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Huddle Up Answers

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Guardians of the Galaxy Huddle Up Answers

You can call a Huddle Up when a combat situation goes poorly in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a mechanic which will summon your whole team, including fallen members who will be revived, to all huddle around you. You then need to give the best possible pep talk in the form of an appropriate answer. Take a look at our Huddle Up Answers guide to find out what your responses should be.

Once you have all five Guardians in battle you will be able to call a Huddle Up, in order to do so you must first fill up the Huddle Gauge, so it reaches maximum. Once you have done this, you can perform a Huddle Up by pressing L1 and R1 simultaneously on PlayStation and LB and RB simultaneously on Xbox. This will take you out of battle temporarily along with your fellow Guardians to a mini first-person cutsene where you will hear your crew whine, grumble or snap at each other about their current situation. The trick to give the best pep talk is to keep an eye on the floating text icons that appear while this arguing is going on, and check the list below to find the corroborating response. When you choose the correct response you will motivate or refocus your crew which will be in the form of all the Guardians including Star-Lord receiving a damage bonus. If you make the wrong choice, only Star-Lord will receive a damage bonus. Regardless of whether you make the right or wrong decision, all the Guardians will automatically be revived.

- In the way/Winning
Stop arguing! We'll have more fun winning this as a team.

- Celebrate/Carve our names
Don't celebrate too soon. We win by staying focused.

- Blades are thirsty/Run right in
Running around like madmen won't work.

- Enemies are melting/Magnificent
Stay focused, and it will be even more magnificent!

- Everything we got/Run
We're fighters! Run now and we betray everything we are.

- For one/Out of my way
It's not about fighting alone. We need to be united.

- If we go down/Galaxy
The galaxy needs saving and we're the ones to do it!

- I've got this/Murder you
Take it easy! We've got this together.

- Unless/But what if
Thinking about 'what ifs' only leads to trouble. Stay focused

- Laughing at us!/Scary
Laugh in the face of danger

- Losers/Match for
Don't get cocky just 'cause we know the game!

- See that look/Fun
Stay focused and the fun will continue.

- Sloppy and erratic/Brain-dead
Guys! Stop with the insults! We're a team and we'll fight like one!

- Slower than me/50 units
This isn't a competition. Guardians win fights together.

- Splat/No way we lose
We only lose if we get lost in the paint!

- This excited/Boom!
I get that you're excited. But we gotta stay loose to win.

- Look like amateurs/Unproven
We're pros! We've proven it hundreds of times before this.

- Turn this around/Scutplugs
I am looking and I see an awesome team ripping those scutplugs apart.

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