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How do you get Palico Gadgets?

Monster Hunter: World Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How do you get Palico Gadgets?

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Palico gadgets are unique pieces of gear for your Palico sidekick that are obtained by completing special hidden quests. These special quests can be found on the map in areas that you wouldn't normally visit on your main story progression and involve taking part in simple activities with the various tribes of Palico.

There are 6 Palico gadgets in total, one of which (Vigorwasp Spray) you will have by default when you start the game. These items when equipped to your Palico companion will unlock a special ability for them than cannot be acquired anywhere else in the game.

Vigorwasp Spray:
Sends a healing batch of vigorwasps to the player. This is the default Palico gadget that your Palico will start the game quipped with.

Flashfly Cage
The flashfly cage is a trap that stuns all monsters in a radius. Its effectiveness depends on the type of bug you use. It can be upgraded through use, which increases the duration of the stun.

Ancient Forest
In order to get this gadget you will need to complete a Grimalkyne quest in the Ancient Forest which can be found in sector 17, west of the camp. Once you find the wild Palico they will try to escape, follow them so they lead you to their camp where if you then talk to them they will give you the Flashfly Cage and let you join the Bugtrappers. Note: Use the Traps and Environment filter to see the Palico more clearly.

The shieldspire is a large shield that provides defensive buffs, but it can also be used to divert attention from you onto your Palico. It is upgraded through use, which increases its guard effectiveness. This Palico gadget is obtained by completing the Grimalkyne sidequest in the Wildspire Wastes.

Wildspire Wastes
Head to sector 8 and enter the cave by the northern cliff. If you crawl through this tunnel you will find the Grimalkyne tribe in a chamber who will ask you to find three of its friends and bring them back. Grimalkyne don’t trust humans so you will have to capture them with the net.

Coral Orchestra
The coral orchestra is a horn your Palico can play that provides various buffs such as boosting your attack, defence or a particular type of resistance. The more you use it, the greater those effects will be.

Coral Highlands
Enter the cave in Area 10 and defeat the Shamos that appears. Follow the scoutflies to the Grimalkyne camp and talk to them. They will then ask you to hunt down two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku which will involve travelling back to Aster and activating the Troubled Troupers four-star quest on the notice board. When you then defeat the two monsters you will get the Coral Orchestra gadget.

The plunderblade is a special claw that allows your Palico to steal items from monsters when attacking. The number of stolen items will increase as you level it up through use.

Rotten Vale
Head to Rotten Vale and talk to the Lynian Researcher who can be found west of the camp in sector 11. If you then follow the glowflies they will lead you to the Grimalkyne camp in sector 15. As soon as the tribe notice you they will retreat and you will need to put down some raw meat to lure them out of hiding. If you then talk to them they will give you the plunderblade.

Meowlotov Cocktail
The meowlotov cocktail is an explosive bomb that continues to damage monsters over time. Using it often will increase its damage output.

Before you can attempt to get this Palico gadget you must have obtained all the others. Talk to the Lyrian Researcher in Astera to receive a Critical Bounty to collect 10 Gajalaka tracks (drawings). Once you have them talk to the researcher again to recieve another bounty that will involve sneaking through the Gajalaka camp at Elder’s Recess and talking to their leader who will give you the Palico gadget. Note: The tracks required for the first bounty will only appear in High Rank zones and use the Ghillie Suit to easily sneak by the patrols in the second bounty.

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