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Home Invasion

The Darkness 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Home Invasion

Relics: 2

Go down the ramp and kill the guy that has the lights on. Kill the other two enemies then break the nearby door open. Head inside and destroy the electrical panel to take out the lights in the parking lot. Kill the next wave of enemies. Be careful as you approach the next ramp since there's a van with its headlights on that will stop ahead. Take out the headlights using your gun then get rid of the remaining enemies.

Continue forth and a car will attempt to run you over. To unlock the “The Bird is the Word (5G)” achievement, you have to prevent yourself from getting run over by shooting at the car. Dual-wielding submachine guns and using Gun Channeling will help. If you're not successful, you can simply restart the checkpoint.

Keep moving on. More enemies with a couple of them have flashlights will engage you. Take them out and enter the building. As soon as you enter, look to your left to find a breakable door with the “Employee Entrance” only sign. Break it open to find a relic inside.

Winged Demon

Talk to the wounded Dolfo then enter the elevator with Vinnie to start the second part of this chapter. Head out the elevator and resupply. When ready, talk to Johnny Powell. After the conversation, head to the exit.

Once outside, you have to fight your way back to the mansion. You'll first encounter a shielded enemy upstairs. First, you have to tear away the extra armor coating on the shield by shooting it. When you get the prompt, grab the shield, shoot a few more rounds on the body of the target and throw the shield to slice him. Doing this will unlock the “Karma's a Bitch” achievement. If you failed, just restart the checkpoint. The Swarm skill is still very effective against them.

Continue fighting your way until you reach the mansion. Move your way from room to room while clearing the enemies. After reaching the kitchen, turn right to the dining room to find another relic.

The Blinding Sun

Continue forth until you meet up with Jimmy. Move along and clear all the enemies in the atrium. Continue upstairs and head to your room. Chapter complete.

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