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Castle Oblivion

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Castle Oblivion

Finally the end game. You need to go back to each and every world yet again. There are 3 endings per world you need to get. Then 1 final battle.


NORMAL -- Talk to Selphie and destroy the Bug Bloxes in the area. Then talk to Wakka and go up to Tidus and fight him. Then talk to the cloaked man for the card.
ALTERNATE -- Talk to Selphie and say No. Then talk to Wakka and say No to him also. Then go to the top and break all the Blox to get the card.
EXTRA -- Talk to Selphie and destroy the Bug Bloxes in the area. Then break the Bloxes near Wakka to get a green star. Use that and fight the Heartless. Then break the bloxes in the lower right for another green star.


NORMAL -- Save them in the order of: Huey, Dewey, Louie.
ALTERNATE -- Huey, Louie, Dewey
EXTRA -- Louie, Dewey, Huey

Louie is in the top northern middle.
Dewey is in the north western corner.
Huey is in the north eastern corner.


Cheshire Cat (In the Blox on the left) - CORRECT: D - WRONG: Give Up
Alice - CORRECT: Alice - WRONG: Queen of Hearts
White Rabbit - CORRECT: Talk to Rabbit - WRONG: Take the Watch
Ace of Hearts - CORRECT: Give Potion to Spade - WRONG: Give Potion to Heart

NORMAL -- Do at least 1 thing right and 1 thing wrong
ALTERNATE -- Do everything right
EXTRA -- Do everything wrong


This one is a series of trials. Make sure to heal up and get all your commands back before talking to each person. These are actually pretty high end battles so becareful and heal when needed. Make sure to get the AERO 4 & THUNDER 4 from the Prize Bloxes. Getting 30 on the first challenge can be tough. You might want to move on and get some more chips.

NORMAL -- Hercules - >20 & <30 Heartless eliminated, Cloud - Defeat the Heartless, Defeat only the Heartless that attack you, Defeat Hade's trial.
ALTERNATE -- Just let time run out on all 3 trials.
EXTRA -- Hearcules - >30 Heartlessx, Cloud - Pass both - Hades - Defeat in under 20 seconds


In Agrabah you need to catch Iago. There are many prizes and items hidden in the boxes. If you find Jasmine you get 50 bonus seconds. Aladdin 75. Merchant 25. 3 Bloxes have Jafar illusions that will sap your time and also the genie is in one that will stop the Jafar illusions. Just break ALL the bloxes and don't bother fighting any of the Heartless and you'll beat the time no problem.

NORMAL -- Catch Iago when the timer is between 30 and 60 seconds.
ALTERNATE -- Catch Iago with less than under 30 seconds.
EXTRA -- Catch Iago with over 60 seconds left.


Start by doing some of those fun Hollow Bastion Switches we had to do some many of in the main game. The first room just shows you its big flower, then little flower. The second room throws some enemies at you. The Third room puts various bloxes in the way that you need to destroy. Then a boss fight with Pete and a challenge from Maleficent.

NORMAL -- Take longer that 30 seconds to beat Pete or longer than 60 seconds to reach Maleficent but not both.
ALTERNATE -- Take longer than 60 seconds on Pete and also longer than 120 seconds on Maleficent.
EXTRA -- Beat Pete in under 30 seconds and under 60 seconds on Maleficent.


You just need to get 1 card per world to get to the final battle. Roxas is a fast attacker with combos, dashes and a rising slash. Just work your Dodge rolling and make sure to get all your attacks in.

Congrats on beating the game!

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Comments for Castle Oblivion

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May 22nd 2015 Guest
I beat it completely when u get rid of all the yellow and red chip bugs and fill in the matrix get 400 hp and 200 strength
Thx for the help super cheats i finally beat it
ID #559583
May 18th 2015 Guest
It seems like the Alternate card endings are more depressing while the Extra card endings are happier (by the way, the Extra Destiny Islands ending nets you a new cutscene for your collection). And the Extras are harder to get. It's obvious considering the names. 'Alternate' like an opposite of the original positive ending and 'Extra' like a better ending than the original. More is in it.
ID #558074
Nov 22nd 2013 Guest
You can get to malificent in time by by getting glide
ID #321138
Apr 9th 2016 Guest
Or you can use the olympia keyblade to dash
ID #646124
Aug 25th 2013 Guest
to get to a super high level just go back to other worlds, get more level up chips, then put all of them in between 2 cpus. it doubles and levels u up 2 levels XD
ID #306799
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
i can't even get othkepper how do you get it :(
ID #304386
Apr 16th 2015 Zero Skye
After defeating Roxas, you earn the keyblade: Oathkeeper.
ID #543671
May 19th 2013 Guest
can some PLEASE tell me how to get past Roxas,I stand still until he's done
then I move to attack him and it just starts all over again.


AND IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!

ID #283886
Oct 19th 2015 Guest
usually I use the cheats in the matrix to put the game on beginner and the enemy strength on 0.8 :P
ID #617993
Jan 18th 2013 Guest
I've made it this far on level 11. How did you guys level up so much?
ID #243795
Dec 8th 2012 Guest
Hollow Bastion Extra Card WTF!!
ID #216998
Oct 10th 2012 Guest
I have tough time the Agrabah Alternate card. >:(
ID #194503
Sep 15th 2012 Guest
I beat roxas when i was a level 25 or 26 XD
ID #186266
Apr 11th 2016 Guest
I beat him at level 15
ID #646622
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
beat roxas in 2.27 seconds. just make sure ur lvl 70 and have zanteketsu and judgement triad. use zantenketsu as soon as the fight begins then hit judgement triad. dies immediatly

ID #179784
Aug 8th 2012 Guest
ok ive tryied the hollow bastion alternate ending 20 times not geting anything its the last one i need help please
ID #173602
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
how do u get glide!!!!!!!????????
ID #169207
Apr 16th 2015 Zero Skye
You get Glide by adding more chips in your Stat Matrix. Glide is a pink/red skill box. It is in the last part of the matrix earned.
ID #543674
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
It's possible to defeat hades trial under 20 seconds. just did it in 17 :D
ID #168487
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
Poooor Roxas! But I really feel bad for Ven!
ID #163385