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Q & A

The Darkness 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Q & A

Relics: 5

Talk to Jimmy and follow him. Continue forth until your demon arms appear. There's also a talent shrine nearby so use it if you want. Break the door open, quickly grab the pool stick by the dumpster then wait for the two enemies ahead to align before throwing it to them. If you successfully impaled the two of them using one javelin throw, you'll unlock the achievement “2 Guys 1 Pole”. You just need to reload the checkpoint if you failed the attempt.

You can then proceed and kill everyone inside. Before heading upstairs, check the arcade room to find another relic on the floor.

Sister of Light

Continue upstairs and destroy the door. Kill the enemies inside then head out to the junkyard. Kill the enemies there and continue forth until you reach an talent shrine. Before using it, head left to find another relic. Use the shrine if you want, then follow your darkling to the right.

The Dark Man

Move along and clear the area. Once done, head to the alley and take out the lights. Break the gates, destroy one more lamp and go up the ramp to proceed to the next area.

Next, you'll have to defeat Swifty's crane. You can shoot it but it will take minor damage. Your darkling will bring you some propane tanks. Grab it and throw it to the crane to deal great damage. Be careful as Switfy will swing the wrecking ball about, not to mention some of his thugs will come to his aid as well. The crane has its own light source so you have to stay behind the shadows as well. Having the health execution and eat hearts upgrade will help keep your HP up. Keep lobbing propane tanks to the crane until it is destroyed.

Crane bossfight

Use the crane as a ramp then move ahead. Destroy the lights shining over the gate then grab the other relic inside the container van.

The Trinity

Break the gate open and head to the door leading to a diner. During the scene, sit first with Jenny. When you get the prompt to press X to kiss her, don't do it. By not doing so, you'll get the “Romantic” achievement. After the scene, head further inside the diner and break open the door.

Head out and kill the two guys. Take the ladder up to the roof and destroy the generator to take out the light. Break the gate open and continue forth. Move along, taking out light sources along the way and a couple more enemies. Continue following the path until you reach a talent shrine and an entrance.

Head inside the warehouse and kill all enemies inside. Once done, go upstairs and destroy the electrical box to open the door to the conveyor room. Kill all enemies inside then search the backroom in the ground floor, in the middle behind the conveyor to find another relic.

The Graven Image

Head to the control room and activate the panel to open the door. There's a talent shrine here as well. Head down and clear the next room of enemies and lights. Head to the next control room and open the doors there as well. Go through the newly opened door then head to the loading bay. Kill the enemies then break open the door in the small office to your left. You should find the last relic in this mission there.

Chime of Deliverance

Continue heading forth and kill all enemies. You have to take out the last generator to take out the lights protecting the door leading to Swifty. Don't worry about the light; only your demon arms are affected – not you. Just run inside the small office to find the last generator and destroy it. Finally, destroy the electrical panel to open the door and reach your target.

More Questions Than Answers
Relic: 1 (If you missed getting the same one during “The Family”)

Follow Vinnie then talk to Johnny Powell. After talking Johnny, talk to Chief then talk to Jimmy in your office. When you're ready to head out, talk to Vinnie by the elevator.

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Mar 31st 2013 Guest
I've managed to resist the darkness but now I'm stuck trying to get past all the fire....can anyone help? I need to escape!!!!!!
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