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How to win in zombie mode. cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops

How to win in zombie mode.

Basically, choose "Facility", then wait by the window at the opposite side of the room from the stairs. Let a zombie through the window, then headshot it with the knife. Repair the window and repeat. When you have around 7000 points, or less and a Fire Sale, wait until there is only one zombie left in the current round. Throw a knife at him to weaken him, then remove the first barrier (honestly it's a sofa, could just climb over it without paying 5000 points), run up the stairs and go to the mystery box. If the first weapon sucks, keep trying. Assuming you get a useful weapon (any automatic), camp by the box and kill as they come through the door or window to your left. Using this tactic I got to round 12. Good luck and aim for the bloody head.

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Jun 14th 2011, ID#15826


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Jun 23rd 2014 Guest
My highest level is level 145578456 SO HARD!
ID #405313
Mar 9th 2014 Guest
my best score on zombies is round 69 Smile
ID #362422
Jan 2nd 2014 Guest
peanut butter
ID #337965
Dec 8th 2013 Guest
Beat the zombies on bothe maps. peace of cake
ID #326522
Sep 30th 2013 Guest
still dont no how to do it
ID #311917
Jul 25th 2013 Guest
I need help
ID #300307
Jul 14th 2013 BrianUgly32
i got past wave 30 using only my knife what i did was waited in the opposite room as the sofa with my knife not in throwing bode and as they came in i ran twards them and stabed them be careful though one miss you have to back up immediantely or you die repeat the process with all zombies
ID #297523
Jun 23rd 2013 Guest
I know just about every glitch my computer is really
slow but I know secret glitches that only my
D.S can do.
ID #292252
May 29th 2013 Guest
I got to level 99999999999999999999999999 [the last level] 12 times and ,every time I start, I get a AA-12 with red dot and grenade launcher with infinite ammo.
ID #286148
Apr 24th 2013 Guest
i dont like 2 play zombies on ds it is hard and much difrent from ps3 it cost 2 much just 2 open 1st door
ID #277218
Mar 16th 2013 Guest
i like this game to
ID #264173
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
how do u get all the maps on zombie mode without paying for them i have been stuck on kindertaten,five,and dead ops arcade since i got the game until now?
ID #263134
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
ID #259523
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
how do i get holster 3 guns on zombie mode?
ID #259139
Feb 20th 2013 Guest
Hey codes to map call of dead

ID #256581
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
how do u do the overlook glitch
ID #249420
Jan 17th 2013 Guest
good smile face i am going t beat her because i all ready got to level 19.
ID #243687
Dec 28th 2012 Guest
i made it to roun 48 wid out glitches i died from a crawler when it exploded from my gernade it somehow hit me thn i died
ID #230343
Dec 21st 2012 Guest
whats the code - action replay for infinite life on zombies-so many fakes
ID #225862
Dec 4th 2012 jqblackops
What kind of cheat is this?!Ive been doing this since i played zombie mode and now you tell us!This is stupid!
ID #215132
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
got to round 23 on house
ID #214217
Nov 25th 2012 Guest
[size=12][/size] well there is a way to the end of the game, but i havnt really made it. it takes a lot of skill. Firstly when the first round starts, you run nearly to the back of the room and turn right. There should be a rock inside this glass ball. hold square while your looking at it, your character will say something about that rock, then when you open all the doors, you run to the dressing room on the right side of the stage, there should be another rock in there. Hold square while your looking at it. Then go to the next room and run upstairs and head to the next room. straight ahead of you there should be 5 pictures on the wall. Hold spuare and look at each and everyone of them. When your finished, go to the teleporter and initiate the link pad, get the teleporter ready to leave. When you are ready, leave and you will be in a room killing zombies below, on your left there should be a machine with no films in it, you will teleport into another room, there will be a large round film somewhere in the room. Hold square while your looking at it and you will recieve it in a place by your grenades below. Then when you get back to the starting place, kill all the zombies until the teleporters ready again. By then you will have to use the teleporter to get back to the place above. Then you have to look at the film machine and hold square to put your film in. Continue putting all the films you find in each room, you are bound to find the last level of the game (: GOODLUCK! [/size]
ID #212269
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
ID #210017
Nov 10th 2012 Guest
call games
ID #207194
Oct 16th 2012 Guest
I can make it to round 20 on any map and beyond that on solo so i dont see your problems lol
ID #197296
Oct 9th 2012 Guest
Can someone please awnser my question!!
Is there any cheats for black ops??(Zombie mode)
Is there a end in the game???
How do I get lots of point in zombie mode!!!!!??????????
3questions please answer!!!!
My BBM code: 284EEC4A
Please add me, and answer my question!!
ID #193946
Apr 6th 2015 Guest
no there is no end and yes there is cheat codes 1 3 arc(space then)unlock an the computer when u get up out of the chair at the main menu (quickly tap r2 and l2 repeatedly and hell get up type in 3arc(space bar)unlock and there is no lots of points u have to earn them
ID #538735
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
I made it to level 24 with ease but cant pass over just throw a bunch of granades and shot run like a twitch
ID #178690
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
Every time I get a headshot on a zombie it just leans over and keeps coming towards me. Is there any way to get over the couch without hitting any zombies or without getting any points?
ID #178630
Aug 21st 2012 Guest
Man you guys suck. Btw no one has ever got passed 99 ANSI have made it to level 68
ID #178548
Aug 19th 2012 Guest
My best game is round 9 in house.
ID #177880
Aug 10th 2012 Guest
I can't survive through round 1 on Overlook help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #174394
Aug 10th 2012 Guest
so cheap :P
ID #174228
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
im on level 23
ID #171243
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] meow..... That Is All
ID #168767
Jul 26th 2012 Guest
Wow everyone knows how to glitch you guys are cool
ID #168726
Jul 10th 2012 Guest
it got me to round 30000000000000000!!!!!!!! thanks
ID #162579
May 25th 2012 POLICEUNIT
I made it to round 17 guys!
ID #145189
May 22nd 2012 masonsoap
txs i am going to have it soon so txs for the treak i am going to try to bet your round lol Smile
ID #144464
Apr 24th 2012 Guest
Hi my name is Luke and I haven't make any video because I was busy.This is my fc 3267-6022-6366 add me and I'll add you
ID #136681
Apr 9th 2012 Guest
this is stuid i dont get it it only lets me get to round 7.
ID #131442
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
I found this for my man because he wanted to know "how to win zombies". Is there ever and end to the zombie maddness?
ID #122337
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
thanks for the cheat it made me go yuop to 111101000001000000
ID #122233
Mar 10th 2012 Guest
thx that waz very helpful Smile
ID #121928
Feb 18th 2012 Guest
There's a glitch on house go in the last room when you get in there go to the to the barricade when you are on the barricade switch to your other weapon your other gun run again you are out of the map if you go to long running or walking you are dead i hope you love the glitch
ID #116215
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
i DON'T UNDERSTAND IT[img][strike][/strike] [/img]
ID #115173
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
Kind of the best glitch
ID #115056
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
It made me get up to round 1000000000000 thank you cool dude
ID #115055
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
Do the overlook glitch
ID #115054
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
There's a glitch on temple go to the door in the second room open the last room into the second room again run on the wall you will out of the map beware if you walk forward you die pleas do it.
ID #115053
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
On the map overlook go to the up stairs door run turn around the round ends all the zombies will be in the over room it's cool try it now please
ID #115052
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