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Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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After the scene you'll have to defend Alice against some Heartless. Then the Cheshire Cat will tell you need to find everyings memories. These have been spread around Wonderland in the form of Inklings. The first Inkling is in the South East corner from where you start. INKLING: ALICE. Select Alice from the options when you talk to Alice after getting the Inklings.

Leave through the left exit to get to the Hedge Maze. You need to sneak through the maze without getting seen. There is a BLANK CHIP to the middle right and the INKLING: WHITE RABBIT in the top left. Exit via the bottom left of the maze to go to the Lotus Forest. Right away to the left is the INKLING: HEARTLESS. The Blue enemies in this area will freeze you so if you earned the Blizzard Charm now is a good time to use it. Grab the INKLING: PECULIAR HOLE and climb all the ladders to get to all the Prizes including a DEFENSE 1, BLANK, and BLIZZARD.

Now head out the East exit to get to the Aimless Path. 12 more Inklings to go! In the middle left is a BLANK CHIP, and above that is INKLING: CARD SOLDIERS. Then upper right is AERIAL SWEEP. With these three picked up exit out the top middle to the Tea Party Party. You'll have a battle and then the INKLING: UNBIRTHDAY is in the poster in the corner. Get the BLANK CHIP and use the Metal Blox to get on the entrance roof to get the STAR RAVE ability. Then activate the middle table to get the rabbit to show up. You won't be able to help him yet since you don't have the correct Inkling.

Head back to the Aimless Path. It's time for another System Sector. This one is on the right side of the T-shaped hedge near the bottom left of the maze. This System Sector is the first you can bet on. You put a portion of your SP to try to win bonus SP in Trials.

System Sector


D-Fira (Use D=Pad and tap A to repeatedly hammer foes with fireballs) -- 1610 SP
Strength 1 -- 640 SP
Magic 1 -- 640 SP
Lucky Strike -- 640 SP
Cure -- 530 SP  (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 1.5x -- Defeat 18 Heartless!
Floor 2 -- 2.0x -- Exit the floor in 200 seconds or less!
Floor 3 -- 2.0x -- Don't use any recovery commands!

Just make sure to go to the third area to get enough Heartless to attack. Then head back to area two to go to floor 2. 200 seconds is pretty long but blaze through the enemies as fast as you can and then head to area 2. Finish everyone and get them get to the exit fast. Floor 3 is simply to not use healing. So if you have Potions or Cure in any of your slots remove them as soon as the floor starts. You get INKLING: WATCH for beating the Sector.

Head back through the top exit to go back to the Tea Part and then select the Watch near the bottom of the menu. You'll get INKLING: TRAIL. Then look at the door to the wood house to get INKLING: MAD HATTER. Now work your wall ALL the way back to Alice at the start. Enter the lower left exit for the Rose Garden.

1) Head through the only Arch to get to the bottom middle square.
2) Go West to the L-Shaped Area.
3) Southwestern Arch.
4) East.
5) East.

One of the Prize Blox here will give you a DEBUG DEVICE:R. You use these to break open section in the Stat Matrix. Then go North to get the INKLING: LOOKING-GLASS. The re-trace your steps until you get to the box in the bottom left with the first choice of path. From there go North to get INKLING: WHITE ROSES and a FIRAGA BURST. Then back South and in the L-Shaped area take the Northeast exit and then go South. INKLING: RED ROSES and a BLIZZARD EDGE. Then back and take the Southeast at the L-Shaped and then exit to the South to the Lotus Forest.

Now exit to the West and reach the Hedge Maze. Talk to the Ace of Spades in the upper right corner and select White Roses. You'll get INKLING: QUEEN OF HEARTS. Then exit to the North to the Bizarre Room.

Fight the the Heartless and then drink the Red Potion. Go around the Metal Blox to get a SLOW. Go to the Southwest corner to get the INKLING: COOKIE. Then head to the ladder in the Northeast and jump off to the INKLING: CHESHIRE CAT. Now climb up the ladder to get several Prize Blox. Then activate the Door Knob to start a System Sector that is located on the table.

System Sector


Safeguard Armlet (Activates the “Defense Boost” ability, which boosts your Defense when you are down to 25% HP.) -- 700 SP
Debug Device: R -- 500 SP
HP 2 -- 400 SP
Fire 1 -- 400 SP
Magic 1 -- 400 SP
Blizzard -- 100 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 5.0x -- Take damage no more than 14 times!

Watch out for the Large Bodies while going for the less then 14 hits. It's a pretty quick Sector though so no real problems. You'll get the final Inkling for completing it. INKLING: DOORKNOB. Exit via the North exit to get back to the Hedge Maze. Another System Sector. This one is in the upper right.


Compass (Activates the “No Flip-Foot” ability, which prevents enemies from flip-footing you.) -- 1200 SP
Teacup -- 700 SP
Defense 1 -- 400 SP
Blizzard 1 -- 400 SP
Black Chip -- 400 SP
Aerial Sweep -- 200 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 2.0x -- Destroy 35 blox!
Floor 2 -- 4.0x -- Destroy 20 blox!

The red blox are Blast Blox. They explode and hurt you so its best to use magic to destroy them. On Floor 2 make sure to allow the head cube to respawn enough bloxs to get the challenge done. Then take out the head to finish the Sector. Make sure to buy the Teacup as you'll need it to complete the land.

Head back out the Southeastern exit to get back to Alice. Pick the options in the following order.

White Rabbit
Peculiar Hole
Cheshire Cat
Queen of Hearts

Then the bottom option, Can you remember more?

Card Soldiers
Mad Hatter

After that you'll get a CURE 1. Then its battle time. First you need to hit both sides of the center tower to lower the birdcage then move over there and use the birdcage to get to the keyhole.


BOSS: Trickmaster

This section is a side to side action sequence. You hit A to launch magic at the enemies. You can hold down A and lock onto 5 different enemies at once. After 10 quick stages you will fight Trickmaster for the first time. Just jump over the waves of fire and dodge the homing fire. Then 10 more stages and another Trick Master sequence. This second time he adds explosive bloxes and bouncy fireballs. Then stage 3 is just the Trickmaster with all the attacks you've seen only this time he'll flip the world around.

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Comments for Wonderland

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Jan 5th 2014 Guest
where do you find Alice's teacup in the wonderland quest?
ID #339889
Jul 20th 2013 Guest
Scratch that, I've gotten past,hurray! Now I'm in the maze at Olympus. I did not need the Tea cup,and I have heard something about a Glass Vial. How exactly DO I get it? I assume I was supposed to see the Mad Hatter,and possibly the March Hair. If I got to the next world,and I DID NOT use those items,does that mean I am suppose to go back and Re-Do the ENTIRE World?! I disliked Trickmaster,and I really don't want to have to fight with him again..... Would any one mind giveing me an answer? It would be greatly appreciated.

ID #298844
Jul 15th 2013 Guest
[color=red][color=red]Um, excuse me. I was stupid and went straight through the maze and didn't notice the Inkling, now I'm stuck coming back the second time trying to get the Inkling.If I make my way to the glitch and stop it, is the Inkling still there? I keep getting caught an would like to know how to get through to the Backdoor. Would you mind please making a video?

ID #297697
Jul 9th 2013 Guest
i beat the game already but i dont get the prizes for wonderland. kinda confused. just gotta level up and get sum trophies.

p.s. watch your spelling.
ID #296190
Jul 5th 2013 Guest
I am at tea party garden and I cant get past the cards halp plz
ID #295137
Jun 11th 2013 Guest
Im at hercules. at ceribus and hades
just need to lvl up
ID #289687
Feb 12th 2013 Guest
[ ok shut up! i just killed trick master 2 times! i neeed help please!
ID #253556
Oct 27th 2012 Guest
I am doing Alice in wonderland in Riku's data thing. I am stuck in the system sector.
This part is super hard. I can't seem to beat the danger bug blox.
If anyone knows how to beat them, please tell me.
ID #201773
Sep 12th 2012 Guest
I am stuck I am looking for the mad hatter gone though loads of doors and now am in a fight with these
Cards how do I beat the one with the sheild ??
ID #185453
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
use dodge roll to avoid the bolders
ID #165448
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
i got past wonder land im already at holow bastion
ID #121608
Jan 21st 2012 Guest
Stupid boulders keep killing me...
ID #108157
Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
About Trick Master, block the fire ball(You can do the same for the row of fireballs). That's how I got through it.
ID #69581
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
I missed the fire charm. am I completely doomed to start the game over? please say no! please say no! PLEASE SAY NO!!!!!

help :(
ID #52531
May 12th 2011 Guest
That annoyed the crap outta me too, you just gotta be sure you're on the ground when he fires and jump at just the right moment. and you gotta be patient he is pretty tough to beat but the longer it takes the better you feel when you finish. I gotta go i am cat sitting a bunch of kittens and one of them is on the keyboard, one 3on my back and aaaah one just climbed up my shirt.
ID #42612