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Vorselon's Ship

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Vorselon's Ship

[X] Defeat Vorselon's fighters.
[ ] Infiltrate Vorselon's ship.

Once you're on the ship, head around to the thruster area. The thrusters go on and off every few seconds, so simply run across the first two gaps just after the thruster has turned off. Use your kinetic tether to bring down the bridge for the next one, and then run across when the thruster turns off.

Pull the next bridge down, and then pull out the versa-fuse on the wall of the next thruster to completely disable it. Go across the bridge and up the ionised surface with your gravity boots. Pull out the next versa-fuse to open the door, and then go on through.

[X] Infiltrate Vorselon's ship.
[ ] Locate the Detention Wing.

Some enemies will appear, so shoot them quickly before they reach you, or smash them with the wrench. You will encounter an ionised cylinder with lasers blocking your path. Go up and to the right, and then around the first set of lasers. Go back to the left and continue forwards to go through the next set.

The third set is rotating anti-clockwise, so wait for the path to be cleared and then run under the lasers. Turn the bolt crank to move the fourth set of lasers, and then continue forwards. An elevator will come down, but an enemy will be inside. Smash him with the wrench, and the elevator will go down.

[SP] Go forwards and turn right, and then continue along and turn left. There will be another enemy, so destroy him whilst his back is turned. Continue along the path and on to the ionised walkway. Walk along the ionised walkway, through the gap between the two lasers, and then pull the versa-fuse out.

Continue along, going around the vertical lasers (note that they are moving to the right every second) and jump over the horizontal laser when it reaches you. Continue along, waiting for the lasers to separate so you can go through the middle. At this point, you can simply jump off the ionised walkway on to the platform to your left.

After the cutscene, throw a bomb at the enemy to destroy it. Pull the versa-fuse out and continue forwards. A whole ton of small enemies will fly at you, so throw more bombs at them until you're fresh outta ammo (at which point you can go to the weapons vendor to get more ammo, and the Sonic Eruptor, which I highly advise because it's really effective here). More will come, so keep killing them until they stop coming.

At this point, drop down to the area below, killing any enemies that attempt to kill you down here, particularly the robots that spawn out of nowhere. Once the coast is clear, turn the bolt crank and proceed up the stairs. More enemies will have arrived, so continue to restock on ammo and keep blowing the crap out of anything that comes your way.

Go to the right side of this platform, and jump on to the pile of blue crates. Jump on to the big moving platform and then jump off, on to the other side. More robots await you here, but there's no weapons vendor, so be a bit more conservative with ammo. Throw out a Mr. Zurkon, and then take out the rest of the robots with the Sonic Eruptor. Once the door opens, destroy the robot inside and then go through the hallway.

[SP] Turn right at the end and swing your wrench at the glowing hexagon on the ground when you reach it. This is a RYNO V Holo-Plan, and once you collect all 10 of them you can obtain the RYNO V. Continue through the hallway and destroy the robot, jumping to avoid his electricity attack if he pulls that off, and then pull the versa-fuse out.

Continue  forwards and turn right when you see a door open. Pull the two versa-fuses out and keep going through this hallway until you see a bunch of small robots come form both sides of the hallway. Destroy them all with a bomb, your wrench or the Sonic Eruptor, and continue until you reach a set of lasers. Go under the middle of them once it's safe.

[SP] Pull out your Sonic Eruptor and blast these robots. Wait until the Sonic Eruptor has full lungs before firing for more damage. Once the coast is clear, turn the bolt crank to move the bridge. A tougher robot will begin to guard the bridge. Deploy Mr. Zurkon, and then walk up to the robot and blast him with the Sonic Eruptor until he's destroyed. Hopefully Mr. Zurkon will take care of any third parties sticking around to watch. Once all the enemies are dead, make your way on to the ionised walkway.

[SP] Pull the versa-fuse out, and then continue along the ionised walkway, avoiding the lasers. The each set of lasers moves faster than the previous set. Once you're past them all, enemies will appear. A bomb or the Sonic Eruptor should take care of them nicely. There's another single laser moving back and fourth across the walkway, so jump if it's going to hit you. Pull the versa-fuse out and go through the newly unblocked hallway.

Walk 180 degrees around the ionised cylinder (so Ratchet is upside down) to find a bolt crank. Turn the bolt crank to clear the path. Continue along the walkway. There are now two sets of lasers to get past, so find the opening on one of them and follow it, and when the two openings meet, go through them. Use the bolt crank to make an opening, and then once the rotating lasers go past, go through the opening.

Go in to the elevator, and once it arrives at its destination, get out and walk in to the next room. Stock up on ammo if you need to, and then walk to your right, in to the holding area. After the cutscene, pull the versa-fuse out to free the prisoners.

[X] Locate the Detention Wing
[ ] Help the prisoners escape!

[SP] Follow Qwark in to the next area. Take out your Sonic Eruptor and dish out some mating calls to destroy the robot hoard. Ammo boxes will explode as you use the Sonic Eruptor near them, so you'll be getting a constant supply of ammo for the weapon, making it really useful here. Continue along destroying the robots with the Sonic Eruptor until you reach a door. Qwark will kick the door down, so continue through the hallway and in to the next room.

There will be 2 versa-fuses in this room - one for the ship and one for a few boxes. Pull them both out if you wish, but get the one for the ship regardless. After the cutscene, make your way on to the ionised walkway and walk along it until you're upside down. Walk along the walkway extension and turn the bolt crank at the end to open the door so the ship can leave.

[SP] After the cutscene, leave via the door that you didn't enter the room through, and make your way back the way you came. A group of small enemies will attack you seconds later, so smash them with your wrench or destroy them with the Sonic Eruptor. Continue the journey back to your ship, and you'll encounter a robot near the second weapons vendor. Destroy him as well and move on. Get in the elevator and get out once it stops.

[SP] Now Lord Vorselon appears outta nowhere and wants to fight. Oh, it's on! Vorselon has two types of attacks for the first part: one where he lets a ton of blue orbs fly out and then hit the ground where a bunch of white targets appear, and another attack (the more dangerous one, I might add) where he shoots a whole stream of blue orbs at you. he orbs fired at you are spread so that the stream crosses your path. Keep strafing and facing him, and jump when the stream is going to hit you.

Throw out a Mr. Zurkon, and then switch back to your Sonic Eruptor and let loose until it's out of ammo. Then switch to your Constructo Bomb and bomb Vorselon until he turns invisible and moves away. Mr. Zurkon comes in handy here, as even though Vorselon in invisible, Mr. Zurkon still fires at him, so keep an eye on Mr. Zurkon to see where Vorselon will end up.

Eventually, Vorselon will introduce a third attack, where he emits a blue laser directly at you. Simply strafe away from it to avoid it completely. He'll tie this in with his other two attacks, and become invisible and move away more often. Remember to deploy another Mr. Zurkon when the one on the field gets destroyed.

Continue to fire upon Vorselon with all you've got. There are two ammo boxes on either side of the arena, so break them to replenish your supplies. There's no nanotech though, so injuries are permanent, for now at least. Continue to damage Vorselon until he finally dies... well, sorta. Anyway, your ship has moved to a nearby location, so get in and either head to the Vela Sector, or stick around in the Phylax sector for more work.

[ ] Jump to the Vela Sector.
( ) Explore the Moons.
( ) Seek out the Inhabitants for missions.

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