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Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Subzero Hero

Freeze 4 enemies simultaneously using the CryoMine Glove.

Start the "Welcoming Party" Challenge in the Bronze Tournament. Get the enemies close together, and then use your CryoMine Glove on them until you've frozen 4 enemies simutaneously and have recieved the Skill Point.


Custodian of Time                                                            30

Fix 50 repairable objects in The Great Clock.

As soon as you get the Chronoscepter, you can fix broken objects in all sectors of the Great Clock. Simply go in to any sector in the Great Clock and swing your Chronoscepter at everything that you can see is broken. Keep going through sectors reparing things until you get the Skill Point.


Master of Time

Reach round 30 in the fix-time mini game!

Return to Great Clock, Sector Three and make your way through the level until you reach one of the holograms of the planets where you played the time anomoly mini game. Play the game again. You'll have to reach level 30 to get the Skill Point. This is difficult, so stick to the aforementioned strategies.

Never stop shooting, aim for everything that's not blue (especially the red ones, they slow things down and make things a lot easier), rotate the planet rather than adjusting the Chronoscepters aim, and go for any red and orange time anomolies nearby first. It might take a few attempts, but eventually you should reach level 30, at which point you can quit the mini game by pressing Triangle and get the Skill Point.


Dance, Monkey, Dance

Get 8 Monkeys to dance simultaneously.

Acquire the Chimp-O-Matic, and then start the "Overkill" Challenge in the Raritanium Tournament. Get a group of at least 8 enemies close together, and then turn them all in to monkeys with your Chimp-O-Matic. Throw a Groovitron above the group, and once they all start dancing you should get the Skill Point. If you don't get it immediately, turn some more nearby enemies in to monkeys.


Ace Pilot

Destroy 20 fighters without getting hit.

Once you have the Quantum Reflector, as well as some missle and blaster upgrades, go to one of the earlier sectors and find some ships to attack. Use your powerful weapons against them, and they'll drop like flies. If you are going to get hit, press L2 to block the attack. Once you've destroyed 20 ships without being damaged, you'll get the Skill Point.

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