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Fun and Games

The Darkness 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Fun and Games

Relics: 6

Move along and sneak into the carnival. As soon as you exit the bumper car building, go to the left then turn right as soon as you see the Ring Toss stall. You should find the first relic there.

The Lantern of St. Anthony

After getting the relic, explore the area until a flashback with Jenny occurs. Try to shoot as many targets as possible and get at least 1000 points. The fast targets in the top tier are worth 100 points while the middle tier is worth 50 points. Shoot as many of them as possible within the time limit. If ever you hear the countdown and you still don't have enough points, restart the checkpoint. This is necessary for an achievement later on. After the flashback, the enemies will appear. Take them out and carefully make your way back to the starting point. More enemies will appear along the way. Shoot the van's headlight and take out the remaining enemies.

Enter the newly opened tunnel and immediately run to the right to escape the blinding light. Destroy the generator inside the room, then destroy the electrical panel in the tunnel to open the grates. Exit to start the second part of the mission.

As soon as you start the this section, shoot the lamps to your right first. Before following the enemies heading left, turn right to find another relic.

Af and Hemah

Continue forth and whittle down enemy forces. Once clear, continue ahead and climb the ladder. You'll find a talent shrine inside so use it as necessary. After using the shrine, jump out the window and jump to the other side of the carnival. Continue to the shooting range to start another flashback. You have to shoot the pop-up black-clad bandits and not the friendly targets as you'll lose points instead. You can also shoot the furnitures and other decors for extra points. If ever you hear the countdown and you still don't have enough points, restart the checkpoint. If you managed to score 1000 points in both games, you'll unlock the “Carnie Kid” achievement.

Winning the grumpy blue one

As soon as the flashback ends, more enemies will ambush you. Watch out for the tougher and faster enemies. Slashing them when they're up close or using Swarm should be enough to break their armors and make them vulnerable for executions. Don't hesitate to use your guns as well since there's only a handful of throwable objects lying around.

Before moving forward, check out the open room to the left of the saloon shooting range. You should find another relic there. Follow the objective marker then exit to the next area.

The Abyssmal Maw

Follow the path and take out the enemies who will ambush you. After dealing with the initial wave of enemies, continue to the large, clown gate and face more enemies. After taking them all out, head to the gate. Wait for your darkling to get a propane tank then lob it to the door.

After the initial hit, you have to get to the roof to access more explosives. Kill the enemies on the ground then go left of the clown gate. Continue to the end of the alley and destroy the light to enter the building. There is another relic that can be grabbed from inside the room.

Crescent of the Sun

Continue forth and run forward to escape the light. The generator powering it should be immediately visible in the middle. Destroy it quickly since more enemies will appear. Take them all out then destroy the exit door. Head out and use the ladder to get to the roof. There's a talent shrine there so use it as necessary.

Head inside the building again and take out the guards. Once clear, go outside and find the generator powering up the lights. As you move in, more enemies will appear so fall back to the shadows and deal with them. Once done, run past the light and enter the next door and circle around to find the generator. Take it out.

Head out and more enemies will appear in the adjacent building. You can deal with them from a distance or just get up close and personal. Take them out and enter the building. Make your way upstairs then continue to the roof of the next building. Use the talent shrine as needed, then kill the two guards before jumping down.

Quickly destroy the light first to give you more space to move then kill all enemies. Once inside, check the right side of the truck to find yet another relic.

Siddhartha's Tears

Destroy the exit door to the left and you'll find a control panel. Activate it to open the garage door and watch the fireworks. Once done, head out and go through the gate. Continue forth to the Castle of Horrors. Once inside the castle, go around the ticket booth to find the last relic in the mission.

Mark of Cain

Continue moving forth and Jenny will appear again. Just sit back, keep your weapons ready since enemies will also appear along the way. After the ride approach the iron maiden and open it to complete this chapter.

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May 16th 2012 Guest
I am at the step in the garage, there is no command to press that button for opening the door :/ i need help :/
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