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by xXGogetaXx

                                            .:::,....     .,,                   
                                    ;X..28 ,c:.;:.o;,,.;c               
                                    0: 2N,;Q5cc37.;;,,,A.              
                                   .U..Fh0D;;::..C,XNN, ccc.;c,.Q8   .,:cc      
                                   cZ; ,8NNk8QhWNNHZNNNo.cG  Do;cC,:;cc;:.      
                                   Xk, @[email protected], .    .,,.          
                                   H0 ,2NHHWmHHNNNNHNRo8;;;5..:;;C              
                                   5    ,NNHHRDXc:     :,8oo2;:,.C.             
                                          :.cX,    .:jANZQ:;0,,,.3;             
                                          j.cUAc ;N@NNWKF  c..,,.:o             
                                       ZNHhhQAD:X     2: :HQ:..:,3,            
� 2006 Matthijs Ewoud van Loon        FHGK@hhD;ocQC2F@QWHmm@8;.:;5            
                                        hNk@GZU  C@WmmRQDDDFGQW@G;.7;           
                                      ,:  :[email protected].         
                                       :: kQQUA88Q80GZXkWW@@@@@@@HHc,:X         
                                      .HNH@NN@HHKkDGZDAK@          c:G;;C       
                                    .FNNNN@NWAWHHNNHND .,;:.:c:;cC. ;:Z:;j      
                                   :0NNNNcoNkARAWHHHNN;...5;[email protected];0,7c     
                                 ,kRNNHNo  ANAW@HN@mHNH :;;c ANHNNNN,:,c;:3,    
                                ccHFkFoD;, ,NHNNH.   .,  ,::cNHmWHNNNo,j.,;X.   
                              ;X,c@Z0kFDh..   .:. .:;  GHNNjcNHARAA@Nm c, ;co   
                             c2,;ANmWHNNNNN.     .3jccRNNNNN,.HHARARNH:WR  jC:  
                           .5C,:o,AUUoWHHNNN.   :NNHNNNNNNHNX  hHAHRARmHNo :oo  
                          cZ;  5,  .:0NNUHNNNH8QNNHHNNH@mAAHN :GHHHX52xxAH  70  
                        :Cc    kcx:,;NNNUkhWNNNNNNNNNHRARRRRNoGWZD8Cx0X08Nc oh  
                       ::      cHNNNN8 @mAAkARmANNARRAARRAARHH:@FGX08DDUQh0 ,2  
                             .3c..x;   [email protected].:  
                             .:.       cNkRKKRRNR kHAAKKKKKRRHN.:         .h:X0,
                                       ,NRRKAKNN  .AN@AKKKKRm@N .Hc    .. ,Q:,c
                                        N@AAHNN   : 7HNHRmWWHNN 2NN0   ..,NRc:  
                                        NHmNNKHx  ;;  cDNWHHRDH2 j@0NHk72mm:    
                                      mHNNKHRARNNC80;:  ,NN        c7;ccc;      
                                     ;NWNNk@WmWNHANF,    ;     ,  .;   .        
                                     ;NhmH@UAAkU8kN,    ,,  ,2c7  HHDF:         
                                     oNxxN@c5X00DFm. ,:,,Zkkh:  .@NNHHN7        
                                     7N2RNK28G5occc .,,.38F0hN@ANNNNQk@N.       
                                      NHF0cc;:,;;c  .,,.0jc0HNNNNNh20X0HZ       
                                      ;A:,,:;o5c,  .....;o3U82WHRNH5xx0HZ       
                               .,:;c;c,7;:;;c0o. ....,,. UH8X30H@HACx0QH        
                          .,:;cc;:,,cc:xCcccoC,;:.,...,:: hHFx5Z022xDmH;        
                      .,:;c;::,,.,..3;::c;;c;::;;...:::c   ;QHH035X20HW         
                 .,:;cc;::,,,,,....;2Cc:,..,,,,.cWHc          QH500XXK0         
            .,:;;c;;:,,.,,,......;23ccjj5x8X;.,jkNNH           KRx8Z08N;;c:     
        .,;cc;;::,,.,,,,,:::, .jQk8FhQAAAhHNNNHNNNNH         X, UWARmWNk,cmZ    
  .;;::;;;::,,:::::;;:::,,.. oNNNkAAAUQhAHNNNNNNNNN,        .8;:.:;::. ,.:cF,   
.ccc:;cc;;;;::,,..           NNNNHHHHHHHNHHHNH@H2.           o..         . 3.   
:;::,,..                     NNHHNNNNNNNNNHh;               .H,,;2o77CG0h2;c    
                             2@W@@WmAUGc,                    NNkWHHNNNN@HNNF    

	�By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is 
	noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, 
	which is the bitterest.� 

This FAQ is � 2006 Matthijs Ewoud van Loon (A.k.a. xXGogetaXx)
All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this 
guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to 
posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide 
in your own, or making reference to any material contained within. 
All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above.

If you want your site to be in this list, or if 
you found this on a site not listed, please email me.

1.		Table Of Contents		[tocs] 

Use Ctrl+F to find what you need more specifically,
Or alternatively, Option+F on a Mac.

1.	Table Of Contents					[tocs]
2.	Version History						[vehi]	
3.	Introduction						[intr]
4.	FAQ							[faqs]
5.	Walkthrough						[walk]
	a.	Area A - R.O.C.K. ON! - Forest			[rock]
	b.	Area B - Save Senpai! - Mountain Pass		[abcs]
	c.	ZX Map - Exploring is good for you!		[mapu] 
	d.	Area C - A Test? Right-o. - Town		[whut]
	e. 	Area X - Airship fortress - Guardian HQ		[weee]
	f.	Area D - Deja Vu - Highway			[nsmb]
	g.	Area E - "Search the Plant" - Power plant	[harp]
	h.	Area F - "Find the Survivors" - Lake		[iceh]
	i.	Area G - "Fight the Irregulars" - Burning Office[fire]
	j.	Area H - "Secure the Livemetal" - Amusement Park[ghos]
	k.	Area X - Defend the Base! - Guardian HQ		[wsup]
	l.	Area I - "Save the People" - Confinement	[rain]
	m.	Area J - "Recover the Disk" - Sea Side		[seap]
	n.	Area K - "Attack the Excavators" - Lava Field	[hotz]
	o.	Area L - "Protect the Lab" - Research Lab	[mech]
	p.	Area M - "Stop the Dig" - Remains		[nedm]
	q.	Area O - "Repel the Army" - Highway 2		[sugo]
	r.	Area D - "Destroy Model V" - Serpent Company	[endu]
6.	Secrets and Hints					[secr]
7.	Translation Notes					[tran]
8.	Contact Info						[cont]
9.	Credits							[cred]

2.		Version History			[vehi]
Update!, a few strategies are added
Ran a freaking SPELLCHECKER! :P

Permissions update

New ASCII Art.

Added 3rd sub-tank myself. Some small changes.

Updated a lot because of the translation to English.
Changed some name's to more official "Giga aspis", mind you Ryken :P)
Also added a lot more strategy to some things. Like 
Prometheus's weakness to elec >_<,
Also change my contact info, as I started to get a LOT of email upon
the English release.

Edited some parts with better strategy.
Also gave permission to some more sites.

Updated the Extension chips section. Credit goes to Marshmallow Man and

Added some stuff in the main Walkthrough.

Added Extension Chips in the Hints and Secrets section

Added ASCII art, fills things up nicely.
Added some Q's in the FAQ.

Finished everything. Errors not counted.
Edited some thing duo to people getting stuck even with FAQ :s.

Almost done... Just area M, O and D. (I hear n00b's in the background... �hehe,
MOD lol.)�

Walkthrough almost done, just two to three more levels.

Walkthrough halfway finished.

Walkthrough update, the fire level is now covered.

All Sub-tanks and life upgrades now complete.
Gave permission to to use this FAQ.

0.6 � 15-07-2006
Added a life enhancer, redirected sub tank no. 3 to sub quest guide,
Walkthrough up to area F. And ran a spell checker. (boring work)
All health upgrades are now complete
Things to do:
*Last sub tank
*finish Walkthrough

0.5 � 14-07-2006
Added some things, Walkthrough more complete now.

0.4 � 12-07-2006
Walkthrough is not complete yet, but still very helpful for starters.
Things still to do: 

3.		Introduction			[intr]

Hi there! My name's xXGogetaXx and I'm the writer of this guide.

First off, don't expect me to warn you about every other spoiler.
This is not a spoiler-free Walkthrough, and on top of that, the Walkthrough is 
still meant for the Japanese version of the game. So there.
So many players will actually want to read what is going on. I'm not 
going to explain the controls; I trust you're not that dumb.
I am going to help with the more delicate maneuvers though.
And last but not least, this is my first ever Walkthrough.

But on to Rockman ZX.
Rockman ZX is basically the follow up to Rockman Zero, the style 
is VERY similar. And that's a good thing.

ZX has the same basic controls as the Zero series, with one welcome 
exception. The Y button. your thumb is now very comfortably placed.

In this game the system has been given a complete overhaul;
First off, the Livemetals. Which I will be explaining throughout the 
Walkthrough to avoid spoilers.

The human form, can actually do some unique things.
It can crawl, for one. You can also talk to most people only in human form.
If you're using a Livemetal while talking to normal people, they'll think 
you're a Maverick.

4.		FAQ				[faqs]

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question(s), and since we have 
quite a bit of those on these board, many of them are answered right here.

	Main Questions;

Q: I can't find [Insert Model/Item name here]!?

A: Use Ctrl+F. All Sub-tanks, Models and all Life-ups are in here.

Q: I've heard this game is like Metroid and/ or Castlevania, is this 
A: In a way, yes. But the only similarity is that all the levels are 
linked, so it's more like one big level. Otherwise, this game plays 
much like any other Megaman game. But even more like the Zero series. 

Q: Do you need Megaman/Rockman Zero 3 or 4 to get the secret Model O?

A: NO. This has been asked a thousand times. Zero 3/4 is only necessary for 
the secret 8 bosses.
You CAN get Model O this way though.

Q: Is this game worth buying RMZ 3/4 for? 

A: IMO, Yes. Both games are slightly different, but I'd recommend 3, 
Because of the story.

A: What is this Level thing I keep hearing about?

Q: From the start: Bosses have weak spots. These spots contain the Livemetal 
they are equipped with. If you hit this spot, the Livemetal you will receive 
later will be weaker (i.e. it will have less stripes of max. energy)
So try not to hit it, it'll save you energy crystals.

Q: What are the differences between Vent and Aile? 

A: Aile dashes faster, but has more recoil. She can also change her outfit 
with a girl in area C-1. 
1.Vent's story seems to be easier, and he doesn't get as much recoil. 
Though his dash seems slower.
Aile also crawls WAY faster than Vent.
Their voices and human sprites are different too.

Q: Where in the story line does this go? 

A: A few hundred years after the Rockman Zero series. And before the 
Rockman DASH (Megaman Legends). This has been confirmed.

	Game-related questions;

Q: I beat Omega, but won't get the stone!

A: You need to be on Normal or Hard mode to be able to get model O.

Q: I can't reach the big guy in C-2! The pillars are blocking me!

A: In human form, you can crawl under tight spaces by pressing down.
These pillars can be crawled under.

Q: The extension chip you listed isn't there!

A: Most of the sub-chips can only be gotten later in the game,
try finding them again after a while.

5.		Walkthrough			[walk]

R.O.C.K. ON! Model X Lends his strength!	[rock]
	Area - A

You might want to check the translation notes section.
There are some names I prefer using over the English ones.
i.e. Fluub over Fleuve, Girouette over Giro... And R.O.C.K. over 

The game begins with Girouette and Vent/Aile talking. Note the sweet 
voice-acting here. After a while (I hate not being able to skip this, 
don't you?) a few Galleons (Serpent Grunts). They start shooting Girouette and 
Vent/Aile! (I'll start calling the main antagonist "You", it's easier)
Of course, you still have no better weapons or weapons at all. So just 
keep pressing A.

It's somewhere in the future, and you are delivering a package for a 
weird group named "Guardian".

After a while you'll see Model X floating around... Model X is a live metal. 
A live metal seems to contain the will and powers of a repliroid of the past...
Anyway, more talking. And a cut scene. An anime cut scene, which looks 
Enjoy it, and then move on.

	Level Start!

Now you're in possession of some nice firepower, you'll get to kick 
serious Serpent butt.
It's not necessary, but you may want to go to the left first. You can 
pick up some data chips, which do the same as they did in Zero 3, 
providing data about enemies and allies.
Remember: you can use the X button to switch between Models. And only 
human form can crawl into tight spaces... Got that? Good.

Also, in human form, some enemies won't even attack you. Only Mavericks will.
For example the green yoyo's.

And for those that haven't played Zero, use �Up' to go into doors. 
You'll need that.
This level is made far too easy, simply move right and blast everything 
in your way using charge shots. Just try not to get hit too often; 
you'll want to keep your health up for the boss.
After a while you'll come across some ledges, they lead to a door you 
can't enter yet so just move on through the doors.

Now, those flying gyro-thingies are a but harder to kill then the 
others, but it's nothing two charged shots can't handle. You'll also 
come across what I'd like to call �Death-yoyo's�, simply stay in front 
of them, jump, and hit them with charged shots. Or just let them come 
down, them shoot them. Easy as 3.14.

Here comes the fun.

Giga Aspis (Giant Snake)

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

He has three attacks, which are easily avoidable. When he goes to the 
opposite side of you, just watch out for the rocks and just jump over 
them. When he shoots green pOISon at you, either dash under it, or 
dash-jump over it. This is a good time to shoot him a few times.
He might also crawl a bit and jump to the next side, be sure to stay 
under him while he does this, then rush to the opposite side of where 
he went. Now start blasting.

A new addition to ZX is buster combo-ing. That means you can use the 
two charges you have, and fire them after each other. And does massive 
damage. This boss shouldn't be so hard, even though I died my first 
time >_<.

Now notice the new explosion sprites :).

Flush through the dialogs, and move. Don't go into the door just yet, 
there's a data chip right nest to it. Now go into the door.

Meet your first transfer room! You can heal yourself here, choose missions 
(first option), save (second option) and of course, transport yourself to 
another trans server.
But before we can do that, we need to flush more dialogs.

After the dialog, choose a mission. I'm going to keep choosing the 
first mission, since this is Japanese. Choose the second option after 
the lady explaining to accept the mission. You'll get a confirmations 
(�Mission Start�) afterward.

Collectors Items				[abcs]
	Area � B1-2

But we still need to find Girouette eh?

NOTE: In "Inner" areas (marked blue on your map) 
you can stay in human form, and you won't be attacked by any guards.
This works especially well in B area, in which those green yoyos will stay 
Some enemies might even stop moving!
Handy that I told you this eh?

Move right out of the trans room. Notice the signs inside the rooms 
that tell you which way to go. You'll be in area A-2. You'll need to 
get up on this ledge, avoiding the annoying giraffe repliroid. On the 
ledge, move right. Enter the first door (it's more of a hole, really) 
to enter Area B1. Go right, and be careful to blast everything in you 
way. Those metools (with lightsabers? Come on Capcom!) might seem 
intimidating because of their annoyances, but just jump over them and 
blast them in their back.

Move right until you get a scene. Apparently we'll need to collect 
these �Computer Chips� that dropped off some mavericks too.
By the way, stop destroying the barrels. I know you want to see them 
smashed, but you're going to need them to get to one of them chips 
later on. Jump on the ledges, and keep jumping until you find another 

Head through the doors, kill some more baddies, and get the health 
Head up the stairs, and destroy the death-yoyo. You'll be able to grab 
some Energy crystal (grab as much as you can, I'll explain later) and 
a... Chip. Nice.
Head up the stairs and move on.
There's a transport room underneath some stairs, use it to save and 
recover, then go back up the stairs and move on.
The last of the chips will just be lying on the street... Did I mention 
this all seems too easy? Right.

Move on; kill all of the death-yoyos. Keep none alive.


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

Ugh, too long name.
Anyway, this guy has pretty much one attack, which varies a little. 
It'll drop cargo loads, which after a while will shoot icy things at 
you. Dodge these by jumping, or dashing under them. But don't try to 
dodge when you can prevent.
On of the three boxes that are dropped will show a red eye, you'll need 
to shoot. If you're lucky (or just fast enough), the explosion will hit 
the main enemy; dealing half of lifebar damage. Use the second shot of 
your charge though, since you'll have more chance of hitting the right 
Oh, and be sure to not stand under the plane directly?

After you won, Girouette will dash in and... Look bad-ass. You took all 
that work killing that plane and he gets the honour? No fair! Seems 
he's got a live metal too though.
But, he's alive. And so your mission ends.

More story. Seems you're a chosen one! Or something of that kind.
It means that you can wield the Livemetals.
Girouette invites you to join Guardian... A group that hunts down Mavericks 
and keeps the Livemetals safe...

Move on. Notice the flashing icon on the top left? 
(that's not really a question, since it's a REALLY obviously annoying 
It means you just finished your mission and need to get back to a 
trans server. When you do, select the top option to finish it and get 
some EC (energy crystals).
Don't head back though, get the health recovery and head through the 
door. You'll wind up in area D1.
Start heading left. You'll reach an end. Kill the platform repliroid, so 
you can jump on it yourself. Do so, and then enter the door.

Head into the �semi-trans server� (semi, cause it can do everything 
except transferring >_<), and end the mission. You'll be rid of the 
annoying beep!

Oh, and if you have no Idea where to go, check the game map.

I'm putting it here. Be mindful though, that you probably can't access 
some areas without having done their missions first.

NOTE: From this point on, you can choose any route.
Each Model has two missions. Once you completed the first 
one of a certain model (H, for example), the second will become 
Most area`s lie next to each other. Like area I, which has the 
second model H mission, is only accessible after you`ve completed 
area E's mission.
Like I said, many routes. But it doesn`t really matter.

ZX Map						[mapu]

Don't even try and look at this map with a different font than Courier 
or Courier New. It's designed for with those fonts and will look like 
crap with Arial, for example.
          ___                       ___** ___     ___   ___
         |J-3|                     |H-4|-|H-3|   |L-1|-|L-2|
    ___ / ��� \ ___   ___**         �|�   ��� \ / ���   �|�         
   |J-5|       |J-2|-|J-1|--         |         |        _|_      
    ��� \ ___ / ���   ���   |        |       __|       |L-3|
  ___x   |J-4|              |         ��|   |H-2|       �|�   
 |N-1|	  ���		    |           |    �|�         | 
  ��� \ ___*  ___   ___    _|_         _|_   _|_        _|_* 
       |M-3|-|M-2|-|M-1| -|A-4|       |A-3|-|H-1|      |L-4|
        ���   ���   ���    ��� \ ___ / ���   ���        ���      
                                 ��� \___*       ___      
  ___*  ___   ___   ___   ___**      |A-2|      |B-4|       ___*  ___
 |K-4|-|K-3|-|K-2|-|K-1|-|C-3|�\ ___/ ��� \___ / ���       |F-5|-|F-4|
  ���   �|�   ���   ���   ���   |C-1|     |B-1|             ���   �|� 
        _|_              * ___ / ��� \___/ ��� \ ___   ___   ___   |__   
       |K-5|              |C-2|      |B-2|*     |B-3|-|F-1|-|F-2|-|F-3|  
        ���          ___ / ��� \___ / ���        ���   ���   ���   ���   
                    |E-1|      |D-1| 
               ___   ���_\_     ��� \ ___*  ___   ___
              |E-3|    |E-2|         |D-2|-|D-4|-|D-5| 
               ���\___/ ���           �\�   ���   ���
                  |E-4|                _\_   ___   ___*
                _/_���_\_             |D-3|-|O-1|-|O-2| 
               |E-6| |E-5|             ���\  ���   ���
                ���__/���                  \                   
                  |E-7|*                     \            
              ___/ ��� \___                  \           
             |E-8|     |I-1|                  \___               
              ���     / ���\___               |G-1|                 
                     |     |I-2|               ��� \___             
                     | ___/ ��� \___               |G-2|             
                     ||I-4|     |I-5|          ___/ ��� \___
                     | ���\ ___ /���          |G-4|     |G-3| 
                     |-----|I-3|               ���\___*  ��� 
                            ���                   |G-5|   
                                                   ���    ___*     
                                                    ___ / ��� \ ___
                                                   |X-2|       |X-3|
                                                    ���         ���

*	Transserver
**	Semi-Transserver

You have no idea. No idea AT ALL, how hard this is to make.

Walk, don't run.			[whut]
	Area C1-2

When you take on this mission, head to the left. Sometimes you'll need 
to crawl under things to move on.
This mission will be your typical �run around and talk to people' 
mission, so nothing really hard.

When you've gotten to the left end of area C-1, talk to the guard. In 
human form (!). Really, that's the only way he'll talk to you. After 
you talk to him, you need to head right and enter the first �house' 
you'll see (just a normal door, not the one that says �A-2�).
Talk to the women inside, she'll teleport away. Do the same in the next 
Then walk on to the last house in area C-1, there's metools inside.
I think the person inside agrees with you on wanting to teleport away,
Look at him! Anyway, move on to area C-2. At the near end of this area, 
There's a really big guy, you can't really miss him. Of course, talk to 
Now walk to the right and talk to the normal guard.
you'll get... A stuffed animal. But not just any stuffed animal, 
No, you get THE stuffed animal. If you catch my drift :).
Go into the semi-trans server. Mission complete!

Wait, this thing FLIES?			[weee]
	Area X 1-2-3

We need to find a trans server, so head to area B-2. Go to the teleport 
section. Guess what, there's a new area! This happens to be the new 
Yeah, well, just go there.

It seems you're on some kind of flying Titanic! Nice background too by 
the way... The girl that's standing next to you is named �Prairie', but 
she's really known as Alouette from the Zero series.

Story wise, you're now in a group called the �guardians�, which Girouette was 
somehow affiliated with.

Save, then move on.
Explore the ship for a bit, might be fun. But you should really go to 
the top floor; Capcom really knows how to make kick-ass backgrounds.
The ship is scattered with data chips, which you can check at the 
ship's Mad scientist, or just doc will do.

To go on with the real game, move on to the command room, it's the left 
door from the floor you came in.

Notice, at least I did, that the command room has a very annoying beep. 
Get out of there as fast as you can, I think it's haunted.
So flush the dialog and go to the ship's doc.

He's at the door next to the commander. So between the trans server and the 
commander's room. He really looks a bit 
like a catfish doesn't he? Talks like one too...
Seems some stuff is going on in area D!

You'll automatically go there, so that's really easy.

Doesn't this seem familiar?			[nsmb]
	Area D-2-3

Girouette really reminds me of X1's Zero... right. Speaking of which, 
this level looks like an EXACT copy of the first stage in X1!

Really, Capcom's going retro.

Anyway, "�muve raight ent kills tha baddies�, lawlz"  This time, don't go down 
to the (semi)trans server. Just keep moving right until you reach a dead end. 
Sort of.

How do we get pas here? Violence is the answer. Shoot the control 
panel! A bar will lower and you can move on.
You can get your first health upgrade here too! Simply fall into the hole  
after the newly created bridge. The upgrade is on the right.

Eventually, you'll reach a fallen soldier. Move on, nothing you can do.

In the second area, you'll get even more retro. There are some stronger 
enemies here, and even those bee like things from the first stage in 
X1. Really Capcom, get original.
In here they're called "King Flyer" though.
Really, why the hell call them THAT?

NOTE about this mini-boss; If you're smart, like me, you'll get behind him 
after he moves a few times. Then it's just easy as 3.14 from there.
If you're really good, you'll stay at the very right of the screen. Now, 
you won't even fall down! Good idea for speed runs.

They are not really hard, just blast them with charged shot and make 
sure you don't get hit by the smaller bugs. You'll encounter the exact 
same enemy right after the first one. *sigh*

Be careful now, because some platforms may fall down. Really, X1 player 
will be like �What? Have I done this before? Hmm... Deja Vu, damn.�

Move on, shortly you will encounter... Serpent. Or �Serpan', his 
Japanese pronunciation. He's the boss of the Serpan company (slither inc.)
Much story. Seems Serpan got his hands on some live metal too.
He's got a Live metal with which he can control Girouette... Model V
(Model W, in US) This is not good. Prepare.

Girouette: Model Z

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

Attack 1: Big-Z. Girouette dashes from the top left to the bottom in a 

Attack 2: Sword lasers. Girouette  plants his sword in the ground and 
lasers will shoot out of the ground! Dodge by dashing to a spot where a 
laser has already been.

Attack 3: Sword Swing. Girouette jumps and swing a big juicy Lightsaber 
at you.

Attack 4: Charged Sword. Girouette uses a charged sword attack at you.

Attack 5: Sword Dash. Girouette dashes at you with his sword.

Strategy: Just stay away from him and keep combo-ing him. He's really 
much easier than you'd think. So as long as you're out of his reach, 
and keep firing at him, you're going to win.

Afterward you're going to have some dialogs, and a cut scene.
You'll receive model ZX! Which is not really a nice thing, since I 
liked X better. Anyway, try it out a bit. The saber's really nice, and 
you can combo with it. By using it while jumping, keep up pressed to do 
a spinning attack. In ZX, this attack can actually combo on bosses!

Go right now, to see more dialog and appear at the base automatically.
Mission Complete!

Note: You can now get the Erase extension chip.
Just talk to the guy on the second floor, in the first door 
of the guardian base three times.

you can also get an energy tank from the girl on the  bottom floor for 

Activate it by pressing start, the R. You'll see the chips in the middle row.

Go into the trans server, there are 4 new missions!

We'll pick the first one.

My first Live Metal�				[harp]
	Area E

To get to area E, you'll need to get to C-2.
There's a door at the end you couldn't get through first, but can now 
since you've got the proper key card.

Area E's not really a hard stage, but it plays nice. It's a good 
practice for your newly acquired ZX Live Metal.
Once you get into the main building, make sure to watch out for those 
zapping lines. You can hear them, but really, look out. It's easy to 
get hit and it gives enough damage as of now.

You'll encounter a death-yoyo here too. Behind it lies a seemingly not 
so useful weapon energy. But slash it up and voila! Energy crystals and 
Get down from that ladder, and watch the spinning electric mill. Don't 
try to dash; just gently walk under it.
After two, you'll see one that isn't going your way. Try hitting the 
switch, the rotor will spin the other way around. Watch out for another 
yoyo too.

When you get through the door, you will see �shield-then-shoot' 
enemies. They do exactly as I called them, and it's damn annoying since 
you can't time your shot in time. Try using the buster on them.
After heading up, drop yourself before the metal rotors.

You can easily kill the shielding enemies with a Saber combo now.
Head further down. This part looks a bit like a garbage factory doesn't 

Important: Sub tank

From the first tire, dash-jump up to the green elec enemy. Kill him, 
and grab the sub tank behind him.
There! Your potential health energy just got tripled! (if not more)
Try filling it up before the boss.

Don't get smashed by the giant smashers. Really, this means instant 

When you move on into the red door, prepare for a mini-boss.


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

This guy's weird at first, but as long as you know what to do, your 
safe. Just keep climbing up the left wall when he dashes at you, and 
he'll do that a lot. Use you buster. He may also pull his spikes up and 
then dash at you, it this case, just stand still and fire at will ;).
Sometimes, he'll stay in the back and charge a laser, be aware, since 
he'll fire it too.

Move on into the door, then another door. Watch some dialog, then move 
on. Apparently, they breed Cyber elves from garbage here?

Again, more line zappers. Just time your moves, and you'll be fine. Try 
to land on the green elec enemy on the right, this way he can't hurt 
you. So just saber combo him.

Next is something new too, cannons. You can shoot them to make them 
change direction, but you can't kill them. Yet. Avoid, and move on.

You can me the second one kill an enemy for you, handy.
The stairs you'll come across are very handy to fill your newly 
acquired sub tank, so try not to get hit. You can also shoot your 
buster from ladders, so do so. 

Next room's a bit odd. You can fall down here, which will indicate 
instant death. You'll need to be quick and use your charged buster and 
race across the top platforms. They can fall down, hence you need to be 
quick. If you're lucky, you'll be able to grab the full-energy at the 
end. If you're damaged, fix it with a sub tank; the full-energy will 
fill up an entire space, be it sub tank or your life bar. Since the sub 
tank can contain more, use that one.

Behind the doors you'll reach...

Highvolt the Raptoroid

Weaknesses: Ice
Resists: Fire
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Attack 1. Claw-Fire. His claws will rotate around him and fire electric 
shots, then dash into you.

Attack 2. Claw-Fire 2. He'll put his claws in two corners of the screen 
and they will fire at you in a pattern.

Attack 3. Combo. He'll try to combo you with three swings! Simply dash 
away a bit to avoid.

Attack 4. Laser Shoot. He'll project some lasers, then fire them at 
you. You can see where he'll shoot next, so just don't stand there.

Strategy: Zero players, guess what live metal this guy's using? 
Exactly. He's not terribly hard, just use your up+saber combo a lot. 
It's practically suicide to try and combo him while he's doing the 

For a level 4 finish, you can use the "Charged Buster, 
Charged sword" combo.
Note that you should aim for his lower body, 
since his arms contain the live metal.

When you finish him you might notice �Lvl * finish!� depending on the 
number, your live metal will have more weapon energy. The higher the 
better. You'll get the highest level by not hitting his weakness, and 
killing him fast.

Model H get! (Harpuia)
This Live Metal is in my opinion, one of the best (albeit a bit cheap) 
models. The elemental Models have something the ZX model doesn't have; 
OIS It stands for �Overdrive Induce System'. It works by simply 
pressing A (which now has a function). What it does; you'll glow, which 
is nice. But the real thing: You'll deal damage in your element; 
freezing you opponent (or burning, etc.) and giving out much more 
damage than otherwise. Here's the catch: it takes up energy. Lot's of 
it, so don't just leave it on. Press A, attack combo, turn it 
Model H also has a combo: Short sword, Long sword, Short sword. 

But the most cheap thing about Model H: He can dash twice. Try jumping 
and dashing. Now try jumping, hold up, now dash. 
Now try jumping and pressing B in mid-air. You see what I mean?

AND model H has got a touch screen feature. Enemy Analyzing. When you 
encounter an enemy, you can see it's health and it's weak spot, which 
has been painted red. (this only works on bosses though)

Mission complete!

So head to the first door you see; it's a trans server.
Move back to base. The doc can now do an extra job: He can upgrade your 
live metal so it can hold more energy. This is the first option. You 
must have tons of energy crystals right now, so spend them.

Important: You can also grab the second sub tank now already! It's in 
the left side of area A-2, check the Hints section for more info.

It's also handy to open up the C-2 trans server now. Go to the end of C-2 (the 
fountain) now dash jump, and dash upwards to the door. Head inside and turn off 
the machine. Now go down to where the water was, there's now a trans server.

Ice ice, metal				[iceh]
	Area F

To get to area F, you'll first need to get to area B-3. Which you may, 
or may not have been. To go to go into the second rocky door in 
area B-1. Once in B-3, simply move through the area (go right and up 
continuously). Load up your new sub tank if you want.

Now you're in area F. You encounter those barrel like enemies here too, 
only they have the ice element (obviously). You can destroy the ice 
balls they throw at you.
Note: you may not want to use Hx, since it's element (elec) is weak 
against ice. And this whole level is full of that.

Fall into the giant pit, don't climb up the first hole in the ceiling, 
it's a trap. The first part of the stage is pretty easy.

In the second part you'll encounter Galleons, on bikes that are hanging 
from metal wires to the ceiling (!). They're called Galleon Divers.
Their weak point is the wire, so shoot that and get rid of them quickly.

This part is a mini-maze, but it's much more intimidating than it looks 
at first sight. Just take the bottom road first, killing those plants 
things with your charged buster.
Also, Hx can't use his air dash here. So don't even try.

Move on right, than up (don't go into the spikes). Go through the 
doors. Luckily, this is a land area again.
Seems we're looking for someone...

You need to head up. Two new enemies: an annoying butterfly which just 
slows you down a bit, and a polar bear. The polar bear is destroyed by 
just one charged buster shot though, so no real danger there.

Once you reach the door up top, prepare for a mini boss.

Spike-Roller MK-II

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Even easier then before

This guy's the exact same as before, except for the rolling tires under 
us. But those are handy, since Mr. Steamy won't dash at us that way.
As long as you keep (dash)jumping to the left, and occasionally firing 
at him with your buster, you're fine.

Enter the door for a scene. You'll here a bleep.

Time to head back to the locked door you saw earlier, it is now open.

Ugh, another water area. Not very hard though, shoot everything in 
sight and move on.

Carefully avoid the spikes... Then head into the door for:

Luaarl the Abyssroid

Weaknesses: Fire
Resists: Elec
Difficulty: Easy-medium

Attack 1. Ice spikes. She'll fire two ice spikes from another level.

Attack 2. Ice Mines. She'll fire spiky ice mines that will lower to the 
ground. These objects are destroyable, and it's easier to do that than 
to avoid.

Attack 3. Ice wall. She lower herself down, and fire an ice wall! Jump. 
This is hard to avoid and it damages a lot too.(Punch the keys, for gods sake!)
You can also fire lot's of bullets at it while standing, might slow it 
down enough to not reach you.

Attack 4. She'll launch her whole body at you! Dash to the left. This 
attack is mostly used as a counter for using melee attacks at her. She 
might also do this after her mine attack.

Strategy: Wow, this is a weirdo. Don't mistake the human like thing for 
the whole thing, there's a huge fish-bot behind her. So try to stay as 
far back as you can. Buster her, and avoid the spikes. She may be 
harder than anything you've faced before, but that was not so hard. And 
you have two Sub-tanks. Win.

For level 4ing this... Thing, you need to hit the lower part 
of her body (the "Bait" part >_>).
This isn`t that hard using a charged buster shot, or 
Fx` OIS, If you have got it.

After the battle you'll gain the Lx (Leviathan) live metal!

This Live metal specializes in water and items. Her weapon isn't the 
strongest, but in water it's okay.
If you're in water, jump then dash. You'll stay in the position you 
where and are able to move freely! This also works while jumping, then 
pressing B again. You can dash in any direction you want too.

Your attack also changes into some kind of twister when you're in the water and 
the bottom screen can be used to scout for items. Your charged attack creates 
an ice platform... But it's as good as useless.
That, and your OIS (Overdrive Induce System) gives your attacks the ice 
element. Which is very nice.

You can try it out right now, it's pretty fun at first. There are also 
some extra's in this area. Check the secrets section.

Mission complete! Head to the F-5 trans server and continue.

Fire'd			[fire]
	Area G

Area G's right after area D-3, which you haven't been to yet. So go there. 
First area C (C-2, the �data� door), the D follows. G is right after that one.

Or just use the trans server to transfer to area D-2. Right.
Area D-3 isn't that hard, it's just a passageway. As long as you keep moving, 
nothing will hurt you.

Area G-3... Is a fire level. We get to play firemen, since people are trapped 
inside. Not good. It's easy tot get damage here, so be very careful. 

I find Hx good to use here, because of it's mobility to dodge the flames.
Wait a minute, I forgot to say: If you charge up Hx's saber, he'll shoot 
an electric/wind ball that will get rid of flames.

Not THAT's handy!

New type of enemy: Flame tower. They'll spit flames. Close range isn't 
recommended, so use buster.

Eventually you'll come across your first victim... Well, not YOUR victim.
Seems you need to rescue about 8 people stuck inside.

After heading inside you'll see stairs. Lot's of �m. There are two kind of 
dangerous enemies in here: small volcanoes, which spit out fire in multiple 
directions, and fire itself. Of course you can't attack those, but you must be 
careful not to touch it.

Head to the bottom (use Down+B to drop yourself to a lower platform).

There's the first one, but he won't go unless you're in human form.
The door on this floor can't be opened yet... So move up one floor. On the
first floor (1) you'll see windows breaking. Usually there's nothing inside,
but sometimes there are flamethrowers. In that case, dash back and buster them.
There's a door at the end. Use Hx to dash over the three flames, then talk to 
the guy in human form. That makes two!

By this time you'll meet Galleon Burners. You need to buster these, and 
don't stand under them. 

Head to floor 2. A window will break, you can actually go through it as if it 
was a door. Do so. Another guy you need to talk to in human form (3). Head to 
floor 3. Talk to the girl first (4), then head into the door. You'll reveal 
another door here, but first talk to guy number (5). This is speeding up, I 
like that. Now go into that door. Guy number (6) presents itself easy. Go back, 
to floor 4. There's a girl for human form (7), you need to select the first 
Go to floor 5. there's a girl (8). 
From this part it's optional I guess, but I do it anyway.
Now head into the door. There's a girl for human form there too (9). There's 
also a door in the middle of this room, which contains another girl you need to 
talk to in human form.(10)

I'm going to write easier from now on, I keep saying the same thing:
Floor 6 contains somebody for human form too (11). Floor 7 contains a human 

Floor 8 contains no-one. Phew. Just move on, carefully avoiding the 
Galleon Burners and flames. Head into the door/window then go left. Go into 
the window.

Go right, you're finally outside again. Carefully move right.
Oh, and if you see swarms of bees coming at you; saber combo.

You should fill up you Sub-tanks for...

Fistleo the Predatoroid

Weaknesses: Electric
Resists: Ice
Difficulty: Easy-Hard (to lvl4)

Attack 1. Jump for joy. He'll jump three times to your side.

Attack 2. Charge fire. He'll charge red, the dash to your side while leaving a 
trace of fire.

Attack 3. The roof is on fire. He'll charge red, then jump up twice, shaking 
the ceiling. Then he'll dash through the walls in kung-fu style to the other 

Attack 4. Homing balls. He'll charge red, then fire 3 to 4 balls at you that 
appear out of nowhere. Dodge by keeping yourself moving.

Very, very easy. You have the winning element and all opportunity to use it.
Hx's OIS. Then combo. He'll never survive.
He may look fast, but if you pay attention, you'll dodge him easily.

Wall climbing is the key.

If you want to lvl 4 him, go back later and use Fx or Px, and just don't 
attack him when he's charging... Good luck!
Just OIS Px on him.
(thanks to KuroShiro for this one!)

Fx RaibuMetaru get!

Fx has two identical busters, which you can fire quickly after each other. His 
charge attack can break blocks. Pressing start and then touching the bottom 
screen let's you adjust the direction of the busters, allowing you to hit hard 
to reach switches etc.
His element is obviously Fire. Use it against elec enemies.
You can also keep up pressed to fire upwards, handy.

Mission complete! Receive 400 EC.

You could go back to F-2 to get the second life enhancer now...

The Phantom (not so) Menace			[ghos]
	Area H

This one's in are H. You can get there by going to area A-3. Area 3's 
accessible via A-1. You need to head up the ramps there.
In A-3, simply head up and left.

Area H is... A bit odd. It's basically a mettool amusement park. Fun! But don't 
be fooled, you'll still encounter enemies since this isn't an inner area like 
Vent /  Eeru's kinda shocked by this :0.

The BG music sort of reminds me of a track in Diddy Kong racing... oh well.

First thing you'll see is a Ferris wheel. Just ignore it, it's nothing special.

This level has lot's of metools. They can even fall out of trees sometimes. 
Keep your guard (and health) up.
You can ride some kind of train if you want, but I recommend quick dashing.

After the train thing, buster your way to the doors. This'll be fun.

Giant Mettool

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy-peasy

This one's really easy. The only thing you need to be aware of, is when it goes 
up inside it's hat and floats to the other side. In this case dash under it.
You can attack it with whatever you want, just keep attacking. I do recommend 
buster (Fx works wonders here).
It's more of a fun boss, this one.

More duologue, seems the mettool didn't have the Livemetal. Duh.

Anyway, head to H-3. Right, as always.

ALSO NOTE: If you're in normal form, you wont get attack by metools! This
is yet another handy thing for this so suckey form ;).

This part's... weird. But isn't the whole level like this?
You'll be inside a huge crane thing. You know, the carnival attractions in 
which you never seem to get what you want... If anything at all.
That's the case now too, since if you just quickly dash through it, the crane 
won't grab you.
Use Hx, and it'll be easy. Note that you can stand on the sides of holes.
Dash, slash, and hop your way on.

The next part consists of many annoying dark-ish balls that shoot simply 
bullets in all directions. It's really a pain in the ass to try and kill them, 
so don't. Move on quickly. To the right, up the ladders.

The last bit here's... A wind tunnel. Airships with ladders on them, which you 
can stand on.
It's all looks, �cause with Hx, you'll be on the other side in not time at all.

Purpuril the Mandroid

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Medium

Attack 1. Dark wheels. He'll lob two Grey/purple balls at you that'll bounce 
around the room. Wall climb to avoid.

Attack 2. Dark bombs. He'll stand on the ground, and throw a few explosive 
balls upwards. Wall climb to avoid.

Attack 3. Sand throw. Oh, this guy just got out of kindergarten. He'll throw 
sand in an upwards/ forwards direction.

Attack 4. Ridin' Spinnaz. (they don't stop) He'll start spinning, and moving 
upwards in a zig-zag motion. He'll also comedown this way. Try dropping down 
from a wall climb if you think he's at the right height for you not to get hit.
Sometimes he'll stick to the wall and start grinding some rocks at you. Move to 
the other side then.

Oh great, it's a monkey in an amusement park. I get it Capcom.

Two words: Charged Buster. Honestly, don't even think about trying to get hits 
in with swords, since you'll get damaged.

He's very mobile, in the sky too. He'll climb the vines, so be sure not to be 
under him or before him.
Try avoiding the arms, if you're going for a lvl 4 finish. Hit his legs.
(Charged buster + Sword.)

Also, don't be afraid to use a sub tank if you can't avoid everything.

Model Px (Phantom) get!

Nice shades (8.

This model`s quite unique, and in the same sense it isn't. His one move is 
shuriken throw, which... throws shurikens. It seems fast, but is about as 
strong as Fx's buster. In the air, he'll throw them in more directions, but 
less quantity.
Speaking of air, if you hold up while jumping, and touch the ceiling, you can 
hang to it. This also works for ledges and platforms. You can hop onto them 
using this method.
His charge attacks is a... Big shuriken. It's classified as a sword, so you can 
cut enemies in half with this.
But this most handy thing... Using his OIS (which has no element, btw) he can 
be invincible while dashing. (not dash jumping though)

Try using it, might be fun.

Oh, and his touch screen function is that you can see enemies and hidden 
things, even in the dark.

Well, that's all of the first live metals. Move on and check off your mission.

Note, that this is just a semi trans server. You can either move on, or 
backwards now.

Mission complete! Or is it?
Something is up! Very up! Seems the guardian base is being attacked!
Move on, so you can transfer back to area X.

Luckily, this area isn't too hard if you move from top to bottom. So just drop 
down and kill everything.

You'll wind up back in A-3. Burn the bushes with Fx, now head back to the A-2 
trans server.

Save, then transfer to area X...

All Our Base Will Never Belong To You!		[wsup]
	Area X

Oh crud. This background music is just too sweet. Thank Capcom for removing the 
rank system, I'll defiantly enjoy this. And I guess you will too.

Move to the commander's room to get through some dialog.
Serpent forces have landed, and we'll have kick their sorry butts.

Move up the elevator.

What comes now can hardly be called a mini boss. They'll try to hook up some 
kind of bridges.
Your job is to hack them up. I recommend ZX, so you can slash up the enemies 
that come out of them too.

You'll get an anime cut scene.

Flush the dialog, you know these guys want something from you. Energy, 
Livemetal info... Something like that.

Head to the very bottom of the ship. Try not to fall in any holes by using 
either Hx, or just watching your step. Try to load up your Sub-tanks a bit.

Yuck, I don't like the look on that purple guy's face.

It's obvious, you'll battle this guy.


Weaknesses: Electric
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Medium-hard

Attack 1. He'll disappear, then reappear in the center and throw a four 
directional dark flames at you. The flames will then send other flames, which 
will home in on you.

Attack 2. Slash, gone. He'll appear in front or behind you, then slash (with a 
big radius), he'll then slash upwards with a spiral. Get behind him to avoid, 
then hack away.

Attack 3. The wall have... Spikes?! He'll stand in the middle, and launch 
spikes coming from the walls, then the ground, the other walls again.

Oh crud. This guy's something new. 

He's really something else. But he's very possible to defeat, I actually died a 
few times first, but now I can beat him without one sub tank.
His dark flames attack is annoying, but avoidable. The trick is to get them to 
home in on you, then be somewhere else. In both axes (y and x). Try to combo 
with a charged buster and sword.

Also, he's weak to elec. This does speed things up 
nicely. Since he doesn't have a Livemetal weakness, mash away.
Or use Hx's tornado, if you`re feeling lazy.

He'll teleport away, wimp. 
If you're playing with Aile you'll get a little 
story and a bad-ass picture of Girouette.

Now save! You've done half of the story already!

The day before tomorrow... Wait, what?			[rain]
	Area I

You get to area I from E-7, which you can teleport to.

Next to trying to obtain the Livemetal here, is rescuing some people.
Don't worry, it's not nearly as annoying as the burning building...

Well, this looks nice at least. There are three levels of ledges here, try to 
stay at the lowest. Remember; down+B drops you a level lower.
After this, you'll see plenty of platform enemies. Time to climb up!

I suggest heading in the door, since there's not much next to it.

Here there are two options: down or right. I chose right myself.
Watch out for those enemies hanging from the ceiling. Shoot them with your 
buster. Right's a tricky to reach data disk... you'll need to use Hx's hover to 
reach it.
Head down, and right to the door.

you're outside again.

Flying Mechaniloid D

Weaknesses: Everything
Resists: Nothing
Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: Didn't we see these kind of things in the Zero series?
Just use charged attacks, or buster since he doesn't flinch.
Occasionally he'll dash at you; dash with him to avoid. You'll quickly learn to 
dodge his sonic waves too.
Nothing special.

The next part's a bit like the first, but it's a bit more dangerous. Keep your 
health / sub tanks up here too.

LIFE UP: After the spikes there's a health upgrade which you 
normally shouldn't be able to access. 
But there's a trick; you can climb over the spikes if you get hit by an enemy. 
Do so.
People have commented me a lot on this; seems that once you get Hx lvl 2, you 
can go back here and activate the hovering platform with the hurricane attack.
I usually try to get it on the first run.

Enter the building. Remember that you can kill the shielded enemies with an Fx 
charge shot.

Enter the door. you're in.

Basically, you need to go to the right bottom corner; there's a door. There's 
also a door left (which you need to blast open), but there's nothing in there 
except for a few data chips.

So had to the right door...

Hurricane the Wolveroid

Weaknesses: Ice
Resists: Elec
Difficulty: Easy

Attack 1. Red Flash. She'll shoot a red energy wave from... her neck? This 
one's the most easy to avoid and to counter. Simply dash under it, towards her. 
Than attack.

Attack 2. Air Drill. She'll jump up, and slowly come down. When she's hovering 
almost on you, dash away to avoid. Then jump twice to avoid her energy balls.

Attack 3. Trademark Hurricane. She'll hop over to a side, then fire two 
tornadoes at you. Wall climb the opposite wall to the top the jump over them to 

Attack 4. Copyrighted Hurricane. She'll stand in the center, and draw you in. 
Keep dashing away from her now. She'll also fire some energy waves in an order 
while doing this. Avoid these by (wall)jumping before the bottom one's, then 
keep dashing.

Strategy: This guy (girl?) is easy as pie. Honestly, unleash your Lx OIS on her 
and she'll never even blink no more. She has easy to avoid attack patterns.
After 4-5 OIS attacks, she'll be toast.

But if you want to get a lvl 4, easily, just use ZX's buster from the ground.
No matter how, you just won't hit her Livemetal that way.
(Capcom made this a bit too easy... Hmmm.)

Hx complete model Get!

You'll gain a significant boost of weapon memory, and a new charge attack. 
Charge fully (to orange) and hold up to unleash a whirlwind. This is used a lot 
for re-powering electrical applications. The van in C-1 for example.

Also note, this new charge is the most powerful thing you'll ever 
get your hands on. Charge it, overdrive, then let lose.
Most fire bosses die in 2 hits.

Mission complete!

Now, you'll also be able to battle older bosses to try and get a higher level 
on your live metal. In E-7, Highbolt will reappear. I won't be telling you much 
more though, just look them up. Eventually they'll reappear at their usual 

Before you reach the trans server, you need to release some people. Slash the 
red thing in the middle to free them. 

Go to trans server, go past mission, collect 200 EC.
This is beginning to sound like monopoly eh?

Notice how your energy bar for Hx has grown... Then head on to the next 

Deep in the sea...			[seap]
	Area J

Area J is after A-4, which lies in the left side of A-1.

While you're in area A, try to fill your Sub-tanks. The very left of A-1 is a 
VERY good place to fill up your health. There's also a life up there.

A-4 is that cave like area. You'll have to go right. When you need to crawl, 
you know you're heading the right way.

Area J is... Perfect for Lx. Or the other way around, yeah.

It may seem like a maze, but it's actually pretty linear.
There's also a life enhancer which you can easily grab without real trouble.
Note that this place is swarming with spikes; a Rockman player's worst 
nightmare. To the top right's a semi-trans server.

Also note, that the attack you have while swimming, is way weaker than your 
standing or jumping attack.

You might think there's a small dead end down, but look again. It's actually a 
hidden door. Just grab the life enhancer right, and move on thorough the door 
in the main area J-1.

Wow... Capcom's really improving those background's since the zero series.

Anyway, move on. There are a lot of fishroids (fishroids? Come on gogeta... you 
can do better than that) around, but you'll learn to attack them.

It's all very straight forward here. Cut the line of those hanging bike 
repliroids for easy kills.

Head through the door.


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: This guy's very repetitive. He's got two attack patterns; he'll send 
out fish, which you should kill, then send out a tentacle or two (or more).
The tentacle will damage him. So shorten this fight by using OIS. Just hang in 
the center using your spin attack to kill the fishies.

The next area has a lot of spike �passthroughs', but I recommend going over the 
platforms on top of them to get those items and avoid dying.

Keep heading right to reach...

Leganker the Gelroid

Weaknesses: Fire
Resists: Elec
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Attack 1. Spotlight. If you stay up, this won't be troubling you. If not, and 
he spots you, he'll send two harpoons at you.

Attack 2. Ice dragons. Much like Leviathan of the Zero series. He'll open his 
mouth, and release two icy snake/dragons. Move a lot to avoid.

Attack 3. Drain. He'll start drain at two slightly diagonal directions. These 
drain will try to sweep you on to him. Try to jump (a lot) if you get caught. 
This is probably his most damaging attack.

Attack 4. Squids. He'll send out two squids, which will in turn fire homing 
electric balls at you. Try to destroy these things.

Attack 5. Harpoons. He'll fire all 4 of his harpoons off.

Attack 6. Drop. He'll drop himself into the water, causing damage to you if you 
keep wall climbing.

Strategy: This guy is so ridiculously easy.
As long as you stay under water, he won't use his strongest attacks.
Just stand under him, and let loose with Fx. Hold up, so you'll shoot upwards.
Also, don't be afraid to let your OIS go loose.
His attacks (mainly the ice snakes if you use this strategy) are 
easily avoided by wall climbing and waiting until the threat is gone.
There really isn`t a level 4 finish strategy, since his weakness 
has more difficulty to reach than the rest of his body...

Lx complete get!

Lx now gets a new charge attack too: 
While holding up, and charging to the max level, Lx will release... An ice 
dragon. Nice re-using of sprites.
It's also homing, and pretty strong.

Grab the chip for a scene.

But it's not over yet, you need to reach the trans server to get rid of the 
annoying blip. Just drop yourself in the room full of shielded repliroids. Then 
head into the door.
This is not a water area, so feel free to use buster like forms.

Head through the door. As you may have noticed, you're now in the bottom part 
of J-2.
There's a part here, where you ride some kind of dash platform. It's fun, 
riding over 5 repliroids.
Climb through the small space as human and... Hey, we where here before?

Yeah, just go left and head back to the trans server...

Mission complete!

Take off all your clothes...			[hotz]
	Area K

Ok, prepare for the worst. Do you remember the kind of levels in which you had 
to go forward? Those in which the stage scrolls, and if you don't move along; 
you die? This is going to be one of those.

So head to area K. It's at the end of C-3. C-3 through C-1, since you may not 
have been there yet. The door to C-3 is yellow, and has C-3 on top of it.
You'll notice the volcanic surroundings before even entering the stage...

You'll immediately notice the platform's. You can try to jump on them and fly 
over the level using Hx, or wait till they come down and steadily move through 
the level. Either way, don't get under them; you'll die.

This level also has Spike Tower enemies. They're... Spiked towers. Sometimes an 
enemy will pop out, attack it using Hx or Lx's OIS, since they freeze the 

Another unique thing about this level: Hot water. It's so hot, hurts. For real. 
Try not to stay in it too long.

This level also houses the third sub tank. But I don't recommend it. If you 
really think you're up for that, go to the hints section.

Later on in the level you'll also encounter those gushes of water... Without 
the platforms. This means they're less dangerous, but also means they're harder 
to detect.

This part is very doable, move on through the doors.

You'll automatically jump to the bottom...


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Strategy: He looks hard. But he really isn't. The only time you can hurt him, 
is when his �brain� is outside the lava shell. Don't try melee combat unless 
you know what you're doing. Try charged buster instead. Since if you stand 
still too long, he might throw some lava at you from the bottom.

He may also go up and drop lava on you. Dash away, then back. (since the head 
will fall onto you if you don't).

Don't stay in front of him, also stay behind him.

Overall nothing to be afraid of, just don't do anything crazy.

Now for the crappy part...
Talk to the guard. You can't go left, there's too much lava.

There's a path up, but don't take it. It'll just lead back to where you came 

You need to go right. Buster everything in sight.

Watch out for the surge of lava at the end! It's another one of those on hit 
fatal things Capcom likes so much.

Through the doors.

Pause first. Seriously.
This part is though at first: use Hx to get through here as fast as possible, 
bustering may also be a good choice.
In this part, the lava will chase you. And it acts like spikes, killing you 
when you touch it. We don't want that, so move through here quickly. 
As the last time, watch out for surges of lava too; they kill you on connect 
Head through the doors.
You'll see the screen still shaking. This means it's not over yet.
Do they same as the last level, watching out for surges of lava.
Hx will be the best choice here, because of the amount of holes and the 
draining cement. Try to jump over enemies, the recoil is enough to send you 
into the lava.
It may be strategic though, to get hit right sometimes, that way you can move 
right through a lava surge.

It's really though at first, and you'll most likely die a few times, but it's 
possible to get through here. 

Flammarl the Moleroid

Weaknesses: Electric
Resists: Ice
Difficulty: Easy

Attack 1. Dig. He'll start... Digging. �alee-oop� �oolee-oopp� Just dash to 
where the rubble isn't. He also has a slight variation of this, in which he 
stays in the ground, and tries to trick you. Just keep moving.

Attack 2. Flame bullets. He'll stand in a corner and fire Fx like bullets in a 
lot of directions.

Attack 3. Flamethrower. He'll spout a long line of fire that will circle the 
room. Use Hx's hover and dash to avoid. He'll do this twice in a row.

Attack 4. ...Walk? That's right. He'll walk at you slowly. Usually before an 

Strategy: Here's the ironic thing about this level: The boss is ridiculously 
easy. Honestly, equip Hx, move to wherever the rubble isn't and wait until he 
stops. Than hack and slash away with your OIS. Another good time is right after 
he does the flamethrower attack.

Lvl4ing is intimidating, but not impossible. You can use your 
Charged saber and buster during his dig attack. Just don`t hit his arms;
they contain his Livemetal.

Fx Lvl 2 Get!

Fx also gets an additional attack. Charge fully, then keep down pressed, and 
release Y. It sends a flame over the ground.
You also get to extend your custom shots!

Luckily for you, there's a trans server right after this.

Mission Complete!

Levelll Lllll...			[mech]
	Area L

Right. The last metal you need to recover, is the Phantom lvl 2.
It's not really hard, just weird.

So where is this easy and weird mission? Area L. Which connects from H-2, 
There's no trans server at the end of H, so you'll have to go there manually 
through area A-3 (which you go to from A-1).

It's that metool town, remember? You'll have to re-fight the metool mini boss, 
which is fun ^.^

If by now, you don't see a door with L-1 on it, you're heading the wrong way.

Anyway, this is area L. Welcome it, since it's a pretty relaxed level if you 
pay attention to your surroundings and keep killing everything.

If you're in hard mode though, prepare for pure hell. And I mean it.
Enemies everywhere, lots of spikes, and those satelites 
are VERY annoying here.
Also, you have to go through this area for like, 6 times (!) in hard mode,
if you want to get than one sub-tank... Argh!

All enemies are pretty straight forward, you can even grab the platform from 
some Galleons. As long as you blast their asses of your property. 
This level has A LOT of destroyable objects.
Remember I said destroyable? Do so. You want to. Use your favorite Metal here 
I like Fx here, �cuz he's pretty fast.

First doors.

This area's pretty much the same as 1, but there's satellite dishes. They're 
probably the only real annoyance in here.
The blue ones reverse your control, and remove your dash.
While the red one kill your weapons for a while. Avoid, it's easier with Hx.

Next doors. Area 3. More of the same, but this time it's all combined plus 
randomly falling rockets. Beware of the holes.

Next area's AGAIN much of the same... But you'll need to cross spikes. Bully 
the platform of a couple of Galleons, then go through the last pair of doors.

Protectus the Goaroid

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Medium

Attack 1. Homing drills. He'll shoot about 6 small homing drills at you. 
They're destroyable.

Attack 2. Magnetic bombs. He'll throw 6 bombs, 3 on each side, 1 on each level. 
Make sure you're next to a red one, since they explode vertically.

Attack 3. Rocket drop. Two rocket's will drop from the top on the top level.

Attack 4. Shield. He'll make an electronic shield, making him invulnerable to 
your attacks and extending his touch reach. You can destroy it though.

Attack 5. Big rocket. This one's a thoughie; he'll drop a big-ass rocket and 
shield himself in. When he does this, get behind him. The middle and top ledge 
are the only ones in which you're gonna be safe.

Strategy: Alright... He's not really hard, just intimidating. He takes up a 
pretty big part of the screen.
Aim for the horn!
Make sure you always stay on the bottom or middle ledge. This way you can 
easily get to a ledge to avoid his mag-bombs reach. Charged buster is your main 
weapon here. Aim for his head, and avoid his belly.
Use the attack list above here, and you'll be fine.
He's easier once you get to know him. You can experiment a lot;
just make sure you don't hit his belly. That tickles him.
I don't think you'd want to tickle a giant metal rhino, would you?

Just use your charged saber and buster combo on his head.

Px lvl 2 get!
His full charge is... odd. Keep up pressed and release his charge to get 
an energy shield. This shield kills small enemies, but disappears after
it does so.

Anyway, grab the data chip. It contains some data regarding Model V.

There's a trans server right from you.

Mission Complete!

The Final Straw			[nedm]
	Area M

You'll get a small scene.
All Livemetals have been recovered!

You can't select any mission, but you need to go to the guardian base first. 
(area X... Ekesu (:p)).
Head into the commanders room. You'll get a scene that differs per character...

Upgrade your Livemetals, then go to the trans server... There's a new mission!

Area M-1 contains... A big door. It's in area A-4. You went there before. Head 
to area A-1, then go there. There's a red door is up from the A-4 start.

You'll notice a scene before actually going into the door.

This part looks weird. It is pretty weird too.

Flying Mechaniloid E

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: Well, not much different from before is it? It's got the exact same 
radio wave attack. He'll also dash at you in various way's, but it's very 
He may also throw some knives at you, blast them and take in their spaces too 
avoid the rest.

The next part consists totally of rolling enemies, Galleons and some new 
crystals. Which should be avoided, since they really just take up space...

There's a few doors here, but they're just optional.


Now, I'm going to give you a totally crap free way of getting through here 
harmless; a secret passage. Move to the right, don't go down the ladder. These 
blocks are destroyable with Fx's charge. Do so.
Now change into human, and do the only thing human form can: crawl. To the 
right. Now witness my genius... Move on.

Next part's odd too. In here, the water will rise and lower itself continually. 
Make sure you use Lx's float in here, at the right time. Once the water is 
lowering, get yourself on a platform. This sums up this whole area.


The next part is, enemies everywhere. Px's good here.

Double doors. You'll know what that means.

Witness a scene, then prepare...


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: medium

Attack 1. Electric sparks. She'll fire homing spikes in an Fx-like edited way. 
They'll home in on you horizontally first, then vertically. Not all at once.

Attack 2. Pot. No idea... She'll make some kind of pot which the head bounces 
on and of. Keep wallclimbing to dodge this.

Attack 3. Fly. She'll fly up her broomstick in a zig-zag motion upwards.

Attack 4. Ice launchers. She'll fire two mechs, which will keep firing ice at 
you. Kill them.

Attack 5. Lightning walls. She'll summon two lightning mechs to fire up some 
kind of electric wall, kill one of the mechs to end the attack.

Strategy: Overrated. ZX; charged buster and up+sword combo. Win.

Weird thing about Pandora; she switches element.
This may, or may not have influence on her.

Yellow: Elec
White: ice


After the win... You get nothing. Though Serpent gets the giant machine of 
doom! This ain't good...

There's a trans server behind here. Mission complete! You could go explore area 
N, but you wouldn't really need it at this point.

In Neo-Neo Arcadia, Metal drives you!			[sugo]
	Area O

This one's accessed by D-3. Remember those little ladders? They've been 
extended. They're now usable.

Area O's... Getting bombed? Guess we don't get rid of those in the future.
O basically looks like D. Just more holes and a little harder.

Nothing really noticeable, except the return of the weird mini boss of area X. 
Just blast it away.

Head through the doors.

This area will suck balls. (Don't know if I can say that here...)
Why? It's got godly placed Galleon Burners. Expect these in every other 
window. Blast them if you can.

You eventually reach a save point; use it.

After this, more flames. Sometimes patience can help you here, as the 
flamethrowers will throw their tanks away when they're done.


Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy

Strategy: The same as the aqua one? Jup. Attack the colored serpents, kill /  
avoid the blue things shooting the bullets. OIS the serpents, and you'll be 

Next part is more of the same. If you want you can fill your Sub-tanks up 

Promotheus & Pandora

Weaknesses: Thunder for Promotheus
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Medium-hard

Strategy: I'm not listing their attacks, since you've battled them before. 
Focus on getting much damage in using buster and the air-sword combo.
Be quick, and what out. You've got this far, you can do it.
They'll keep switching attack, they won't attack at the same time.
Duo to the lack of walls, some attacks may differ. Like Pandora's pot attack 
which is much harder to avoid. It has two jumps; the second one you can dash 

Use Hx + the Whirlwind attack to drain the health out of Promete.
It drains one full life bar?! Wow.

Use Fx on Pandora.

Also, they have a lifebar more. Looks though, but keep trying. And at one of 
your last two lives, use a sub-tank.

Mission complete!

There's only one level left...

Final Countdown			[endu]
	Area D (4-5)

You should remember the fight with Girouette. You know that building in 
background? That's Serpent's HQ. Just select the mission.
Now go up to that building and press up... Enter.

The first parts just a lobby. Fill up your stuff here.
Enter the doors, you'll be on an elevator. I won't even bother explaining this 
to you. Just don't touch the walls, and kill the enemies. The next elevator 
will contain those flamethrowers, use ZX's up+y in the air to get those.

Eventually you'll fight old bosses again... But this time you have the element 
to counter it. (except for the Phantom droids though) So OIS the crap out of 

Funny thing about the bosses here though: You can try and get your 
lvl4 finishes here too. This is REALLY handy if you didn`t get them 
along the way, or are to lazy to get all the way to area J >_>.

You will keep switching this way:

      U R here\/
Lobby > elevator > Bosses > Elevator > Bosses > Lobby > Elevator > Bosses > 
You get the point. Just what your back, and keep filling the Sub-tanks in the 
lobby's. After the last couple of bosses, you'll come to an extra long lobby... 
This last door goes to the room where Serpan is active.

But don't go through it yet! Collect everything around you now, especially fill 
up your Sub-tanks.

I'd tell you to save, but you can't >.<.
Prepare to make your heart beat a little faster:

Serpent; Rockman Model V

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Attack 1. Bullets. He'll launch bullets horizontally, and slightly diagonally. 
Wall climb to avoid. He may also do this while jumping, but he'll shoot 

Attack 2. Falcon Kick. (stolen from Rockman Zero's Copy X)
He makes a lengthy slide with his feet, dash away from him. 
He does this when you're close to him.

Attack 3. Uppercut. He'll make an uppercut, He'll do this when you're 

Attack 4. Large energy ball. He'll send a large energy ball at you. Wallclimb, 
or shoot at it to make it fly upwards, to avoid.

Strategy: What strategy? Keep charging your buster and firing at him. Avoid his 
attacks to retain as much energy as you can for later.
Don`t be afraid to wall climb to avoid his annoying-as-hell buster,
then jumping behind him to kick his ass.

Don't be afraid to let yourself die, just to preserve energy.

After a scene...

Serpent; Ultimate Model V

Weaknesses: NA
Resists: NA
Difficulty: Hard

(Life bar 1)

Attack 1. Dual Homing. He'll send a shock at you, that'll split in two at the 
ground and bounce back diagonally.

Attack 2. Meteors. He'll glow red and beam out, meteors will start falling. 
It's all destroyable, so do so.

Attack 3. Crystal Claw. He'll raise his claw to make a purple crystal. Then 
he'll crash it to make the pieces hit you.

Strategy: He rises his body up first, use your charged 
buster + saber in air combo. Try to avoid the homing bombs by moving a lot. 

(Life bar 2)

Attack 1. Meteors. Same as 1. He'll glow red and beam out, meteors will start 
falling. It's all destroyable, so do so.

Attack 2. Suck in. He'll try to suck you into him... Dash away. After this 
he'll spurt out dark powder. This will make you move slower; do not touch it!

Attack 3. Life suck. He'll send out two rods at you, avoid these at all costs! 
They will replenish his Hp, and eat yours.

Strategy: Hmmm. A bit different. What you need to do is dash-jump a lot 
to avoid his life suckers, and the weird powder.
Hx`s whirlwind will eat his life, so use it.

(Life bar 3)

Attack 1. Laser Balls. He'll shoot Laser Balls from3 directions. (his hands, 
and his head).

Attack 2. Push back. He'll try and push you back against the hands, then send 
out that powder again.

Attack 3. Life suck. He'll send out two rods at you, avoid these at all costs! 
They will replenish his Hp, and eat yours.

Attack 4. Center Crystal. He'll forge a crystal in the center. You can't hit 
him while he's doing this. After the forging, the hands will smash it and send 
the pieces at you.

Strategy: He'll go very high, his weakness is now the diamond in the middle. 
Watch out for his hands: they are dangerous tools.
You may lose a lot of life here, so try and eat his before he eats yours.
This is it. It's hard, but if you reached his last form with one sub tank left, 
you can do it. 

After this... Stuff will happen. I can't spoil it for you. My Japanese is too 
bad for that >.>.

Congrats on finishing RMZX! If you've beaten Normal mode, you'll gain Hard 
mode! (even thought it's overrated)
You can (and should) go try and beat Omega now. Go check the secrets section.

If you beat the game with Aile AND Vent, and save the clear-data, you can keep 
model X on you next play through!

Thanks for using this FAQ!

6.		Secrets and Hints		[secr]


* You can cut up weapon energy's to form energy crystals and life 
energy. The same works for large energy crystals too.

		Sub tanks

1.	In area E, in the disposal room.(E-4) From the first tire, kill the 
green elec enemy. He was guarding a sub tank!

2.	If you've got Model HX, go to Area A-2. Go to the left side of 
the Transserver. Head left until you see a spinning wheel enemy. Don't 
move further now, instead go up. You'll see a few energy crystals. Keep 
moving to the left now. Eventually you'll see the Sub-tank. You'll need 
to get under the platform where it's on, but that shouldn't be a 
problem with HX. When you're under it, go wall-climb the left wall. 
You'll discover a hidden passage! You can now grab your prize.

3.	This one's more of a side-quest, so bare with me;
You have to have done the area L mission for this.
In the Guardian Hq, there are two medics. (4th floor) Or are those engineers?
Anyway, talk to the fat one. After a few times, she asks you to get some 
"First Aid" kits out in the area L lab.

You accept the mission from the list (it's the last one), then go to 
area L, either through area H or transport directly.
Somewhere in area L, there's an item hiding in one of those destroyable boxes.
Destroy all the boxes, get that item, get back to the fat lady.
Report the mission.
No go to the other medic, standing outside the fat lady's room.
She basically wants the same thing, in the same area. 

I'm not going to repeat myself, since you need to do this for a total of...
Six times. Constantly differing between the nurses. Rose, Myuge, Rose, Myuge, 

After the final mission (the 6th) you'll get a sub-tank from Myuge!

4.	Area K-2. Which is hard to reach than you think, since the normal 
course of action will not get you there. 

You will need to go there from the left, since if you enter K-4 with the 
trans server, the lava will be in your way.
After you landed in area K-3 (after beating the lava monster) 
take the platforms (in between the spikes... >_<) upwards. 
Follow the road to the doors. You actually go through area K-5 to get there.
This part is VERY annoying (like the other two parts in area K).
You need to climb up as fast as you can. It doesn't mater if you get 
damaged, just equip Hx and boost up. It's really annoying, as I died a few 
But you can get an extra sub tank by this, so it's probably worth it.
After you survived the lava tsunami, head left. There's a pit further 
ahead that you can head into (there's a door). Inside is a machine. Start 
it up by pressing up, then select the top option (this makes the lava go 
Now, go as far left as you can until you see a cable car. Go into it and 
press up.
Step out of the cable car, DON'T GO THROUGH THE LEFT DOOR. Instead, fall 
down the same way you came in. Head for the doors the normal way this 
The lava will start chasing you. You need to head to about the center of 
the level, there you'll find a path up and some blocks; these are 
destroyable by Fx's charged smash. You may need to try a lot of times, but 
you need to get through all of the blocks.
Once you do that, keep moving. The lava isn't going to stop anytime soon. 
You'll see a dead end in the next area, but no fear. It's a hidden 
passage; so move through it.
This is important: You need to switch to Px. This way, you can see a 
hidden passage within the other hidden passage. This piece is simple: 
don't get hit and stand on the switch, then move back.

You'll end up in a new area. This one's got a lot of ladders, but don't 
try any of them yet! There may appear a lava eruption beneath you.
You can try though, since there's a data chip. But the real treasure is 
behind that door.
You'll end up back in another lava area! That means you need to head to 
the right, fast. Go through a door once. We do this, so the lava stops. 
Otherwise you where in for more hard stuff. Move all the way back to the 
part where you needed Hx. Move to the room where the lava goes up (again). 
Then go to the left. (again). But this time, don't step into the cable 
car. There's a ledge above you where you need to go. Press up in front of 
it, and you can move through.
Inside's... A hot tub?!?! Right, equip Lx. Dive to the very bottom, get 
hurt a little, then quickly dash to the other side. 
There, in all it's glory, the sub tank.

(Thanks A bunch for this Magnus Gallant!)


1.	D-1, this one's fairly simple. After you've fixed the bridge,
run over it. There's a hole after the lamp enemy that you can fall into.
In on the right side lies the upgrade.

2.	You need Fx to do this. In the top part of area F-2 (I mean the 
top, get there by breaking the ice, I mean that literally), there are 
some spikes. There are also some fish. Get hit by one of them, and 
quickly hop over the spikes to 
get the upgrade.

3.	Area J-1. go past all the spikes until you've come to the semi-
transport room in here. Now go left from there and go straight 
downwards. Then left, into the door. Begin heading right, the upgrade's 
there on a ledge.
People have commented me a lot on this; seems that once you get Hx lvl 2, you 
can go back here and activate the hovering platform with the hurricane attack.
I usually try to get it on the first run.

4.	In Area I-5. Before you're heading into the big building thing 
(not one with a door), wall-climb it all the way. You'll see a ledge, 
but it's got spikes on it's side. This part is going to be a bit 
tricky; to not get killed by the spikes, you need to get hit by 
something first. Luckily, this is not that hard to do. It may take some 
lives, but it's worth it.

		Extension Chips:

1.	Absorb. This chip stops the recoil when getting hit.
Especially handy for Aile. Get this by talking to the guy inside the building 
in front of the fountain in area C-2 twice. In human form.
You can get it after you've rescued the people from area I.

2.	Erase. This allows you to block bullets by hacking at them.
Guardian base's 2nd floor, talk 3 times to the character in 
the first room to get it.

3.	Light. You won't make some floors fall.
This is in guardian base too. 2nd floor, to the far right. Talk 3 times again.
Obtainable after defeating the 8 Forceroids.

4.	Quick Charge. Quicker Charge for you weapons. After you've defeated
all the 8 Forceroids, talk to Fluub (the guy in the room next to the 
trans server). Multiple times. 
Note: You do NOT need ANY Megaman Zero game for this.

Credit goes to Marshmallow Man and Rockmania for the next part.

5.	Extend. Get this by completing both of Shuriiru's quests, 
see sub-quest FAQ.
This item extends the time you're invincible after getting damaged.

6.	Spike Ice. By completing certain sub-quests which differ 
for Vent and Aile, see sub-quest FAQ. 
This chip prevents you from slipping on ice.

7.	Spike Wind. Get by completing Angiiyu's quest for the screws,
see sub-quest FAQ. This will prevent you from being blown backwards in 
windy areas (or certain boss attacks).

8.	Frog. Get this chip by talking to a boy in C-1 in Rock-On form, 
after clearing the hide-n-seek sub-quest, see sub-quest FAQ.
This chip slows how quickly you slide down walls (press down 
to slide at the normal speed).


	Model Ox

NOTE: If you're playing easy mode, don't even bother trying 
to get Ox. Since he's not gain able there :P.

The O in Ox stands for Omega. Zero 3 players will know what that means.
Anyway, after the area M mission you have to go to area N. In here is 
Omega from Zero 3. To fight him, go in the second from the top road in 
area N-1. Follow the road.

Tip for easily passing those disappearing blocks:
use Hx. You can skip the last half of the blocks by using your 
airdash, and hovering down.

He's pretty hard, but with two filled Sub-tanks you 
should be able to handle him. You main weapon for this (hard) fight 
will be the charged buster. After you've defeated him, backtrack
to the bottom floor in Area N-1. 
This may be tricky, but it's very doable using Hx.

Go into the door and move to the right, skipping the two boss doors.
In this room, you'll now find some kind of "data stone". 
When you clear the game, you can talk to Fluub 
to trade it in for model Ox.

	Additional Bosses

If you own Megaman Zero 3 or 4, you can unlock 4 bosses from that game to 
this one. To unlock those bosses, moves to the bottom floor in area N-
1. Step into the door and you will see two other doors. For one door 
you'll need Zero 3, for the other 4.

7.		Translation Notes		[tran]

There has been much comment on the English version 
of Rockman ZX (Megaman ZX), and mainly by RykenInverse.
And he's right, mostly.

Here are the main differences:

*No voices during dialogs.
*Subtitled Anime cutscenes

Main Name changes:

*Serpent Company <--> Slither Inc.
*Livemetal <--> Biometal
*R.O.C.K. <--> M.E.G.A.
*Rebirth Of Crystallized Knowledge <--> Meta-Encapsulated Granule
Awareness System
*Model V <--> Model W
*Project Heaven <--> Project Haven

Funny note; Giro is just a shortcut in the game. It is stated on his data disk 
that his full name is "Girouette". This gives you my full respect CoA!
None of the main names have been altered!

8.		Contact info			[cont]

Before you start mailing me, be VERY sure that the answer isn't in here.
I've had hundreds of e-mails already, and don't want another one asking 
how to get sub-tank no. 4, when it's stated very clearly.

Also, don't e-mail me for ANY of the following reasons;

 - Spam. No, I don't NEED a bigger penis.

 - Hate Mail. If you don't like me or the FAQ, go read Ryken's.

 - Asking me for something that's already in the FAQ. I KNOW 
   there are easier ways for getting some life ups, but only by using my
   way will you get them in the first run.

 - The area I life up. Or the K-3 sub-tank. It's all answered, 
   Go use Ctrl+F.

If your e-mail meets any of the above criteria, it will meet DELETION.

Fanmail, however, is very welcome. Just don't expect a reply >_>.

Make sure you add "Your Rockman ZX FAQ" in the subject line.
And please state your name.

Now, here's my email:

frozensmile89 (at)

Due to large amounts of SPAM I removed the @.

9.		Credits				[cred]

 - RykenInverse, for being so cool and helping me on numerous occasions.
 - Unkownthing, For posting some of the extension chips.
 - Marshmallow Man, For posting the rest of the extension chips.
 - Guardian CD, for guiding me through the start. And for being polite.
 - Magnus Gallant, for helping me get to the 4th sub tank.
 - The rest of the Gamefaqs Rockman ZX Board members.

 - CjayC, you win the Internet man!

 - Capcom and Inticreates, for releasing top notch games every time!

 - Myself. I made a kick-ass FAQ, and it's only my first time.
 - You, for reading this! Fanmail is accepted :p

 - Capcom of America; It turned out better than expected, but please 
   try to keep the voices next time :P. Also, Girouette >>> Giro.