Top 10 Tapped Out Sauciest Character Exclamations

When you click on a character in Tapped Out (either to assign them a task or just to hear them blert) they each have a selection of exclamations that they utter -- some of which are rather amusing while others are, well, a bit saucy.

10. Bart Simpson: 'Get bent.' It means to get bent over and have ... well you know...

09. Groundskeeper Willie: 'Ooh, Willie likes that!' Made infamous by a certain Flash animation that made the rounds...

08. Smithers: 'I'm experiencing a whole rainbow of gay feelings!'

07. Officer Lou: 'Aside from my gun, what makes me feel like a man is my enormous genitals.'

06. Dr. Hibbert: 'I've always wanted to play doctor!'

05. Kent Brockman : 'You nailed me!'

04. Ranier Wolfcastle: 'I would love to sign autographs for you... in bed.'

03. Sea Captain: ''Tis true that the sea is a cruel mistress, but... that turns me on!'

02. Barney: 'Doesn't seem right, but my judgment’s impaired!'

01. Todd Flanders: 'I'll do anything, and I do mean anything!' Use your imagination...

Got any favorite ones that we've missed! ? Let us know below.

Posted: 27th Nov 2013 by CMBF
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