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Call of Duty: Black Ops


Wager Match Guide

by BoomZee



This guide may not be reproduced by anyone but myself, unless specified with my
This guide is copyright (c) 2010 BoomZee
For information about using my guide on your site, you can find my email
address in the "Contact Me" section.

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Table of Contents

To find a specific section, just use the Find command, and enter in the
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Contents. (The Find command can be used by pressing Ctrl-F and then typing in 
what you want found.)

Version History                      [VNHT]

Introduction                         [INTR]

What are Wager Matches?              [WTWG]

Game Types:

One In the Chamber                   [OITC]

Sticks and Stones                    [STNS]

Gun Game                             [GNGM]

Sharpshooter                         [SPST]

Credits                              [CRDT]

Closing                              [CLSN]

Contact Me/Legal                     [CTML]

| Version History          [VNHT] |

1.00 Guide complete, put on GameFAQs. Going to continue to improve.

1.01 Added credits section, changed incorrect information, and added tips to
Sharpshooter, Sticks and Stones, and Gun Game.

1.02 Added some tips, fixed a name in the Gun Game weapon list.

| Introduction             [INTR] |

Hello everyone, and welcome. This will be my first guide on GameFAQs.

I wasn't much of a gamer until I got my PlayStation 3 in Christmas of 2009,
just casual playing. Since then, I've become a pretty serious gamer, and have
been so excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I played World at War a few times,
and played Modern Warfare 2 quite a lot. But so far, I like Black Ops the best.

Wager Matches really caught my eye in this game. I was really into the currency
system, and a way to bet your money and win even more just made the feature
even more amazing. I can't wait to see what else will come.

So, without further ado, let us get on to the guide.

| What Are Wager Matches?  [WTWG] |

Wager Matches are a new addition to the Call of Duty series, going along with
the new currency system. They allow you to bet your earnings on you coming in
first, second, or third place. It's like gambling, with a risk-reward type
concept. You put up money, and have a chance to win more.

There are three "levels" of wager matches. Each one has the same games, and
number of players, but as you go higher up, you bet more money, and if you
place first, second, or third, you get more winnings. The three types are:

Ante Up: Bet 10 credits. First place gets 30 credits, second place gets 18
credits, third place gets 12 credits.

Weekend Gambler: Bet 1,000 credits. First place gets 3,000 credits, second
place gets 1,800 credits, third place gets 1,200 credits.

High Roller: Bet 10,000 credits. First place gets 30,000 credits, second place
gets 18,000 credits, third place gets 12,000 credits.

If everyone in the lobby votes to "Double Down" you bet twice as much. However,
the winnings also double.

If you want to just try out the gamemodes, I suggest Ante Up. If you can't
afford to lost 10 credits, you shouldn't be playing wager matches. The higher
betting modes obviously have better players, so winning will be more difficult.

Next we will talk about the types of games you can play in a wager match.

| One In the Chamber       [OITC] |

Basic Info: In One In the Chamber, you are provided with a pistol, one bullet,
and three lives. Your goal is to get as many kills as possible before losing
all of your lives. Kills are instant, so a bullet anywhere will give you the
kill. Each kill awards you another bullet. If you fire and miss, you can still
earn another bullet by knifing an enemy. You can also stockpile bullets by
using only knifing.


-This, like most other wager matches, is NOT a camping map. I cannot stress
this enough: If you camp, you will not get enough kills to place, compared to
the other players running around getting kills. However, camping when there is
only one or two people left alive is probably a good idea.

-I would not suggest taking shots from a long distance. While the pistol is
very accurate while aiming down the sight, if you miss you are very far away
from the player, and have no bullets.

-Take the shot. If there's a player running at you, or you're facing off, don't
go for a perfect shot. You'll get killed. Aim a little and fire quickly.
Remember: even an arm or foot shot gives you the kill.

-If you fire and miss, you can't hesitate. If they haven't fired yet, either
duck behind a wall and try to draw his shot, or run at him somewhat zigzagged.
If they have taken a shot, run at them as fast as you can. This is a knife
battle now. You should probably try in other gamemodes to find out the
distance where a knife will kill someone. When you reach that distance, knife
them for the kill, and your bullet back.

| Sticks and Stones        [STNS] |

Basic Info: In Sticks and Stones, you are equipped with three things: a
crossbow with exploding tip darts, a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. The goal
is to get the highest score. Kills with the crossbow and ballistic knife give
you 100 points, while knifing someone gives you 25 points, and hitting someone
with a tomahawk gives you 10 points. When someone is hit with the tomahawk,
they are "humiliated" and have their score reset to zero. Killing yourself will
also "humiliate" you.


-Again, not a gamemode to camp on. Keep moving, or you're likely to get stuck
by a crossbow bolt, and at the very least you won't find nearly as many

-If you're using the crossbow, go for sticks. This just means hitting the
person with the bolt, and it will give you a guaranteed kill, unless someone
else miraculously kills them before it explodes. Hitting the wall can get you
a kill from the explosion, but a stick is much better if you can pull it off.

-Adjust for gravity. At long distances, both the crossbow bolts and the
ballistic knife will fall slightly. Aim a little above the enemy's head, and
you should hit them. Practicing in Combat Training or Player Matches could help
you get better at this.

-Lead your opponent. If your target is moving, aim a little in front of him.
The knife/bolt takes a second to reach the target! Again, practicing could make
you better at this.

-If an enemy sticks you with a crossbow bolt, and he is close to you, run at
him. This could cause him to kill himself and go bankrupt, helping yourself.

| Gun Game                 [GNGM] |

Basic Info: In Gun Game, you start out with a pistol. With each kill, you get a
new weapon. The goal is to get a kill with each of the 20 weapons, ranging from
pistols, to sniper rifles, to rocket launchers. A knife kill does not advance
you to the next weapon, but "humiliates" the other player. This means it sends
them back one weapon, and they have to get the kill with it again. Killing
yourself also sets you back one weapon. A multikill will not advance you two
tiers, only one.


1. Python Speed Reloader
2. Makarov Dual Wield
3. Spas-12
4. Stakeout
5. MP5K
6. Skorpion Dual Wield
7. AK74u
8. M14
9. M16
10. Famas
11. AUG
12. HK21
13. M60
14. L96A1
15. WA2000
16. RPG
17. M72 LAW
18. China Lake
19. Crossbow Explosive Tips
20. Ballistic Knife


-There will be some guns that you absolutely HATE. Just get through these as
fast as you can, and don't get frustrated.

-Don't give up. I've come back to get second place, and be only one away from
winning, when people were on the Light Machine Guns and I still couldn't get a
kill with the Python. There's always a chance.

-I suggest camping with the Sniper Rifles. Black Ops sniping is much more
difficult than any Call of Duty before it, and it'll be near impossible to get
quickscopes and no-scopes.

-Be aware of the time it takes to switch between weapons. If your try to kill
two people in a row, the second one may kill you because you had to take a
second to switch to the next weapon.

-Some guns have a redicuously long readying time after you switch to it
(especially the M72 LAW). You can skip the animation by knifing or sprinting.
This will make you be able to fire quickly if you need to.

| Sharpshooter             [SPST] |

Basic Info: In Sharpshooter, every player is provided with the same weapon. The
goal is to have the highest score, not the most kills. The weapon you are
equipped with can be any weapon available, from a pistol to the Death Machine!
The weapon changes every 45 seconds, but every player will still have the same
weapon. There's no score limit, just play until time runs out. The last round 
of the game is known as the Sharpshooter round. This gives every player a 2x
score multiplier. Killstreaks will give you different perks.


1 Kill: Sleight of Hand Pro
2 Kills: Lightweight Pro
3 Kills: Steady Aim Pro
4 Kills: 2x Score Multiplier (In Sharpshooter Round it will become a 4x score


-Remember: everyone has the same gun. If you're stuck with an akimbo weapon, so
is that guy on the other end of the map that can see you. You both need to get
closer, so don't worry too much about him hitting you.

-Try for high killstreaks. They can be extremely helpful. Don't go do something
stupid to possibly get a kill but also have a chance of losing a high
killstreak. You lose all of your perks if you die.

-Camping with certain weapons is appropriate. The sniper rifles are difficult
to get kills with if you just run around going for quickscopes and no-scopes.
This can apply to other weapons too. Just get a feel for what you should camp
with and what you shouldn't.

| Credits                  [CRDT] |

I would like to take a moment to recognize eveyone who has contributed to this

Treyarch, for making an awesome game
GameFAQs and other sites, for hosting my guide
Wasim, Stephen, Seud, Paul, Audiophile17, and Diequi for adding the perks for
Sharpshooter, as well as information fixes and adding tips.

| Closing                  [CLSN] |

Thanks everyone for reading my guide. I hope it inspired you to try out the
great feature that is wager matches. I'll see you on the battlefield.

Please, if you want to contact me for anything, see the section below.

| Contact Me/Legal         [CTML] |

This guide may not be reproduced by anyone but myself, unless specified with my
This guide is copyright (c) 2010 BoomZee

Currently, this guide may be used on the following sites:
If you see this guide anywhere else, please notify me via email.

If you want to use my guide on your site, please feel free to email me. I'll
check out your site, and get back to you ASAP as to whether or not it can be

If you want to ask me any questions, contribute something to the guide, or even
just say thanks, please email me. I get my emails almost instantly on my phone,
so you should, most likely, get a fairly quick response. If you are
contributing something, please leave me a name/alias to credit you with, or
let me know if you don't want to be credited. If you'd like your name removed
later, also please email me.

My email is [email protected]

Please title your email something along the lines of "Black Ops Guide" or
"Wager Match Guide" or it might be ignored.

Again, I hope you all enjoyed my guide, and it helped you out in some way.
And if you really did like it, again, please click the link at the top of the
page to recommend this guide. Thanks!