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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for The Simpsons: Tapped Out


We have 96 cheats and tips on iPhone.If you have any cheats or tips for The Simpsons: Tapped Out please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

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Get 10 Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah Springfield Statue

During gameplay select Homer to display his task menu and then tap Homer ten times. If done correctly a message will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Unlock Extra Doughnuts and Jebediah Springfield Statue

During gameplay select Homer to display his task menu and then tap him 10 times. When done correctly a confirmation message will appear on screen.

Tree house of horror answer

When you place all the calendar pieces together a question will appear
A: The Zune
Answering correct will give you 10 donuts + an outfit for homer.
If this helped add steph553 I need more neighbours Smile

There is only one cheat for Tapped Out

If you tap homer ten times in a row you get a statue and the 10 free doughnuts.
The other cheats are bogus! Complete waste of time.
The guys at EA don't want us to cheat. There's no pride in the town you create if you can get everything with a cheat. I've played a while now and tried most of them out but I'm afraid it's all rubbish.
You just have to level up, or pay for them. Time travelling (setting your time forward) doesn't work either. The game is set to their servers. It does nothing.
During the Halloween and Xmas holidays I've noticed there is opportunity to make lots of new buildings, gain characters and gain a few doughnuts.
I gained 40 in total after I paid for the dog, two funzos and the buildings.
It was good of E..

Statue and donuts

Make homer play with his iPod and continue to tap him. You will get a statue and 10 donuts.

Mayan Homer and 10 Donuts

Upon completing the mayan calander you will be given a question by the new mayan calender selector the answer "The Zune" to win mayan homer and 10 free donuts

Free Donuts from Homer!!

It worked for me and my brother!!! If you tap on homer 10 times continuously you will get free donuts!! I think you get 10 donuts but I'm not sure.. Worth a try though!! :D your welcome guys!

Getting Jebediah Springfield Satue

Put Homer in the Pool and keep tapping him and you'll get the Jebbediah Springfield statue.
Ps can 2 more people add me so I can complete the task of adding friends?

Statue and 10 donuts really works!!

All you have to do is tap on homer to open the task menu and tap on him 10 or more times and then a message will say"you have discovered the super secret cheat" then you will get the jbediah Springfield statue and 10 donuts.
ADD ME: alexhilt I play all the Time and will send you stuff

Mayan Homer and 10 Donuts

Once you complete the mayan calander for the halloween update, you will gain the mayan character. He will ask a question which will give you the chance to unlock mayan homer and 10 donuts if you get the question correct first time. The quesiton is refering to the tree house of horrors XIII episode where Kang and Kodos mention mankinds highest achienvement is "The Zune" selecting this answer 1st will give you mayan homer and 10 donuts

How to get 10 free donughts

Keep tapping homer if be is not doing a job.keep pressing him a d you will hear him saying stop it.keep tapping him and somethink will pop up it will have a pictrue of a statue place it in your town and your donughts will move up 10 donuhts.

Homer mypad

The cheat when you tap homer in the pool also works when he is on his mypad. Just make him to the task, click on him while he is doing it and then keep tapping on him. You will receive 10 donuts and a Jebidh Springfield statue. Doing this cheat on the mypad is quicker and easier


Tap on homer 10 times and you will receive 10 donuts. This only works once though.


To create a bridge or a pier place roads over existing water and a bridge will appear automagically.

Cancel Activity/Action/Shift

If you've accidentaly sent one of your characters on an activity or shift an you want to cancel it just simply go onto the land edit mode and select the house/object they are in and then put the house/object in storage. They will then be just walking around as normal and you can place your building back again.

Unlimited Santa Coins from friends

First, make sure you have as many neighbors as possible (I use the comments below each cheat/hint page to look for new neighbors) - you can add me if you want, I play every day and will visit your town regularly.
After adding all your friends/neighbors, visit them. When you visit your friends town(s) ONLY select the buildings with Christmas decorations. WAIT until the "$" symbol regenerates, and tap it again to receive the Santa Coins again. The fastest regenerating building in the Simpson's house. This will work every time, and if you have a lot of neighbors, there is virtually no limit to the amount of Santa Coins you can collect!
Happy tapping!


Ten extra donuts

Tap homer to display his tasks then tap him ten times and you'll get donuts
Also add me skooter77 I'm always on

Homer is Tapped Out!!

While your at your Springfield tap homer about the whole time then after that it will give donuts jehdiah statue Good luck!


Do not be afraid of planting triffids, in fact they give you XP! They give you around 150 XP and eventually you have to do a quest to plant a receive them twice. So don't be afraid to plant them unless you do not want to spend money to only receive XP.


Even if you miss a day you can still spend a donut to get the reward.

10 Free Donuts and the Jebadiah Springfield statue actuallity

You do not need to have Homer Simpson perform his "Lounging in the Pool" or "Play with the iPad" tasks to unlock the statue and donuts. Simply pull up Homer's task menu, tap on him 10 times repeatedly and they will be unlocked.
Add me: FallenStar65 and my friends
Paul: rapkid85
Shawn: shawndaggs19
Rich: X63wolves
Also add me on Xbox Live: FallenStaf65

Righteousness drops Springfield star rating

It turns out that if you have Mayor Quimby or Chief Wiggum perform illegal or immoral acts, your Springfield Righteousness level drops. If you return them to 'normal' tasks it goes back up. This is important as your rating determines how much extra of a percentage you get when collecting money and XP from buildings and tasks.

Free Burning Bush Premuim Item!

Near the mountain area. There is a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free.

Great XP and Money strategy to get donuts fast

If you play every day and have a town full of brown houses with no more land to purchase you will understand that your tapping nonstop collecting tons of cash and Xp. But when your doing something else in life (sleeping, eating, etc) your brown houses aren't adding you any extra revenue. The Blue house may seem like a great option because it's only 1800 and only takes 8hr to get an adequate bonus. However you can really only harvest the blue house twice every 24 hours. Once in the morning and 8 hours later. We all sleep and I've tried to catch the blue house right before I go to bed and than again when I wake up. But it's a very difficult task to keep up.
My trick: the White House. Why: it's gets harvested twice a day with ease. It has a small footprint (so you can build more..

10 doughnuts

Click on Homer.That shouls take you to his levels.Then click on him 10 times.Homer will start to laugh a message will come up and tell you if you have done it get10 donughts for this and a statue hope this helped Smile add me isabellaw490

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