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Bernilius Sector (2nd Visit)
Nefarious Space Station (2nd Visit)

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Bernilius Sector (2nd Visit)

Nefarious Space Station (2nd Visit)

[X] Return to the Nefarious Space Station!
[ ] Confront and destroy Dr. Nefarious.

[SP] After you land, move forwards and kill the Teratropes. There will be a mech in front of the transport, so kill it with your Constructo Shotgun or your Mag-Net Launcher. Once he's dead, get on the transport and ride it all the way to the next area.

Swing across the gap with your Swingshot, and you'll encounter a mech. Kill the mech with your Negotiator or your Spiral of Death (if it's leveled up a bit, it's quite effective against mechs), and some flying droids will appear. Kill them all with your Negotiator as well, then return to the weapons vendor to get more rockets. Go back to where you were, and take out your OmniSoaker.

Extract some ice from the crystal nearby and then use the ice to cool the heated platform in front of you. Jump across the the circular platform, and 2 flying droids will appear to your right. Use your Mag-Net Launcher or your Buzz Blades to take care of them, then cool the heated platform in front of you and make your way across to the next platform.

2 mechs will appear on this platform, so use your Spiral of Death to kill them (if it's leveled up a bit it's quite effective here). Once they're dead, turn left and go to the edge of the platform, where a blue shiip will appear. Shoot the ship down with your Negotiator.

Take out your Plasma Striker and look down at the left side of the platform in front of you. Hit the weak spot of the droid to kill it instantly, then move to avoid what the droid fired at you if it got a chance. Glide down to the next platform. Rather than dealing with the enemies here, just go to the right and jump off the edge of the platform. Glide down to the circular platform with the arrows on it to find Dr. Nefarious.

After the cutscene, you'll be up against Dr. Nefarious. He'll execute several attacks, such as the one where he launches small purple bombs on to the field, avoidable by strafing away from them and keeping away until they disappear. He'll also drop shockwave bombs on to the field, so jump once they explode to avoid the shockwave.

To add to this, he'll also fire a laser stream at you, so avoid this by strafing to one side and flipping over the laser once you reach the edge of the field. If you find yourself in a spot of trouble regarding health, use a Groovitron against Dr. Nefarious, and take out your Plasma Striker. Aim for the weak spots near his neck to damage him while he's dancing. Remember, you've only got 4, so use them wisely, when he's kicking your arse.

Attack Dr. Nefarious with everything but your Negotiator, your Mag-Net Launcher and your Constructo Bomb. Keep avoiding his attacks and damaging him until you see a cutscene. At this point, equip your Hoverboots and accelerate forwards, keeping to either the left lane or the right lane to ensure that you hit the arrows on the ground. Dr. Nefarious will launch shockwaves at you, so jump over them to avoid them. If you see a Nanotech crate in between the 2 lanes, do a lane change and go through the crate.

Eventually, Dr. Nefarious will stop and you'll resume fighting him. Keep hitting him with everything except the aforementioned weapons. Eventually, some droids will fly in. Use your Mag-Net Launcher against them to destroy them. After they're gone, continue to hit Dr. Nefarious until some ships appear.

2 will appear initially, so take out your Negotiator and quickly take them down whilst continuously strafing. It's really hard to avoid their attacks, as even if you stop moving for a few milliseconds, you'll be hit. This makes changing direction when you reach the edge of the field very dangerous, so take the ships down fast. 2 more will come up, so use your Negotiator agains them too. Use your Constructo Bomb against them if you run out of Negotiator ammo.

Continue to attack Dr. Nefarious until you see the cutscene again. Take off on your Hoverboots, remembering to never stop accelerating and to alsays stick to one lane, only changing if you need to. Dr. Nefarious will now fire bursts of 3 shockwaves at you, but one jump easily clears them all. They may take up only one lane or both, so watch out.

Eventually, the perimeter will break and you'll be Hoverbooting from ramp to ramp. This section is easier than it looks, so just keep accelerating and going off the ramps. You'll automatically be pointed in the direction of the next platform, so don't worry about adjusting your trajectory too much.

Eventually, you'll land on an isolated platform with Dr. Nefarious. There will be a machine in the middle, but don't worry about attacking it. Focus on hitting Dr. Nefarious. Your ammo supply should have been filled up, so you can go nuts with your weapons from this point onwards.

For starters, use your Buzz Blades against Dr. Nefarious. The machine in the middle will emit a laser and rotate, so strafe around it in the direction it's rotating to avoid it. Dr. Nefarious will use the same attacks as before, with a new one where he throws an orange burst at you, easily avoided by continuing to strafe around the machine whilst attacking Dr. Nefarious.

Once you're out of ammo for your Buzz Blades, use your Negotiator against Dr.Nefarious. There are some ammo crates on this platform, and they'll appear at about the same time that the machine starts rotating again. The machine will eventually emit both a yellow laser and many smaller purple lasers along the ground. The purple ones move faster than you can, but don't do too much damage. To avoid them completely, you'll have to strafe towards them, jumping over them and landing in the gaps between them.

Soon after this, some smaller enemies will enter the field. The lasers will take care of them for you, so just keep damaging Dr. Nefarious. Once you get ammo for your Buzz Blades again, use them against Dr. Nefarious, and after this point, simply keep hititng him until he's dead, with your Buzz Blades or whatever else you have if you run out of ammo for them, as Dr. Nefarious won't have much health left.

Here's a tip from zandcastle:

"The Chimp-O-Matic/Chimpositron can be used to transform Dr. Nefarious in the boss battle. When you transform him you automatically win the battle."

[X] Confront and destroy Dr. Nefarious.

After a long battle, Dr. Nefarious will finally die. Took us a few years, but he's toast now. After the cutscene, you'll be in The Great Clock once more.

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Nefarious Space Station (2nd Visit)


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