Intel Locations

Our Intel Locations Guide will take you through mission by mission how to find all the pieces of Intel.

Each piece is described and has a short (usually) video clip to help you pin-point exactly where it is and how to get it.

We've broken our guide into mission by mission pages so you're not faced with a hige page containing 42 videos!

So lets get started with Operation 40...

Operation 40

1/3 – (1 of 42) Objective: Find and Kill Castro
After Bowman and Woods open the door, storm in and kill the guards. The intel is located on top of the crate where the RPG is sitting.

Intel 1/3

2/3 – (2 of 42) Objective: Escape the compound
After killing Castro, head to the veranda and kill the soldiers. Go through the door and you'll be in the burning part of the manor. Enter the room where Bowman appeared and find the intel on top of the table on the adjacent room.

Intel 2/3

3/3 – (3 of 42) Objective: Get to the plane
After rappelling down to the airfield, get inside the hangar and go up the ladder to the left to find the intel on top of it.

Intel 3/3