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Hollow Bastion: Inside Riku's Data

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Hollow Bastion: Inside Riku's Data

STORE (Everything before plus):
Aero Edge -- 1800 Munny
Wind Dash -- 1800 Munny
Aero Blast -- 1800 Munny
Aero Buster -- 1800 Munny
Aero Slam -- 1800 Munny
Land Crash -- 400 Munny
Heat Dive -- 1800 Munny
Ice Dive -- 1800 Munny
Spark Dive -- 1800 Munny
Wind Dive -- 1800 Munny
Strike Raid -- 400 Munny
Fire Raid -- 1800 Munny
Blizzard Raid -- 1800 Munny
Thunder Raid -- 1800 Munny
Aero Raid -- 1800 Munny
Wind Sweep -- 1800 Munny
Wind Storm -- 1800 Munny
Aero -- 800 Munny
Cura -- 2400 Munny
Magnet -- 800 Munny
Magnera -- 2400 Munny
Confuse -- 800 Munny
Elixir -- 800 Munny

You will be going to each of the previous world. You need to find Matrix Power to open a System Sector. When you win the System Sector you will get part of your power back and you move on to the next world.


Head through the door into the Corrupted Destiny Islands.

3% MATRIX POWER - First up take out the Bugs on the beach to get the first.
3% MATRIX POWER - Prize Blox on the far right side. This is the area that you came in at the start of the game.
3% MATRIX POWER - Up the ladder on the far left side. There is also a DEBUG: R below the ladder.
3% MATRIX POWER - Pair Blox. One of the deck on the left side of the deck and one on the roof of the shed.
3% MATRIX POWER - Prize Blox up to the north section where the door was to Darkside.

System Sector


CMOS Necklace -- 2300 SP
Folding Fan -- 1500 SP
HP 2 -- 1000 SP
Strength 1 -- 1000 SP
Magic 1 -- 1000 SP
Triple Burst -- 700 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)
Land Crash -- 700 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 4.0x -- Don't use any recovery commands!
Floor 2 -- 6.0x -- Take damage no more than 14 times!

Floor one is easy. Floor two is a Blox Snake so focus on the head and you shouldn't have too much trouble getting out of there with less than 14 hits.


3% MATRIX POWER - Use the Bounce to the left of where you start to get to the upper level. From there ride the Metal Blox to the thin center with the Pair. Put them together to get a STRENGTH 3. Then get the other 3 Prizes Bloxes up for the matrix, a DEBUG: R and some coinage.
3% MATRIX POWER - Up and to the left of the Accessory Shop is another 3% Prize Blox
3% MATRIX POWER - Go through the door on the right side to now get to the Second District. Oh those bugs, they are crazy. Break the Prize Blox for the 3%.
3% MATRIX POWER - Head out to the main area and take a left. Work your way up the Metal Blox to get to the roof and a Prize. Now jump over to the next roof for your 3.
3% MATRIX POWER - A little farther is a Prize Blox at the end of some Green disappearing Bloxes. Head out to that one for another 3. Then drop the Pair Blox to the ground to match it up for a FIRE RESISTANCE 4.
3% MATRIX POWER - In a Prize Blox at the main gate.
3% MATRIX POWER - Go all the way around and there is the final 3 in a Prize Mimic. Then through the District 1 main door and jump up to the roofs to get a very nice AERO RESISTANCE 4 & HP 6.


Spinner Saw -- 3600 SP
Waistband -- 3000 SP (Item for quest)
Debug Device: R -- 2400 SP
Defense 2 -- 3000 SP
Magic 1 -- 1000 SP
Lucky Strike -- 2400 SP
Fire 4 -- 3000 SP
Firaga Burst -- 2400 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 4.0x -- Jolt Heartless 5 times!
Floor 2 -- 4.0x -- Defeat 5 enemies at MAX overclock!
Floor 3 -- 5.0x -- Miss with no more than 9 of your attacks!

The System Sector is in the small area back in District 1. You Jolt them by using Thunder. Easy as long as you have the right Commands. For Floor 2 use Commands to kill when you get to MAX. You don't need to be 100% MAX just in MAX so it's pretty easy. Floor 3 just use Commands as those don't count as misses.


3% MATRIX POWER - In the Prize Blox in the north west.
3% MATRIX POWER - In a Mimic in the opening area.
3% MATRIX POWER - In the Prize Blox in the back where you start.
3% MATRIX POWERS - Head through the North gate. Simply break all the Prize Bloxes and attack the Mimics as every else is in this one room.


Payback Ring -- 1900 SP
Red Rose -- 1600 SP (Item for quest)
Debug Device: R -- 800 SP
Blizzard 4 -- 800 SP
Cure 4 -- 800 SP
Blizzard Resistance 3 -- 500 SP
Rising Rush -- 500 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 4.0x -- Take damage no more than 7 times!
Floor 2 -- 5.0x -- Use your Finish command!

The entrance is just to the left of where you spawn into this area. Same as before. Use your commands to hit enemies before they get close enough to hit you. Can can use Ethers if you want, but spawning commands will get you to MAX fast also without costing you any munny. The problem with this Trial is that its a snake level and there are a TON of pathes and no way to get to the upper area so you need to hit the snake hard and fast so you don't lose your MAX waiting for it to come by again.


3% MATRIX POWER - This a very linear world. Simply beat all the Mimics and destroy all the Prize Bloxes and you'll get everything you need. The Sector is in the final room.

System Sector


Immortal Charm -- 5100 SP
Cystal Earrings -- 4000 SP (Item for quest)
Debug Device: R -- 2700 SP
HP 4 -- 2700 SP
Strength 2 -- 2700 SP
Magic 2 -- 2700 SP
Thunder Tracer -- 1000 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 4.0x -- Use your Finish command at least 2 times!
Floor 2 -- 5.5x -- Complete in under 60 seconds or less!
Floor 3 -- 5.0x -- Destroy 30 blox!

The System Sector is on the nose of the cave entrance. Just use the Bloxes to get up there. Standard trials that you have seen many times before.


You'll go right into a Boss Battle when you go to the final area.


This battle plays out exactly the same as the last one. Just work the room and try to get in behind Riku to negate his shield.


You'll be thrust into a side-scrolling platformer. No commands, just jump and hit. Pretty straight forward until the end when you'll have to ride a snake of bloxes to the top. Then on to the next boss.


BOSS: Dragon Maleficent

The battle is side view also. Just two attacks coming your way. She'll jump and land throwing a green shockwave your way. Just have Sora jump over it and hit her. Then she'll spit green fireballs from the air you need to dodge. Look for command cubes in the area to gain special abilities.

After a long series of scenes you'll be in the Grand Hall of Hallow Bastion.


Another stage area with you jumping around 10 stages before attacking the boss. Same as before. Invisible will launch a series of energy balls towards you and also come straight at you with a sword attack. Dodge left to right and smash that attack button as fast as you can. And I mean really BLAZE on that attack key while jumping and you'll take Invisible down fast.


BOSS: Darkside

Same attack as before. He'll hit the ground and then come in and do your damage. Watch for the added bonus of ice columns or fireballs so get in, take a few hits, and get out. Then Darkside will launch some thunder attacks. Simply keep running around the outside until it is over. He likes to do it A LOT. His third attack is to disappear and launch his hands up from below. Although you can do damage to the hands they attack very quickly and you're better off just dodging.


BOSS: Heartless Sora

The first stage is pretty simple. It gets complicated in stage 2 when he will call 2 clones. You have to eliminate the 2 clones before attacking Sora directly. Then he will launch into the air and throw Keyblades at you. Simply dodge until a yellow circle comes up. Go into the circle and fire at Sora. This will make him a standard Heartless. Once he is down you need to do it one more time.

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Dec 10th 2015 Guest
The freaking dragon keeps killing me right as I have like three hits left I'm so mad. I actually stopped playing the game for two years, just started playing a new game leveled up way harder and still freaking cant kill the sob. #&$%&*!'::@&#&$
ID #632331
Nov 29th 2015 Guest
What? I SERIOUSLY need help on Invisible. I am down to one HP and Invisible uses that f***ing sword slash and kills me. DAFUQ BRO
ID #629611
Mar 31st 2015 Guest
ID #535673
Jul 14th 2014 Guest
You forgot one of the dragon's attacks. She can bite you when she's low on health.
ID #418654
Aug 17th 2013 Guest
@wowwe Nope,Roxas is Sora's nobody.
ID #305324
Dec 17th 2012 wowwe
[spoiler][/spoiler] at end of every kingdom hearts game there is all ways a theater mode
ID #223410
Dec 17th 2012 wowwe
sora's heartless is rockxaks i: why is he trying to kill his heartless :( i beat the game kingdom hearts 357/2 days i miss xion it sooooooo sad
ID #223408
Oct 14th 2012 Guest
i completed the bosses but i always got my a** kicked
ID #196242
Oct 12th 2012 Guest
i cant beat darkside heartless sora but i know the key weapon is oblivion
ID #195453
Jul 19th 2012 Guest
i'm stuck on the trial in the system sector where you're against the snake thingie and i cnt get to d top :(
ID #166217
Apr 22nd 2012 Guest
I am finding it so hard to get past those snaking block things ....
ID #136072
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
I need help defeating the dragon malifacent or however u spell her name. are there certain abilities or weapons etc that need to be equiped because i keep dieing.... :( NEED HELP BAD!
ID #128974
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
i keep getting my but kicked you failed to mention that he would regenerate his clones. not cool. :(

ID #124777
Jan 30th 2012 Guest
Thnx 4 da help Smile

ID #110880
Nov 28th 2011 Guest
What I need to know is how to beat Riku this time. Not only does he have a new attack that lowers my level, but he's way stronger and I think I'm way underleveled.
ID #91222