.

The whole room is on fire, so watch your step and use HX judiciously. Remember
that civilians will panic unless you're human when you talk to them. Remember
that to minimize the time spent here. Work from B-1 up and rescue everyone you
can. Once you get eight, you gain access to the 8th floor, but you should
rescue the others anyway.

Move across the rooftops, but try to conserve health. You'll need it for who's
at the other end of this madness.

BOSS: Pseudoroid F Fistleo Predatoroid
2 layers
Element: Fire
Biometal Frame: Head

Burning Rush: He'll rush at you, setting the ground ablaze. Avoid this.
Light Spark: He'll set three light sparks - one on his hands, and two where you
are. You can strike his back twice during this if you can get there.
Aura: He'll heal himself during this time. Strike him in the back if you have a
chance to interrupt.
Block Buster: He'll knock blocks from the ceiling and then rush through him.
You can attack his back afterwards, but make it quick.
Counter Stance: If you get near him when his back is turned, he'll grab you and
throw you around. Wait it out.
Blazing Rush: He'll jump to the wall and rush, leaving four fireballs behind
him. Dodge them by air dashing through the gap he leaves behind.

Fistleo is a pain because of the Biometal frame and the few chances you have to
hit his back. Still, avoid his attacks and wait for your opportunity to strike.
His healing makes it even more annoying because it reverses the damage you do
to him. You can use regular slashes to save energy and undo the damage he

Anyway, with Fistleo's ninth life expiring, Model F thanks you and wants to get
to kicking more ass. Again, he's been split in half, and another Pseudoroid has
the other half of his data. In any case, get your reward and the Red Card Key.
The Transerver is also the sprinkler controls, so use those to clean up the
mess Fistleo made. Again, another mission comes up now that you have your card
key, and this one you MUST ignore. It will eat an unprepared player alive.

"Secure the Biometal" [SECH]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area H-4
Award: 200 EC, Purple Card Key

Remember Area A-1? That yellow door atop the hill on the right? That's where
you need to go. It leads to A-3.

Move and maul. There's only one non-yellow door you can take because you don't
have the purple keycard. You can try for an apple by smashing the tree with FX,
but it doesn't always drop.

An amusement park. Your character will freak for a moment here. Anyway, move
and maul.

Giant Mettaur! Smash it in the face, and be quick about it!

After a talk with Prairie, it's time to continue onward. It seemed that this
wasn't just a Maverick attack, but THE attack which kacked your mom ten years
back. In any case, go to H-3.

You can get a candy here if you're lucky. In any case, climb up, proceed
onward, and get past the blimp room. I hope you got a bit of focus after this
manic stage...

...because you've got a Pseudoroid right around the corner!

BOSS: Pseudoroid P Purprill Mandroid
2 layers
Biometal Frame: Arms

Bomb Launch: Purprill will launch three bombs and then grapple the rope above
him. The bombs' explosions linger, so stay clear.
Mine Toss: Purprill will toss mines. They will detonate after a while, so leave
them be.
Rush: Purprill will rush towards your side, jump on the wall, then jump off and
hang. Shoot his legs now!
Blade Spin: Purprill will roll up and spin at you. He'll bounce off the walls
on the way up and on the way down, but one variant has him sticking in the wall
and drilling out rocks! Get clear!

Purprill can be almost everywhere at once, but as long as you don't surrender
to panic, you'll have this fight soon enough. Remember, his big frickin' arms
are where the Biometal frame is, so don't shoot unless they're away from his
body. When he's hanging, that is the best time to strike.

"Drowning in his own power... what an appropriate end for a low-life that
wanted it so badly." Damn, Model P says some of the coolest stuff. In any case,
his loyalty to his cause means he's joining up with you, but his data is split
like all the rest. "As long as that Pseudoroid is operational, you will never
reach Model W." Predictably enough, he's right. In any case, report mission
completion. There's a new mission, but you might want to wait on it.

"Protect HQ" [AHOY]

With four Pseudoroids down, Slither Inc. needs a way to slow you down, and what
better way than to kill two birds with one bomb? He plans to take out the
Guardian HQ and everyone onboard! Get your ass back there A.S.A.NOW!

Everyone's gone into hiding or manning the turrets, leaving Prairie and the
operators in the control room. And sure enough, they need you to help them take
out the enemy as they try to board the ship. Go up to deck and put the irate
back into those pirates! I find that PX kills the transports real fast.

WARNING: Once you take out the warship, you will not be able to save until the
danger has passed. You have been warned.

OK, so those two bitches Prometheus and Pandora are aboard, as are an assload
of Galleons. Let none survive! If you need to restore your Sub Tanks, make
certain to do it before going to L1. The enemy will blow holes in the bottom,
and if you fall, not even HX can save you from that height. Speaking of HX,
you'll love it for the next fight, but you'll auto-switch to ZX once you enter
the room.

BOSS: Prometheus
2 layers
Element: Fire

Pandemonium: Prometheus will set a series of explosions off in the arena,
trailing down one wall, across the floor, and up the other. Dodge it.
Chaos Flame: Prometheus will create four flames which shoot their own shots at
you. They do this four times before Prometheus leaves, but you can damage him
during this time with HX's OIS, and does it damage him badly!
Dark Tempest: Prometheus will rush you and emit a shockwave from his scythe,
and then rise up while spinning it. You can stop him for a moment with your
Buster to get around him.

Once Prometheus has been punked, he'll talk some more. In Aile's story, he'll
claim that she's part of the game now, and that Model W will be waiting with
open arms when she comes.

Prairie comes in and brings you back to the command center. She then explains
herself. To Aile, she says that she was originally ordered by Sis to watch over
those who survived the Maverick raids. She doubted the order until she saw Giro
use Model Z himself. That's as much as she knows.

In any case, you have new missions and some new things to get, too. Go for it!

"Save the People" [SECI]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area I-3
Award: 200 EC

Trans to E-7 and jump inside I-1.

It's raining, and Prairie tells you what you need to know. The weather should
suggest that strong winds will come into play. You'll see where, though. In any
case, move and maul. There's a weak spot in the spiked wall on the other side,
but you miss a ton of stuff if you take that route. Take it on the way back;
I'll explain why.

There are two routes: right and down. Go down for now. On the way, switch to
PX; things are going to get a bit dark here. PX can see further in the dark,
and Radarscope tells you the rest. Move and maul, baby.

There's a miniboss in this area. Switch to FX and align your shots as follows.
(U=Up, D=Down, F=Forward)
Arm 1: UUUF
Arm 2: DF

This way, you'll always hit the face of the miniboss unless it's going to swoop
at you. Dash under it when it prepares to swoop, dodge the lasers, and shoot
like a maniac the rest of the time from the opposite corner of the miniboss.

With it toast, move and maul. That simple. You can grab a couple of disks with
HX and a little electricity, but just be careful of the spikes.

Drop down and load up your Sub Tanks, then switch to LX and prepare for battle.

BOSS: Pseudoroid H Hurricaune Wolveroid
2 layers
Element: Thunder
Biometal Frame: Head and neck

Drill Wind: Hurricaune will jump into the air, then slowly descend with a
hurricane. If allowed to land, she'll spread electricity through the ground. On
the way down is a PRIME opportunity for LX to attack.
Twister: Hurricaune will prepare two twisters and send them forward. You can
dash-jump off a wall over them, or dash under some of them.
Sonic Slicer: Hurricaune will shoot a sonic blade that splits into two when it
hits a wall. Dash-jump over this or dash under it. If she has her back exposed
and you can get behind her, STRIKE!
Cyclone: Hurricaune will get into the center of the arena and form a strong
whirlwind, launching energy waves from the center. Jump over the bottom waves
only, and don't grab a wall! Don't attempt to counter, either.

Hurricaune talks big, but she's a wuss underneath it when you bring LX to bear.
Strike where I tell you to, and this is over before you know it.

With Hurricaune toast, Model H will be complete, but he doesn't have the
password ready. Don't worry; with all the data put together, he'll have it
ready before you have to face Model W. In any case, retreat and go through the
door where the Galleons are floating. You will also note, if this is your fifth
Pseudoroid, one of the others has resurrected. You can fight a Pseudoroid again
to get a Lv4 finish if you didn't already do so. It's a good idea to go for
that, trust me.

Back at I-1, move and maul for two chambers, then crawl out the passage and
return to I-2. Now take the top route. You'll see a spiked path; you'll need HX
to fly through it, so do it carefully.

Remember that Diadrake miniboss you fought earlier? This is another version.
Use Arm 1 to shoot its face and Arm 2 to shoot down the missiles it fires, as
well as its tail if it dislodges. After it croaks, move and maul onward until
you reach a platform that's unpowered - the kind a Platform Cannon would ride.
Once there, charge HX to max and hold up while releasing to send the platform
upward. Once it lands, do it again and grab the Life Up. From there, go
straight ahead and onward, past Hurricaune's remains, and pop the lock to
complete the mission.

Once you return to town, check on Leonardo and he'll hand over an Absorber chip
if you pester him. He's in the building right next to the fountain in C-2.

"Recover the Disk" [SECJ]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area J-5
Award: 200 EC

You'll have to trek to Area A-4 from the A-2 Transerver, so hop to it! It's the
only way into Area J, since it doesn't have a Transerver. In Area A-1, at the
far right, there's a door between two mounds. Drop there and enter.

There's a way up and a crawl hole up ahead. Take the crawl hole.

You get a report from Prairie, but what's more important is the fact that this
entire zone is waterlogged. This makes it ideal for LX! Take it for a test
drive here!

Anyway, you'll come to a four-way split, including the way you came from, to
the left. Up is a Terminal, down is a Life Up, and right is J-2.

Ride the waters using LX and move carefully through here. It's an aquatic move
and maul, but the spikes warrant caution.

There's a miniboss here. Stand atop the boss and strike it with your halberd
whenever it attacks. It'll be over soon enough.

There are a variety of items here you can get, but many are protected by
spikes. Be careful. And you know what's coming next once you get to the door...

You've found the Data Disk and the Pseudoroid guarding it! He thinks people
don't deserve to know what's on that disk. Well, he may be right... but not for
the right reasons!

BOSS: Pseudoroid L Leganchor Gelroid
2 layers
Element: Ice
Biometal Frame: Upper head

Frost Eel: He'll launch these out of his mouth. Just blast the face anyway.
Searchlight: He'll use this to seek you out and then shoot harpoons if he spots
you. Keep moving.
Harpoons: He'll launch his harpoons into the ground and freeze it a bit. You
can't climb the walls anymore, but you don't have to.
Whirlpool: He'll spin whirlpools to try to suck you in. Mash the control pad if
you get sucked in to break free.
Dive: He'll dive underwater, knocking water up on the walls. He only does this
if you're above the surface, but you don't even HAVE to see this attack.

This is clearly the easiest Pseudoroid to 4-rank. Simply go into OIS long
enough to shoot his head from below. Repeat that when he can take damage again
and it'll all be over real soon.

A complete Model L and the Data Disk is in your hands. This fills in the gaps
from the other one and explains that Serpent survived the attacks as well. Now
you need to get back to J-1 to file your report. Move further on and proceed
through the doors, picking up the Life L if you need it. Now go through J-4 to
J-2 and from there to J-1 and make your report.

"Attack the Excavators" [SECK]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area K-4
Award: 200 EC

You need to get to C-3 and go to Area K from there. Nothing much to see in C-3,

OK, there are geysers here, some with platforms, some without. If you're caught
between a platform and the ground, I hope you enjoy being two-dimensional, as
that means instant death. Basically, this place is one giant death trap. Tread
lightly. Once you reach the door and the giant geyser, prepare for a mini-boss
in K-2.

The miniboss dies all too fast from an OIS Whirlwind, but he's easy otherwise.
That's it for this area. You fall down once it's dead, though.

Maquereau tells you that there's a device to control the lava flow in this
region. You might want to look into it. Go up to K-5 if you want to find it,
otherwise go to K-4 by going straight.

You're right inside a volcanic tunnel, and the lava's chasing right after you!
Climb up like there's no tomorrow, and whatever you do, DON'T STOP!

Through the door and back in K-1, drop into the first pit and you'll find a
door to the controls. Set the flow to Slow to make things easier, but by no
means easy. Remember, contact with lava is fatal. There's a shutter here, but
that's for the Sub Tank, and I'll cover that in its proper section. For now,
take the trolley back, jump in the hole, and go to K-4.

More lava! Remember, contact is fatal, so dash all the way to the right and
don't stop for anything until you reach the boss shutters!

After all that, you face the boss. He's no fun, I'll tell you now.

BOSS: Pseudoroid F Flammole Moleroid
2 layers
Element: Fire
Biometal Frame: Arms

Flamethrower: Flammole will launch a stream of flame at you. Dash jump over it
off a wall.
Fireblast: Flammole will shoot four balls of molten lava. Avoid them.
Dig: Flammole will dig. One variation has him moving back and forth through the
ground. The other has him moving up and down, burrowing from ceiling and floor.
Dodge the first by hanging on the wall and the second by moving back and forth.
Shoot his legs when he goes into the ground and not a second before.
Eruption: Flammole will strike the ground thrice, the first two with one arm
and the last with both. Wall-jump to dodge the first two and stay perfectly
still to dodge the third.

Just like with Purprill, Flammole's arms are the Biometal frame. Time your
attacks to avoid hitting them - when he's drilling up and down is ideal, but
you can skim his back if you're a good shot. X is a good form, but ZX will do
as well.

With Flammole dead, you now have a complete FX. Move on to the transerver to
report completion. If you want, you can do missions in this area, but be ready
for some hair-yanking moments.

"Protect the Lab" [SECL]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area L-4
Award: 200 EC

To get to Area L, you need to trans to A-2 and go through the Powmettaur in
H-2. The purple door there leads to L-1.

Area L is a plain rush - go through and kill everything in sight. Remember that
the blue arrays reverse controls and stop jamming, while the red arrays jam
your weapons. And what do you know... the boss has the data you came to grab!
Another reason to kill him!

BOSS: Pseudoroid P Protectos Goreroid
2 layers
Biometal Frame: His belly

Missiles: He'll launch four micro missiles which seek you. They're
Plasma Bombs: He'll shoot three plasma bombs on each side of him. Blue explode
horizontally, red explode vertically, and green vanish only to explode later.
You can attack him by standing where a red or green is, but make certain you
can get his face.
Stomp: He'll drop down from the top in an attempt to stomp you. Watch out!
Nuke: He'll launch a nuke and then hole up. Get behind him to avoid the blast!
Barrier: He'll erect a barrier to protect himself. Shoot at his feet to dispel
it without risk.

Protectos is a big softy underneath his hardened exterior. Whenever he's
moving, shoot him in the face with X, ZX, or even PX (lowest level, lest you
risk hitting the Biometal frame). FX can hit him no matter where he is with
some clever buster editing. Watch him when he launches the nuke, and be patient
above all else.

"O, how the mighty have fallen. Strong armor is nothing compared to the power
of will." Yep, Model P has some of the best quotes. In any case, he's complete,
and now you have a data disk. Vent's disk has more info on Model W, while
Aile's is a message meant for her from the first commander. The data's corrupt
now, but you'll get to restore it back at Guardian HQ.

"Stop the Dig" [SECM]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area M
Award: 200 EC

With all the Pseudoroids smashed and the Biometals reassembled, it's time to
return to HQ, where Prairie will have finished decoding that disk that you
found on Protectos' remains. The passwords will be reassembled after you finish
receiving the message. In any case, you now have a new mission - to intercept
Slither Inc., who is currently digging in Area M for Model W. Remember Area
A-4? Go back to the crawl hole, except go up this time. You'll find the door to
Area M soon.

"I am the wind that blows through the sky, Ventus Airus."
"I am the water that flows across the land, Glacius Passio."
"I am the fire that brings heat to all life, Flamma Wies."
"I am the shadow that never leaves the side of justice, Umbra Profess."
"I am the light that illuminates all possibilities, Lumine Infinitus..."
"I am the courage that fights for believes, Fortitude Creed..."

With those six, the lock is open. Go forth and kill another flier boss. From
there, move and maul.

More move and maul, except you can use HX to fly over the spikes or FX to bust
the blocks. In any case, the second room requires LX to navigate.

Not much further... just move and maul. Beyond the door is a bragging Serpent

BOSS: Pandora
2 layers
Element: Variable

Thunderspark: Pandora shoots electric sparks at you. It's possible to dodge
them, but be quick to attack or she'll get going with it, and that's a pain.
She's weak to Ice in this state.
Ride: She'll ride her staff like a broomstick. Dodge it with some clever
Frost Jar: She'll form a jar out of ice and slide it across the room. Avoid it
by staying on the walls, attack while she's forming it. She's weak to Fire in
this state.
Ice Bit: She'll use the two bits on her head to shoot you with ice shards.
Abuse them until they leave you alone.
Thunder Bit: She'll use the two bits to form an electric column. Counter by
striking them before they electrocute you to death!

It seems Pandora distracted you long enough for Serpent to extract the Model W
Core. Fighting is breaking out in Area O, so get back to HQ ASAP! There's a
whole other area beyond, but I'll cover it after the game.

"Repel the Army" [SECO]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area O
Award: None

Trans to D-2 and go to D-3 from there. There was a ladder leading up that was
retracted earlier, but it's extended now. Climb up and prepare to fight.

Prairie radios you again - for the last time - and it's time to get rolling. I
hope you have PX ready to roll, because Slither Inc. has a dropship waiting for

You'll find Galleon Burners that are a serious threat, so take them out on your
way to the Transerver. From there, go forward and take out a Tentalamia, and
keep going until you reach the end for more garbage from P&P.

BOSS: Pandora/Prometheus Tag Team
3 layers
Element: Variable

Pandora and Prometheus have all the attacks from before, so there's nothing new
to see here. There is one where Pandora uses her bits to shoot both elements at
you, and Prometheus dives down and scatters fire afterwards. Other than that,
all old hat. Take 'em down.

Prairie gives you one last speech before sending you off on the final mission.
Take the time to prepare; it's a doozy.

"Destroy Model W" [EVIL]
Client: Prairie
Destination: Area D-4/D-5
Award: Game Clear

Return to the place where you fought Giro. That's the entrance to Slither
Inc.'s main office. Get ready for a fight; it's going to be one grueling march
all the way to the top.

Move and maul, making your way to the lift. Once you're there, there's no route
back. Ascend and kill everything in your path.

The first door is where you switch to LX; I like to call it Harpuia's Floor,
since everything here is a H Pseudoroid. Kill them both the same way you did
before and move on. At the top of this lift, switch to FX; this is Leviathan's
floor for the same reason the one below was Harpuia's floor.

Beyond that room is a lobby, so kill everything to build your Sub Tanks; the
next two are brutal. First is Fefnir's floor, and then there's Phantom's floor.
Before you go into the last telepod chamber, you can climb up and pick up a
Life L and Retry if you need them.

We're in the home stretch. Move on forward and kill everything. Don't forget to
max your Sub Tanks; it all ends here.

BOSS: Serpent (Model W)(Phase 1)
3 layers

V-Shot: Serpent fires five bullets in a V formation - one going at you to pin
you, the other coming down to strike. Dash-jump off a wall for the first
variant, dash away from the second.
Power Orb: Serpent charges an energy orb and fires it at you. You can abuse it
to purify its polarity, and use it to damage Serpent instead.
Slide: He slides, Classic style. Stay clear.
Dark Boost: He performs a nasty uppercut like a Shouryuken. You can dodge this,
but he does pull it out suddenly.
Dark Kick: OK, did Capcom play Super Smash Brothers? After he teleports,
Serpent does a Falcon Kick to your head with this. Dash away once you see him
warp out.
Dark Aura: Yes, just like you, he has an Overdrive. This amplifies his attacks
and remains throughout the battle. Stay alert.

After breaking Serpent, he claims that hate is the true power to drive Model W,
and then, like every other final boss in Mega Man history, transforms into a
larger - and more grotesque - form. The difference between them and Serpent is
that Serpent does it in full-on anime form. It's not over yet, bucko; not by a

FINAL BOSS: Serpent (Model W)(Phase 2)
1 layer per form, 3 forms

Crystal Smash (1/3): Serpent forms a crystal and smashes it with his hand.
Dodge the shards. The advanced form uses a larger crystal and spreads more
shards, and you must dodge the hands as well.
Meteors (1/2): Serpent drops four meteors and leaves behind two will-o-wisps
from each, each closing in on you. They're fragile, however.
Plasma Sphere (1/2): Serpent will shoot plasma spheres that split into
fragments when they hit the ground or an attack. They fragments go diagonally,
so stay horizontal and you're clear.
Dark Matter (2/3): Serpent forms a vortex to suck in dark matter, and then
spews it back out. It doesn't damage, but it slows your movement so you are
more susceptible to attack. It melts right off the Chameleon Veil, however.
Tracker (2/3): Serpent fires two tracking beacons. An energy chain will drain
life from you if one of them hits, so get clear!
Doom Nail (3): Serpent fires energy balls from his nails. Avoid them by jumping
or dashing.

With that, it's over. Sit back and enjoy the end of the story. But it's not
over yet...

Hard Mode: You unlock this after beating the game once on Normal.
Retain X: If you beat the game with both characters at least on Normal, you can
retain Model X after obtaining ZX.

Save your game and see what the Area N has to offer!

Overfiend's Legacy [SECN]

This is an optional area you can investigate, but it has some neat stuff in it.
From the M-3 Transerver, go due right into N-1.

You have to destroy some Relic Bosses to acquire the Mysterious Rock that is
Biometal O. For one of the doors before the vault, you need Mega Man Zero 3 in
the GBA slot; the other requires Mega Man Zero 4. To get Biometal O, you can
either destroy the eight Relic Bosses in the Zero Chambers or you can destroy
Omega. Take your pick. For those without both games, you don't have a choice.

RELIC BOSS: Deathtanz Mantisk
2 layers

Rolling Sickle: DM will launch a scythe into the wall, and it rolls around back
to him. Jump it and reprise.
Thousand Slash: DM will fire a laser into the air, dislodging a rock. He'll
then slice it up, sending it at you. You can bust the rock and damage him if
you're good enough.
Sickle Launch: DM will fire his arm at you, then reel it back in extended. You
can attack him.
Leaping Slash: DM will jump onto a wall, then drop onto you with a fast slash.
Dash behind him and counter!

RELIC BOSS: Devilbat Schilt
2 layers
Element: Thunder

Bolt Launch: DB will fire electric balls at you that bounce off the walls. Stay
high to dodge.
Bat Launch: DB will fire bats out of his cape. Get behind him to dodge, but
shoot his face first.
Thunder Smash: DB will fire a bolt down that splits into electric balls that
speed across the floor and walls. Jump over them.
Sonic Wave: DB will fire sonic waves from his cloak. He can be struck at this

RELIC BOSS: Childre Inarabbita
2 layers
Element: Ice

Torpedo Launch: CI will launch torpedoes at you. You can attack him during this
Frost Dive: CI will climb the walls and dive after you once offscreen. Prepare
to dodge and reprise once he lands.
Fragment Bomb: CI will climb the walls and leave fragment bombs that rain
debris, complicating movements.
Throw Blade: CI will launch a large ice blade from his head and ears. Jump to

RELIC BOSS: Blazin Flizard
2 layers
Element: Fire

Frill Launch: BF will launch his frill around the room. Look out for it and
Fire Shot: BF will launch three balls of fire into the air. Dash away or get on
the wall to dodge.
Spread Fire: BF will spray fire around the room. Dodge it by jumping between
the lines.
Flamethrower: BF will spray fire from his arm. You can't shoot through it, but
you can nail him from behind.

RELIC BOSS: Pegasolta Eclair
2 layers
Element: Thunder

Thunder Beam: PE will fire a thunder beam after charging up. Dash under it on
the lower platform to dodge.
Thunder Shot: PE will fire two bolts down at the ground. If both are on solid
ground, they'll fire an energy bolt to link them together. You can dodge this
by jumping over the first shot.
Rush: PE will rush you in a zig-zag pattern. The third rush determines how to
dodge, but reprise as he does it.
Thunder Stab: PE will charge and retreat, then rush you. You can't attack him
in this state.
Pounce: PE will try to pounce on you. Dash away to dodge it.

RELIC BOSS: Sol Titanion
2 layers
Element: Fire

Twin Wing: ST will launch her wings to try to damage you. Blue zip towards your
corner and then rush up or back; red fly in a curved pattern. Try to jump over
Flamethrower: ST will use a flamethrower to set you on fire. Dash underneath it
when it wanes.
Fire Bomb: ST will set fire bombs on the ground. You can bust them through
saber or dashing buster attacks.
Blast Shot: ST will fire a ball of energy at you which splits into six parts.
Jump over it to dodge.

RELIC BOSS: Fenri Lunaedge
2 layers
Element: Ice

Ice Wave: FL will throw an ice wave on the way up, two as he goes to the other
wall, and a fourth on the way down. Tricky to dodge.
Roll: FL will roll up and bounce around. Dash under him.
Frozen Image: FL will create frosty afterimages of himself to slash at you. You
can bust them with a powerful attack.
Ice Blade: FL will throw two large blades on the floor and ceiling. Go over to
dodge the first, then under for the second.

RELIC BOSS: Noble Mandrago
2 layers

Regen: NM will recover health between attacks. Attack her with something hard
Seed Shot: NM will fire seeds at you. They do hurt, but what they can grow into
is a bit more dangerous. Shoot them when they do sprout.
Burrow: NM will dig into the ground. She spits honey as she emerges. If you get
tagged, you become slippery and attract bee mechaniloids. It can be easily
Spin: NM will spin around. One variant is ground only, the other goes up to
strike from above. Dash under the second variant, but get up on the wall to be
safe from both.

Now, for those of you who want to fight Omega for kicks, or you don't have the
games to get the Mysterious Rock, then head down the path below the Transerver
door. Kill all enemies and carefully traverse the path made for you by the warp
panels. On the way there and on the way back, you'll need HX to make this a
safer trip. It's by no means safe, as the second half is a spike pit. Once
you're through, prepare yourself.

3 layers

Hell Combo: Omega will dash at you, striking seven times on contact. If he
touches you on Hard Mode with this, you're dead. Dash-jump over him to dodge
this, or use PX's Shadow Dash.
Heaven Splitter: Omega will perform a rising slash similar to Zero's throughout
the X and Zero series. It's easy to dodge if you see it coming.
Abyss Wave: Omega will jump and perform a spinning slash, emitting blades from
the saber. Get clear.
Tri-Combo: The infamous three-slash saber combo is used here. Stay clear to
avoid it, because it will stop you cold.
Saber Smash: Omega will smash the ground with his saber, causing rocks to fall.
Look out.
Shockwave: Omega will strike the ground with his fist, sending a shockwave at
you. Dodge the bolts by moving away and jumping through the gaps.
Recover: Omega emits a column of beams that restores his health. The column is
harmless, but this is an annoyance.
Buster Combo: Omega will use Zero's combo from X2 and X3 - two Buster shots
followed by a Saber blade.

However you slice it, Omega is tough. It's best if you buster him to death; HX,
LX, and melee ZX are a path to suicide unless you use charged attacks in melee
and ranged attacks almost exclusively the rest of the time. He will recover a
lot; that's a given. Still, if you persevere, you will beat a boss that is
almost as tough as Serpent himself. Good luck!

Courier Requests [GIRO]

"Find the Flower"
Client: Michelle
Requisite: Model HX
Destination: Area A-1
Award: 200 EC

If you're doing this just after you get HX, you can grab a Sub Tank in A-2 on
the way. Anyway, go to the far left of A-1, climb up, and go back right. If you
see a purple thorny bush, drop on its left side and the flower's right there.
Bring it to Michelle and go get your money.

"Trim the Weeds"
Client: Congre
Requisite: Model HX, Aile only
Destination: Area C-2
Award: 200 EC

Congre was supposed to pull those weeds atop the news building in Area C-2, but
he's scared of heights. I tell ya, he's a panophobe. In any case, get there and
chop the weeds up for an easy 200 EC. Not bad for a day's work.

"Find the Boy"
Client: Karen
Requisite: Model FX
Destination: Area G/1-G/2
Award: 400 EC

You need to find five kids. In order, talk to Kenny in 7F, the one in 5F, the
one out the window in 7F, the one in the niche in B1, and then go outside and
scale the wall as HX to find the last one. Once you find them all, report the
mission's completion. Talk to Kenny (he's where you found Oeillet during the
test) with armor and he'll hand you the Frog chip! Not bad.

"Quiz Partner"/"Another Quiz"
Client: Yu
Requisite: Model FX, Vent only
Destination: Area C-3
Award: 50 EC, Pink Crystal for second

The questions are simple enough. The name of the game is Dribble Trouble, and
the tree is an Apple tree. You get a Pink Crystal after that. Now, once you
rescue Jack from Hurricaune, hand him the Pink Crystal for an Ice Boots chip.

"Purify the Lakes"
Client: Thon
Requisite: Repel Prometheus
Destination: Area B-4
Award: 300 EC

There are boxes of neutralizer scattered around the area. Attacks will push
them in, so PX's weapons are superior in this respect. Push them all in for a

"Find Mushroom"
Client: Arcia
Requisite: Repel Prometheus, Aile Only
Destination: Area A-2
Award: 200 EC, Ice Boots chip

You'll find a mushroom shortly after arrival. That's well enough until you
realize Mushroom's the name of her BIRD! That's right, Capcom pulled a fast one
on you! In any case, make your way through towards the Whirling 44s. There
should be a bird fluttering around that region, so grab it when possible. Bring
it back for a sweet 200 EC and an even sweeter Ice Boots chip!

"Sending a Letter"/"Sending Another Letter"/"Yet Another Letter"/"Not Another
Letter"/"Guess What? A Letter"/"One More Letter"/"Deliver a Reply"
Client: Truite (Last one is Melody)
Requisite: Complete HX
Destination: Area C-2 (Last one is Area X-1)
Award: 100 EC + 50 cumulative per letter, 100 EC for Melody's

All you have to do is deliver letters to Melody to complete the mission. It's
short and a bit annoying, but watch your wallet fatten! For Melody's letter,
deliver it to Truite.

"Find the Pearl"
Client: Raven
Requisite: Complete LX
Destination: Area F-2
Award: 300 EC

In F-2, you'll find a bunch of clams. The one with the Cold Pearl is through a
path only LX can traverse. Once you get the Cold Pearl, give it to Raven to
complete the mission.

"Find the Purse"
Client: Luca
Requisite: Complete LX
Destination: Area B-2
Award: 100 EC

You remember where E-17 was found, right? It's right there. Go get it.

"Gather the Screws"
Client: Anguille
Requisite: Complete FX
Destination: Area K-3/K-4/K-5
Award: 200 EC, Wind Boots chip

It's OK to come back from the Transerver for this; that makes it easier to do
the job. You can't get the Sub Tank this way, but whatever. The screws are in
the following locations.

Behind the rusted blocks in K-4 (use FX to bust)
Next to the lava in K-4
In lava in K-3, below where E-43 is found (use PX to hang)
Near a chain launcher in K-5
Left side, top of the shaft in K-5

Once you have them all, return them to Anguille to earn your fee and a Wind
Boots chip!

"Find the Rock"
Client: Silure
Requisite: Complete FX
Destination: Area K-1
Award: 200 EC

Remember where E-22 is? It's there. Get it and bring it back.

"Smash the Rock"
Client: Silure
Requisite: Find the Special Rock in the previous mission
Destination: Area E-4
Award: 300 EC, Extender Chip

You remember the Sub Tank in Area E-4? Below that's a crusher. You must have
the power on for this, so watch it. Hand the rock to Oeillet and she'll smash
it open to reveal... CERATANIUM! Grab it and bring it back to Silure and he'll
send you an Extender Chip on top of the 300 EC fee!

"Clean the Room"
Client: Robert
Requisite: All Complete Biometals
Destination: Area C-1
Award: 200 EC

All you have to do is bounce the balls into the bottom area. It's a little
harder than it looks, but it's easy enough.

"Deliver the Aid Kit"
Client: Muguet
Requisite: Complete PX
Destination: Area L-1/L-2/L-3
Award: 150 EC

"Deliver the Energy Pack"
Client: Rose
Requisite: Complete PX
Destination: Area L-1/L-2/L-3
Award: 150 EC

All you have to do is bust crates in Area L to find these and bring them back.
These two are special in that they take place in the same area, alternate with
each other (Muguet->Rose->Muguet, et al), are infinitely repeatable, and at the
end of the third run for Rose, she'll add a Sub Tank on top of that!

Upgrades and Goodies [ITEM]

Life Ups (None in Hard)
D-1: It's behind a sealed door. Drop into the pit near the second Capsule
Shooter to find it.
F-2: Break the ice with FX, then create a platform with LX. Ride the platform
to the top of the water, then dash jump to the Life Up. Alternately, you can
take damage and dash across the spikes like a madman.
I-5: Power an unpowered platform with HX's Whirlwind twice, riding it the
second time up. Alternately, you can take damage and climb the edge, but it's
J-1: Through the down path, there's a door leading to a room with a spiked
floor. Water dash over to the Life Up.

Sub Tanks
E-4: It's on the lower level at the conveyor belts, guarded by a Bolt Face.
A-2: It's high above the entrance from A-1. You'll need HX to get it.
K-1: It's a good idea to slow down the lava flow first. Now rush into K-4 and
run over to the rusted blocks, smashing them with FX before the lava reaches
you! Use PX to find a secret door, then go down and press the button. From
there, make your way back to the main route and hide in the boss shutters for a
moment, then retreat to K-5 and climb back up. The door above the trolley's
been unlocked, so go through it and traverse the boiling water to get a Sub
X-1: Deliver three Energy Kits to Rose and she'll add this in. It's the only
one you get in Hard, so you'll have to use E Tanks to substitute.

Upgrade Chips
Absorber: Pester Leonardo after rescuing him at I-3. This chip neutralizes all
knockback. It's great for Aile!
Eraser: Pester Carrelet after getting ZX. This allows you to slice bullets out
of the air. It's a basic chip, but it's very effective for what it does.
Extender: This extends the period of time you remain invulnerable after a hit.
It's not much, but every moment counts.
Featherweight: Bar will hand this over if you pester him after repelling
Prometheus. It will allow you to walk safely across fragile surfaces.
Frog: Speak to Kenny with armor after rescuing him during "Find the Boy" and
he'll cough it up. This will increase traction on walls, making you slide down
slower. It won't let you grip ice, however.
Ice Boots: Arcia gives this out when you return Mushroom to her, or Jack gives
it to you in exchange for a Pink Crystal. This chip allows you to move
unimpaired on icy surfaces. You can't grip icy walls, however.
Quick Charger: Once you have all complete Biometals, pester Fleuve to get this
chip. It reduces charge time in half.
Wind Boots: Return Anguille's screws to get this chip. It gives you added
traction in the face of strong winds. It doesn't work when jumping, however.

Orange: Max gives you one if you pester him. It restores 4 life.
Candy: A random pickup from the crane game. It restores 4 life.
Bread: Lucia gives some out when you pester her. It restores 6 life.
E Tank: Cedre sells these for 200 EC. It restores 32 life.
W Tank: You get this from abusing Prairie's doll. It restores 32 energy to all
Biometal fragments.
Smelling Salts: Scombresoce sells these for 10 EC. They dispel the effects of
the satellite arrays in Area L.

Disk Database [DISK]

[B-01] Rayfly
Where Found: B-2 - After Rayfly, above the door leading towards D-1.
[B-02] Omega
Where Found: N-1 - Near the bottom of the first area.
[B-03] Giga Aspis
Where Found: A-2 - It's literally right next to the Transerver door. You can't
miss it.
[B-04] Giro (Model Z)
Where Found: D-2 - Outside the Transerver
[B-05] Serpent (1st Form)
Where Found: D-4 - Hanging in a chandelier.
[B-06] Serpent (2nd Form)
Where Found: D-5 - Inside a hidden passage after the two Whirling 44s.
[B-07] Purprill
Where Found: H-4 - Knock out the Carom and Sky Boost up there.
[B-08] Hivolt
Where Found: E-8 - It's at the far end.
[B-09] Hurricaune
Where Found: I-3 - It's above the door leading back to I-1.
[B-10] Pandora
Where Found: M-3 - Outside the boss shutters behind some foreground debris.
[B-11] Fistleo
Where Found: G-5 - Break the blocks with FX and enter the hidden room.
[B-12] Flammole
Where Found: K-4 - Behind the three lava columns
[B-13] Protectos
Where Found: L-4 - Under a sled where the bombs are falling.
[B-14] Prometheus
Where Found: O-2 - It's on the way.
[B-15] Lurerre
Where Found: F-4 - In a spike-guarded alcove. You'll need a Glacier to get
[B-16] Leganchor
Where Found: J-5 - In the Energy Cannon gauntlet.

[M-01] Diadrake
Where Found: I-4 - First spiked path above the unpowered lifts.
[M-02] Orehawk
Where Found: M-1 - First door past Orehawk.
[M-03] Deluxe Galleon Wing
Where Found: O-1 - In a gap beneath an Angle Cannon.
[M-04] King Flyer
Where Found: D-2 - After the first King Flyer.
[M-05] Crushpactor
Where Found: E-5 - Near the Life XL pickup.
[M-06] Steephinx
Where Found: I-5 - After killing Steephinx, move to the right. You can't miss
[M-07] Tentalamia
Where Found: J-3 - Navigate the spike pit to get it.
[M-08] Powmettaur
Where Found: H-3 - Behind the broken Met helmet.
[M-09] Lava Demon
Where Found: K-3 - To the left of where you land.

[E-01] Eyeballoon
Where Found: A-1 - Through the door blocked by the thorny bush near the Miracle
[E-02] Frostybear
Where Found: F-3 - Break the ice shortly below the computer room with FX, then
find it at the back of the cave.
[E-03] Angle Cannon
Where Found: I-1 - In the dark path above one of the doors.
[E-04] Web Bolt
Where Found: E-1 - Next to one of the transformers.
[E-05] Rattrap
Where Found: L-3 - Near the end.
[E-06] Energy Cannon
Where Found: D-3 - In a pit between two Energy Cannons. Don't fall all the way
[E-07] Shrimpstroke
Where Found: J-2 - Use HX to circumvent the spike bed above the Galleon Divers.
[E-08] Electric Dart
Where Found: E-4 - Behind a Bolt Face near the door to E-3.
[E-09] Auto Counter ECO
Where Found: G-2 - 1F inside.
[E-10] Auto Counter POP
Where Found: H-3 - Behind a Carom.
[E-11] Cutting Gyro
Where Found: B-4 - All the way at the far end.
[E-12] Capsule Shooter
Where Found: D-1 - In a pit near the Life Up.
[E-13] Galleon Wing
Where Found: I-5 - Beyond the Life Up.
[E-14] Galleon Shroud
Where Found: I-4 - Second spiked path above the unpowered lifts.
[E-15] Galleon Diver
Where Found: F-2 - Near the start of the underwater mini-maze.
[E-16] Galleon Burner
Where Found: G-2 - Above 8F
[E-17] Galleon Hunter
Where Found: B-2 - Above a pair of Whirling 44s.
[E-18] Galleon Sledder
Where Found: L-1 - Ride a jet sled to the disk.
[E-19] Platform Cannon
Where Found: D-1 - In a pit after the Life Up. Be careful not to fall into the
[E-20] Carom
Where Found: A-4 - At the top of the area.
[E-21] Crickaleep
Where Found: E-4 - Behind a cluster of junk below the door to E-6.
[E-22] Sci-sensor
Where Found: K-1 - Above the door to the geyser in K-2, in a niche.
[E-23] Spi-King
Where Found: I-5 - Behind an active Platform Cannon platform.
[E-24] Springer
Where Found: B-1 - Above the door leading to E-2.
[E-25] Chain Anchor
Where Found: K-5 - Halfway up the shaft
[E-26] Beanball
Where Found: K-4 - Come back from the next area to get it.
[E-27] Sphenalauncher
Where Found: A-2 - Sky Boost and use the Hanging Edge to climb up to the ledge
where this is housed.
[E-28] Tornado Fencer
Where Found: B-2 - It's due left of the Transerver door in plain sight.
[E-29] Valkyraffe
Where Found: A-2 - Right behind the Valkyraffe on the left after exiting the
[E-30] Pattrolaur
Where Found: C-2 - Outside the Transerver.
[E-31] Bambooloss
Where Found: A-1 - Use HX to cross the gap to the right of where the game
[E-32] Bee Rockets
Where Found: G-5 - On the way across the rooftops.
[E-33] Whirling 38
Where Found: I-2 - Along the spiked path on the high road.
[E-34] Whirling 44
Where Found: I-2 - Take the low road, and it's in the dark area.
[E-35] Fire Dart
Where Found: K-3 - It's in the spiked shaft.
[E-36] Buoybuoy
Where Found: J-3 - Use a Glacier to get up to it. It's above a spiked wall.
[E-37] Shock Face
Where Found: E-5 - Break the blocks behind the Life XL with FX to get it.
[E-38] Heat Face
Where Found: G-1 - Atop a building. Air dash and hover from a nearby building
and scale the rest of the way across.
[E-39] Frozen Face
Where Found: F-1 - Behind a pair of bustable crates near the start.
[E-40] Fly Chopper
Where Found: D-2 - After the first King Flyer.
[E-41] Batty
Where Found: L-2 - Ride another sled to the platform.
[E-42] Presto Cannon
Where Found: O-1 - It's on the way.
[E-43] Hover Cannon
Where Found: K-3 - It's atop a platform over the lava.
[E-44] Bora Bora
Where Found: F-2 - Near the end of the underwater mini-maze.
[E-45] Marine General
Where Found: F-4 - Lower half of the area, beyond metal boxes. Watch the spikes!
[E-46] Mechadragon
Where Found: A-3 - Atop a branch on the way
[E-47] Remettaur
Where Found: H-1 - Hanging from a balloon.
[E-48] Moth Queen
Where Found: F-3 - Next to the door leading to the Crushpactor.
[E-49] Releaf
Where Found: C-3 - It's above the entrance.
[E-50] Warp Prism
Where Found: M-1 - Through the door above the entrance to M-2.

[O-01] Hareng
Where Found: X-1 - L2, third door.
[O-02] Anguille
Where Found: X-1 - It's to the left of the Transerver door.
[O-03] Operators
Where Found: X-2 - In the command center.
[O-04] Guardians
Where Found: X-1 - L2, second door.
[O-05] Carrelet
Where Found: X-1 - L2, first door.
[O-06] Congre
Where Found: X-1 - L4, first door.
[O-07] Sardine
Where Found: X-1 - L1, next to the boy.
[O-08] Silure
Where Found: X-1 - It's to the right of the Transerver door.
[O-09] Giro
Where Found: A-1 - Left from the starting point, you'll find this in a small
tunnel you can crawl into.
[O-10] Scombresoce
Where Found: X-1 - L3, all the way to the right.
[O-11] Cedre
Where Found: X-3 - In the engine room.
[O-12] Serpent
Where Found: D-2 - Near Slither Inc.
[O-13] Truite
Where Found: X-1 - It's right next to the elevator on L4.
[O-14] Thon
Where Found: X-1 - It's on deck.
[O-15] Fleuve
Where Found: X-1 - It's in the lab.
[O-16] Prairie
Where Found: X-2 - It's in Prairie's room.
[O-17] Stuffed Animal
Where Found: C-2 - Dash-jump, air-dash, and hover down to the Game and Data
building to get it.
[O-18] Townspeople
Where Found: C-2 - Through a path in the news station.
[O-19] Muguet
Where Found: X-1 - L4, second door.
[O-20] Rose
Where Found: X-1 - It's at the end of L4.

Prairie's Report [CIEL]

WARNING: All of this is Spoiler material for the Zero and ZX series! Read at
your own peril!


-] Fistleo hints in his conversation that the Mavericks spared Aile on purpose.
-] Aile tells Purprill that this park is where her memories are buried.
-] Prometheus claims that Aile is part of their game - that she's one of them.
-] Prairie mentions that her orders were to protect the survivors of the
Maverick raids - reasons for those orders became apparent when she saw Giro
transform for the first time.
-] The data in Aile's story goes into detail on how Serpent went crazy after
prolonged exposure to Model W. They say he was a survivor of a Maverick raid,
like Vent, Aile, and Giro.
-] The final report left behind by Sis indicates that the "chosen ones" have
the ability to control the Biometal - and that the ones who can control Models
X and Z also have the power to unleash Model W.
-] Prometheus and Pandora claim that Mega Men - the "chosen ones", mind you -
must fight until one is left standing, and that that one has the right to rule
the world.
-] Serpent's last words indicate that the blood of Model W's creator runs in
her veins.


-] Fistleo says that Serpent volunteered to give him power for helping in his
-] Purprill explains to Vent that he was another Maverick in the raid ten years
ago until Serpent modified him.
-] Prometheus claims that the creator of the Biometal you use knew what she was
doing - Prairie knows this person as her sister.
-] Prairie talks to Vent in detail about the wars of the past, how her sister
was a scientist who protected them when nobody else would.
-] The final report left behind by Sis is a retelling of the story regarding
Biometal W and the Ragnarok crisis.
-] Prometheus and Pandora claim to be the voice of Model W.
-] Serpent explains that the victims of the Maverick raid were used as
Cyber-elves to help power Model W, like the victims of the detainee camp at
Area I.

Coincidence? I think not! These events link right to the Mega Man Zero series -
let's start with the basics. "Sis", as Prairie calls her, is actually Dr. Ciel.
Near the climax of the war, the madman behind Model W - Dr. Weil - had the
space station Ragnarok built. Dr. Weil fused with Ragnarok, but lost a fight to
Zero. The shattered remains of Ragnarok achieving atmospheric re-entry are a
memory Prairie refuses to surrender. Biometal Model W is actually Weil's
consciousness sealed within the remains of Ragnarok. It seems the bastard
avoided death yet again.

In the aftermath of the war, Ciel founded the Guardians to root out the source
of the Maverick program and destroy it. During this time, she conducted
research on a form of conscious material she would coin "Biometal". She was
accompanied by members of the former resistance movement against Neo Arcadia
and some volunteers, one of which was Serpent. During research on Biometal
Model W, Serpent was overcome with a desire for power and slaughtered the
entire recon unit. In response, Ciel used her research and the remains of the
four X Guardians to create Biometals F, H, L, and P, but she didn't have
samples or remains of X or Zero, so she made Biometals X and Z from her
research on Model W; anyone who can use either X or Z can also use W.

Since Ciel was a conventional human, she passed on, either KIA or through the
passage of time. Prairie took over in her place to continue the fight. To blend
in with the Reploids of today with their finite lifespans, Prairie likely
changed her appearance and name. Now think, how many Reploids at the time carry
around dolls, especially those made by Dr. Ciel? The answer is simple: Alouette.

From what is gathered, Purprill may have been in charge of the Mavericks that
attacked the park ten years ago, when Vent/Aile lost their parents. The
Mavericks involved in the raids at Area H may have been made into Pseudoroids
to amplify their powers, while the spirits of the victims - the Cyber-elves -
were kept as food for Model W.. The Pseudoroids all tie into Project Haven; the
grand plan of Model W to resurrect itself. While Serpent was busy with his own
dig into the ruins, the Pseudoroids would cause calamity in other regions. The
data for the Serpent Report was split between Lurerre and Leganchor so people
wouldn't learn the truth about his insanity; Hurricaune would round up
civilians and give them grave fear before killing them; Cyber-elves are made
from the deaths of Reploids and now modified Humanoids. Hivolt would regulate
the flow of Cyber-elves into the Slither Inc. head office for use with Model W.
Purprill would deny access to the lab at Area L via the amusement park at Area
H while Protectos would steal the data regarding Model W and Ciel's final
message. Flammole would be given orders to dig at a falsified location to
agitate the volcano, and Fistleo would cause havoc to search out other Mega
Men. When you put it all into perspective, the whole thing is one elaborate
plan by Model W - or, should we say, Dr. Weil - to become exultant and manifest
a new body. Prometheus and Pandora are simply there to spread this message of
destruction, to find vessels suitable for such a purpose.

In the ancient days, before the Maverick Wars, there were two scientists, Dr.
Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. Both were genius robotics experts in their
time, but while Tom used his genius to better humanity, Al used his to attempt
to conquer the world. The advanced robot, Rock, was modified into Mega Man to
combat robots built by Tom that Wily altered. After the first wave, Wily made
more dangerous robots in an attempt to destroy Mega Man. One of his own
creations, Bass, went rogue when he realized Wily was using him as a tool for
his own glory. In their final days, the two geniuses built their last machines;
Tom's was the alpha Reploid, X. Wily's final creation was Zero, based off the
stolen data on X's schematics. Wily issued Zero a viral program that, if Wily
were to perish, would cause Zero to awaken and eradicate all life from the
world as one last twisted act of revenge.

Later, Dr. Cain awakened X and used his data to create the first Reploids.
However, one Reploid went Maverick and killed three humans before it was
destroyed. The Maverick Hunters were established from there on out, and Sigma
took charge during this time. Sigma valiantly fought Mavericks until he was
dispatched to fight a red Maverick that killed anything in sight - Zero. During
the battle, Sigma destroyed Zero and contracted the Maverick code into himself.
Zero was repaired by Dr. Cain during this time. Sigma went Maverick himself and
broke away, taking a majority of the Reploids with him. The recommissioned Zero
fought alongside X many times, destroying Sigma as he emerged time and again.
During this time, Dr. Cain suffered from harsh mental degeneration, and
required an implant to keep from suffering total brain death. Some time after
he got the implant, he contracted the Maverick program himself. He retreated to
keep himself from going mad in the public scene while the program began to
spread into his organic brain. And it became his doom.

In the aftermath of the Eurasia and Gate incidents, the scientists of the time
designed the Cyber-elves to help contain the Maverick outbreak. One such
Cyber-elf, the Mother Elf, was used to neutralize the program in all Reploids.
Dr. Cain - who now emerged under the name Dr. Weil - took control of the Mother
Elf and reprogrammed her, transforming her into the Dark Elf. Dr. Weil used his
retained genius to fully repair Zero's old body - the one that was destroyed
after the Eurasia incident -  and give it a new consciousness, Omega. Weil then
used the Dark Elf to control the world's Reploids, with only X and Zero capable
of effectively fighting back. This became known as the Elf Wars, and decimated
75% of the world's population in its flames. Omega was horribly damaged, and
Weil was executed, his mind transferred into an artificial prison and launched
up into space with Omega's remains. The Dark Elf's location was unknown, and
the only person capable of understanding it was Zero. Zero, believing he may
still lose himself to the Maverick program, had himself sealed away for a whole
century, leaving X to deal with this threat alone.

X constructed the utopian domain, Neo Arcadia, and four Guardians were made
from his DNA program - the Sage Guardian, Harpuia; the Fairy Guardian,
Leviathan; the Fighting Guardian, Fefnir; and the Shadow Guardian, Phantom.
They ruled Neo Arcadia with compassion towards humanity until the Dark Elf
returned, remotely controlled by Dr. Weil. The fighting was quelled, but
realizing the danger the Dark Elf possessed, X sacrificed his body to seal it
away and watched from beyond as a Cyber-elf. The budding genius, Dr. Ciel, made
a copy body for X to move into, but it activated of its own volition - whether
Copy X was self-aware or a puppet of Weil from his orbital detention center is
unknown, but Copy X behaved like a tyrant compared to the original; the fact
that an energy crisis had appeared made the situation no better for the
Reploids of Neo Arcadia. Dr. Ciel organized the Resistance from the Reploids
Copy X decreed as Mavericks, but they continued to lose battle after battle
until Ciel entered the forbidden land and her Cyber-elf, Passy, awoke Zero from
his stasis.

Zero then fought to protect the Reploids in the Resistance, and killed both
Phantom and Copy X while the Resistance fled to a base removed from Neo
Arcadia. Elpizo took charge and led Operation "Righteous Strike" which ended in
disaster. It was during this time that Elpizo became tempted by the Baby Elves,
Crea and Prea, and sought to awaken the Dark Elf. He accomplished this,
destroyed X's body, and lost himself to the Dark Elf in the aftermath,
eventually being killed at Zero's hands. With the Dark Elf loose, Dr. Weil
intentionally crashed his prison into the snow fields, and Ciel and Zero went
to investigate.

Onboard the wrecked craft was the battle reploid Omega, which made a mess of
both Leviathan and Fefnir and, later, Harpuia. Weil then used a restored Copy X
to rule Neo Arcadia with an iron fist, seizing the Dark Elf with Omega and
seizing the nation after machinating a confrontation between Zero and Copy X.
During this time, X had informed Harpuia of the true nature of this battle,
while Phantom spread the news to the Leviathan and Fefnir. In the end, all
three Guardians were restored, and they helped to contain Omega as the Dark
Elf's program began to decay, the routines added by Weil going first. With
Omega destroyed, the Mother Elf died off rapidly.

Weil took complete control over Neo Arcadia, having everyone who opposed his
iron-fisted regime destroyed in as swift a manner as possible. Many humans fled
the once utopian city, moving in flocks towards areas where they hoped they
could find salvation. One such group, led by the rogue reporter Neige, fled to
Area Zero. Dr. Weil learned that Area Zero - the site in the Maverick Wars that
the space colony Eurasia crashed - was a domain outside his influence, and one
that signified hope for humanity to escape his sovereign authority, so he sent
the Einherjar and Craft to endanger it while he built the space satellite,
Ragnarok, to annihilate all life on earth, including Area Zero. The Einherjar
were defeated by Zero, and in his last moments Craft destroyed the cannon
control systems to keep Weil from firing it again. Frustrated, Weil changed the
orbit path so it would descend on a collision course with Area Zero. Zero
forced his way onboard and fought Weil to the end. As Ragnarok broke apart, it
fell into the atmosphere and landed in a concentrated plot near Area Zero. And
while Zero was destroyed from re-entry, enough of Weil remained so it could
oversee the aberrations that plague the world. Out of Zero's remains whatever
machines were loyal to Weil managed to make a new Omega, but it wouldn't
animate until it came fully online; eventually, there was no need for it to
animate, and it was left in the void of the Ragnarok ruins without soul or

While this may seem like conjecture, much of it is based on actual records. It
is but one way to view history. What is reality? That is for you to decide.

World Map [MAPS]


    J-4                                 L-4
   /   \                                 * \
J-5     J-2            H-4--H-3     L-1     L-3
   \   /   \  +       + |      \   /   \   /
    J-3     J-1----\    |       H-2     L-2
                   |    |        |
N-1     M-2        |     \       |
   *   /   \   /--A-4     A-3---H-1     F-5
    M-3     M-1      \   /             *   \
                      A-1                   F-4
K-4     K-2        +     \   *                 \
*  \   /   \   /--C-3     A-2     B-4   F-1     F-3
    K-3     K-1      \   /   \   /     /   \   /
       \   /          C-1     B-1     /     F-2
        K-5      *   /   *   /   \   /
                  C-2     B-2     B-3
                 /   +   /
                /     D-1
               /         \               *
            E-1           D-2     O-1---O-2
               \         /   *   /
        E-3     E-2   D-4     D-3
           \   /         \       \
            E-4           D-5     \
           /   \                   \
        E-6     E-5                 G-1
               /                   /
            E-7                 G-2             X-2
           /   *               /   \       *   /
        E-8     I-1         G-4     G-3     X-1
               /   \           \               \
              |     I-2         G-5             X-3
              |    /   \           *
              | I-4     I-5
              |    \   /

+: Terminal (Between two areas indicates that they connect)
*: Transerver (Between two areas indicates that they connect)