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Best Abilities to Unlock First Guide

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Best Abilities to Unlock First Guide

There are a lot of abilities that you can unlock in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy customizable combat system for the 5 crew members, and they can all be unlocked at any time during the game providing you have the required AP (Ability points). Although each of the Guardians abilities synergizes with one another, there is a priority order in which they should be unlocked for greater combat proficiency. This Best Abilities to Unlock First Guide will tell you the order in which you should prioritize the abilities.

How to Unlock Abilities

Abilites in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy are unlocked by leveling up, each time that you level up in the game you will earn AP. Leveling up is achieved by accumulating experience by defeating enemies and performing well in combat. Each Guardian has four abilities, one of which is their Ultimate move that can only be unlocked after the other three abilities for the character have been unlocked. The better the abilites that the Guardians have the quicker they will be able to clear enemy encounters which will result in unlocking abilites faster. Listed below is the order in which you should unlock the abilites.

Best Abilities

#1 Star-Lord's Fan of Hammer

Cost: 2 Ability Points
The first ability you should unlock in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is Star-Lord's Fan of Hammer, which is an ability that makes use of his dual elemental blasters by enabling them to unleash rapid-fire blaster shots that deal Heavy Damage spreading across one or more enemies.

- Target: 2/4
- Stagger: 0/4
- Damage: 3/4
- Cooldown: 1/4

#2 Rocket's Gravistack Grenade

Cost: 2 Ability Points
Although it causes no damage, Rocket's Gravistack Grenade is one of the best abilities in the game. This is a crowd control ability which when used on a target will suck up any nearby enemies into the grenades' radius so that it groups them together, making them easy to be killed by a follow-up attack which aims for multiple enemies.

- Target: 2/4
- Stagger: 0/4
- Damage: 0/4
- Cooldown: 1/4

#3 Gamora's Shadow Strike

Cost: 2 Ability Points
To begin with, you will only have Rocket's Cluster Flark Bomb to provide crowd control while causing damage. If you unlock Gamora's Shadow strike, she will be able to dash between enemies, striking each one once, dealing Moderate Damage. If only one enemy is present, she will attack it several times. As enemies typically attack in waves, this ability is a great option for taking health off of all enemy types.

- Target: 2/4
- Stagger: 0/4
- Damage: 2/4
- Cooldown: 3/4

#4 Groot's Uproot

Cost: 2 Ability Points
This ability enables Groot to shoot his roots up from the ground and entangle enemies, dealing Moderate Damage to those in range. It can also launch medium and smaller enemies in the air.

#5 Drax's Katathian Charge

Cost: 2 Ability Points
Drax charges forward with his Katathian Charge, dealing Moderate Stagger to all enemies in a line.

- Target: 2/4
- Stagger: 2/4
- Damage: 1/4
- Cooldown: 1/4

Take a look at our Character Abilities Guide to get help selecting the right crew member for the correct situation during combat.

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