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Biometal Command List

by arkrex

|Mega Man ZX: Biometal Move List|

Author: Kelvin Tay - AKA Arkrex/Torte/Smooth
Version: 1.1 (16/10/06) - small update on Px's Shadow Dash ability

This FAQ is for personal use only.  It may not be used for any commercial or 
personal gain.  If you would like to host this FAQ, ask for my permission first 
(see section 5 Final Words).

Mega Man ZX and all related properties are copyrighted to Capcom.



1. Introduction
2. Notation
3. Standard Moves
4. Specific Moves
	A. Model Hu
	B. Model X
	C. Model ZX
	D. Model Hx
	E. Model Fx
	F. Model Lx
	G. Model Px
	H. Model Ox
5. Final Words
6. Credits



Hey everybody and welcome to my first FAQ!

The name of the game is Mega Man ZX, the latest instalment of this long-running 
franchise, exclusive to the Nintendo DS.  The style of play is based on the 
Zero quadrilogy for the GBA, but with the added dimension of exploration 
elements similar to that seen in the 2D Metroid and "Castleroid' games.  Also 
instead of obtaining enemy weapons, we now obtain various suits which confer 
not only new attacks, but other assorted abilities too.  Plus it looks cool to 
play as one of X's guardians - gogo Harpuia! :P.  There are plenty of moves in 
ZX and so the purpose of this guide is to detail every single one of them.  May 
it prove to be a helpful reference for beginners, replayers, and everybody else 
in between.




Makes it easier to understand how to perform the various techniques if you 
know what I'm on about.

1 - Main Weapon
2 - Sub Weapon
+ - both buttons pressed at same time
_ - either button may be used



Here are the default controls.  I prefer having ZX's primary weapon mapped to 
the R-button, as I'm sure many others who have played the Zero games would do 
too.  There's just something about slicing the saber with the shoulder button..

Walk - D-pad
Dash - L
Jump - B
Main Weapon - Y (1)
Sub Weapon - R (2)
Transform - X
Overdrive (OIS) - A

Special Attack 1 - Charge weapon until blue aura appears -> release fire
		   Drains 2 ability units
Special Attack 2 - Charge weapon until yellow aura appears -> hold Up and 
		   release fire
		   Drains 4 ability units



A) Model Hu
AKA Vent or Aile

Crouch walking		Down+Forward


B) Model X
Based on Mega Man X

X-Buster		1_2
Charge Shot		hold 1_2 until aura appears, release
	level 1 - small green fireball
	level 2 - large blue fireball
	level 3 - 2 attacks: blue fireball; shoot again to follow up with a 
		  second blue & red fireball


Model Zx
Based on Copy Zero

Buster Shot		2
Charge Shot		hold 2 until aura appears, release
	level 1 - small green fireball
	level 2 - large blue fireball

Slash			1
Double Slash		1,1
Triple Slash		1,1,1
Dashing Slash		1 while dashing
Jumping Slash		1 while airborne
Spinning Slash		Up+1 while airborne
Charge Slash		hold 1 aura appears, release


D) Model Hx
Based on Guardian Leader Harpuia (thunder/wind element)

DS Ability:
Analyzing Enemy - view boss' health bar and weak point data

Basic Attacks:
Horizontal Slash	1
Vertical Slash		2
3-hit Slash combo	1,2,1 (ends with a short-range wave projectile)
Double Slash		1_2 while dashing

Hover			Jump while airborne (press again to cancel)
Air Dash		Dash while airborne
Air propulsion		Up+Dash while airborne

Special Attacks:
1. Paralysing Sphere - tracks enemies and paralyses them
2. Whirlwind - creates a damaging vertical column of wind energy

Spark Slash		1_2 (can charge up cars to make them move away)


E) Model Fx
Based on Guardian Fefnir (fire element)

DS Ability:
Buster Edit - modify the path of your shots 
	      (enter the pause menu and tap the touchscreen to edit)

Basic Attacks: remains stationary when shooting :(
Left Cannon		1
Right Cannon		2
Sky Cannon		Up+1_2

Special Attacks:
0. Puncher - punches with arm attachment (only when no ability units remaining)
1. Burning Fireball - a large fireball that can set enemies alight
2. Flame Wave - sends out a wave of fire (hold Down instead of up!)


F) Model Lx
Based on Guardian Leviathan (water element)

DS Ability:
Item Scanner - shows the position of any on-screen items

Basic Attacks:
Slash			1_2
Long Vertical Slash	Jump+1_2
Spear Twirl		1_2 while UF (keep tapping for continuous spinning)

Underwater Float (UF)	Jump while suspended in water
Underwater Boost	Dash while UF
Return to ground	Jump while UF

Special Attacks:
1. Ice platform - creates a platform which damages and freezes enemies.  
		  Rises when placed underwater
2. Ice Serpent - summons a homing snake which damages and freezes enemies 


G) Model Px
Based on Guardian Phantom (non-elemental)

DS Ability:
Radar Scope - shows the position of all enemies and fake walls

Basic Attacks:
Rapid Shells		1_2
Spread Shells		1_2 while airborne

Hanging Position	Jump+hold Up into the ceiling 
			(can shoot from this position commando-style)
Drop Down		Jump+hold Down

Special Attacks:
1. Shuriken - shoots out a short-range spinning disc; returns to user
2. Shadow Shield - Nullifies enemy plasma attacks; absorbs damage on heavier 
		   shots, but shield is lost

Shadow Dash		Dash while in OIS mode; 
			while dashing on the ground you can't be hit by enemies


H) Model Ox
Based on Original/Omega Zero

Basic Attacks:
Ox's attacks are essentially the same as Zx's, but much faster.
His charged shot is a small and large blue fireball respective to charge level.

Instant Charge Shot	2
Double Mega Shot	Charge 2 until yellow aura appears, release; fire again
Ground Smash		Down+2

Flame Saber		Up+1
Shock Wave		Down+1
Scatter Slash		Jump+1
Ground Pound		Down+2
Light Fanburst		Charge level 1, hold Down and release
Light Columns		Charge level 2, hold Down and release



Well that covers just about everything you need to know to show the potential 
of a true Mega Man.  If there are any queries or info which you think should 
be added, feel free to drop me an e-mail at '[email protected]' with the 
subject line "ZX FAQ".  'til next time.



My family: for bringing me up the best way possible, games included!

Capcom: for carrying on the great Rockman/MegaMan legacy with new quirks for 
the modern gamer
CJayC: for creating GameFAQs - an immense source of opinions, help and other 
goodness from hardcore gamers worldwide
Patrick McCarthy - for Px's Shadow Dash ability

This document is copyrighted 2006.