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Subquest Guide

by sfujibayashi

Rockman ZX
- Breeze of the New Revolution -
Subquest Guide
Version 0.4
By Bruce Le/kiryogi ([email protected])

--Table of Contents--

Version updates [VER]
Subquest/Guide Outline [SUB]
Michelle [MICH]
Ton [TON]
Roberto [ROB]
Arsia [ARS] *  
Yuu [YUU] **
Congarl [CON]
Luka [LUK]
Trent [TRT]
Melody [MEL]
Levan/Revan [LEV]
Shiyuru [SHI]
Angle [ANG]
Myuge/Rose [MYU]
Hide and Seek Kids [HIDE]
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Credits/Contact/Disclaimer [CRED]

* - Aile only
** - Vent only

 Version Updates [VER]

- 0.4 -
More detailed descriptions added, mistakes fixed.

- 0.3 -
Faq section added
Vent subquests added.

- 0.2 -
Pictures URLs added to assist players in finding the person

- 0.1 - 
Aile guide completed

 Subquest/Guide Outline [SUB]

This is a guide to help import players on the many subquest missions 
you'll receive through out Rockman ZX. It's laid out with: the name 
of the person you receive it, the mission objective, how to achieve 
this objective, important notes about the mission, and the reward payout 
for completing it. It also must be noted that any of the japanese script 
here will be in SJIS. 

Now, subquests are usually given when you talk to the 
person after completing another subquest or clearing an area. You'll hear 
a chime when you receive one. You can choose to take it on like any 
normal mission at the transerver. Now it must be noted that there's still
a lot of details I need to clarify, but for the most part this guide should 
be able to help you complete the subquests given to you. Any who, this is 
my first faq ever, so please excuse my mistakes and I hope this helps 
you out.

 The Subquests

�~�V�F�� Michelle (C-2, girl in blue dress) [MICH]

Retrieve the miracle flower

How: Head to Area A-1 and it�fll be located to the left the purple spiked 
vines above the vicinity of the entrance to A-4. Head all the way to the 
left of A-1 and scale that wall with HX to reach the upper area.

Note: This mission will be available when you recieve model H.
Make sure to deliver the flower to her to get the clear for the 

Reward: 200 EC


�g�� Ton (X-1/Deck of the Guardian Base, big guy) [TON]

Purify the water in Area B-4

How: Attack the water tanks with anything to push them in.

Reward: 300 EC


���x���g Roberto 
(C-1, old man inside the room labeled C-1 in C-1 Area) [ROB]

Move the balls to the lower area

How: Go into the door above him then just move the balls down 
the lower section as you would in the soccer minigame or 
with the witch elf in Prairie�fs room.

Note: This mission will be available after clearing model P
boss, Protectus.

Reward: 200 EC


(Aile Only)
�A�[�V�A Arsia (C-2, the little girl with the dog) [ARS]

Find her shimeji/�V���W�@(mushroom?!)

How: You�fll find it near the midway door to the 2nd half of A-2. 
Return it to her and she yells at you that shimeji is her bird! 
(Fun play on words) Head back and the bird should be near the 
spinning blades.

Note: You receive the spike ice chip in this subquest. 
Make sure to return the bird to Arsia to receive the clear.

Spike Ice will make it that you won't slip when talking on ice.

Reward: 200 EC and Spike Ice Chip for Aile


(Vent Only)
���E Yuu (C-1, at the end next to the Protoman Racer) [YUU]

Take the quiz

How: Head to area C-3 and talk to ���[ Ruu (the boy by the
Rush Racer) 

and he'll ask you about the games at the arcade. The correct 
answer is  �h���v���g���u�� drible trouble (third answer)

Note: Available after clearing 4 bosses. You can also clear the
quest without answering correctly but you won't recieve the 
50 EC reward.

Reward: 50 EC

Talk to Yuu again to recieve the 2nd mission.

2nd mission:
Take one more quiz

How: Head to area C-3 again and talk to Ruu. He'll ask you
what item drops in area A-3. It's an apple. So pick the 2nd
choice ��� apple.

Note: After clearing this, you'll recieve a
�s���N�N���X�^�� Pink Crystal.
Take it to �W���b�N Jack 
(C-1, the old man near the green door)
to recieve the Spike Ice Chip for Vent.

Spike Ice will make it so you won't slip when walking on ice.

Reward: 50 EC and the Pink Crystal


�R���O�� Congarl 
(X-1 4th floor, first door, the scared guardian member) [CON]

Cut the grass on the roof!

How: Use HX to scale the roof of the buildings in C-2. 
You�fll notice little grass growing on top of them. 
Slice them up!

Reward: 200 EC


���J Luka 
(C-1, inside the door that leads to A-2 from C-1, 
use PX/HX to reach the door seen above) [LUK],gif

Find her bag

How: It'll be located in Area B-2 on a ledge reachable 
with HX near one of the spinning blades. Start from the 
C-1 entrance, climb the ladder and head east. Right after 
the two spinning blades, you can use LX to locate it.

Note: This mission will be available after clearing the model
P boss, Protectus. Make sure you return the bag to Luka 
tor recieve the clear for the transerver.

You can also change Aile's sprite colors with Luka

Reward: 100 EC 


�g�����G�C�g Trent 
(X-1, 4th floor of the Guardian Base, the tall/lanky guy) [TRT]

Deliver his letter to �����f�B/Melody

How: Melody will be located near the fountain near the east end 
of C-2.

Note: This subquest is available after draining the fountain in 
C-2, use HX at the top of the fountain to reach the ledge to 
the right. It'll lead to a room where you can turn the fountain 
on and off.

After clearing this at the transerver, speak to Trent 
to receive another mission and letter to deliver to Melody. 
It�fs a total of 6 missions with Trent including the first former 
mentioned. It must be noted that Trent is writing cheesy 
love letters.

These are the rest of the mission names:

Reward: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 EC


�����f�B Melody (C-2, East end near the fountain) [MEL]

Deliver her letter to �g�����G�C�g/Trent

How: See Trent mission on where to find him

Note: This mission will only be available after you finish 
Trent�fs series of requests.

Reward: 100 EC


���C���� Levan/Revan 
(C-1 West end, near the car, guy with glasses) [LEV]

Find the Cold Pearl

How: It�fll be located in F-2 inside the blue clamshell after 
the spikes. Use LX to reach it safely.

Note: This mission will be available after you clear the
model P boss, Protectus. You�fll want to return the pearl to 
Levan/Revan before you get the clear to report to the 
transserver. Also, it must be noted that you're doing this
so Levan can propose. You'll notice that 'll have his 
girlfriend with him after you clear the mission.

Also for Vent players, Levan will actually have more to say.

Reward: 300 EC


�V�����[�� Shiryuru 
(X-1, old man just east of the Data Room door) [SHI]

Find a mineral

How: It�fll be located in K-1 right before the door to the midboss. 
Use the Geysers to head up to where the energy capsule is. 
Then go left and jump over to the other side, and then walk 
through the wall to get it. LX should help you detect it if you 
don�ft notice it. It�fs sort of half-covered by the wall.

Note: This mission will only be available after clearing Area K. 
Make sure to return it to Shiryuru, and then you�fll get
the clear to report to the transerver. Also don't forget 
to talk to him again to receive the next request.

Reward: 200 EC

2nd Mission: 
Unearth the Ore from the mineral

How: Head to the conveyor belts in Area E-4 and you�fll find a 
female guardian member there. 
Talk to her and she�fll do the rest for you.


Or you will not be able to complete it.
Make sure to give the ore to Shiryuru to get the clear 
to report to the transerver.

Extend will increase the amount of time your invulnerability
lasts when you're hit.

Reward: 300 EC and Extend Chip


�A���M�[�� Angle 
X-1, tall guy just west of the Data Room door) [ANG]

Find 5 screws

How: They�fll be located in Area K 3,4,5. 

These are listed starting from the Area K transerver:

Screw #1: Behind the blocks that only FX can destroy

Screw #2: After returning to the normal route from
the 1st screw, it'll be just a little bit to the west.

Screw #3: In the lava, just west of the door that leads
into K-4. Use PX to get it.

Screw #4: In the vertical lava chase. It'll be located to
the right of the 5th chain mechanoloid.

Screw #5: Near the end on the vertical lava chase where
you have a choice to go left or right, go left. The screw
will be right next to 2nd chain mechanoloid on that side.

Use LX to help you locate them if need be.

Note: Spike Wind will make it that you won't get blown away
if you're on ground.

Reward: 200 EC and Spike Wind Chip


�~���Q Myuge/ ���[�Y Rose 
(X-1, Myuge- nurse in the last room on 4th floor
Rose- Nurse with purple hair outside of Myuge�fs room) [MYU]

����傤�Ԃ����̃`���E�^�c - Myuge's request
�G�i�W�[�p�b�N�̃`���E�^�c - Rose's request
Find Medical indicator for Myuge and 
energy packs for Rose.

How: The process for this will be to talk to Myuge and 
receive her mission request. The item she wants will be found 
in Area L-1 inside a crate. After clearing that mission, talk to 
Rose and get the energy packs inside a crate in Area L-2. 
Repeat this process by talking to Myuge then clearing that 
and then talk to Rose again for a total of 6 missions altogether.
(Myuge, Rose, Myuge, Rose, Myuge, Rose should be the order) 
Myuge�fs 2nd item will be located at Area L-2 inside a crate. 
Her 3rd item will also be located inside a crate in Area L-2. 
Rose�fs 2nd item will be located inside a crate in Area L-3. 
Her 3rd item will be located inside a crate in Area L-3.

Note: These missions will not be available until you have cleared 
Area L. You need to talk to them after getting the items 
before you get a clear

Reward: 150, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150 EC and a Subtank.


Hide and seek kids 

�J���� Karen (C-1, towards the center, located above the 2nd
movable car by the door) [HIDE] 

Find the kids.

How: You�fll need to head to the portion of Area G where you had 
to rescue everyone from the fire. Then you�fll need to find these 
kids in this particular floor order and make sure you�fre in human form 
when talking to them: 7F, 5F, 7F, B1F in the lower right corner, and 
right outside the building leading into the stairwell area 
(climb up above with HX to find him).

Note: This mission will be available after clearing Area G. Talk to
Karen to recieve it.

After clearing this mission, make sure to talk to the first boy 
you see inside a room starting from the west end of C-1 in 
ROCKon (MEGAon in us)  state to receive
the Frog Chip.

Frog chip will slow down the rate you'll slip at when you're clinging
to the wall.

Reward: 400 EC

 Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: Why is it that I  can't find the quest item/complete the subquest
after getting a chime from the person?

A: Getting the chime only means you recieved the mission, to
start doing it, you need to start it like any normal mission at the
transerver. It'll usually be on the bottom of the list after the
normal ones. Also! Make sure the G icon in the upper left isn't there 
when you're gonna do a mission.

Q: Why is it I don't get the item when I talk to them?

A: Try talking to them multiple times.

 Credits/Contact/Disclaimer [CRED]

- Capcom
- Inticreates
- CjayC
- Myself
- The Megaman Community out there
- San Sidera

Email me about any mistakes, questions, or additions at: [email protected]
You can also find me hanging around the irc tales channel at: channel: #tales

This entire document is (C) 2006 by Bruce Le/kiryogi. All trademarks are 
property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used 
without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your 
website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, 
or making reference to any material contained within. This may be not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. 
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. 
Please email me at [email protected] to inquire about gaining permission 
to use this document.

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