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Collectibles hints and tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops

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A.Found on a box right before the gun section of the training area.Grab the M161A,come back,and shoot it..

2)Mission 1-The recovery job:.

A.On top of the leftmost gate door in the start of the mission,by the hinge..

B.Behind a grave in the back right of the cemetery..

C.Right before the hostage,it's the star on the middle Cuban flag on the opposite walkway.One good way to get it(the same I used),is to when you enter the walkway where you find the enemies,that are in the opposite walkway of you,just throw a grenade bewteen the first and second section of the opposite walkway..

D.Behind the bell in the area where the hostage is..

3)Mission 2-Breaking free:.

A.In a room with a ventilation fan,right below the fan..

B.In the shower stall in the bathroom(after you get the information)..

C.Behind the second desk you come to while running away after contacting HQ..

D.Behind some crates on your left,right before the exit..

4)Mission 3-On the run:.

A.Walk into the first big room,turn around,and face the entrance.The star is on the right of the door,behind some crates..

B.Behind a gap in the the wall on the righthand side in the tunnels after the big room..

C.Right after the defend-the-area minigame,behind some sandbags to the right..

D.Behind a hill on the right side of the area where the helicopter lands..

5)Mission 4-Coastal run:.

A.When you go down the stairs into the first big room,hug the wall and head back up behind the stairs,the collectible will be in a hole back there..

B.Right before you mantle the obstacle to slide down,head down the alley to the left,and look to the left in the courtyard..

C.In the grating at the end of the drainage ditch section where you have to put explosives on the car..

D.Behind a group of barrels to the left of the truck you escape in,right after you leave it..

6)Mission 5-To the rescue:.

No collectibles-vehicle level.

7)Mission 6-Welcome to the jungle:.

A.Right before you fall down the pit,turn around and hug the right side of the wall.Round the corner,heading back to the start,and look up.The collectible will be up there..

B.When you hit a fork in the first tunnel you fall into,take a right.The collectible will be in a nook to your right down that tunnel..

C.Right before you enter the second,larger tunnel,look behind a fern to your left..

D. When you reach the burning village,make a right immediately and look up the cliff face.It's in a cleft over there..

8)Mission 7-Hung out dry:.

A.On top of the telephone pole in the courtyard where you re doing the first sniping..

B.Right after the part where you mantle the obstacle and take cover,run to the end of the alley,and turn around facing the obstacle you just climbed.Look on top of the largest stack of crates..

C.Right after the explosion and the rescue,you ll head down some stairs. Once you re down them,head behind them and look at the gap behind them..

D.After the explosion and the rescue,you ll eventually leave a building and take a right to continue.At this point,you ll see a spare tire against a building and a crate,and to the left of those,a telephone pole.Look on the board nailed to the telephone pole partway up, it's on one of the transformers..

9)Mission 8-Behind enemy lines:.

A.In the first major courtyard,it's halfway up a telephone pole towards the back,where the caves are..

B.In the underground river right after the first multi-level..

C.The second area in which you have to mantle an obstacle,take a right before the cave you go in.Head back around,hugging the edge of the cliff.The collectible will be behind a little lip on the cliff..

D.In the village you have to protect at the end,by the wrecked car,front left(your right) wheel..

10)Mission 9-New alliance:.

No collectibles - vehicle level.

11)Mission 10-Light it up!:.

No collectibles - vehicle level.

12)Mission 11-River raiders:.

A.On the docks behind the house where you start the on-foot part of the level..

B.Just a little down the road from the starting shack,there ll be a cave on the right hand side.On the left-hand back of the cave,theres one..

C.Further down the road,look for a downed helicopter.The collectible is on the far side of it.You can see it from the right of the copter..

D.In a hut in the village you have to set up people in a mini-game to defend,it's on the front-right side..

13)Mission 12-Last heli out:.

A.Right after the first area blows up,the item can be found by turning around and looking in a tree..

B.In the swampy part,move past the road out at the end,and take a right.The collectible will be under some roots back here..

C.When you re on the overlook with the village you have to blow up in sight,look to your left.The collectible will be on the lefthand ledge..

D.When you reach the final helicopter,take a left immediately after you exit the building,then look behind the crates..

14)Mission 13-Stolen wings:.

No collectibles- vehicle level.

15)Mission 14-To the motherland:.

A.There are several fire-escape stairs leading up to second-story platforms in the area with the first major gun battle.The collectible is behind the door on the one of those furthest back from your starting position..

B.Right when you get in the elevator up to the second level,before you hit the button,walk forward until you hit the yellow and black caution strips.Look to your right,the collectible will be back there..

C.In the big room with the gunfight on the second floor,it's in the second elevator that opens in the back of the room..

D.Outside of the window that the three guys crash through,very near the window and towards the top,to the left of the middle..

16)Mission 15-The payback:.

A.In the area where you are supposed to be covering your team with sniper support,it is underneath the left walkway,hidden behind a wall there..

B.Right after the area where you provide sniper coverage,move down the stairs and keep going until you re even with the path you came in on.Then look up,the collectible is on the roof of the lefthand building..

C.In the treeline in the beginning..'s at the end of the field at the very end.Shoot it before you run out into the field,or you ll miss it because of the cutscene..

17)Mission 16-Cold feet:.

A.In one of the building ceilings in the beginning..

B.At the part where you have to crawl in the vent to get to the submarine,crawl in the vent on the opposite wall, and follow the tunnel to this one..

C.In the room with the submarine,go through the open door on the opposite side of the catwalk as you entered from.The collectible will be hidden behind the upper doorframe..

D.Behind the door leading out of the cave in the final exit..


A.Right when you finish the course,in the exit doorway,turn around and look up..

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