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Bronze Tournament

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Walkthrough and Guide

by RATCHET12345  

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Bronze Tournament

Welcoming Party
1,500 Bolts

The first wave is comprised of small, weak enemies - nothing a few Tesla Spikes and Mr. Zurkon can't handle. Toss them out and lure the enemies to your trap. The next wave is similar but features a larger type of enemy that can suck you towards him.

If one does suck you in, keep jumping and moving backwards to escape their grasp, or you'll get hit by their claws (the same thing will happen if you move close to them without being sucked in). It's best to start using other weapons now rather than luring enemies in to Tesla Spikes, but pay some out on the field to help you out nonetheless.

The third wave will also introduce an enemy. This time, it's a robot that shoots slow moving bullets at you. They're fairly easy to avoid, so just kill it like you would any other enemy. The fourth wave will introduce yet another enemy: a big orange brute that shoots an orange bullet at you when at long range, and tries to hit you at close range. Again, nothing too difficult, just keep killing them with whatever weapons you feel necessary. Personally, I found the Constructo Pistol quite useful due to its range.

The last round introduces an enemy as well. This time, it's a brute with a shield. Remove the shield with your kinetic tether, then kill the brute when you get the chance. There will be a lot of enemies in this round, so don't hesitate. Call in Mr. Zurkon and start killing all the enemies you can. Remember, if you're pushed in to the lava, you'll bounce back up. Land on the arena, as if you land back in the lava again you'll sink.


Armageddon Outta Here
2,000 Bolts, 1 Zoni

The first and seconds waves are comprised of drones and brutes, so use powerful weapons to take them down, ones you've upgraded a fair bit. The Constructo Pistol is, again, very useful here. Keep calling in Mr Zurkon to help as well. Stay away from the machines on the left and right sides of the arena, as their blades will hurt Ratchet. However, it is a good place to put Tesla Spikes as this is where enemies spawn.

After the second wave, blades will be shot diagonally across the arena. Go to the top or bottom of the arena to avoid these, then concentrate on killing more enemies. All the remaining waves are pretty much the same, except the blades go across the stage more frequently. If you see them coming, simply move out of their path to avoid them.


Return to Sender
2,500 Bolts, 1 Constructo Mod

This time, you'll be dropped in to the arena with nothing but your wrench. When the Agorian comes, you'll have to wait for him to throw a bomb, dodge it, then pick the bomb up with your wrench and throw it back at the Agorian. Do this for the first 3 Agorians, and then 2 Agorians will come down at once. The concept is still the same, dodge the bombs then pick one up and throw it at an Agorian.

If a bomb is going to explode, simply run away from it rather than picking it up and trying to throw it. The next 2 Agorians will have shields, so your first job is to remove them both, then focus on throwing the bombs back. After those 2 are dead, 3 more shielded Agorians will appear, so quickly remove all their shields upon their arrival. More Agorians will be dropped off in the mean time, but ignore them. Simply throw bombs back at 3 more Agorians to complete the challenge. The Mod you get will be the Shrapnel Upgrade for the Constructo Bomb.


Death From Above
3,000 Bolts, 1 Holo-Plan

In this challenge, there are 12 individual platforms making up the arena, and all are capable of sinking a any moment. To add to this, bombs are being hurled at you from Agorians that aren't on the arena. They are on floating platforms to the sides of the arena. You have to avoid sinking in to the lava whilst avoiding the bombs as well, and when you get the chance, throwing the bombs back at an Agorian to kill them.

The first wave will leave you with 3 Agorians to kill, on two different elevated platforms. Platforms will sink if you stand on them for a few seconds, so if they do sink, jump off them and on to another platform before you hit the lava. Pick bombs up as they stop rolling, then throw them back at the closest Agorian, or the one you're facing if you don't have time to turn around. once thrown back, they will only explode on impact, regardless of the timer.

Don't try to pick bombs up that are still moving, unless you use your Comet Strike. This is a really useful move to do, as you can keep your distance from the bombs whilst picking them up, and if they do explode, you drastically reduce the likelihood of Ratchet being hurt.

Also, watch out for the big, glowing yellow mines the Agorians throw at you. These cause nothing but trouble, as they can't be picked up, hence only serving to injure you. They are also quite hard to avoid due to their size, and in the later waves, as you can't look everywhere at once, they can sneak up on you from behind or from the sides.

Standing still isn't smart either, so never ever stop moving. Even when you pick a bomb up and are choosing a target, keep moving. Also, always look around. Never concentrate on one side for too long, as the other sides will take advantage of you inability to see the entire battlefield.

The second wave will have Agorians on 3 different elevated platforms, and the last wave will have you surrounded by Agorians on all 4 platforms. To ease the pain in the last 2 waves, throw a Groovitron at an elevated platform to keep them distracted while you throw bombs at them.


Bros Before Foes
3,500 Bolts, Negotiator

This time, you'll team up with Captain Qwark for 3 waves of carnage. As per usual, deploy Mr. Zurkon, and toss a Groovitron in to the middle of the arena. Kill any dancing enemies, then eliminate any survivors. All three waves are essentially the same thing but with more powerful enemies each time, so just shoot the crap out of everything to win. As always, keep moving and flipping to avoid being hurt, and keep the Mr. Zurkons and Groovitrons coming to make it easier.

After the 3 waves of enemies have been wiped out, you'll face the War Grok. Qwark has abandoned you (typical...) so you're on your own. Once again, call in Mr. Zurkon, take out your powerful weapons and shoot the beast. The beast has 2 attacks, one where he claps at you, which can be avoided by flipping backwards before he claps, and another where he punches you, which is much harder to avoid, but if you flip as soon as the punching animation starts you should avoid it.

Once he's down to 2 thirds of his original health, he'll run off the arena and launch a whole bunch of small minions at you. Use your Sonic Eruptor to deal with them, but remember they do shoot at you, so dodge the green bullets. He'll resume his previous 2 attacks, and once he's down to 1 third of his original health, he'll launch more minions. The battle is more or less the same the whole time, save for the minions, so once you've got the basics down it's easy.

[X] Win the Bronze Tournament
[X] Save Qwark from the Agorians.
( ) Win the Silver Tournament

After you defeat the War Grok, a cutscene will ensue, after the cutscene, you'll have the Negotiator, the rocket launcher of the game, as well as a Nefarious Security Card. Now that you've got that, you can either stick around for more arena combat, or go back to your ship and head off to Planet Zanifar!

When you do fly to Planet Zanifar, you'll notice its surrounded by a forcefield made up of satellites and electricity. You'll need your Ship Tether to pull a versa fuse out of 2 neighbouring satellites to get through the forcefield and land on Planet Zanifar.

In case you want to stay, or want to return to the Agorian Battleplex at a later time, here are the other tournaments and their challenges.

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