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Rat in a Maze

The Darkness 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Rat in a Maze

Relics: 2

You'll be controlling the darkling for now. Take note that as a darkling, you're practically immortal so you don't have to worry about restarting a checkpoint when dying. Just kill every enemy you find during in this chapter to unlock the achievement “Impish Delight”. You have to find a way to cellar and reach Jackie. Like before, you have to avoid the light. However, the enemies can still see you so be careful not to engage them carelessly. If you have to fight them, bring them to the shadows and find a cover. Take them out one by one as necessary. Don't worry since if you die, you'll just respawn.

Make your way to the fireplace in the middle then destroy the wooden lock. Go through the tunnel to reach the cellar. Once in there, you have to navigate your way around avoiding lights and sneaking/killing guards. I suggest killing them for some extra essence.

Just navigate your way until you find a gate and a fading lamp post. You have to destroy the electric box while the light is out before finally destroying the wooden bar on the gate.

After destroying the gate, climb up the pipe and follow the path until you reach Jackie. Follow the path again and you'll find two guards in the main hallway. Take them out then find a room to the side. You'll find a relic there.

Pope John XII

You have to follow the power cable on the ceiling while avoiding lights. This leads you to another room with guards in it. Dispose of them, then find a pipe leading to the electric box. Destroy it to power off the iron maiden.

After the scene, you'll have to make your way back to Jackie to rescue him. Be wary since there are guards as well. Take them all out for some extra essence. Destroy the wooden planks covering a small tunnel then make your way back to Jackie. Kill the guard and free him.

You'll be playing as Jackie once more. Just follow the straightforward path until you reach Jackie's Father's office. You'll find another relic there.

Reliquary of the Blessed Blood

Take the Model 1887 shotgun from the wall then fight your way out of the cellar. You don't have to worry about the light for now since you still don't have the Darkness back yet. Take the guards' guns as you proceed. The only drawback is that you don't have a way to recover health bars since you can't eat the enemies' hearts.  Just play like what you normally do in a normal shooter and move from cover to cover.

Continue following the path until you reach the cellar. Here, you'll have to fight Peevish. He'll summon some annoying darklings himself but you'll be able to kill them with a few rounds. Having a submachine gun will help a lot, especially when dual-wielding. Just run around, kill the darklings while tracking Peevish down. Grab the ammo crates scattered around to restore your ammo. After killing him, regain a bit of the darkness.

Peevish bossfight

Just follow the path, destroy the gate and exit to complete the chapter.

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